The Healing Power Behind Giving
from Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

December 15, 2013 3 Comments

The Healing Power Behind Giving <br> from Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

Many mystics and spiritual masters look for blessings by seeking for ways to give. God's blessing always manifests through our willingness to give and serve others. When you feel stuck, the quickest way to change your situation is by giving. By simply applying the principle of giving, you will see how eventually everything will work out wonderfully for you. Keep in mind, nothing can become a part of you until it is put into constant practice and not until you have seen it work for you firsthand. Lift up your heart in deep love for the Creator, and give in praise and gratitude. Give and see wonder upon wonder come about in your health, in your career, in your relationships and in your life as a result of the simple and powerful practice of giving. Giving will guide you through every troubling situation into calm and still waters. When you give you create a pathway for blessings to come to you, for giving or serving is an extension of the Great Law of Love. This Law is one of the great laws in nature.

In our material plane, God manifests Himself through giving. Therefore, it is very healing for us to be generous like God, and give until our love or giving begins to return to us according to the Law of Tenfold Return. This conscious act of giving, as an extension of the Great Law of Love, will bring us health and salvation no matter what may be written in the stars for us. When we have emotional or health problems, challenges in our career or relationships, we need to start giving. Bring the power of giving into your life, and redirect your energy for health and balance.

Unknown to most, the act of giving releases a lot of healing energy within the human body. Health problems are the result of karma. All various forms of challenges are the result of karma. Most people do not know that the Great Law of Love stops karma. In fact, the whole Universe is kept intact by the Energy of Love. By giving, you are connected with the entire Universe which is kept together by the energy of Love. As a result, giving helps restore the natural flow of Love in your whole body, so as to bring health and happiness. Indeed, when that Energy of Love flows properly within our bodies, we are happy and healthy. This explains why people with incurable diseases often choose to give in various places and to various people such as their spiritual community, churches, ashrams, synagogues or people suffering on the street. Yes indeed, it is in the midst of trials and tribulations that many come to realize that the path of giving leads to healing and salvation. Through such giving, they are applying the great laws of nature, and aligning themselves to be rid of the disease.

We should not be afraid of giving. When we give we activate the Divine within ourselves. It is a beautiful way to tap into the Law of Universal Abundance. Therefore, give and you will attract health, protection and prosperity. The Spirit of God, also known as the Spirit of Love, has the power to erase all of our negative karma from the beginning of time to the present. Therefore, remember that the Spirit of Love is nothing else but the Spirit of God. As soon as the Spirit of Love enters our heart, it erases all our bad karma. When you give, it shall be given unto you. That is the Law.

Understand one Great Truth: God serves those who serve others. You cannot separate spiritual growth from service. They are inseparable. Through service, you develop the capacity to understand the reality of Giving, which is one of the great laws of nature. Giving is a way to answer your prayers before you even actually formulate them. Giving is a way to protect your body from the ravages of time and space. Life is full of obstacles. You don’t know what will happen from one day to the next. And in this Age, things are happening quickly and suddenly. So, protect yourself through giving and serving in order to better other people’s lives. Through giving, you are creating a pathway between you and the heavens, so that blessings and protection can come to you. By giving, you demonstrate your gratefulness for all that has been done for you.

Be conscious of the blessings that come your way. In other words, give, and protect yourself. When you receive, you must also give. If you fail to do so, the Universe will take it out of your life, by force, and in a way that you will feel deeply, for the Universe will take something from you that you really love. When you receive and you give, however, you are choosing what you want to give in order to prevent the Universe from taking what you don’t want to give. Giving, then, is a form of protection. This is even truer when you are challenged. When your protection is threatened, give. Do not forget this Truth, for balance is the Universal decree.

Giving is a sacred act, a powerful healing prayer, that protects us from negativity. It bestows the power to labor against all odds, and fight the forces of darkness in all their forms. When you give, you find the radiance of your soul, because giving is an expansion of our limited self to the unlimited. The practice of giving will turn your life into a prayerful one, and place you on the high road of freedom and opportunity.

Practicing the art of giving does not mean that you have to strip yourself down to nothing. Give with joy and ignore the ego that would challenge you not to give. Give humbly and with joy so that you may receive Light. Understand that there are three primary ways to give. You can give time. You can give energy. You can give money. Give in one or all of these ways.

When faced with challenges, give and remain steady in your attunement with the Universe and in your adherence to living in harmony with natural and spiritual laws. In so doing, you will be able invoke heavenly help in whatever you wish to accomplish. Furthermore, by living in this manner, you will be recognized for the positive, uplifting vibrations you radiate. You will be enlivened by the purifying, healing forces of the universe, and develop the strength and courage needed to manifest only that which is in tune with the Infinite.

Regardless of how you have come by your good fortune, you must understand that wealth, given in excess of what is absolutely needed, is a gift from God for a definite purpose. If you are blessed with wealth, whether it is of a material, emotional, intellectual and/or spiritual nature, nature expects that you will recompense life by using your blessings to create the possibility of wealth for others. Remember, he unto whom abundant wealth is given has been selected as a medium of distribution. Nature demands that the requisite, as expressed in the laws of balance, and not the medium, shall be returned as recompense. If you fail to fulfill this mission, you will be denied the joy you could have received via your wealth, and you will come to feel empty and restless. Simply put, he/she who does not work for the fulfillment of God's affairs will never settle his/her own. If you want your affairs to work out well, work for God and serve others. Indeed, when you give in order to relieve the mind of another, the Universe will serve you. When you truly understand that those who come to you in need are representatives of the opportunity for God to bless you, you will not turn them away.

One law of nature holds that if someone comes to you in need of help, and you do all that you can for that person, you will be rewarded within seven days. Each and every person that comes to you in need, then, is an opportunity to enhance your personal happiness. Indeed, they are blessings in your life; for your happiness and pain in the present and/or future are directly related to how many come to you, and how many you serve or deny. Presently, the culture of our society is quite individualistic. Most people are takers, not givers. But, those who take and do not give in equal measure disrupt their internal balance. Desire to take or receive for oneself alone can, and must, be transformed into the desire to receive for the sake of sharing or giving so that a healing balance may be achieved.

When someone comes to you in need or when a good idea for service enters your mind, then, you should yield to it. Forget your own concerns, and go out of your way to serve those who cross your path. As you do so, you will be rewarded, for when you heal another’s problems, your own disappear. What could be nobler and more spiritually uplifting than helping those in true need?

Don’t give with an idea in mind of what you can get in return. Understanding giving becomes a tremendous blessing when you experience a sense of personal sacrifice. When faced with mental, emotional and/or physical challenges, learn Divine Spiritual Wisdom, serve others and serve God. This will cause your problems to vanish. A wealthy person who donates less than he/she could to a charity will not benefit from the act of giving.

Spiritual giving is one aspect of giving that involves reciprocating the energy back to the teachings or source of the teachings that has nourished you spiritually. Such teachings show you how the Universe works and guides you on the path to God. To give spiritually is to aid in the spread of the sacred wisdom and assist in the divine mission of enlightenment. This can be accomplished when you donate your time, energy, and/or money. It is an act that puts you in touch with God as the source of all blessings. Kabbalists will tell you that 10% of what you receive belongs to God. Therefore, if you do not give 10% back to God, you will lose it in another way. In other words, whatever you receive, the 10% that belongs to God will not fulfill you. Giving 10% to the teachings or source from which you receive your spiritual nourishment accents your understanding of the importance of giving to the spiritual source. Tithing, the act of regularly donating 1/10th of your income to the source of your spiritual instruction or inspiration is a type of giving that heals the soul and frees you from challenging karma. Tithing renews the body and purifies the mind by restoring harmony and balance. One of the defining qualities of great love is to give. God is love and God is always giving to us. God manifests through giving, and in a person who gives. Giving beforehand causes the Divine to answer your prayers. Giving afterwards keeps them answered. In other words, the act of consistent giving for God’s work opens the door for consistent receiving in our own. The more you obey this sacred law, the more it will serve you.

The Importance of Giving in Your Community

You must recognize that God manifests through people. Don’t be like the woman who prays for help while her village is being flooded. People keep coming to help her but she continues to say, “No, God is going to help me.” When she dies and goes to Paradise, she says to God, “I am so angry. I prayed to You all day long and You didn’t come to save me.” And the answer she receives is, “Every person who came was Me.” God manifests through people. In the same way, God manifests through whom you receive your spiritual wisdom or the Community that carries that energy of the spiritual wisdom. This is very important to remember. This is why there are oral traditions.

Be humble and give, no matter how advanced or successful you are. Be humble, kind and giving, and you will be protected. When you are kind and polite, people are more inclined to give you what you need or want, even if they don’t like your energy. This is because you can touch hearts with the capacity to be kind, humble and polite. You must practice the art of being kind, humble and polite so that these qualities radiate from your being and bring out the same capacities in others.

You must remember your Spiritual Community. You need to learn to give back to the community. You need to learn to help sustain the community. Every spiritual community will tell you that they are sustained by the principle of giving and service. Do not let the ego get the best of you by convincing you that you have nothing to give. There is always a way to give. And please be reminded: when you give joyfully, the Universe has no other choice but to provide for you. It is a law, and it always works. You must combine your giving with faith in the Divine, however. There can be no spirituality without faith. Faith is the foundation of spirituality and faith is the eye that sees God.

What is faith and what is belief? Belief is what you have after the fact. It is the quality of something that has been proven in a three dimensional way. Faith is the essence of things unseen and the evidence of things unknown. Faith is what allows you to see with your psychic eyes before anything manifests on the physical plane. Actually creating something that has not happened yet by seeing it in the unseen world - that is faith. You need faith; faith in the fact that the energy of God is in you; that His presence is in your heart, especially when you are challenged.

Never let anybody down. Always stand for people. If you stand for people you shall be stood for when you least expect it. It is important to stand for people whether they are there or not. In other words, don’t sell someone down the river because they are not right in front of you. If you do, it will come back to you and hit you hard within seven years. It is only a matter of time. You must have integrity and stand up for what is right in others. In every human being there is the breath of life. God is breathing through each of us. This is why, as spiritual people, we stand for friends and community members. We do not breakdown in the face of challenge or opposition, for challenge and opposition are part of life. They teach us what we need to evolve. God does not put you in deep water so that you will drown. God puts you in deep water so that you may be cleansed. Your strength comes from what you have been through. Face your challenges and walk through them. Escapism will get you nowhere. Do the same for others. Walk with them through their challenges. Help yourself and others transform a possible breakdown into a breakthrough.

There are people in the community who give anonymously. They just do it. They shall be blessed manifold, because the Universe, the Heavens, and God is their witness. Then, there are others who don’t give. What do you think will happen if you give? If one interferes with any giving in a spiritual community, one is creating karma because it is a Divine Community. If you interfere with giving, then you will lose something from your life. This is how it works.

You must be giving to others and yourself. When you give in this community, and then people come here for help, blessings will automatically flow into your life and into your family. But, you cannot give with an agenda. If you give with an agenda, nothing is going to happen. Giving with an agenda means you are trying to trick God. This is a bad move.

You must support each other. When one of you is teaching a class, others should go to their class. When you support others, the same will be done for you. It may not come directly from the same people, but it will come from people you may not know. That’s how it works. God will send people to you.

Bring love and humility into your life. The highest path of spirituality is love and humility. Christ is a symbol of Love and His path is the path of humility. There are three aspects of Christ. There is the historic Christ. There is the mystical Christ. And there is the Cosmic Christ. Most people get preoccupied with the historic Christ, but the path of Christhood is the path of love and humility. You will never grow spirituality without humility. In humility, you will experience the reality of love.

If it is difficult for you to be humble, it is your ego. In spirituality, every time you think you know more than everyone else, you have a big problem. In our sacred teachings, one thing you always have to remember is that you know nothing. Nothing is better than nothing, and nothing is as good as nothing. Once you understand this, you understand that by becoming nothing, you become everything. God came from nothingness and manifested Himself as the Hebrew letter Yod. Therefore, learn the science of going into the nothingness so that you may become the entire existence. This is very important. You need to do this as a teacher as well. Teach your students and/or your loved ones the path of humility, the path of kindness, and the path of love so that they can take that into their lives. Think of the ripple effect this will have on the world. Touch one soul, one life at a time. This is what we need to do.

Through service, our fallen soul, Eve, becomes our rising soul, Mary. It is imperative that we face the regeneration of Eve through service to others. In this way we will be able to go to war with the Dragon and more easily face the water of regeneration, so that we may purify the world. Our sacred science allows you to understand that serving others is the highest form of Kabbalah and the ultimate form of yoga. It is the heavenly act of giving Light.

The end goal of Kabbalah and yoga, and all forms of mysticism and healing, is to make you a better servant of the Universe. All that we experience, from the beginning of our spiritual journey to the end, trains us to be better able to serve mankind, to give to others. It is only by treading along the path of service to others that our souls can rise up from the lowest depths to the highest Heaven. The fare to gain entry into the higher, heavenly realm is knowledge of the Divine Spiritual Wisdom and service, and the higher one evolves, the more he/she desires to give and serve. The most liberating action is to serve others, to give to others. Those who are of a higher evolution are ready and willing to console with their words, lend a sympathetic ear, help through their deeds, go out of their way to give and serve those who cross their path. In this way, you will become increasingly like a beautiful and bright heavenly rose whose fragrance is both healing and uplifting to all. 

With Love, Peace and Light,
The Rootlight Team

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Keon Hite
Keon Hite

January 20, 2017

beautifully written. I am so grateful to have stumbled upon such heavenly literature.


December 01, 2016

Exactly what I needed to hear at exactly the right time. Thank you.

Victoria woodward
Victoria woodward

July 28, 2015

This article I happened upon by chance, may just have turned my entire life around. I cannot THANKYOU enough.

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