The Heavenly Pentagram in the Sky

September 01, 2004

At different points in human history, the Heavens have undertaken the task of re-positioning themselves in order to awaken human beings from their evolutionary stupor and bring them closer to God. At these times of transition, the universal karmic clock sounds the alarm indicating that all is not right with the world. The last four times this occurred, civilization did not heed the alarm. As a consequence, these civilizations were destroyed. Presently, we have arrived at the moment in history when the fifth change is taking place. On October 1st, 2004, a planetary alignment of major significance will occur in the heavens. The Sun, Pluto, Saturn, Uranus, and the Moon will converge to form the shape of a 5-pointed star, known in esoteric circles as the pentagram. The pentagram, or five-pointed star is one such symbol of immense power used by Kabbalists. The great Kabbalist Eliphas Levi called the pentagram the symbol of total power of the mind. Moreover, he stated, the pentagram expresses the mind domination over the elements. It is the star of the Magi, the burning star of the Gnostic schools. All symbols of the gnosis, all figures of spirituality, all Kabbalistic keys of prophecy are resumed in the sign of the pentagram. It is the sign of absolute and universal synthesis. If you stand upright with outstretched arms, you will take the classic form of the pentagram as portrayed by Leonardo Da Vinci's painting, "Vitruvian Man". In this instance, the top point signifies the head, the intelligence that governs the rest of the body expressed as arms and legs by the four lower points. Whether you view the planetary configuration as a star or a human form, the overall symbolism of the pentagram illustrates that a Higher Consciousness reigns over the world of matter. The pentagram represents a reaching toward the Higher Self or the beginning of the Great Work. We are now entering the predicted time, which will bring with it the cleansing of all karma and global enlightenment.

The October 1st Pentagram in the Sky

In accordance with the global shift in consciousness that is currently taking place, the Heavens are drawing a pentagram in such a way that they are rendering themselves neutral. This means that we, as human beings, will not be under their protection again until the year 2012. Normally, the Heavens and Earth control karma but when the Heavens are neutral, the capacity for tremendous spiritual growth will become available. Therefore, until the year 2012, you have the opportunity to open your heart, so as to re-write your destiny for positive, divine, and spiritual purposes. Now is the time when the Heavens are bestowing the opportunity for personal resurrection. In other words, up until the year 2012 you will be able to cleanse your karma and get rid of all your darkness. This time will create drastic change in everyone's life. And change creates great fear and anxiety. We are fast approaching the time when the veil of illusion that cloaks the world will be lifted. As it is lifted, the realm of light, wisdom, and love will be revealed. Indeed, a new universe is presently birthing, bringing with it a high vibrational energy not only to earth, but to every particle of existence, every parallel universe, and every life form in this realm and others. The faculty of animal man is being progressively removed so that man can appear in his original purity. Everywhere we see evidence of the battle between light and darkness, between the head and the heart, as animal man struggles against the coming of the spiritual man. This is causing a separateness and dispersal of consciousness that has never before existed on earth. As a result, people are experiencing the mental, emotional, and/or physical stress that can affect relationships with friends, loved ones, and oneself.

The world is beginning to change back to its primordial state of spirituality, and the flaming sword is removing itself from its place between man and the Tree of Life. The Truth of Life will descend from the world of Eternal Light to illuminate the minds, regenerate the hearts, and renew the souls of the sons and daughters of the light who are destined to constitute the nucleus of a new humanity. Indeed, those who harmonize with the rhythm of the coming Age of Aquarius will form the seedbed from which a new global culture and consciousness develops. The WORD of the living God is beginning to be heard, and it will transform everything. Therefore, for us to feel comfortable, the immortal principal within must expand and absorb the corruptible principle without so that the envelope of the senses may be lifted, for us to appear in our pristine purity. This process is achieved through a true opening of the heart, via the mantric way, and the development of the internal organ that allows us to receive God. Upon completion of the process whereby we open our hearts and develop our internal spiritual organ, the metaphysical and incorruptible principle comes to rule over the terrestrial principle and human beings, filled with the light of heaven, begin to experience the grace and joy from above.

The pentagram represents a balance of the five elements: earth, air, fire, water, and ether. The top point of the star, Spirit, presides over the four lower points, and stands for the soul personality referred to as the Quintessence, or fifth element. Each alchemical element encompasses a phase of our being. Earth symbolizes the body, physical and non-physical. Water symbolizes consciousness of the objective and the subjective. Fire symbolizes our higher and lower emotions. Air symbolizes the material and transcendent intellect. Taken as a whole, then, the pentagram represents mastery of the soul essence over the four elements of man's being through the trials of life. Together, the four lower points of the pentagram represent the essence of the human, earthly experience, as well as how the various circumstances of life must be felt, understood, and ultimately transcended in order for each of us to attain a grounded realization of the divine genius that exists within. The presence of the October 1st pentagram indicates that the time has come when we can no longer deny the internal presence of God in us through the breath of life and our psyches. Of further interest and significance is the fact that the archetypes associated with each of the planets constituting the October 1st pentagram serve to reaffirm the spiritual meaning of the 5-pointed star that we will explore in this next section of our discussion.

The pentagram or Star of Great Light, contains the totality of the Christic mysteries. It would be impossible to convey the true Christic Mysteries to mankind in our present state. In truth, God and Nature do not seek to present their children with mysteries. Such mysteries are the result of our own weaknesses. Our natures are not, as yet, able to support and bear the chaste light of unveiled truth. Therefore, a cloud or veil, has been placed before the higher world. To be sure, it is a cloud of divine mercy, for in our depleted state of being the pure light of the higher world would harm us. The mystery is unveiled when we achieve mastery. Indeed, where there is mastery, mystery no longer exists.

If everyone could bear the look of truth, and the number of good, heart-centered people were greater, then more secrets could be revealed because we would not have to worry about misuse. The fact is those who search with an honest, open heart need only read but one word, one sentence of this sacred wisdom, in order to feel at home and join in these teachings of the heart, these heavenly teachings.

Remember, however, that this work and particularly the coming paragraphs should not be read lightly. It should be studied and worked with. The unraveling of various secrets requires a certain amount of divine, spiritual, and physical knowledge. If you have trouble understanding any aspect of this sacred wisdom, do not dismiss it, simply put it aside for later study, or move for example in this case to the next paragraph. Eventually it will become clear.

Working with "Lumen de Lumine", or "Ieschoua" will bring the beneficial energy of the Star of Great Light in our life. Meditating on "Lumen de Lumine," "I Am, I Am" or "Ieschoua " will prove to be exceptionally beneficial in this age. The last two sacred mantras are respectively on the second and third tracks of the latest CD Sounds of the Ether. Working with these Rootlight CDs will cause that soul fire of mystery to transmute your mental and physical consciousness and bring you into closer and more perfect union with the Godhead, for into that Oneness and perfection in God, out of his own image, you are created and destined.

Now let's delve a little deeper into why working with the "I Am, I Am" or the "Ieschoua" energy found on the Sounds of the Ether CD, is particularly relevant to the time ahead. All of humanity operates upon the basic formula of creation, Yod Heh Vav Heh, meaning, fire, water, air, and earth. Yod Heh Vav Heh refers not simply to the Jehovah of the old testament, but also to the basic forces in action of the Ain Soph, the Infinite. This is the pathway, or method of evolution, by which average men slowly progress from human to divine. The elect of light, however, take another path, which is represented by the formula, Yod Heh Shin Vav Heh. The pentagram, symbolic of Ieschoua, is formed by the Hebrew letters of the Tetragrammaton, the four letters signifying material creation, interjected by the holy letter, Shin. The holy letter Shin is a symbol of the Holy Spirit known as Ruach Elohim. This name Yod Heh Shin Vav Heh or the spelling IHShVH which is the spiritual spelling of the name, Yeheshuah, or Jesus, gives the formula by which the agent of light performs the great work of spiritual fusion. Fusion, reconciliation, and union are the keys to countering the effects of the Fall of Man so that we may experience reintegration. Now Yod He Vav He represent Adam Kadmon, man in his integral synthesis, representing a fruitful union of the Universal Spirit and the Universal Soul. To divide that word is to suggest a disintegration of its unity. The letter Shin, Arcanum 21 or 0 in the Tarot, reunites the two fragments, representing the generative and subtle fire, the vehicle for non-differentiated life.

Moreover, it signifies the Universal Plastic Mediator whose charge is to bring about incarnations that allow the spirit to descend into matter. The letter Shin, then, in its role as a sort of hyphen between the other parts of the mutilated tetragram, becomes a symbol of both fragmentation and fixation. Finally, Shin also begets the quinary, or number of destruction, when added to the verbal quaternary in the way we have just said. In this respect, Shin is the Word, or Logos, the Yod He Vav He that incarnates and becomes the suffering Christ, or corporeal man, until such time when he enters into his glory assuring his regenerated human nature.

In other words, Shin is given the attribution of fire, and by another mathematical process, it becomes the symbol of the holy spirit. Tradition sponsors the insertion of this letter into the the middle of the four-letter Name, splitting it apart, thus forming Yod He Shin Vav He, the pentagrammaton or five - letter name. This combination of letters represents the illumination of the elemental or present man by the descent and impact of the holy spirit. As thus formed the name represents the God-Man, symbolized in Christianity by the Christ descending on the man Jesus. The Chief of all agents of light, The Christ, was the combination of all the specialized perfections of the divine agents, of the ancient alliance, into one. He bestowed the touch of perfect unity that opened a new door and destroyed the number of the slavery of humanity. This Chief Agent of all, this savior of the world and universal regenerator, turned man's attention to the primitive truth that allows him to preserve his existence and recover his former dignity. In the condition of his degradation, he laid the foundation of human redemption. Jesus, in this symbolism, represents the natural man who, by devotion and meditation and the theurgic process, opened his human nature to the brilliant descent of the light. It is the enlightenment that all men are destined to enjoy at some far distant time in human evolution. it is this that separates animal man from the God-man, the goal of all mysticism. All mystical techniques, including those of the Kabbalah, represent a method of hastening the slow tedious process of human evolution so that the states of consciousness that we are told will ultimately occur routinely in mankind may dawn today.

I Am that I Am in this Age

By Listening to or chanting along with the sacred sound "I Am, I Am," your heart will be filled with the Christic force. For it is linked to the energy of the pentagram. By chanting this sacred WORD you are vibrating the very name of The Lord, God of Abraham, God of Isaac, and God of Jacob, that The Lord revealed to Moses. After the revelation, God then said, "this is my Name forever, and thus I Am to be remembered throughout all generations." Chanting this mantra, then, connects you with Moses' experience in the burning bush. It links you to The Divine Flame of Fire, which burst forth from the Holy ground on the Mountain of God. Moreover, chanting mantras such as "I Am that I Am" while maintaining a simultaneous mental connection with the Sun awakens powers heretofore unknown, and re-awakens those that are dormant by evoking the inner spiritual force, manifested as the Holy Flame of Divine Fire. We chant "I Am that I Am" to pierce to the core of truth and understand the nature of reality. "I Am that I Am" expresses the very origin of God. It will cause that immeasurable force of high spiritual vibration to infuse your being, while moving and shifting your life to the highest moral goal and self perfection. After years of dreaming and planning, of labor and extreme mental effort, I have looked forward to the day when this healing and sacred work could be made available to many. In particular, over the last three years, I have worked tirelessly through the long hours of the night, writing books and connecting with the cosmic in order to receive various healing tunes for the production of the Rootlight CDs. For example The Divine Doctor, which I wrote within the last six months of 2003 and the book The Healing Fire of Heaven that was written in 2002, are full of these sacred and healing teachings. You should work with all the other books. Also, working with the books Lifting the Veil and The Alchemy of Love Relationships will cause you to merge with the essence of the Divine Spiritual Wisdom. "Sounds of the Ether" is my latest CD. It's second track entitled "I Am that I Am," creates a nourishing and uplifting vibration of Christic nature that animates the spiritual reactions of those who work with it.

The Heavens are Repositioning Themselves

As this is the fifth occurrence of heavenly re-positioning, the number five is significant now. The five-pointed star stands for the number five, also called the Pentad. Known as the living principle, the number five indicates the action of the active principle on form. Five symbolizes human suffering and transformation, the turning point in human destiny. This number represents the divine spirit, fundamental to all beings, that is crucified on the cross of matter, which contains the four elements of air, fire, water and earth. Despite our connection to the senses, man must employ free will in order to bolster self-discipline, redirect energies toward the divine, and work toward perfect consciousness. The number five, the number of the pentagram, conceals the most profound arcana. Again, five is the number of the Fall, as well as the number of the will, our instrument of reintegration. Initiates recognize that the substitution of five for four is only transitorily disastrous and that the fallen human sub-multiple, by wallowing in the mire of matter, learns how to attain a truly free personality and become more fully aware of higher planes. Therefore, he rises from his fall, again and again, stronger and greater, because evil only replaces good temporarily, and with the explicit purpose of betterment.

Let's explore further the meaning of number five. Mercury, the planet of communication, governs the number five and represents change, fast living, and tremendous mental and nervous stress. It is associated with physical comfort as well as discomfort. Mercury's influence will be felt in the coming years. As all forms of communication are enhanced, the world will become smaller. Everybody will have access to all knowledge and information. Indeed, the advent of the internet means that with a push of a button you can get any information you want. It is this increase in all manner of communication, including writing, editing, journalism, television, radio, telegraph, cable lines, telephone, advertising, public speaking, education, and the internet, that will make people feel as if they have been both stripped naked and overloaded with information. As people are overloaded with information and that which was hidden becomes known, a new type of nervous system disease will arrive on the human scene. This disease will make people go mad. (Please refer to The Divine Doctor for a thorough understanding of how to heal the nervous system.)  Depression rates, especially among children and young adults, will rise and families will be thrust into turmoil as they struggle to raise their children. These circumstances will force people to change their mindset and behavior whether they like it or not. We will come to see that now, more than ever, the human mind needs spiritual help and guidance. As the boundaries that guard information are torn down, the internal structures of societies and the relationships between societies will be affected. Drastic changes in travel via many forms of transportation will occur, while the importation and exportation of goods and services will increase. The financial world will experience changes as stocks and bonds fluctuate wildly. Corporations, high schools, and universities will undergo internal restructuring. Revolutionary ideas and practices will influence the study and research of disease. In addition, cultural norms will shift. In particular, our current obsession with money and sex will lose its grip. Rather than finding fulfillment through money and sex, people will look for fulfillment of the self through purity, spirituality, and truth.

Venus and the Pentagram

As you will remember, on June 8, 2004 Venus began also to draw its own pentagram in order to use the power of the Sun to beam her energy down on Earth. Indeed, the movement and pattern that Venus traces around the ecliptic in her eight-year astronomical cycle forms a pattern that is a five-pointed star whose significance is the same as the five-pointed star that will be formed on October 1st. Because of her eight-year cycle, the energy of the Venus pentagram will remain until the year 2012. The energy of the Venus pentagram, then, will converge with the energy of the heavenly pentagram that appears on October 1, 2004. This should put into further perspective the importance of the cosmic shift that is occurring and the amazing opportunity we have to witness such a planetary spectacle.

Venus is an entity that holds tremendous mystical power. Indeed, the Venus mysteries speak the core truths of many ancient metaphysical belief systems, including the East Indian teachings on Enlightenment, the Rosicrucian philosophy, and the prophetic cosmic plan described by the Mayan culture. Meanwhile, in medieval times the five points Venus made represented the five knightly virtues of generosity, courtesy, chastity, chivalry, and piety. And the Wicca pentagram, another five-pointed star representing air, fire, water, earth and spirit, also has its roots in the Venus cycle.

The Mayans had an almanac that displayed the full cycle of Venus. In Mayan cosmology a new phase in evolution was entered on January 5th, 1999. This phase, however, has been waiting for the boost given by the current Venus transit. As we have discussed, the upcoming transit of 2004 marks the start of an eight-year cycle ending in 2012, the year that marks the end of the Mayan's final age, spoken of as the enlightenment of humanity.

The Upcoming Presidential Election

In the communication titled "The Descent of the Clouds," I wrote "The upcoming Presidential election is of keen interest to many, given the current national climate. Let's look at it from the perspective of Universal Kabbalah. President Bush was born on July 6, 1946. He is the 43rd president of the United States. The number 43 is interesting, as it indicates the action of the square, or matter, over the triangle, or spirit. If the current President stays in office for another term then the challenging aspects of the number 43 will be fully activated. If a new person is elected, he becomes the 44th president. Here again the number 44 is also interesting, as it is the action of the square over the square. Furthermore, it reduces to 8, the number of Saturn. In 2008 if we elect a 45th president, the number 45 reduces to 9, the number of Mars. As you can determine, then, the archetypes ruling the next coming presidencies are challenging. Indeed, Mars and Saturn are the most challenging karmic planets ever known in the entire spiritual kingdom.

As stated in the preceding paragraph, George Bush was born on July 6, 1946, and John Kerry was born on December 11, 1943. This means that on Election Day, President Bush will be in his Mars period, while John Kerry will be in his Saturn period. Regardless of who is elected, the political landscape of the next eight years is going to be rocky. In addition to the challenging personal periods of the two candidates at the time of the election, Saturn's influence is going to be felt in deep and dramatic ways. A strong spiritual technology is the only way to overcome Saturn's influence. Saturn is related to hearing. This quality links Saturn to sound and the power of the word. Mantra, then, is extremely important at this time in history. Adopting a consistent mantra practice, will provide you with a shield of protection that buffers you from the negative and chaotic influences that may come. In addition, surrounding the earth and the leaders of critical nations with healing light is the only sure way to move through the next eight years with grace. You may want to refer to the book Lifting the Veil for a more detailed discussion of the Saturn and Mars periods. Even a small amount of knowledge of Universal Kabbalah can help you understand the coming times and thereby walk with more confidence through them. (Please reread "The Descent of the Clouds" for it is full of spiritual nourishment.) From now to November 2nd, there will be increased Mars activity throughout the world. By observing closely the movement of the election and the daily world events, you will have a taste of the next eight years. Let the mantric way be your shield.

Facing the Years Ahead

Over the course of the next eight years, as we move from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, the Heavens will be re-positioning themselves. This is the age of experience and spirituality. As it stands now, most people have not yet focused their energies on spiritual development and, therefore, only experience the material plane of existence. Only those with the divine spiritual wisdom will be effective in their lives. It is these people who will be called to heal and uplift others. As a result they will be liked, respected, understood, and confided in. The guardian and healing angel of this age is Guru Ram Das. The healing power of RAMADASA, the basic healing energy and sound current of Ram Das, is in the RAMADASA CD. Use the Rootlight RAMADASA CD to heal yourself and others. Work with the HEAVEN'S TOUCH CD to synchronize your energy and the MYSTIC LIGHT CD to brighten your aura. Doing TRIPLE MANTRA daily is a way of cutting out the negativity so that it cannot enter your life. Negativity behaves like a germ. And those germs are always there, but our antibodies protect us. The practice of mantra is a protective source. Working with the WORD is a self-protective device against all animosity known and unknown. It is a simple science. The use of the WORD is a timeless, simple truth that allows you to gracefully face the challenges of time and space. This, the greatest power of man, is completely at your disposal. As you absorb our divine spiritual wisdom, your consciousness expands, and you are filled with so much light that you become unshakeable. Above all, in this age, the way of the heart will prevail. To begin the day, use your first waking breath each morning to utter the phrase, "I am, I am." For now is the perfect time to learn this divine spiritual wisdom and serve the planet. As the light of love, truth, and justice streams down toward the earth via the pentagram, we must realize how interconnected we all are.

The time has come for us to align ourselves with a new level of spiritual consciousness. We may only reawaken our awareness of our spirituality and divinity if we become dedicated to our personal growth and development. The jewel of our spirituality may only be uncovered through self-mastery, self-knowledge and self-realization. The successful Kabbalist and Yogi acquires these skills in several stages through positive manifestation, through thought, selfless behavior, and generosity of spirit at all times. Once reserved for the few who were set apart from the rest of humanity and were specially trained with rigorous and demanding discipline, the pursuit of spiritual mastery is now available to all those who seek. Universal Kabbalah creates a methodology that cuts to the essentials of the work, eliminating all of the unnecessary ideological and semantic adornments and encumbrances with which they were clothed in the past. The quest remains the same, but the technology for accomplishing it is far more precise and accelerated in its design.

Universal Kabbalah is a spiritual discipline that alters, transforms and expands human consciousness in order to give birth to a spiritual consciousness that is introspective in nature with the sole aim of serving the divine in all fellow beings. This method of study also guides the student to higher states of consciousness by providing a philosophy of life and an ethic to organize and structure daily life so as to provoke higher incarnations of consciousness within the current life cycle. This transformation and expansion of one's consciousness can be pursued simultaneously through reading the Rootlight books and through our Universal Kabbalah programs, as well as a willingness to examine one's character on a continual basis. By practicing with the WORD, it will inspire you, it will make you strong, it will carry you through any adversity. You will possess applied consciousness, depth and strength, wisdom and intelligence as well as intuition so that you may be flexible and adjustable. The practice of the WORD will bestow upon you a state of consciousness of self-confidence, self-equilibrium, and self-balance, leading to radiance. There is an exact science, an exact technology, an exact knowledge which allows a human to manifest the most high in the essence he wants. By meditating on the power of the Supreme Being, mankind can experience direct connection with His Spirit and the unseen realm; the Angel of the great God will surround you, imparting unimaginable celestial treasures and the spiritual knowledge of all natural things.

We believe in the power and efficacy of the WORD which went forth at the creation of the world, and which is now "lost" to the majority of humans. That WORD is supreme. Since the fall of man, it has become our only hope. By practicing with the WORD humans can get to infinity without interpretation or understanding. The WORD has the power to create that consciousness in us. And our sacred wisdom helps man to regain this LOST WORD of divine and terrestrial authority. As we grow inwardly, we gradually find this WORD as it pertains to our mission in life. And the WORD of God is what opens the heart of the ignorant man to Godhood. The practice of the word or mantric way leads to the process of regeneration which is the spiritual birth that results from the marriage of the conscious, the emotional and the intellectual. The regenerated soul is a purely spiritual offspring of the marriage, within each individual, of the spirit and body. True regeneration, then, acts on both the spiritual and physical vehicles in awakening and renewing the soul powers. It causes right speaking, thinking and acting, thereby renewing the cells and tissues of the physical body, raising them to a higher state of vibration so that they are better able to coordinate their functions with the spiritual vehicle. As previously alluded to, when we consider that regeneration is the process of renewing, recreating and reproducing latent soul powers from a part of the complete individual by the action of the spiritual vehicle of man, we come to understand that regeneration actually reproduces a new organism from a portion of the complete individual.

The mantric way, then, prepares men properly for the worship of God in spirit and in truth. It is the science of rebinding man with God that brings about the accomplishment of beneficial changes in our fundamental state of being. These changes then allow us to become the servants of the universe or agents of God who bring those who are guided by their heads and led by the turbulence of passion to the ways of peace, light, and wisdom.

The acquiring of the WORD leads to action - to good and necessary works for the benefit and upliftment of humankind and the glory of God. The mantric way leads to ACTION in the NAME of the unknowable Divine Being; and its effects are magical, in that they rest upon the marvelous, innate spiritual powers of mankind. Our practice is built upon the mystery of the WORD, which is the link between our energy and the divine energy. For the WORD is love that flows; it is a divine shield that protects you. By practicing with the WORD, you hear the WORD from which you can get the LOST WORD, the light of lights. It is the light of lights because it is the essence of enlightenment. When you repeat the WORD, you invoke the original divine intention of that WORD. As soon as this WORD rises in your own heart, you touch God, you touch perfection, and then you begin to understand the divine tongue, and the secret that was closed for so long seems to be revealed. Whoever you are, whatever you are, wherever you are, in speaking the WORD, you humble yourself before your creator and seek his blessing so that Wisdom may flow through you. The simplicity of this path is not in ritualism, but in the reality of practicing with the WORD, so that the one who has no hope can have hope; the one who has no virtue can have virtue; the one who have no grace can have grace. If we are ever mindful of our humility and thankfulness that the creator has seen fit to preserve these divine teachings and offer them to us through the masters who have held and hold these teachings in sacred trust, our hearts will open and we will be filled with the sweetness of divine love. If you cannot open your heart, work with our divine spiritual wisdom and ask heaven to help you, so that you may bring the luminous beings into your life. The WORD is the linking bridge between the finite and Infinite consciousness, leading you to a stage of grace, greatness, fulfillment and achievement.

Only the true opening of the heart may show us how to genuinely connect with all beings seen and unseen, giving us mastery over the element of air, and bestowing upon us the sight to perceive all spirits that cannot be seen by the naked eye, and the gentle command over these beings who are always around us. When we open our heart through practicing the proper use of the WORD, and live fully from the heart, these beautiful beings become helpful friends and messengers of God. The single element we must possess is that of faith; for the WORD saves us from the trap of time. If we earnestly practice and master the WORD, we may cross the ocean of the time cycle with complete ease, circumventing all obstacles and contacting luminous and helpful beings most people would never consider even existed. We increase our faith through chanting prayer, the ultimate power; that power lives in us and waits for us to call upon it to bless our lives. When you master the WORD the sound of your voice becomes alive and healing. From the voice you can find out the true growth of a person. You do not need to see the them; just hearing his/her voice will tell you exactly how evolved he/she is. In other words, the level of spiritual growth of a person is evident in their voice. The practice of chanting mantra brings out the healing aspect of one's voice. Mantra is not only a code projection to decode the mystery of divinity, but also the mantric science is the principal structure of protection and happiness.

When the true Yogi and Kabbalist experience the indescribable power of the WORD, he realizes that the true mystical experience is beyond description, and cannot be explained to one who has not experienced it himself. For all the one who has merged with the Sun of Suns can do is pass on the divine spiritual science so that the worthy can open the heavenly gates which are sealed to the unworthy. The divine bliss caused by the ecstatic experience of the true opening of the heart leaves one speechless. All one can say is, "Lord your loving kindness is better than life. Through the WORD my lips shall joyfully praise you. I will bless you while I live. I will lift up my hands in your name. My soul shall be satisfied." Let the hand of God be your help and rejoice in the shadow of His wings. It is only by practicing with the WORD that the Lord can stretch His hand down from above and deliver you from the tides of karma and negative forces. Then you will blossom like a well-nurtured flower, for you are protected by the Lord who made Heaven and Earth, the Keeper of truth, the Executer of justice. Practice chanting prayer and praise Him like His angels, like the Sun, the Moon, and the shining stars for He is the heaven of heavens. Praise the name of God, the Great Architect of the Universe. It is His alone that must be exalted.

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