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  • The sound vibrations on this CD greatly amplify one's ability to manifest the things they want in this life. When practiced with reverence, these sacred words of power will elevate the self into the bosom of the Divine and establish a direct link with the Spirit. 

    Track Listing
    1 Guru Ram Das 11:50
    2 Sat Narayan 11:40
    3 Mystical Ivory Coast 21:33

  • 1 Guru Ram Das
    This mantra is for protection of any physical, mental or circumstantial situations. In the midst of trial and danger, this mantra can rescue you. Guru Guru Wa-Hey Guru is a Nirgun mantra, which projects the mind to the infinite source of knowledge and ecstasy. Guru Ram Das Guru is a Sirgun mantra, which represents form and calls upon the wisdom that comes as a servant of the infinite. This is the mantra of humility that brings emergency saving grace and spiritual guiding light. For emergency saving grace, chant this mantra as often as you wish to invite grace into your life.

    2 Sat Narayan
    This mantra creates internal peace allowing one to project outer peace. It gives one a clear perception of the truth. Narayan is the aspect of infinity that relates to water. Hari Narayan is creative sustenance which makes the one who chants it intuitively clear. Sat Narayan is the true sustainer. Wa-Hey Guru is indescribable wisdom. Sat Nam is true identity

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