A Healing Ritual for Winter Solstice and the New Year: Ushering in the Age of Harmony

December 01, 2003

As we move into the New Year, it is important to synchronize our energy with the longitude and latitude of time and space. The moon is waxing from December 23, 2003 to January 6, 2004. This is a critical time that can directly influence every aspect of your life for the year to come. Both what you do, and how you work with the constructive forces of the universe will be extremely important.

From now on, let your knowledge of natural laws combine with a consistent spiritual discipline. According to the sacred wisdom, know that everything you do in the first 32 days of 2004 will determine what kind of year you will have. Don't worry about your skill, or lack thereof. Just begin, try, and devote yourself with reverence and humility to the sacred wisdom. Commit yourself to using this energetically charged time productively and positively. Shift your focus from individual concerns and live through your heart so that you become universal in your focus and mindset.

A heavenly event took place toward the end of 2003. The Star of David appeared in the sky. This moment of spiritual attunement, called the Harmonic Concordance, opened an energetic star gate to Mother Earth. Its occurrence symbolizes the descent of God-Consciousness and infuses the energy of the coming year. We are witness to a shift in the ages. Humanity is being blessed with the opportunity to elevate our consciousness and fully live from the heart.

A Brief History

The Star of David is so named after King David, the father of King Solomon. After the reign of Moses and his successors, divine spiritual knowledge degenerated to the point where it was experienced only as a burst of light. All great sages who rose to reveal the Truth in all its purity were persecuted.  The people needed a king.  Saul was chosen and initiated by Samuel, but ultimately rejected because he was not faithful to the law. David came next. He was well-initiated, but also transgressed on the throne. He was severely punished but was eventually forgiven, as he remained true to the law. David was given the secret plans of the temple of Jerusalem, which Solomon was later to construct. Solomon ascended to the throne and the knowledge and wisdom he so fervently desired was bestowed upon him.

The Star of David

 At the time of King David, violent political fluctuations were occurring. He was able to bring a degree of order to the chaotic Jewish nation. The order that King David was able to establish is symbolized by the two triangles that form the Star of David, and represent the elemental fire whose spirit is the salamanders and the elemental water whose spirit is the undines. These two violent forces, elemental fire and water, rule almost all of the changeable factors in our physical world. Just look at history and you will see the impact that fire and water have had. The ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Egypt both fell victim to their wrath.

The Star of David is the sign of the microcosm and it stands for the number 6. In turn, the number 6 stands for the third power of the creator expressed in six days of creation. (Remember, God rested on the 7th day.) Therefore, 6 represents the acts of divine creation manifested on the material plane. The number 6 is represented by the two interlaced triangles of the Star of David. These two interlaced triangles stand for a harmonious balance between the lower and higher worlds, and the balanced interpenetration of the physical and astral planes. This is the union of man and God, the microcosm and the macrocosm.

Fire lies in the triangle with the apex pointing up, and water lies in the triangle with the apex pointing down. When we work with the triangle with the apex pointing up, we are praying that Nature be spared from the ravages of Fire. When we work with the triangle with the apex pointing down, we are praying that Humanity be spared from the calamities of Water.

More on the Number Six

Let's look at the components of the number 6. In numerology the year 2004 gives us the number 6 when we add together the 2 and 4. By analyzing the components of the number six, we find that two is the number of duality. Duality is the origin of human corruption, pain and suffering where our spiritual selves have been restrained by the chains of the physical body, and the base desires of our animal nature. As a consequence, we experience a restriction of the immortal spirit. Distress, illness, poverty, prejudice and vice taunt us at every turn. Four represents the square, and is a number of limitation, suffering and darkness. It also stands for the planet Uranus, a very active planet because of its association with Sun energy. Uranus can be destructive on the mental plane, making people illogical and lazy. It brings confusion and ignorance that makes people create bad karma.

When you add 2 and 4 together, however, the number obtained is beneficial. Six, the hexagram, is symbolic perfect manifestation on both the material and immaterial planes. The visible and invisible are closely intertwined, bringing unity. As above, so too below. Working with 6 gives you the opportunity to move away from duality and confusion.

As you now realize the coming year, 2004, reduces numerically to the number 6, which is ruled by Venus. Venus is the most shining and brilliant of all the planets. It represents harmony and life, and is related to inventiveness, creativity and art. It can be a loving, rewarding and creative period as long as you maintain balance and harmony. Center your energies on home and community. Keep your intimate relationships peaceful. Be forewarned that those who dwell in delusion and those who spend their energy fulfilling desires based on anger and greed during this time are acting against the laws of Nature and are out of harmony with the flow of the universal energies.

 Above all, keep in mind that the Star of David creates the platform for the spirit of God to awaken in every nation those people most capable of holding light. The universe will use them as agents, to awaken everywhere the truth and the light according to the receptivity of man, in order to animate the world with spirit and truth. In other words, this is the time where those who are capable of light will unite for and in spirit and truth. We are approaching the realm of light, the realm of wisdom and love, the realm of God who is the source of light.  It is time for the Sun of Wisdom to rise and pass over the bright noon, where all shadow will vanish before her direct and sweet rays.

The Ritual

The period from December 23, 2003 to January 6, 2004 is an especially excellent time to connect with the healing forces of the universe in order to ask for assistance and gain spiritual attunement. During the beneficial waxing moon, devote a portion of each day to aligning yourself with the potent healing and constructive powers of nature. The following healing ritual will increase your sense of personal connection to the cosmic, and shower you with heavenly light, gifts and blessings. It harmonizes you with the healing energy of the universe. Use the ritual outlined below to call upon the creative strength and vitality of the spiritual centers so that you can heal yourself, your loved ones and, indeed, the world. The doors of heaven will open, and its blessings will begin to flow toward you.

Words of power are the tools we use to communicate with the invisible world of terrestrial and celestial beings that exist in the space between heaven and earth. This great hierarchy of beings represents and inhabits the nine levels of angelic nature that correspond to the various regions of the Tree of Life. Chanting Lumen de Lumine and vibrating the sacred name Yea Hesh Shoe Wah are the tools you will be working with in the following ritual.

Rose Croix Kabbalists chant Lumen de Lumine and vibrate Yea Hesh Shoe Wah in order to remove darkness. When used consciously, it provides a potent shield of protection and healing. All you need is sincerity, reverence and humility. By using these tools you are establishing a spiritual communion with the hierarchy of luminous beings who dwell in the invisible world, and calling on the help and protection of the hosts of the superior astral world.

Lumen de Lumine and Yea Hesh Shoe Wah can be used to achieve your aims of healing, well-being and protection. They will work for you regardless of your religion, race, creed or gender. If you are unfamiliar with how to appropriately use these cosmic tools, you may obtain the CDs or recommended books prescribed throughout the ritual by contacting rootlight.com.

Performing the Ritual

This ritual is a sacred prayer of great potency. It must be approached with reverence and humility.

There are four distinct stages to this healing ritual. The mighty Rose Croix Kabbalah word of power, Yea Hesh Shoe Wah is to be invoked three times at each stage of the ritual. At the end of the four stages, Yea Hesh Shoe Wah will have been invoked twelve times, corresponding to the twelve signs of the zodiac.

Perform the Kabbalah cross to start. (See The Expanded Version of Lifting the Veil)

Next, invoke the heavenly light by chanting alone or along with the CD Lumen de Lumine for 3 to 11 minutes (The music versions on the CDs Lumen de Lumine or Mystic Light will both work). This will heal and recharge you so that you may proceed to work on the world.

PART ONE: Bring Healing and Spiritual Strength to Yourself

©  Sit in a meditative position, spine straight, head erect, hands resting on lap. Take a few moments to quiet the mind and slow the breath.

©  Visualize a beautiful white flame in the center of your being or in the healing space of your heart. With every breath, see it progressively expand and surround YOURSELF in this beautiful sphere of white light energy.

©  Feel love, warmth, and healing radiating from that white flame in your heart center, permeating every cell and spreading into your sphere of energy. Let it warm your heart and heal the core of your being. With the breath that binds all God's creatures, send this loving and healing light out upon the earth, in order that it may heal and lift the spirit of all those caught in the limiting darkness of reality.

©  Take a deep breath. Hold a moment and softly invoke the sacred name Yea Hesh Shoe Wah. Repeat three times while seeing beams of radiant light showering the world and entering into all earthly beings as you send pure thoughts of love, peace, and light to all.

PART TWO: Bring Healing and Order to Your City

Now turn your healing focus to your city.

©  See the white light becoming more and more concentrated in your city.

©  Take a deep breath. Hold a moment and softly invoke the sacred name Yea Hesh Shoe Wah. Repeat three times while sending thoughts of love, peace, and light as above.

PART THREE: Bring Healing and Order to the World

Now, in your mind's eye, imagine your country.

©  See your country surrounded by a beautiful egg or cloud of white sunlight, and expand that light to the entire world. See every human being (including leaders of various countries) receiving the healing warmth of light in their heart. Let it raise their consciousness for a world of harmony.

©  Take a deep breath. Hold a moment and softly invoke the sacred name: Yea Hesh Shoe Wah.

Repeat three times while sending thoughts of love, peace, light as above.

PART FOUR: Bring Healing Light to your loved ones

Now bring your healing focus onto your loved ones.

©  Visualize the concentration of white light around each or all of them.

©  Take a deep breath. Hold a moment and vibrate again the sacred name Yea Hesh Shoe Wah.

Repeat three times as above.

Remember, the sacred name Yea Hesh Shoe Wah is to be invoked three times at each stage of the ritual for a total of twelve.


To conclude, recite the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light. Take a deep breath, hold, then exhale as you whisper "It is done."

Perform this ritual once or twice daily for a couple weeks. Let us attract the healing, blessings, and protection of the luminous beings. This practice will heal the earth, raise the collective consciousness, and magnify your own light.

This ritual simply works, even for those who have not the slightest knowledge of spirituality. Invoke the sacred word of power, Yea Hesh Shoe Wah. It is beyond religion, race, creed, class, and gender. It works within and beyond time and space. For further information on the healing benefits of Lumen de Lumine, consult the new book Divine Doctor, Healing Beyond Medicine on page 218. Also, on page 85 you may read an in depth discussion on the Lunar Cycle and its various healing applications.

The following serves as an addition or replacement to the above ritual.

For those who prefer to chant mantra, as opposed to doing the ritual, use Guru Ram Das, the first track on the Heaven's Touch CD. Chant for 22 minutes. Heaven's Touch causes opportunities to come to you in many unexpected ways that you did not envision at the start of your enterprise.

In addition to Guru Ram Das, there are three mantras that are particularly beneficial for the New Year. They can all be found on the CD Mystic Light. The first mantra is called Sophia, and it is the fifth track on Mystic Light. Mystically, Sophia means wisdom. Embedded within this mantra is the sacred name Yea Hesh Shoe Wah. The second mantra you will want to use is Lumen de Lumine, found on the third track of the CD. It will bring you the beneficial light of heaven, and fill you with energy and radiance so that you may carry that radiance through your coming year. Lumen de Lumine will surround you with a blanket of light. Finally, the third mantra to chant is the first track of Mystic Light, Ra Ma Ram Ram. This mantra builds confidence, attracts opportunities and clears your spiritual path. It creates a powerful energy of self trust that makes others invest in your trustworthiness. Ra Ma Ram Ram develops the attitude of prosperity that lets you sustain your projection in the midst of all the experiences that you attract. It magnifies the aura, brings vitality and generates the energy of success.

Feel free to share with others so we may increase the outpouring of healing light to the earth.

Visit josephmichaellevry.com to learn more about the author. 

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