A New Approach to Healing
from Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

March 15, 2017 1 Comment

A New Approach to Healing </br> from Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

Health is the most precious thing we have in this world. Human beings do not realize how precious health is, until they lose it. Regardless of how much yoga you practice, how healthy your diet is, or how much you workout, if you are thinking, feeling, speaking, acting negatively or having a negative attitude, you are making yourself a candidate for disease. Most people do not know that when you think, feel, speak and act negatively or have a negative attitude, your blood becomes impure, and compromises your health.

Furthermore, by gossiping you are digging your grave with your teeth. The word is God, and words should be used to heal, uplift and unite, and not destroy and divide. We must always remind ourselves that God sits at the tip of our tongue. While it is true that breathing impure air, drinking impure water, eating impure food and a lack of exercise will contribute to poor health, they are not the only causes of disease.

Negativity will make you sick, even when you eat the purest food, workout every day, and do yoga all the time. Ultimately, the highest form of yoga, the best workout and the purest diet come in the form of good thoughts, feelings, words, actions and attitude. These are the qualities that will give you the purest blood and permanently protect your health.

There are two important components to permanent healing: physical healing and spiritual healing. Medicine can only touch the physical body, but it cannot clean the mind - where the root of every disease is located. The physical condition is a manifestation of the mental attitude, and no doctor can clean your mind.

The truth is, all a doctor can do is buy you a pocket of time, through medical intervention or surgery, wherein the disease is pushed into the future. You may have freedom from your disease for one week, one month or ten years, only to go through it again because nothing was ever done about its cause. In other words, only the effect was addressed. Ultimately, if you do not like the effect, you must remove the cause. Remove the cause, and the effect will be gone for good.

We have to ask ourselves why do we think we have the right to destroy our lives by engaging in self-sabotaging behavior in the form of negative thoughts, feelings, words, actions and attitude. We must remove ourselves from this pattern and begin to heal by breathing properly, drinking pure water, eating fresh and pure food, exercising properly, and above all, having good thoughts, good feelings, good words, good actions and a good attitude.

Any disease that manifests in your physical body is a manifestation of a mental condition or, simply stated, the condition of your mind. This mental condition takes root and crystallizes into a physical condition. Our lives are ruled by unseen forces. The visible world comes from the invisible world. While the physical world is the only reality to the scientist, true reality exists beyond our five senses. The cause is often invisible. The effect is visible. External appearances do not give us a full picture of someone’s mental, emotional and physical health. None of us can truly know another human being until we know their hidden nature.

All health conditions are created in our mind. The way in which we use our mind becomes the way in which we use our body. When we complain of an ache or pain in our bodies, the condition has been present in our mind, long prior to its physical sensation.

Your mental attitude manifests itself in your health. Emotions and mental attitudes have a direct impact on the spiritual body. In turn, any impact on the spiritual body manifests in the physical body. This is the formula for manifesting health or disease.

You need spiritual healing in order to support physical healing. Health problems come to remind us that we must work with the power within. In order to heal ourselves we have to go to the root of the problem. True transformation is only possible when our whole mind becomes Divine; for physical healing to be permanent, it needs to complemented by spiritual healing, and Harmonyum is an advanced and very effective form of spiritual healing.

We are first and foremost, Spirit. Those that truly understand healing will tell you, that addressing matter without taking care of the spiritual body will only give us partial results. It is only in a spiritual state that a human being rises above the law of karma. Some of these unknown healing truths are further revealed in the books, The Divine Doctor and The Code of the Masters.

It now becomes clear that to change any health condition it is first necessary to alter one's mental attitude. When you can do this, the condition of the problem will spontaneously disappear.

Most people, however, are already conditioned, programmed and brainwashed. A person who has been negatively conditioned is not a free person. The whole process of negative conditioning is unhealthy because it takes away our freedom, causing us to use our limited mind.


We have become conditioned by the past, and we live according to the past. That is why we go on living in a certain unhealthy pattern. Every morning, we wake up and our brain goes on repeat, causing us to replay old unhealthy patterns in our lives. We see life through the glasses of our conditioned mind, and this is indeed a very sad state of affairs.


Our limited mind with its attachment to the past is our enemy, creating health problems and unhappiness. In short, the quality of our lives is derived from our level of consciousness or awareness. We need to establish a relationship with our unlimited mind and free ourselves from our negative conditioning.


Naam and Harmonyum Healing are powerful spiritual tools for opening the heart, and changing and erasing unhealthy mental patterns. In Naam Yoga the accent is placed on the Naam. Nothing is as effective at cleaning the human mind as Naam.


In the words of the great sage, yogi and noble poet Goswami Tulsidas Ji Maharaj, "Kalyug Kaval Naam Aadhara, Sumri Sumri Ner Utterhi Para.” Which means, that "in this age of Kali Yug, dominated by its vast dependence on technology and computers, it is only by vibrating Naam that human beings will sail through the deep sea of the world. Only Naam will give bliss, peace and liberation."


Kabir, one of India's greatest saints and poets, always focused on the importance of repeating the Mantra of God’s Name or Naam. He went on to say that, "without devotion to God’s name (Naam) all of your cleverness is drowned."


This is why every Shakti Naam yoga class starts and ends with Naam. The Rootlight Healing Beyond Medicine music series allows you to integrate Naam into your daily spiritual practice.


Harmonyum healing cleans the mind and neutralizes the past. Regular and consistent Harmonyum treatments bring a neutralization of the past, filling you with divine love, and divine light, which produces pure consciousness.


In order to help someone heal, you have to cause them to become conscious of the things they are doing that are causing them to be sick. Genetic, karmic and planetary influences lock our attention in the past and become the obstacles that prevent us from being fully present in the moment. After a series of Harmonyum treatments the body becomes full of healing light, and the watcher is left, but there is nothing to watch. Harmonyum treatments awaken the consciousness so that we can rise above our false self.


The more you attach to God the more free you are, therefore attach yourself to Naam because Naam is the Holy Word and the Holy Word is God. Freedom is proportional to how close you are to God. The closer you are to God, the more freedom you have. The farther away you are from God, the less freedom you have. God’s grace is all self-sufficient. God gave us life and to take care of life we need love. God is love, therefore we must invoke His grace through bringing Love in our thoughts, feelings, words, actions and attitude.


The greatest secret and the greatest remedy is unconditional love. Nothing is more soothing and healing than love. Therefore, keep your heart open and think, feel, act, speak and behave with love. Your health and your entire life will blossom for eternity.

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simone Barry
simone Barry

April 19, 2017

My life has been a long journey searching for God, each step has been helpful but left me restless and looking for more answers, until I discovered Naam. I have so much peace and happiness and a new excitement for life. I am preparing for the Shakti Naam Training in Israel coming up and am filled with gratitude and joy knowing my life will be truely transformed by this healing light and divine love. So excited!!! Thank you Dr Levry for existing and saving me through God?

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