The Healing Power of Love
from Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

February 14, 2015 6 Comments

The Healing Power of Love <br> from Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

When you desire to heal a human being from all sickness and give them the health of the Divine Kingdom, use unconditional Love and Divine Spiritual Wisdom, also known as the sacred teachings of God. This newsletter reveals these ancient truths at the heart of Divine Spiritual Wisdom. When a mother has strong and unshakeable Love for her children, death cannot take them away from her.  With Divine Love, it is possible to animate, enliven and resuscitate anyone. Love can be used to revive the spirit of every sick and ailing person. When at the bedside of a patient, love will bring healing and peace to his or her heart and strength to the spirit. We should heal the sick by means of Naam and Love. We should cure the deeply afflicted and heal the wounded through Divine Love. Learn Divine Spiritual Wisdom, vibrate Naam and Love.

Every prayer that has True Love of God, will always be approved by the heavens. When you visit the sick, go with unconditional Love, and you will be most useful. When they are in sorrow and suffering, it is most helpful and beneficial to have a person with Love in their heart come to them. The use of Love can produce incredible healing effects. Harmonyum Healing, for example, is a practical application of Divine Love. When visiting the ailing and afflicted, always maintain thoughts of Love and affection. This has a greater healing effect than any other remedy. Show the utmost Love, kindness, gentleness, friendliness and care to the sick and suffering. This has a greater effect than any medicine. We must always have thoughts of Love and warmth when we visit the ailing and afflicted. Healing can happen through the wish or desire and the prayer of the person who has Divine Love in their heart. As soon as a human with Divine Love turns his heart to God and begins to pray, the sick one is cured.


Holding the thought of God strongly in the mind with Love in the heart, purifies the soul of all resentment. In turn, you obtain a virtue you could obtain nowhere else and by no other means. Love brings resurrection and longer life. Love allows you the experience of your own Divinity. Christ is a symbol of Love and humility. Humility is the throne of Love. To Love is more sacred than any other act in the world. Sooner or later, everyone gets what he/she gives. Everyone reaps what he/she sows. There is only benefit in loving. Nothing is more soothing and healing than Love. There is nothing more beautiful than Love. No material comfort on the Earth can give you the deep contentment that Love without condition can bring into your life. No one can even describe the bliss you will feel by receiving True Love. By loving without condition we are connecting with our internal and most important source of energy: our own soul, which is the source of prana, the life force and ojas. This practice increases and redeems our own healing energy. As a result, all negative energies are removed from our aura, including any unhealthy mental and emotional attitudes. The vibration of Love is so strong that it can neutralize the energy of toxic locations and situations that take away our vitality. Therefore, working with Divine Love is a form of self-protection against all known and unknown negative entities. Once we become aware of Loving without condition, we also become aware of our God given power.

When you love without condition, you are the embodiment of God’s Will, and are connected to the Light. This will impart to you the grace from above that bestows an abundance of holiness and purity. Love is a simple, yet powerful spiritual tool. When you work with Divine Love, your aura can attract all that is beautiful and luminous in the Universe. Therefore, Divine Love will turn you into a magnet for the beneficent forces of the Universe, and you will become a blessing for all who know you. Learn to work with Divine Love so as to restore the harmony within your being, and those in your sphere, and to light up and purify the atmosphere around you.


Bring Love into your life and experience the power it has to pacify and heal. Learn to focus on Divine Love, and raise the quality of your life so that you are able to contribute to a positive environment and future. Manifest Divine Love so that you can use your positive will to transform the Earth with Love, hope and faith. Love God, and walk in Divine Love, and you shall be as learned as all the sages, for this is the surest way to move from duality to Divinity. Reach out to others with Love, for Love without condition is the nourishment necessary for the growth of the Godly seed planted in the Garden of the human heart. Once you truly Love someone, you will exercise patience and acceptance with them. You will no longer try to change them. Love forgives. It does not make you feel bad. Love enables the past to be forgiven and the future to be made. Love enables each and every one of us to stand, to be washed clean and absolved, and raised in the eyes of the Divine. It gives you faith, hope and health. When you truly Love, you generate a healing and positive vibration that enlivens everyone around you. You breathe life into others and exercise that part of yourself that is Godly. Since the beginning of time, Divine Love has been used to bring about strong transformations in the world, and to inspire hope, faith and joy in the hearts of many. Through Love, you will melt away the coldness of the hearts of others. Therefore, let Divine Love flow through you freely so that the pure flower of Love may blossom within. In turn, Love will be returned to you a thousand-fold, becoming a joy and blessing to all who share in it. When you Love unconditionally, you, yourself, can then become a force for positive transformation in the world.

Each and every day, be better and more loving than you were the day before. Love alone can work all miracles, for it opens all doors, penetrates all walls, and clears all obstacles. When you are serving out of Love, you will not experience inner sorrows. Moreover, gifts and talents will awaken in you and gradually increase, for when you Love and serve, you glorify God’s Name. When you focus on Divine Love, you are focusing on the source of all blessings. Love awakens the light surrounding your soul, providing you with an opportunity to attain the wonderful achievements the Creator intended for you. By extending our Love to others, we become a refuge of kindness for people to lean upon and gather the strength they need to face the challenges of time and space with grace. All the power of Heaven and Earth are contained in Love. All the forces in Heaven and Earth obey Love, for the entire world was created by Love. There is no power beyond Love. True love is a powerful force, stronger even than death. Divine Love is the implementation of the Will of God. God is Love, and Love is God. Without Love, there is no God. If you do not understand Love, you will never understand God. Love is the power that aligns us with God’s power.


We are a crystallization of Love, because we are, each of us, drops in the ocean of All-Love. We are born to Love and be loved. A person without Love is like a land without water. Nothing can grow there. Divine Love allows you to experience Divine Grace. Those who truly Love us can be a source of water for our land. They bring rhythm and nourishment to our life, for there is no wound of mind, heart, spirit or body, whether past or present, that cannot be healed with Love. This Love humbles us. This Love not only irrigates your own life, but also the lives of those who cross your path. Therefore, those who Love you will bring you joy and build you up. They are proud of you and make you feel cared for. Let your Love see the very best in your loved ones so that it draws forth the very best. Do not hurt the feelings of those who serve you and depend on your help. Love raises you up and keeps you going. By loving those around you, you will some day be able to draw out the worthiness you seek in them. When we Love, we are able to take a step back and care for another’s heart over being right. Those who do not provide their Love with an open heart become a burden to themselves and others. The true purpose of life is to open your heart and become a channel of Love.

The time has come for us to become good instruments of Divine Love. Love will bring a beautiful sweetness into your life. Melt the coldness of people’s heart away with the flood of Love and service. Act with Divine Love so that you are the embodiment of the miracle of compassion in action. Speak the language of Love, and you speak the language of God. Speak the language of God, and you speak the language of Naam; speak the language of Naam, and you speak the language of music. Speak the language of music, and you speak the language of the heart. Naam Yoga is the path that leads to Love. It will reveal the beauty of the Divine world to you. We can fly to Heaven on the wings of Love. Love is the true nature of everything in the Universe.

If you really want to liberate yourself, do Naam and live by the way of Love. It will work. We will find our way back to God through Love. With Love, we are in harmony with the entire Cosmos and the energies of the whole Universe pour into us. Love is the door through which Man enters into life. Love will take you beyond time and beyond karma. This is the key and the power, which has liberated the saints and yogis and can liberate you now. Love is the mother of life, and the connection between the human soul and God. Without Love, there could be no cosmos, no organized and established world. Love is the Master Key that opens all doors, and makes everything easy. Love is the great key and secret to holding fast to the path of light. The path back to God is Love. Love is all the Universe understands. Love eradicates all karma and ends the cycle of birth and reincarnation. All Spiritual Masters say, “Love God with all thy heart, with all thy strength, and love thy neighbor and all of creation.” The way of the sage is to live in Love, and to serve and love everyone as a temple of God. This way of Love has been employed by the greatest yogis and Kabbalists the human race has ever known, and the moment you make up your mind to live this way, you will enjoy the assistance of all good and evolved beings seen and unseen. Walking the path of Divine Love allows us to purify and enliven all we meet, for Divine Love transforms negativity into light, neutralizes destructive energies, removes hopelessness and brings optimism. When you Love, you enter the gates of Light and are able to reach others through the heart.


The state of love is beyond duality. This is why Love is God. The mark of a great human being is the measure of his/her heart. If your heart is not great, you cannot be great. No matter how rich or how poor you are, cultivate your heart and make it great. Love unselfishly. Reach out to everyone with Divine Love, so that all become your friend in heart and spirit. Use Love, and let the Lord of miracles take care of you. Work with Love. Surrender completely to the flow of power in the Universe. And know that each thing you do can be done, spontaneously, through your intuitive intelligence, for the Grace of God is the Love of God manifesting in unlimited blessings, both known and unknown to us. Vibrate Naam and Love, and you will know that God is Love. We must open our heart with Naam, so that God may bless us and His Divine Love may radiate through us and illumine the world. By identifying with God, and working with Love, we change our destiny. Try to instill your Love with purity and light, for this is the only way to be sure that those you Love flourish and fulfill themselves. Always remember that True Love bestows the blessings of Love, light, peace, joy, beauty and health. It gives meaning to life. If you see those you Love wasting away, you must tend to, and care for them with the tenderness with which a gardener approaches his flowers. In other words, our Love must help those we Love to grow. When you attain this level of love, you can feel proud and grateful to the heavens. Similarly, when someone loves you, you become a beautiful garden, and everything blossoms within you. God is Love, Divine Spiritual Wisdom, and Truth. In Love, Wisdom, and Truth, you will find the kindness of God. A Love without Wisdom and without Truth is not Love, but a Love with Wisdom and Truth is the perfect Love. When you truly Love someone, you display the full range of gifts embodied in Love, and the one you Love displays them as well. The whole world is in pain. But, by identifying with God and embracing the path of Divine Love, you can remove yourself from this pain and change your destiny. When you give yourself to Love and vibrate Naam, you will see that the protection and grace of God become yours, and the magic of the entire Universe is you. The way of Love is simple and because of its simplicity it is beautiful and Divine, because God is Love.

Every prayer with the Love of God, is approved by the heavens. A prayer said without Love hardly works, but a prayer said with Love heals the spirit of Man. Curing the body without curing the spirit means nothing. Medicine is but an external, visible means via which we obtain heavenly healing. Love alone, which is God, is the great healer that has the power to give true and real healing. Love is the most powerful prayer between you and your Creator. It gives you the power to move from duality to Divinity and, in so doing, grants you vastness and the power to trust. Heal yourself by doing everything with Love. Doing what you Love, and loving what you do will heal you. Spending time around those who Love you will heal you. Eat food cooked with Love and care. This will heal you. The most healing vibration you can share with your loved ones, friends and anyone you cross paths with is Divine Love. Love is the Mother of Light. Where there is Love, you find Light. Where there is Light, you cannot find darkness. There is no Love without sacrifice, and there is no sacrifice without Love. But sacrifice gives glory to Man. The way of Love will cause time to serve you. It is a matter of either causing time to serve you or you serving time. Human life is a fight against karma. When karma wins it takes you through the cycle. By loving without condition, you will take many through the cycle of liberation. Let this message reach your heart. Let it uplift you as it touches you to your very core of spiritual hunger and thirst. Those who work with Divine Love ignite the flames of light and the flames of Love in their heart so that their eyes may be opened, and their shields may be strengthened, and so that they may stand eternally in the light of the Lord, guided and guarded by the heavens. Become a true channel of Love. Loving God is a magical and intimate experience, which reveals itself when one directs his or her mind and heart towards the Divine, without any hesitation and without any doubts. That is when one understands the meaning of life. Good comes from serving others. God gives. Love gives. We, too, must give. When you give you become God, and Good.

Possess everything if you must, be attached to everything if you must. But you will never experience true peace, until you merge with Love. We must open our hearts to receive the wave of Divine Love that comes from above. The greatest spiritual weapon a human being has is the power of Love. Love removes all obstacles and bestows all possibilities. Love itself is indescribable because Love is God.


Good lies in the Love of God and your neighbor, to know no Love than the Love of all, to know no interest than the interest of all, no pleasure, and no wellbeing than the well being of all. The spiritual life, is loving God above all, and your neighbor as yourself. In this two-fold love, exists the principle of new life and the possibility of rebirth. No one can, however, be born again unless he/she knows and practices this fundamental law. Know that loving God is equal to acceptance. This corresponds to the Moon. Loving others is giving. This corresponds to the Sun. All you have to do is develop the quality of giving, and the Divine will always be with you. When you Love yourself, you join the Sun and the Moon, and time and space will serve you. Therefore, allow the power of Love to envelop you, and align your entire being to the powerful, ever-present healing force of the Universe. Love for God will expand the heart of a man or woman. Those who Love God cannot hate anyone, because they know that when you hate the creation, you hate the Creator.

It is clearly written in the scripture: “Thou shall Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and thy neighbor as thyself.” (Matthew 22:37, King James Bible) This quote reveals quite clearly, and without ambiguity, that there are three conditions each of us must fulfill in order to know God and, since God is Love, to know the true nature of Love. Love is above religion. You will never know the reality of Love until you fulfill, both in belief and in practice, the three conditions of Love expressed in the scripture quoted above. In other words, you must be able to see God in every sacred teaching; you must be able to see God in everyone; you must be able to see God in yourself. If you are not applying the scripture in this way, then you do not really see God at all and, therefore, do not understand the reality of Love. Let’s examine these three conditions:

First, we must see God in every sacred teaching. Loving God with all your heart, all your soul, and your mind, means seeing God, who is Love, in all sacred teachings. Understand, all sacred teachings, whether contained in the Bible, Koran, Torah or Siri Guru Grant Sahib, are comprised of sacred Words. And the Word is God. Therefore, one cannot preach from the Bible, and disparage the Koran, the Torah or Siri Guru Grant Sahib. One cannot preach unconditional Love, and then use their selected sacred teachings as a foundation for discrimination and hate. By seeing God in every sacred teaching they will reveal their hidden and healing secrets to you.

Secondly, we must see God in everyone. This is what loving thy neighbor means. Seeing God in everyone means that we actively acknowledge that each and every human being we encounter has been created by God. It is impossible to Love the Creator, yet hate His creation. Each of us, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or religious affiliation must be approached as an extension of God. By seeing God in a person, we neutralize their body of pain, and take away from them the ability to hurt us.

Finally, we must see God in ourselves. This is what it means to Love yourself. We must each understand that we are as deserving of our Love, kindness, understanding and compassion as those around us. In other words, we must approach ourselves with the reverence that we approach God. In this way, we honor the God and Love in us. By seeing God in ourselves, we manifest the Light of God within, and where there is Light, you cannot find darkness.

Once again, it is by applying these three conditions, laid down clearly by the scripture, that we come to fully apply it’s meaning in our lives in a practical way. A person who does not fulfill these three conditions, yet still preaches about unconditional Love, is like the devil quoting the scriptures. Remember, no one appears inferior to us when our heart is kindled with love and kindness, and our eyes are opened to the vision of God. This is the only law that manifests itself in the three worlds. Loving God, and the Word, which is God, mystically corresponds to the Divine world. Loving yourself, and your soul, means seeing God in yourself. This corresponds to the spiritual world. Loving your neighbor, means seeing God in everyone. This corresponds to the physical world. When you are able to Love God, the source of Life, by seeing Him in all teachings and in all of His creatures, you manifest acceptance of the source of Life; the primal beginning. When you Love without condition, and serve others, time and space will serve you. For when we then extend Love to our fellow Man, we give way so that the Love we have accepted from the Eternal Beginning can flow through us. We must also demonstrate this Love for ourselves by making an assessment of our lives, and following the path to perfection. The way you know when someone’s heart is truly open, the way you know when someone has truly raised their kundalini, and the way you know the Word has truly been made flesh in someone, is when they have fulfilled this trinity of Love: they can see God in every sacred teaching, they can see God in everyone and they can see God in themselves. This is the ideal that all human beings need to aim for.

Love is the highest form of yoga. It is the highest form of kabbalah. Love is the highest form of spirituality. Love is above religion. The whole Universe is kept together by Love. Love is the way of the heart. A man or woman cannot live without a heart. And the heart cannot live without Love. Open your heart with Naam and Love, and the harmony of Heaven will always be with you. May God bless us with the harmony of boundless Love, so that we are able to touch the hearts of mankind with the Law of Love, and may the law of Love be victorious over all suffering and obscurity.



6 Responses

Vincent Cousins
Vincent Cousins

February 17, 2016

Dear Rootlight team,

Thank you very much for your beautiful Valentines Day card, and the words of philosophy expressing Love itself. This truly applied would give mankind a world of peace and harmony. Love, Vincent.
Thomas Koovalloor
Thomas Koovalloor

February 15, 2016

It is true that true love can heal any sicknesses. Thanks to Dr. Joseph Michael Levry for writing such a beautiful article about the healing power of true love at this time of 2016 Valentine’s Day.Congratulations!

Rob Resnick
Rob Resnick

February 14, 2016

Thank you, Dr. Levry for this Healing message and for giving us the foundation to “become beautiful gardens” where, by the Grace of God, “everything may blossom within.”


February 14, 2016

Thank you so much


February 14, 2016

This writing is ultimate and gorgeous. What a fantastic piece; very lofty and inspiring. Loving and love are most important and loving myself is primary. I think I’ve used other people to love rather than myself to avoid loving myself. I would like to read a glimmering piece of writing about getting back to self love and perfecting it so we CAN love ourselves, others and see God everywhere and in all.


February 14, 2016


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