Healing the Mind, Body and Soul with Harmonyum
from Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

July 02, 2016 2 Comments

Healing the Mind, Body and Soul with Harmonyum <br> from Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

Harmonyum Healing works on the core of your soul, the very quintessence of your being. It allows the soul to take care of the material self, so that the physical body may have energy to carry out the desires of the soul. It raises your consciousness and releases you from false identification with the body or mind. Harmonyum is known as Bio-Metaphysical Medicine. It is the psycho-therapeutic application of Universal Kabbalah.

Harmonyum Healing is an initiation to your own essence. It will give you a practical experience of a reality that cannot be put in words. Regular sessions of Harmonyum will make you look young, healthy and energetic. By working on your spiritual body, Harmonyum takes care of the physical body which is the vehicle we have been given to carry us through this lifetime. When we care for our spiritual body, we honor the sacred gift of life and show our gratitude to the One Creator for giving us the blessing of this human incarnation. Only by remembering our true identity and living with a deep attitude of gratitude can we live life with health, grace and joy. Harmonyum enhances, protects and restores the healthy function of all organs while positively strengthening the body's life force. Indeed, Harmonyum is a Great Key to the Royal Path of Transformation, and a transcendental healing system that can be used to initiate the recipient into the Mysteries of Light. It will not only make you relate to your own essence, but also, it will give you a feeling of infinity. Harmonyum, then, literally transmutes and expands the consciousness by inducing quantum changes in the brain and being. It stirs into motion certain neurological forces, dynamic in nature, which awaken higher circuits of consciousness. As this occurs, the recipient comes to realize and experience his/her totality.

Initiation is a conscious realization of the Light. It is the beginning of the process of the gradual development of self-awareness and of self-actualization. Light is the pathway to uniting with the Godhead. The initiate is one who has come to a conscious realization of the Light of his/her own true self, whose consciousness is one with his/her higher self, with the star of his/her own heavenly nature. Understand that the Light is a metaphor for pure consciousness, or the untainted awareness of one's true nature, which is the eternal matrix of one's being. It is awareness of one's Universal Self, that great part of us all which is one with every other thing in the Infinite Universe and is the majestic part of our own being, so often termed the Holy Guardian Angel. Light is not only the principle of perfection but also, it is the ideal identity of our innermost nature. Harmonyum allows the soul to take care of the material self, so that the physical body may have energy to carry out the desires of the soul. It releases you from false identification with the body or mind.

By receiving Harmonyum, one can gradually reach such a high state of consciousness that the seven negative karmic influences are neutralized and the automatic life process is controlled. Harmonyum is one of the rare healing systems known to nurture one with unconditional Love that is automatically experienced by the recipient during a session. The whole universe is kept intact by the energy of Love. When that energy flows properly within our bodies, we are happy and healthy. Conversely, when that energy has been cut off, and replaced with the energy of hurt feelings, emotional entanglements, resentment, fear and frustration, we are left open to an array of disharmony and disease. The Harmonyum Healing System restores the natural flow of Love in the body while increasing the pranic supply to all cells and nurturing all organs. This is achieved because as Harmonyum melts physical tension, the spiritual body can release healing prana. With a treatment, you will feel the love flowing through you as all resentments, fears and doubts drain away. At this point, you gently move into the healing space.

Harmonyum works with the infinite, divine potential of man's consciousness, that atomic energy that directs the central nucleus of his being. It creates the neurological shift necessary to effect vital changes, acting as an agent of change in consciousness that results in a radical shift in perception. Receiving a Harmonyum Healing treatment manifests the Light in the consciousness of the recipient, dynamically expanding his/her awareness of that Light. This new awareness is the realization of oneself in alignment with the flow of life. One begins to understand the fundamental fact that we are all God because God is within each of us. In turn, we begin to recreate our existence in accordance with our true will rather than our ego consciousness. This is how Harmonyum wipes out weaknesses in one's destiny, surroundings, and connections. Only by working with the universe can we initiate the force of reconstruction within. As reconstruction is initiated through a change in attitudes and behaviors, the damage caused by living in disharmony is undone and managed. Moreover, the power of choice in regards to thinking, speaking, feeling and acting is revealed so that we are able to break free from the habits that trap us in negative patterns. Our physical health begins to positively respond to such changes, and we come to see how the mind and body are intimately connected.

Human life does not start with birth on the physical plane. The human body holds within its cells the events of millions of years and the universal knowledge that has existed since the Fall of Man. Experiences from previous incarnations may remain fixed in the mind and body in latent form, causing tension and breaking through the threshold of consciousness with provocation from external circumstances. The root of a given health problem, then, is not necessarily planted in the physical body. Rather, it may lie in the mental, astral, or physical vehicle. Treatment must take place on the relevant plane of existence. Moreover, in order to effect permanent healing, the hidden forces that are part of one's make-up must be seen clearly.

Cases of physical injury and/or aberrations are found on the physical plane, in the physical body, and are dealt with by using material substances. In such cases, a proficient medical doctor may employ chemicals, surgery and/or technical expedients, focusing on the sick organ so as to calm the symptoms by displacement. Herbs may also be given in order to fortify the body. It is further recommended that the patient focus his/her attention on the beneficial planetary influences of his/her planetary make-up.

On the astral plane, we encounter more complicated and mysterious cases, beginning with plain neuroses and ending with the darkest descriptions of mental disease. It is on the astral plane that we meet with examples of traumas of the astral body and the mental osmosis of experiences and personifications of other incarnations. Here, irrational fears whose origins are in the incarnations of the transcendental past, such as the fear of heights, open spaces, fire, water, animals, etc., come into play. Those afflicted with such ailments are often held captive in the prison of a former life, constantly infested by sick memories that are in a state of decomposition and are pouring into the psyche from the astral plane. Cases of astral disturbance require the assistance of a pure adept of Divine Spiritual Wisdom, a Universal Kabbalist who practices Harmonyum and is experienced in incarnation charts, esoteric symbology, and the mantric science. Such an individual deals with the problems of the astral body by reinforcing the spiritual body with the tools of Astro-magnetic medicine. Reinforcement of the spiritual body restores lost equilibrium.

Finally, on the mental plane we encounter illusory unions, misrepresentations of the imagination, and identifications of an imperfect personality with the external projection of a spiritual giant. Here you find tragic-comical messiahs, saints, prophets, charlatans and self proclaimed psychics who run about holding the infernal torches of fantastic ideas and bitter fanaticism. They have lost sight of the fact that the crown, the honor, of spirituality is bestowed by the invisible world. It can never be conquered, bought or manipulated. There are many people engaged in spirituality who are full of spiritual ego. Having read and/or listened to the scriptures many times over, these individuals have turned themselves into spiritual egomaniacs. Those who walk the spiritual path with ego and unhealthy pride as their companions eventually walk with misery as well, for their dedication and devotion is built on their own shoulders. They demonstrate their power as a way of demonstrating that they are superior to others. In reality, however, they are merely half-cooked semi-Gods; spiritual junkies who know a lot of junk but have missed the point entirely. Simply put, they may have acquired intellectual and spiritual stuff, but they are deficient human beings because they are not grateful, heart-centered, and kind. Their main purpose lies in showing you that they are superior and in establishing their domain over other people and creatures of God. Such spiritual leaders are quite dangerous, for they eventually become animals that deliver fatal bites while calling themselves spiritual teachers. They may be free, or living in the care of well-guarded asylums, but they are all in constant communion with astral larvae.

How does one arrive at the place of such destructive spiritual ego? When one engages with spiritual ego, the burning eagerness for power, blind desire, and/or hateful dogmatism ally in a false contact while the individual is seeking his/her spiritual ideal, or union with the Cosmic self. As such an individual journeys toward the inner temple, they arrive via the wrong train of thought, that of ignorance and passionate egoism, at the boundary station of insanity. They do not realize that they were on the wrong train. Some of them even remember and identify themselves with the subject of their devotion. To heal these types of problems, you need a Universal Kabbalist who is advanced in Divine Spiritual Wisdom and can delve into the patient's mental vehicle to try and dissolve the rigid symbol that has frozen into a mental idol. The power of the Word and the use of sacred music are necessary when dealing with the problems of the divine plane.

The future can be saved only on the ground of the past. A true Universal Kabbalist delves into the client's mental organization to reach the higher self, which carries the history of the entire Cosmos. This is how the bio-metaphysical physician becomes acquainted with the seven negative karmic influences that keep his client bound in obsessive chains. (More information on the seven karmic influences can be found in the book the Divine Doctor) It is the Cosmic principle inherent in man that is everlasting. Around this seed of essence, matter condenses, whirls, realizes, and releases so that the seed can always produce new variations from the many potentials of life and death, light and darkness. (Understand that this immortal seed is not the ego, or mortal personality, which changes and transmutes during the journey of life within a terrestrial period.) A good Universal Kabbalist or yogi, then, must know the spiritual essence of a man, its connections with the Universe, and the threefold nature of everything, in order to feel out the correspondences between/in man and the Cosmos, or the microcosm and the macrocosm.

In order to reach an accurate diagnosis of all seen and unseen influences, a Universal Kabbalah individual energetic map is necessary. We need to know the individual's primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary, quinary, senary, and septenary planetary energies so that we can gather information about the likely focal point of illness. Only after a profound divine-astral definition of the subject, which covers all details of personal weaknesses, virtues, energetic components, inflamed parts, mental ulcers, and passions, can we begin a careful treatment. Successful treatment depends in large measure on the patient's moral character and intelligence. The patient must be capable of accepting a new point of view that is quite likely to release nameless fears and anxieties that must then be dealt with. In addition to constructing an individual energetic map, one must be well-versed in the various applications of the Word, for this will help the patient to gain Cosmic awareness. The patient must work with the Word, otherwise a phenomenal treatment has been applied to repress the real cause, but has left it untouched. Man is a living symbol. His words may conceal many things, but the constitution, cranium, physiognomy, lines and shape of hands, writing, complexion, voice, gesture and date of birth all betray the secrets of his mental frame to those who can solve the meaning of these threefold emblems. Therefore, symbology and knowledge of the seven planetary bodies are the basic pillars of the psycho-therapeutic application of Universal Kabbalah, Harmonyum.

Effective, healthy living demands that we walk in step with the rhythm of the universe. Negative ways of thinking, feeling, speaking and acting put us out of step by surrounding us with a crystallized shell of prejudices and ill-conceived fantasies that the light of life cannot penetrate. Harmonyum is a transcendental healing system that serves to bring the recipient into a state of harmony and rhythm. Harmonyum puts the music of our being back into tune by providing the means whereby the spiritual forces that support the universe and permeate the nature of man can be accessed and directed in such a way that health is achieved and maintained. In reality, life is a musical, comprised of rhythm and tone.

Indeed, immutable rhythm is a living process, manifest everywhere in the universe, whose components move in accordance with cyclical laws. This becomes evident as we observe the stars, Sun, and planets move in their individual cycles with incomparable grace and rhythm. Ignorance and complacency have caused mankind to wander far from the divine cycle of life and disturb the rhythmic process inherent in nature. We have, in essence, thrown the music of our individual and collective lives out of tune. As a consequence, we suffer from mental, emotional and physical problems. Each Harmonyum treatment induces a psychological shift that allows the recipient to become more aware of the causes created by his/her thoughts and actions. In other words, Harmonyum creates a platform for self-healing because it expands the recipient's awareness so that he/she is better able to recognize how the law of cause and effect impacts our lives. Through this awareness, the gentle elimination of destructive energies such as anger, fear, stress and anxiety is facilitated, and they are gradually replaced with feelings of peace and serenity.

Above all, Harmonyum purifies the karma of the parents through the children, for Divine justice visits the trespasses of each generation upon the next. Indeed, there is a physical law that dictates that an impure source communicates its impurities to its products. The same is true in the spiritual world, so it follows that if a man commits evil the karma is automatically transferred onto his posterity. If divine justice can afflict the children through their fathers, it can also purify the fathers via their children. When we are devoted to Divine Spiritual Wisdom, we not only affect the future of the world, we affect the past by erasing its sins and purifying the darkness of memory. Harmonyum turns your body into a lighthouse while promoting health, longevity, and the development of intuition. It is by the grace of Heaven that Divine Spiritual Wisdom has given us this healing system to transmit awareness to others. Harmonyum is the healing system for this age and beyond.



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April  Wolfe
April Wolfe

May 24, 2017

Harmonyum healing is an initiation into your own essence. This beautiful healing system is so potent, to awaken divine love in the receiver. I am so blessed and grateful as a practitioner to provide this healing and am forever grateful for Dr. Levry.

Amanda Plant
Amanda Plant

July 19, 2016

What a gift, I have experienced the precious and divine healing experience of Harmonyum Healing as a practioner and I have received it as part of my healing journey, there is nothing else that goes to the root of the cause like Harmonyum – thank you Dr. Levry for blessing us all this lifetime!

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