Harmonyum and the Higher Eden
from Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

November 01, 2014 1 Comment

Harmonyum and the Higher Eden<br>from Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

Our past is extremely powerful and exerts a tremendous influence on our level of health and happiness. Yes indeed, our past conditions our mind and informs the circumstances of our current life. It is vast, made up of millions of lives. Babies are not as fresh and new as they look at birth. When a baby is born, he/she carries the imprint of past lives; the absorbed memories and understandings from previous incarnations, in combination with the sum of all karmas. These genetic, karmic and planetary influences keep our attention locked in the past and as a result, become obstacles that prevent us from living in the present moment.

Emotional memories permeate our body and spinal cord, insidiously bubbling up in our conscious mind. In turn, patterns are created in the brain causing us to behave in certain ways, including replaying the traumas that have occurred in our lives. We become addicted to past negative emotional states in the same way that an alcoholic becomes addicted to alcohol. In so doing, we prevent ourselves from enjoying a successful, happy future. Instead, we become caught in a vicious loop of re-experiencing and re-enacting the same negative emotional states, even if the people, places and events of our lives change. We live with a limited mind, and are unable to experience our vastness. Harmonyum helps us to release the past so that it does not tarnish our blessings. Indeed, with Harmonyum, we create the room to receive the abundant gifts that Heaven brings to us each and every day. The Harmonyum healing system is unparalleled in its ability to progressively clean the karmas written on our spinal cord so that the past does not exert a negative influence on the future. This is important, because the human brain controls emotions and the spine is an extension of the brain. Moreover, the power of God is in your spinal column. Harmonyum turns our spinal column into a healing house. Interestingly, unknown to most, every human being has seven spines. By working with these various spines, Harmonyum positively affects the entire brain, targeting emotional traumas, bad habits, and the root causes of mental, emotional, and physical disturbances.

There is no shortcut to Freedom. You have to face yourself; your darkness, so that you are able to raise your consciousness. Harmonyum forces you to see all the 'junk' you carry within. This is an essential step in the path to progressing beyond your current state of being. A Harmonyum Healing treatment is gentle. It does not harass you. It simply makes you aware of who you are. In turn, you become less neurotic and anxious. Anxieties, angers, insecurities, fears, and health challenges disappear and a great peace descends upon you. Indeed, Harmonyum removes anything that prevents the smooth flow of life within us, allowing our personality to gradually achieve integration and wholeness. As a result, health spreads to every function of the mind and body, and happiness ensues as a permanent blessing. That's not all, Harmonyum eventually bestows healing powers upon the recipient, providing him/her with the ability to "pay it forward" and bring harmony to the people in their lives and their surroundings, thereby bestowing multiple blessings.

You may wonder how a Harmonyum treatment works. Relaxation is the key to peace and healing stillness, and to maintaining a positive state that we need in this stressful world. One of the keys to spiritual growth is relaxation, because a relaxed body cannot contain a destructive emotion. Harmonyum automatically takes you to a relaxation state. As a result, our field of consciousness expands, and vital energies become available to the mind, and are therefore redirected to our higher faculties. Through continuous Harmonyum Healing sessions, we enter into a state of flow where we no longer exercise our little will but surrender to the greater Will of God. We are then able to become aware of the blessings that exist around us. As a result, our intuitive intelligence provides us with the understanding that we seek and the knowledge that can be useful for our healing and happiness.

Receiving Harmonyum on a regular basis causes our thoughts to become clear, leading us to find solutions to all of our problems. All the impurities caused by worshiping gossip, anger, fear, pride, lust, envy, jealousy, etc., and all other defects that we love so much, cause us to misuse our creative forces. We take all the forces and energies that we receive everyday, and we feed our unhealthy habits with them. By misusing our creative energy, our spinal column is not allowed to receive the forces from above. As a result, our spine loses its fire, and our energy becomes blocked and stuck. Harmonyum activates the fire of each of the seven spines, so that you may experience self-healing. Harmonyum is an initiation into our true essence. It is an initiation into the Mysteries of Light. Harmonyum is a conscious realization of the Light. It is the beginning of the process of gradual development of self-awareness and of self-actualization.

Harmonyum raises our consciousness so that we may change our attitude and allow the forces of the Shekinah to create in a positive way as opposed to a negative way. Harmonyum Healing allows you to work with the Body of Pain so as to direct all the forces of your being in the right direction. Harmonyum awakens the force of life within so that we may become Nephesh Chaiah; a living soul.

With Love, Peace and Light,
The Rootlight Team

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Linda Freedman
Linda Freedman

July 04, 2015

I have gratefully received two Harmonyum healings. Both times I fell asleep. Each time I felt both subtle and profound changes. I am looking forward to more Harmonyum treatments. Everyone can benefit from this wonderful Blessing !!

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