A Powerful and Healing Yogic Mantra of Pure Consciousness by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

October 31, 2014

A Powerful and Healing Yogic Mantra of Pure Consciousness by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya, is a powerful yogic mantra of pure consciousness. It calls upon the higher and loving consciousness, the Love principle, to act through you. By working with this formula your thoughts, words and deeds all become extensions of the Divine, eliminating all discord in the body and mind. In turn, you become healthy and radiant, and the world, through you, is healed. Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya translates as, "I bow to the Lord, the Indweller, the Christ Consciousness, the higher and loving consciousness, that is omnipresent, omnipotent, immortal and divine, and lives in the hearts of all." It means, "Lord, may Thy will be done," which calls for the complete surrender of the individual self to the Divine. This mantra of Lord Vishnu is written about in the Bhagavad Gita, stating that those that recite it will be delivered from all sins. It generates healing energy within you by awakening the higher spiritual centers that may otherwise remain dormant for the entirety of a lifetime, and in so doing activates healing on all levels of your being. It balances both the physical and psychic bodies and brings faith so that your prayers may be answered.

Vibrating Om Namo Bhagavate causes the Will of God to be made manifest. Our purpose is to fulfill the Will of God. Living in the Will of God brings health and happiness, and it is where love, peace and light are found. Vibrating Om Namo Bhagavate helps us to understand God’s truth and align ourselves with our own knowing. It allows us to align our heart and will with God's Will so that we may resonate with God. By living consciously and observing God’s laws, we are connected with Him and our prayers are accepted. Your health will be regained and your life will be lengthened. Conversely, those who disobey the Will of God deprive themselves of His blessing, and open the door for disturbances of all kinds. When we connect with God, our success and well-being become the success and well-being of all.

Only those whose higher consciousness is awakened can fulfill God’s Will. They have the feelings and abilities necessary to perceive the essence of things. Through prayer and awareness, we can raise our consciousness and bring our whole nature into conformity with the Will of God. Our job is to do this as fast as we can, for according to the mystics only those who are able to fulfill God’s Will can be the master of their own life and the captain of their destiny, as well as a master over Nature and their environment. This necessitates, however, a correct relationship between the human soul and God. Then, and only then, will God want to convey His Knowledge and Blessings to us.

A human who has fulfilled the Will of God enters the world of reason enveloped with such an abundance of light, joy and blessing that he/she will feel as if he/she owned the world. Fulfill God’s Will and you will become the master of your mind, heart and soul. Your desire, above all else, to fulfill the will of God and live in accordance with Divine Law, causes you to emanate a certain substance that draws spirits of light toward you. Darkness goes away from those who are connected with the living God, for they can hear His voice and do His Will.

Vishnu, Krishna, and Christ are the same energy. The scriptures says, “No man knows the Father, except the Son, and the one to whom the Son reveals Him. Vishnu, Krishna, Christ represent the Son of God. That Son is the Light of God, which exists forever.” The Son stands for the Sun, which is mystically known as a symbol of the light of God. In Divine Spiritual Wisdom, the Sun stands for the Christ Force. Christ is the heart of God, and a manifestation of divine Love. Our heart is the reflection of the Sun in us. Christ is the manifestation of God and Love. The Christ-Power existed before birth and continues after it, and for the Sonship that is everlasting. That power lies in every heart, and is revealed when it is activated. As a manifestation of God, Christ cannot be separated from Him, or considered apart from Him. The scripture says, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life." The Way, in the broadest sense, is the movement of the Spirit towards an intelligent application of the laws of Nature. The Life is the harmonious organization of the elements and the development of the forces in the Divine soul. The Truth is the manifestation of the One God, who creates the conditions for the development of all living beings. Coming from the Divine world of Truth and descending to the material world, The Christ force connects human souls to the world of Truth, where the great aims of every life are hidden.

During the Los Angeles Shakti Naam Yoga Class, we vibrate Om Namo Bhagavate to create a beautiful light in our aura. Each Naam Yogi turns into a luminous Sun, pulsing and sparkling with light and sending out rays that join and mingle with the light from all the others to form a single gigantic Sun, capable of lighting up the whole world.

Vibrate Om Namo Bhagavate, and you will begin to sense it as a heart opening energy of peace, happiness and joy. You will experience the power it has to pacify, heal, and connect you with your heart. Vibrate Om Namo Bhagavate, and the light will come and brighten your path.


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