Healing Emotional Trauma for a Healthy and Happy Life
from Dr. Levry

January 03, 2020 1 Comment

Healing Emotional Trauma for a Healthy and Happy Life <br>from Dr. Levry

Why do we feel a deep sense that something is missing in our lives? Why is it that those that seem to have all the things they want still feel a deep void in their hearts? What is the mysterious missing element that we need in order to feel truly fulfilled? 

How we feel being the key word; before we can answer these questions we have to understand that all human beings, regardless of their standing in life, are emotional entities. Our primary, astral and molecular bodies are bodies of emotion, and whether we know it or not, we are often addicted to the emotions of our past. Therefore, before we can answer the question of why and what, we have to first grasp the when. When did our emotional sensibility originally form? The answer is of course during our formative years. Indeed, our emotional maturity and growth, even to this day, depends upon the quality of our relationships with our mother and father during the earliest stages of our life. From the moment we are born all the way to 11 years of age, there is a continuous exchange of emotional and chemical energy between the child and his/her parents and their immediate environment. Therefore the parent-child relationship, along with the relationships the child forms with everyone he/she comes in contact with, from relatives to school teachers, must be whole and complete. The quality of love given by the parent to the child is vital. If for any reason there is a gap in love quality during this time, complementary love must be provided to fill this cavity in one’s later years. This missing element of love is felt throughout life as a hole, an inner feeling of rejection, a void in our hearts and it drives us to search for it our entire lives without even knowing what we are looking for. For while what is missing is absolutely felt, it is not so easy for a growing child to express, and it doesn’t become easier after we reach adulthood. It is this lack of love that is responsible for the dark night of the soul where so many suffer endlessly from depression, fear, doubt, anger, fatigue, feeling rejected, and all manner of emotional pain. This feeling of lack cannot be ignored because it is felt deep in the subconscious mind, in what the mystics refer to as the Body of Pain, in the deepest patterns of our memory, like a tiny broken record spinning and spinning in the recesses of our minds. It is like a hunger which nothing material can satisfy. Only unconditional love can fill the void.

Today, more than ever, people are looking for something to fill the emptiness inside their hearts. They are looking for something to give them purpose and meaning, something to give them hope and direction. This quest for meaning often invites all kinds of obstacles into our lives. It is in the midst of facing the trials of life that we are forced to look inward and realize that the answer was love all long. While some seek escape in the form of drugs and alcohol as a temporary means of filling the void, the challenges we encounter are guardians of hidden wisdom and opportunities for growth and self-expression, that transform our inner shadows into light. This missing element of love can manifest in being addicted to a never ending search and life long journey to find this love in various organizations, in ashrams, cults, and sects, which often do not present one with pure arcanal wisdom and can be brainwashing in nature. One must keep in mind that the spiritual world is a world full of mines where the knowledge being presented isn’t always authentic or universal, and aligned with pure, ancient and time-proven arcanal wisdom. When, through such trials, we eventually realize the root of the problem and choose to face instead of run away from life’s obstacles created by this missing element, we come to recognize our Divinity and reconnect with the source of all love.

The whole universe is kept intact by the energy of Love, because God is love and love creates for the sake of love. As human beings, from conception to birth and beyond, we need love to grow and thrive. Love is a primary principle. Every child that is born must feed on love, because they are born as a result of love. When the child’s parents do not provide love and care for the child, the child will spend a lifetime running all over the world looking for the love they did not receive. You can give your child all the material things in the world, but without love, he or she will be sorely lacking. The formula is immutable. Adoption is a perfect example. An adopted child will always look for the people who brought him or her to the Earth in order to find inner peace. Harmonyum Healing is one of the rare spiritual systems that can restore our relationship to this missing love and as a result make our journey on Earth sublime. Harmonyum Healing releases divine love in our entire being. When that energy flows properly within our bodies, we are happy and healthy. Conversely, when that energy has been cut off, and replaced with the energy of hurt feelings, emotional entanglements, resentment, fear or frustration, we are left open to an array of disharmony and disease that in turn attracts more and more hardships into our lives.

Our perceptions, feelings, emotions - everything that we associate ourselves with and believe ourselves to be is our limited identity, made up of layers and layers of emotional traumas, or negative karmic influences which block us from realizing the truth about this missing love. These layers of traumatic emotional experiences live within our energetic system and psyche, and become our belief systems that separate us from the source of unconditional love. Then, when something similar to an event that created the original traumatic emotional experience occurs, it activates that emotional trauma inside of us and causes us to be overwhelmed by and relive that experience again. We may blame our reaction on someone else, but in fact, all these reactions and perceptions on our part are caused by the activation of old emotional traumas. These old traumatic experiences actually attract these situations to us so that we may relive these traumas, over and over until we ourselves decide to heal them. Our life is created from emotional programming. Every painful emotion is a powerful signal that is revealing that there is something within that desperately requires attention.

Harmonyum Healing allows the individual to become more receptive to the flow of divine love, healing and grace, whose very nature is to heal and renew. Harmonyum Healing nourishes and builds the life in our spinal column. It nourishes and nurtures what is called in Hebrew our Chai, meaning the life within us. Indeed, our past is recorded in our spinal cord. By working on the astral spine, Harmonyum Healing gently dissolves the deeply embedded negative patterns we collect throughout our lifetime, thereby simultaneously releasing the corresponding mental, emotional, and physical disturbances. As some of the deeply embedded negative patterns and emotional traumas are cleared, the previously stuck emotional energies within the corresponding spiritual and emotional centers are transformed into positive life energy. The astral plane is a world of feelings and emotions. On the physical plane the chakras are represented by the glands while in the astral body the glands are represented by the chakras or spiritual and emotional centers. Traumatic emotions create emotional blocks and emotional blocks create disturbances in the spiritual and emotional centers that correspond to those emotions. As a result, the corresponding glands on the physical plane secrete unhealthy and poisonous chemicals into the blood, leading to repetitive negative emotions, which in turn create mental, emotional and physical challenges in our life. It is a process that takes away our capacity for higher awareness and our ability to accurately perceive a given situation.

Excellence and achievement in life are based on the harmony of the endocrine system. A good, balanced endocrine system equals a positive mental attitude. A positive mental attitude bestows a good projection. With a good endocrine system, you have a higher quality of awareness, understanding and self-image. You do not make choices that sabotage yourself or others, because you have a higher level of consciousness and a healthy emotional disposition. Harmonyum helps create higher emotional energies by removing the obstacles that prevent the synchronization of the astral and physical bodies. By working on the spine with the divine signatures found in Harmonyum Healing, we are harmonizing the spiritual centers and neutralizing the seven negative karmic influences.

Harmonyum Healing is a gift to all humankind. Upon finding out about Harmonyum Healing we now have a choice. We can either continue to fight the ups and downs of life, trying to break through the limitations, false beliefs and conditioning that keep us from experiencing unconditional love, or, we relax into Harmonyum Healing and let it melt these blocks away, gracefully reconnecting us with the source of all love. Indeed, Harmonyum removes everything that holds us back, so that we may be free from karma. It releases in us those forces through which the negative karmic influences from the past can be eliminated so that we can do what we love, and love what we do.

As a child when we internalized emotional pain, we emotionally accepted that we are not good enough to be valued, and completely loved. As a result, we felt rejected, disrespected, and unsafe. If we do not make an active effort to reprogram these old negative programs that were imprinted upon us early on, they become ours for the rest of our life. This negative program will shape the rest of our life until we change the program.

Harmonyum Healing will give you a warm, embracing feeling of protection, security and healing that will keep you free from the chains of karma, by bringing you divine love, and offering you light in the darkness of life. Harmonyum Healing will free the trapped and locked energies of your being and allow them to flow. Through Harmonyum Healing, one comes into harmony with Nature. Receiving Harmonyum Healing on a regular basis will connect you with your higher self. Then, your intuitive intelligence causes you to have knowledge of the things that you need to know, those things that your soul requires most, those healing things that need to be done, along with the healthy thoughts you need to allow into your mind so that you may be in harmony with the universe.

Why is it so difficult for us to open our hearts and simply love? Again, to find the answer we need to go back to the beginning, for while we are spiritual beings capable of compassion, kindness, warmth, gentleness and love, we can only do so to the degree our human mind allows. Or, to put it another way, we can experience love to the extent to which we can clean our own mind. The human mind has not evolved beyond automatically translating everything in terms of pain or pleasure. Therefore, every experience we go through, leaves an imprint on the mind, the strength of which is based upon the intensity of the pain or pleasure involved. This imprint becomes the platform from which our daily thoughts crystallize and grow. With repetition there is habit formation and ultimately bondage. When an event is emotionally charged, everything else fades into the background, the logical mind shuts down, and the new message bypasses the logical, protective and critical mind and goes straight into the subconscious. It is the unresolved wounds inside us that are helping to generate these painful experiences.

The brain is made up of brain cells called neurons. These neurons have small branches that reach out and connect to other neurons to form a neural net. Each place where they connect is integrated into a thought or a memory. The brain builds up all its thoughts based upon the ability to learn and remember the relationship between unrelated items. The thought and the feeling of anger, for example, is stored in a vast neural net. Our concept of anger, however, is made up of many other different ideas. Some people, for example, may associate anger with losing a competitive game while others don’t feel angry if they lose whatsoever. Others may react in anger when they or someone else is late, or is disorganized and so on. The key to remember here is that we associate the anger response with a past experience. If our parents scolded us for leaving a mess there is a high probability we will not tolerate disorder when we grow up. And so, we begin to realize just how much of who we are is not us at all, but instead our mind’s way of grouping together ideas and concepts based on early experiences that now shape our personality in adulthood. In other words, any information that we process, that we take in from the environment, is always colored by the experiences that we’ve had in the past, and our subsequent emotional response is connected to the emotions we associate with that same experience.

Have you ever wondered just how someone with an angry disposition seems to find themselves in situation after situation that tempts them to react in anger? The same can be said for people that are sad, shy, lonely, fearful, or any number of other temperaments. It is as if we are creating a pattern where we attract more of who we are into our daily lives just to experience more of the same. This, of course, makes it extremely difficult to change and rise above our insecurities and old behavior patterns. Actually, this fascinating phenomenon can be illustrated through our biochemistry. When we experience an emotion, the hypothalamus releases neuropeptides, or chemical signals used by neurons to communicate information, into the blood stream. Incredibly, there is a neuropeptide for every emotion. Along the outside of the cells are billions of receptors, which are receivers of new information. The neuropeptides attach to the receptors, setting off a whole series of biochemical events within the cell, some of which even cause changes in the cell’s nucleus.

Neuropeptides are extremely powerful chemicals that are very addictive. In fact, the chemicals we manufacture within ourselves as humans, are much more powerful and addictive than synthetic drugs. As human beings, the chemicals we manufacture within ourselves are much more powerful and addictive than synthetic drugs. An individual may be just as addicted to anger, fear, depression, sadness, controlling others, or their insecurities as a person can be addicted to alcohol, opioids, heroine or cocaine. The cells in your body become addicted to this particular neuropeptide and literally call out to your brain to satisfy their craving. Furthermore, we become addicted to the people or environment that trigger the respective emotion in us. In the example of anger or depression, an individual would start feeling angry or depressed and then invariably start thinking about why they are feeling this way, causing their brain to secrete more anger or depression neuropeptides, which are hungrily absorbed by the cells in our body. Every time these cells split and multiply, they will create new cells with more anger or depression-related neuropeptide receptors, bringing about more and more craving for anger or depression. We can see, in this way how repetitive cycles of emotional addiction are created and perpetuated.

The more 'negative' neuropeptide receptors a cell has the less 'positive' receptors there are room for. With each replication the cells of the body grow weaker until illness results. Everyone is literally emotionally addicted to their past. Our past is all that we have as a reference point to dictate our emotions. Therefore, unknowingly we are continually reliving and recreating our past. When you practice an emotion over and over again, your nerve cells begin to have a long-term relationship with that emotion. For example, if you get angry or anxious on a daily basis, you will change your brain chemistry in such a way that you begin to crave these states of being. Your neuro-receptors will begin to expect to be fed by these negative emotions and, eventually, your personality will adopt them as your core traits.

As human beings we are led by our feelings. We have a tendency to replay the traumas that have occurred in our lives. In this way, we become addicted to past negative emotional patterns in the same way alcoholics become addicted to alcohol. Unfortunately, as long as we remain addicted to past negative emotional patterns, we cannot have a successful and happy future. How we feel determines how we think. The way we think determines how we act. Therefore, to change your daily actions, you have to change the way you think. To change the way you think, you have to change how you feel. To change your feelings you have to change your emotions. Feelings are unconscious thoughts and emotions are unconscious feelings. Your emotions dictate how you are going to feel. And, as we have seen, to change our emotions we have to change our biochemistry.

Indeed, our emotional memories permeate our body and spinal cord, causing memories to bubble up in our conscious mind resulting in smart people doing things that are detrimental to their lives. Unfortunately, as long as we remain addicted to past negative emotional patterns, happiness eludes us. We become caught in a vicious loop of re-experiencing and re-enacting the same emotional states of being, even if the people, places and events of our lives have changed. We can make up our minds to no longer be victims of this repetitive cycle. We must realize that just as negative thoughts flood the body with corresponding negative emotional signals, so do positive thoughts create neuropeptides that send wonderful feelings and emotions throughout our bodies. The more loving, uplifting and positive thoughts and feelings we have the more neurons come together into positive and successful neural nets, growing and expanding our consciousness and attracting positive results in our life. The way our brains are wired literally creates and recreates our reality with every sunset and sunrise. If we have been thinking negatively for a long time, we have to start putting in the work to undo the damage we have done to our lives by rewiring our brains. In order to transform our limited emotional belief systems, we need to literally unwire the negative neural nets to reform vast clusters of neurons relating to positive thoughts.

Belief controls our biology and our chemistry. Our inner positive belief creates a positive biochemistry which gives you a positive, successful and happy life. Negative belief is extremely effective in influencing your biology in a negative way. We have a tendency to replay the traumas that have occurred in our lives over and over. The more negative experiences we perceive, the more our neurons will form more negative wiring. That is why it is so important to raise children in positive environments, even while they are still in the womb. What is interesting to note here is that some of our traumatic emotional patterns are written in our spinal cord. Certain areas of our spine correspond with psychological and physical memories from before, during and after birth. By releasing energetic knots in the spine, Harmonyum Healing releases inner conflicts originating from the emotional traumas experienced prior to birth, during our time in the womb, and after birth. Everything is connected to the brain and spine. Without the brain, we cannot work, move, or maintain our health, happiness and peace. The brain and spine are the key factors in the management of our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. The spine is full of electricity and a storehouse of life force.

Your spine is the axis of the universe and the ability to experience the universe is rooted and centered in the spine. We have a spiritual and a physical spine. The physical spine is one of the primary supporting structures for our body and mind. It is also the basis of our individual consciousness which is found in the spinal cord. The nerve cells within the spine carry all the nerve signals that are required to sustain our waking, dreaming and sleeping states of being. Different regions of the spine collect and accumulate various types of energy. Harmonyum Healing allows us to awaken the spiritual spine and through cultivating it, we are able to use the energy and abilities within each of our chakras to heal, strengthen and balance ourselves. All the powers we can use to penetrate into the superior dimensions of nature are in the spinal column. The power and the energy in the spinal column will allow you to develop your inner soul.

Removing trauma at the root, is the only way to permanently remove it. By working on the spine, Harmonyum Healing allows us to access these old traumatic emotional patterns and release limiting programming from our life. This automatically leads to improvement in our lives, brought about by physical changes, and changes in our attitude. At a certain point we all try to figure out why certain events keep repeating themselves in our life. Our old negative traumatic experiences are neural nets and, as we have seen, very real recurring scenarios, that may have been created early on in this lifetime. Some of them were passed on to us through our genetic lineage, or our ancestors' experiences and carried through the genetic material to our body. Some come to us through the seven karmic influences which are the seven main sources of karma we face throughout our lives. As we keep replaying these negative emotional experiences over and over again, we continue to pile on more and more layers of our difficult reactions, thus creating additional facets to our original emotional traumas. The brain only sees things in black and white, pleasure or trauma. Traumas mean one more layer added on to a past trauma.

The human mind continually craves attachment and if it drops one habit it replaces it with another. Harmonyum Healing allows us to understand the whole mechanism of habit formation, by raising our level of awareness so that we can see its actual operation. As a result, we start paying attention to our thoughts – the first step in being able to free ourselves from destructive habits. The conscious mind is always occupied with various problems. Harmonyum allows us to watch what is going on without any distortion or resentment based on past association. Harmonyum Healing leads to mental detachment and tranquility, allowing the deep layers of the subconscious mind to be projected at the conscious level and transcended, so that we may understand our hidden motives, responses, thoughts and feelings. So long as we are preoccupied with our attachments and prejudices, we cannot perceive the truth. At this point it becomes clear that what we need to change is actually inside us, and we need to change what is inside us in order to change our life.

Harmonyum Healing is the process of neutralizing our emotional traumas at the source, so that they can no longer be activated. The result being, that as we neutralize each one, that particular recurring pain leaves us, so that we gain real freedom because we are no longer caught in the unhealthy loop of its repetition. As the trauma heals, the mental, emotional, and physical pain associated with it, comes out of us. The neural nets storing the negative patterns associated with our past unhealthy experiences begin to dissolve, freeing up our mind to embrace a more positive outlook of life, full of hope and optimism. This process may create a healing crisis at first that we should not run away from. The healing crisis is a process of breaking the power that the emotional pattern has upon us. As each old negative emotional experience is neutralized, we gain such incredibly clear insight into the workings of those old emotional patterns, and how they used to haunt us, that through our elevated consciousness we become free of them once and for all. As a result, we gain tremendous wisdom from this process of self-realization and self-actualization.

As we have seen, our old negative emotional experiences are stored in our energetic system. That is why Harmonyum Healing, and Naam meditation actually work on the energetic level to clear those old traumatic emotional experiences at their source. As we neutralize and heal each old emotional trauma, we clear the way for our very own Soul, our God-Self to shine through us. Harmonyum Healing neutralizes these traumatic patterns, allowing our soul to radiate its pure and bright light through us. As a result, the gap in love that was the root of our pain and powerlessness is filled, and we in turn can no longer be separated from the flow of Divine love. Reconnected to the Source of all love, our mind begins to expand and our heart begins to open as these, too, are only blocked by our active traumatic emotions. Realize here and now that we are walking, talking bodies of emotion, and most of us have old traumatic emotional experiences that are layered within us. As we neutralize, and heal each traumatic experience, another layer of those old blockages shows up to be addressed. With the neutralization and healing of each old emotional trauma, we rise and gain our freedom.

Facing and addressing each traumatic and emotional pattern, is a spiritual journey, taking us on an ascension through the various healing stages of life. The program that you get in your first 11 years of life basically shapes the character of your life. If your program is negative you will have a negative experience. Whatever program you get is essentially the pattern of your life that will unfold throughout your entire lifespan. Everything that comes into your life that you enjoy and love comes as a result of a program that supports it. Everything that forces you to work hard and experience pain occurs when your subconscious mind’s programming is at odds with your life’s goals. Therefore, it is important to make an active effort to reprogram that which you received in the first 11 years, otherwise it is your fate for the rest of your life. When we struggle in life, it is because there is an internal programming that is preventing us from having what we want. Change the program and you will change your life.

Harmonyum Healing has access to the unconscious underlying mental patterns or attitudes behind all of the disturbances we are faced with in life. By releasing these traumatic emotional patterns which form our negative programming, we naturally become more positive, compassionate, loving and kind. Because of the Divine love released during Harmonyum, people love to have their spine worked on and respond very quickly to this transcendental healing treatment. Children who display signs of hyperactivity, emotional problems, learning disabilities, physical challenge, etc. will all benefit from Harmonyum Healing.

Many people live in quiet desperation, struggling to survive without ever realizing the infinite power they have within to change their entire lives. Harmonyum Healing causes you to look within for healing, inner strength and guidance. Harmonyum Healing allows you to take responsibility for your life, so that you may connect with your spirit and create the kind of life you truly desire. Harmonyum Healing allows you to know that you are no longer a victim of the world around you, but in fact you are a powerful creator and can shape your life in accordance with your true self-expression. Our wellbeing is a reflection of our consciousness. Our consciousness is our emotional state, which is made up of our inner belief systems. Therefore, our highest responsibility is to make the changes on the inside, by working on our emotional traumas and painful beliefs. Healing starts when we realize that there is only one person to change, and that is ourselves. We must always focus on becoming what we want to experience, because our energy is the direct source of our daily experience.

Harmonyum Healing looks at life as a continuous expression of the Infinite Self. We are intelligent beings living in an intelligent universe with a body operated by a supreme and infinite intelligence. Harmonyum Healing causes us to consciously cooperate with the spiritual side of our existence in such a way that it will create for us a new body and a happy life. Harmonyum is a tool that you can use to move from negativity to positivity. The Harmonyum healing system restores the natural flow of Love in the body while increasing the pranic supply to all cells and nurturing all organs. This is achieved because as Harmonyum melts physical tension, the spiritual body can release healing prana. Every time you receive Harmonyum Healing, the Divine is cleansing you. As it restores our relationship to the light it allows us to move through time and space gracefully. Harmonyum Healing resurrects and strengthens our awareness and our relationship with the Divine. Harmonyum causes the Spirit of Love to enter our heart. All cracks in our being created by the love we missed in our childhood re sealed with the Divine fire of love released by Harmonyum Healing, so that no darkness can infiltrate it again. This unconditional love is like a fire that illumines and gives warmth, like a spring of water that quenches thirst, like a tree that shelters and protects.

Harmonyum Healing ignites the flame of positivity, lighting the flame of the heart so that the darkness of night burns away to become the brightness of a new morning. It slows down our hectic pace, so that we may listen to our heart and receive the strength needed to cultivate grace. Harmonyum Healing will fill you with God’s love, so as to bring you joy, in order for you to see yourself clearly and experience the full bounty of life.

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March 13, 2020

i believe in naam yoga and Dr Levry, i thank you above for his teachings, love, light, and peace to all.

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