The Alchemical Bracelet

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  • This is a LIMITED EDITION release with extremely low inventory expected to be completely sold out. Due to the rare, artisanal nature of this product we are not sure when it will become available again. 

    The Alchemical bracelet is unlike any piece of jewelry you have ever worn. Actually, it is not even a bracelet but five powerful, highly beneficial formulas in one.
    Handcrafted by artisan metalworkers, copper, silver and gold are fused in a precise and special way in order to activate the various formulas. Upon its outer surface we find a sacred angelic signature melted onto the silver layer in pure gold. These angelic scripts represent the blessings of the seven archangels who stand for the seven spirits, which are before the throne of God, referred to in the Book of Revelation (Isaiah 12:2-3). When we look at each end of this mystical bracelet we are presented with a beneficial and healing combination of Hebrew letters in pure gold along with two gold Stars of David with a flawless ruby at each center added to give the wearer strength, beauty and a youthful energy. All together these four formulas culminate to give birth to a fifth formula that magnifies the above benefits.

    Ages ago, yogis and mystics discovered that pure metals emit an astral light that powerfully counteracts the negative effects of the planetary bodies. Even Paramahansa Yogananda wore a copper, silver and gold bracelet on his left arm. He quotes an exchange between his teacher, Sri Yuketeswar, in the Autobiography of a Yogi, describing the benefits of wearing copper and other pure metals on the body, stating that, “just as a house may be fitted with a copper rod to absorb the shock of lightning, so can the bodily temple be protected...” Our electro-magnetic field is constantly interacting with the subtle electrical and magnetic radiation circulating throughout our universe. To help protect themselves and enhance their own magnetic field, many notable figures throughout our history commissioned certain metals to be fashioned into protective bracelets. Among the most significant metals for this purpose were copper, silver and gold. Copper, silver and gold jewelry dates back 2,000 years to ancient Egyptian times. Prominent figures, from Cleopatra to the Pharaohs, from Alexander the Great to Chinese Emperors, from Indian Rajas to Persian kings, adorned themselves with copper bracelets. It appears that these historic personas had an entirely different understanding of copper, silver and gold that went beyond the superficial beauty of these metals; they knew of their medicinal and curative properties.

    Wearing this healing Alchemical Bracelet is even more important in our present day to protect our energy, which is now constantly bombarded by foreign, digital frequencies from iPhones, computers, cars, power lines, home appliances and countless other electrical devices. The onslaught of solar flares in recent years has only amplified this challenge. Our way of life may have become more modernized, digitized and electrified but our bodies are still human, still composed of delicate tissues and cells that are desperately trying to adapt to this new, rapidly changing world. What is more, we hardly have time to walk on the Earth with our bare feet anymore to release some of this negative energy into the Earth.

    Rather than allowing our modern way of life to imbalance our body’s electrical field and create various health issues, we can apply the wisdom of the ancients and wear a highly conductive combination of metals to absorb this excess current and help harmonize our energy. This is the reason for the Alchemical Bracelet’s existence. Made up of copper, silver, gold and two flawless rubies, the Alchemical Bracelet is one of the most therapeutic and healing pieces of jewelry you can wear. Indeed, we all have an electrical auric field that emanates from the body and this field needs to be vitalized and stabilized for optimum health. The Alchemical Bracelet enhances our electro-magnetic field by helping us to hold a greater magnetic charge.

    Our electrical body is continuously integrating and optimizing itself with planet Earth and Earth’s cosmic radiations. In today’s times, this automated feature of the electrical body is reacting to excessive frequencies in ways we have not yet fully understood or proven. There are several diseases that are related to the electrical polarity of our system, specifically the occurrence of an imbalance of negative and positive ions in our blood. In cases of arthritis or gout, for example, a connection may exist with the electroplating process, where our electrical body is actually "plating" our bones and cells with added calcium. Noninvasive tools like the Alchemical Bracelet can inhibit the development of severe diseases or delay their development just through the force of a bio-friendly supplement of a different form of elemental magnetism. It allows us to be grounded and protected from the not so bio-friendly electrical-magnetic frequencies that we are constantly attracting from our modernized artificial environment. This becomes especially important as we age, when our ability to recharge through sunshine and food decreases.

    Some authorities on copper believe it to have a property that can disintegrate super oxide radicals that cause disturbances in the lubrication property of the joints, which is linked to rheumatoid arthritis and tendinitis. Copper is a necessary element for mineralization of the collagen matrix during bone formation. Copper is vital to the nervous system and is used by cells to process oxygen. It produces energy and fights cancer-causing free radicals. Copper inhibits bacterial growth and is an important mineral for effective metabolism in all living organisms. With so many benefits, it is interesting to note that finding the correct dosage can be difficult and too much copper can be even more harmful than a deficiency. This is one of the advantages of wearing the Alchemical bracelet which allows trace amounts of copper to be absorbed through the skin without side effects. Furthermore, wearing copper against the skin, which acts as both an entry point and a barrier, pulls toxins from the body via osmosis. The Alchemical Bracelet also emits beneficial elemental and molecular vibrations and exhibits other physical phenomena such as a corona effect of the ends of the bracelet. In cases of physical pain due to rheumatoid arthritis, these vibrations appear to be very effective. After wearing your bracelet, there might be a slight green coloring on your skin and on your bracelet. This green color is a good sign, a result of the copper and you can consider it your “proof of purchase”. Copper is extremely grounding and small amounts can promote greater health.

    When silver and gold are added to copper, the benefits are magnified. Gold is electro-magnetically related to the Sun. Silver has electro-magnetic radiations similar to the Moon and copper is related to Mars. It is known by mystics that any planetary disturbance in the magnetic field of the Earth during our birth period generates an imbalance in the energy patterns of the zodiac sign under which we are born. Those disturbing or challenging energy patterns can affect us negatively and wearing copper can help to counter these negative influences. Interestingly, ancient yogis and mystics advised wearing copper if a person had a weakly placed Mars planet in their astrological makeup. Mars is the ruling planet for Aries and Scorpio. A strong placement of Mars in our astrological makeup gives us energy, strong will, independence, self-confidence, courage, physical strength and executive abilities. A weak placement of Mars can indicate sensitivity to cold weather, can slow down recovery time during health challenges, marital discord, infertility, menstrual problems in women, accidents, enmity, criticism and blood related diseases. Some mystics also relate copper to the planetary body Venus.

    The most conductive of all metals are silver, copper and gold, in that respective order. Copper is 9% less conductive than silver, and gold is 24% less conductive than copper. Silver is also the most thermally conductive element, and the most light-reflecting element. The silver ion (Ag+) is bioactive and in sufficient concentration readily kills bacteria in vitro. Silver and silver nanoparticles are used as an antimicrobial in a variety of industrial, healthcare, and domestic applications. Pure silver is an excellent metal to wear with sufficient weight and skin contact. Of the 118 elements in the periodic table, 95 are metals and out of these copper comes in a close second to silver as the most efficient electrical conductor, thus it would only seem reasonable that copper may mildly stabilize some of the electronic spikes or needs of our cellular structure.

    Silver is associated with healing powers, including improved circulation, detoxification of the blood, hormonal balance, and improved nerve impulse response. Spiritual initiates understand that gold and silver represent the Sun and Moon, respectively. They have found that fusing gold onto silver steadies the opposing Solar and Lunar forces, thereby making life more fortunate. This is due to the fact that the combination of the Solar or electric force and the Lunar or magnetic force, is a perfect expression of the basic principle governing life. The addition of copper brings in the magnetic influence of Venus and adds magnetism and sophistication to one’s bearing. The Alchemical Bracelet has a rate of vibration that penetrates and influences us in order to benefit our consciousness. Every part of our electrical body becomes strengthened with the Alchemical Bracelet and our physical, psychological and spiritual nature becomes progressively aligned and harmonized.

    The multi-dimensional nature of the Alchemical Bracelet’s special makeup provides benefits too many to count, that go far beyond its physical attributes. When illness attacks the body or accidents are attracted through negative karma, or when business troubles occur due to a weak energy field, a weak physical body or a weak nervous system and troubled mind, the Alchemical Bracelet can reduce the force of a mental, spiritual, emotional, physical and energetic karmic attack. When this bracelet is worn against the skin, there is a shift in our subtle energy as more benevolent and uplifting set of frequencies begin circulating throughout our energy field. Wearing the Alchemical Bracelet can stimulate our mind to be more attuned to a higher vibration, and a higher level of consciousness. As a result, we may feel more comfortable expressing healing thoughts and adapting a more positive, healthy way of life.

    The Alchemical Bracelet, given to us by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, is designed with precision to bring us a host of blessings. He has now generously made this powerfully therapeutic Alchemical Healing Bracelet available. Crafted and empowered under constructive cosmic laws, this bracelet is uniquely inscribed with mystical symbols that express irrevocable Divine truths. It is beyond race, class, and religion, for it has been enlivened with precise Divine principles. According to authentic and positive formulas from the arcana, the Alchemical Bracelet offers hope and comfort, guidance and protection, while also magnetizing opportunities and attracting wonderful blessings. Wearing the Alchemical Bracelet will open you to the healing energy of the cosmos, as well as the beneficial influences of Seven Archangels who sit before the Throne of the most High and work throughout the planetary bodies. They are the seven lights, who are in the highest of Heights and therein dwells the ancient of ancients, the hidden of all the hidden ones, the secret of all secrets, Ain Soph.


    The Kabbalah Copper Bracelet is handcrafted of pure solid copper with a layer of 18k gold and a layer of silver (925). The beautiful rubies are genuine rubies weighing .27g each. Each bracelet weighs 1.9 ounces or 53.9g. The weight varies slightly depending upon the size. The bracelet comes with a cloth for cleaning.


  • Available in 3 Sizes
    Small 5 inch with 1 inch gap /or 12.7 cm with 2.54 cm gap
    Medium 5.25 inch with 1.125 (1.1/8) inch gap /or 13.335 cm with 2.54 cm gap
    Large 5.5 inch with 1.375 (1 3/8) inch gap /or 13.97 cm with 2.54 cm gap

    Measurements given include the gap (space between the two ends of the bracelet.) This means that a size small is 5 inches total, including the 1 inch gap. The ends are not designed to meet. We suggest that you cut a string or piece of paper to match the measurements given so that you may compare it to your wrist. Please keep in mind, that the bracelet is not meant to be bent in any way. This is why it is important to measure your size via the method above. The bracelet will slide onto your wrist via the opening in the bracelet - not opened and closed.

  • Like the wearing of a wedding ring, family heirloom or treasured gift, the person wearing the cherished piece and the jewelry become increasingly intertwined with love and blessings. Because of this personal connection it is recommended that the bracelet be worn by only one person.

    The bracelet should not be adjusted often. It can be worn in water and can stand up to soap if cleansed with water after exposure. It is not recommended for daily use in water. The bracelet comes with a cloth for cleaning. Please use caution when wearing during exercise or other physical activity because the bracelet is not fastened with a security chain but is open at the bracelet gap.  


Disclaimer - please read before purchase.

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