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Un curso de predicción de 7 años: Ahora es el momento de recrearse con el Dr. Joseph Michael Levry 
24, 25, 31 de octubre + 1 de noviembre de 2020  

Acompáñenos en este práctico curso online de dos fines de semana impartido por el Dr. Levry que le permitirá descubrir y trabajar con las fuerzas invisibles que rigen este complejo y desafiante momento. Aprenderá a reconocer y aprovechar las oportunidades que se esconden en el aparente caos y la agitación. Una repetición de 48 horas estará disponible después del evento..

Como un gesto especial de aprecio para aquellos que actualmente están activamente inscritos en el DSAR 2020 se incluye este curso.

Por favor llame al 55 1769 4250 para más información.

A 7 Year Prediction Course: The Time Is Now To ReCreate Yourself With Dr. Joseph Michael Levry
October 24, 25, 31 + november 1, 2020  

Replay now available. Join us for this practical 2-weekend online course taught by Dr. Levry allowing you to unveil and work with the unseen forces that are ruling this complex and challenging time. You will learn to recognise and embrace the opportunities that are hidden within the seeming chaos and upheaval. Replays are available for 7 days after event.

As a special gesture of appreciation for those currently actively enrolled in DSAR 2020 this course is included.
Please call +1 (646) 287 2859 for more information.

divine spiritual alchemy retreat 2020

Don't miss this rare and spectacular opportunity to study Divine Spiritual Alchemy with Dr. Levry and hundreds of students from all over the world.

As a special gesture those who register for DSAR 2020 will receive the 7 Year Prediction Course.

REPLAY (Incluye traducción al español)
Decoding 2020 - accessing your personal energetic cosmic blueprint with Dr. levry
January 25, 2020 I santa monica, usa  

The Metaphysical Technology of Numbers in a Changing World

Join Dr. Levry for an intimate gathering in Los Angeles and prepare for a magical intensive that will initiate your being into the hidden aspect of the Metaphysical Technology of Numbers that moves time and space. We live in a world that is wonderfully and mathematically predictable. Everything in existence carries a vibration; names, businesses, relationships, houses, even hours, minutes and years! By understanding the divine science and alchemy of numbers, you can begin to follow a proven method of life mastery and success that few people have access to.

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