The Spiritual and Healing Importance of the mantra "I Am That I Am"

June 01, 2004

I Am, also known as I Am That I Am is a powerful spiritual formula that establishes a connection between the chanter and the LORD God; Holy Father, Almighty and Merciful One, Who hast created all things, Who knowest all things and can do all things, from Whom nothing is hidden, to Whom nothing is impossible. In other words, this is the entity from Whom nothing can remain hidden, and to Whom everything is possible. It is the One who allows you to penetrate the knowledge of hidden things, and understand their secret nature. Through I Am, we receive aid from the Most Holy ADONAI, whose Kingdom and Power shall have no end unto the Ages of the Ages.

I Am is the revelation that Moses had in the burning bush: ... in the desert at the burning bush "the angel of the LORD appeared to Moses in a blazing fire from the midst of the bush, and identified Himself clearly." Moses said to God, "Suppose I go to the Israelites and say to them, 'The God of your fathers has sent me to you,' and they ask me, 'What is His Name?' Then what shall I tell them?" God said to Moses, "I Am That I Am. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: 'I Am has sent me to you.'" God also said to Moses, "Say to the Israelites, 'The Lord, the God of your fathers - the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob - has sent me to you.' This is My Name forever, The Name by which I am to be remembered from generation to generation." He is the eternal "I Am." The One who is speaking from the burning bush is the same, yesterday, today and forever. The angel of the LORD announces that He is Elohim, the self-existent One and beside Him there is none else. He is the Absolute I. He told Moses, "I Am That I Am." He is the same angel of the LORD who had appeared to Sarah, Hagar, Abraham and Isaac four hundred years earlier. Now He appears to Moses as the burning bush and reveals Himself as the "I Am That I Am."

"I Am That I Am" is also what Jesus meant when he said, I and my Father are One. It is the Holy Name of God, EHEIEH. This name is the root, source, and origin of all the other Divine Names, from whence they draw their life and virtue. It is the name Adam invoked in order to acquire knowledge of all created things. It contains the Power, Wisdom, and Virtue of the Spirit of God. The vast Mercy and Strength of God manifests in the life of those who work with it.

While I Am looks like a simple formula, it conceals a mighty force that takes effect when made alive in the soul. As it connects you with the Holy Father, I Am connects you with your own spiritual force. This connection creates internal harmony and protection that extends to every aspect of your life. In order to work effectively with the mantra I Am, you must fill your entire inner being with its words by inhabiting their meaning with the full strength of your soul. Know that as you meditate on I am, you become existence itself, without form, quality, past, present or future. In other words, this mantra relates the finite identity of the first I am with the infinite identity of the second I am. The first I am, then, is the personal reference. The second I am relates the I of self-identity to the Am of the existence of being.

In reality, the secret of present-day human existence lies in the sentence, I am. Only beings that possess the external form we attribute to humans are able to think, feel, and imbue these words with will. Such physical form developed in a way that the frontward shape of the vaulted forehead became the goal of all the forces working in the body. This vaulted forehead and the I am belong together. Early in the evolution of the human form, there was a stage when such a forehead did not exist. At that time the I am could not be inwardly thought, willed, or felt. We must not misunderstand the sequence of events, however. The I am was in existence even when the human body had not yet evolved. It could not, however, express itself in a form. Rather, it expressed itself in the world of the soul. In other words, the I am predates the evolved human we know today. Moreover, it is the very power of the I am that, having united in the far-distant past with a human body lacking the present forehead-formation, impelled the forehead to assume its present shape. Hence it is that humans, by sinking deeply into the I am, can feel the force that has molded them into their present form. This force is higher than the forces that are active within us today, in our ordinary lives.

It is essential for anyone who wants to follow the ways of the enlightened to work with the I am. Think I am, while simultaneously having the inner experience of joy that you, as an independent being, can participate in the work of healing and making the world a better place. Also, experience something similar to: 'I will my own existence; I resolve to place myself in the whole context of the world.' If you concentrate these experiences into a single, inner act of consciousness, while, at the same time, shift the whole force of your consciousness upwards into the region of the forehead and the inner members of the brain beneath it, you will actually transfer yourself into a higher world. This is the world out of which your forehead-formation has been brought into being.

A consistent, daily practice of listening to or chanting I Am from the Rootlight Sounds of the Ether CD will connect you to the higher world. You must display the patience to practice this meditation day by day, over and over again, for a long time. If you have this patience, then, after some time, you will notice a thought arising within you - no longer a mere concept but a thought thriving with life and force. Soon, this thought will reveal itself to you as if it were radiating light. Within this inner radiation of light, you will feel bountiful, blissful, happy and full of the joy of existence. A feeling will then permeate you. This feeling can only be described as joyful love in creative existence. A force imparts itself to the will as if the thought was radiating warmth through the will, energizing it. You can garner all of this by merging with the I am. You will gradually realize that, by so sinking into the I am, the highest intellectual, psychic, and moral powers are birthed in you.

I am is a powerful way to reconnect with your true center, so that you may experience love, peace, and true joy in your life. Meditating on I am with dedication, while chanting along with the track on the Sounds of Ether CD will initiate an integration of your mind, body, and spirit that enables you to unravel the mystery of your own being. In turn, you will come to unravel the understanding and nature of God. Indeed, as the mantra I am becomes firmly fixed in the mind, all restrictive bonds and limitations are removed. Your sense of personal relatedness to the cosmic will be heightened, as you are connected with the healing energy of the universe, and showered with angelic gifts and blessings. This mantra is the essence of truth and the nature of reality. Chanting and/or listening to it will connect you with the higher world and surround you with the beneficial light of heaven. All you have to do is chant along or listen to the I am track on the Sounds of the Ether CD, and you will feel the heavenly connection on the spot, it works.

Fire of Prayer, as the title indicates, on the fifth track is the sound current that connects our soul to the cosmic and acts like a healing balm to center the mind and focus the spirit. We will expand upon the importance of the remaining tracks at a later time. You will find the essence of the Divine Spiritual Wisdom throughout our books and CDs. Read the Divine Doctor, Lifting the Veil, The Alchemy of Love, and the Healing Fire of Heaven, so that you may harness this powerful, protective and healing divine spiritual knowledge. The Healing Beyond Medicine CDs hold sacred music and mantras that have the power to transform, heal, and awaken the mind, body and soul. Let Rootlight's books and CDs be your sacred tools of light as you embark on your personal journey of transformation, and as we embark on our collective global journey of metamorphosis.

Take these gems of wisdom, these pearls of knowledge, revealed in the Rootlight books and Sacred Music CD Recordings and feed yourself. Remember that the powerful CDs in the Rootlight series are your spiritual working tools. Use them, and they will cut through any blocks you may have. I can state with confidence that they will clear the way for you. Use them and you will quickly discover the simple truth, they work. Allow them to enlighten you and brighten your life. If you remain open to the teachings, they will fill your hearts and inspire your minds to reach new depths of understanding. Allow these principles to become the beacon of light that steers you through the challenges of life towards the ultimate potential future that is your divine birthright and destiny. They will transform your life into a spiritual journey of self-healing whereby each aspect of transformation is embraced as new gifts are discovered. Indeed, this spiritual journey becomes a wonderful opportunity for you to discern the parts of yourself that exist in an imbalanced state. Then, through the power of your own conscious understanding of the truth, these imbalances can be corrected.

Know that this divine spiritual wisdom which I present to you are the sacred teachings received from the higher world of light by the the great wise masters in our spiritual lineage who have gone before, some of whom walked the Earth many times, in many ages, in many forms, wearing many faces. Through the continuous cycle of incarnation, they have transcended the need to continue their evolution in the limited reality in which we find ourselves. They now reside in the invisible realm of light. Via these sacred teachings, these beings seek to guide us, protect us, ease us into the next level of being, and encourage us to make the correct decisions.

As you raise your own vibration and expand your consciousness, you will be able to play your part and do your share in healing and transforming the Earth.

May the love of heaven eternally surround you,
and the bright Sun infinitely bless you,
and the pure light in your heart guide you always.
In love, in peace, and in light, we send you blessings.

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