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Dr. Levry has pioneered a groundbreaking musical formula that amplifies the therapeutic power of specific frequencies. By harmonizing sacred words with meticulously arranged melodies, each composition becomes a potent catalyst for healing, delivering unparalleled benefits through its mathematically defined tones and rhythms.


relaxation and
reduced stress


Improved sleep quality  


Enhanced focus
and productivity


Boosted well-being
and better mood

The science of sound
A new paradigm in the healing frequency of music

Rootlight's compositions are breaking the bounds of music as medicine for the mind, body and soul. Merging ancient practices with cutting-edge research, Dr. Levry music resonates deeply with one's inner self and helps restore balance, promote healing, and provide clarity. Dr. Levry employs a sophisticated form of mathematics to compose each track, optimizing its therapeutic potential.

The Methodology

Our compositions are structured using a specialized mathematical system capable of maximizing the healing potential for listeners. This is achieved through the application of a complex form of psychotherapeutic mathematics, a groundbreaking concept in the realm of healing and music therapy.

The Impact

The precise use of pitches, vowels, and consonants corresponds to specific energetic frequencies, creating an auditory experience which is beneficial to our emotional, mental and physical well-being . This system is predicated on the understanding that the human body and brain are sensitive and responsive to the quality of audio vibration. The health of brain waves and heart rhythms, which govern everything from sleep to cardiovascular wellness, can be positively influenced by the right vibrational frequencies and tones.

Proven Efficacy: Backed by Research

Rootlight's compositions aren't just soothing to the soul; they're scientifically proven to make a difference. A study conducted by Sloane Kettering revealed that children undergoing cancer treatment experienced significant pain reduction when listening to Dr. Levry's specially crafted music.

Real Stories, Real Transformations

Dive into the journeys of over hundreds of thousands of individuals whose lives have been touched by Rootlight's music.



Discover Your
Sound Sanctuary


Dive into a world where every note resonates with your soul's desires and every rhythm aligns with your life's pace. At Rootlight, we've curated categories that cater to various facets of your well-being. Whether you're seeking inner peace, empowerment, or a touch of love, our music is your guide.



Soulful Serenity

Immerse in the tranquility that touches the soul.




Energetic Empowerment

Boost your vigor and drive.




Mindful Meditation

Find clarity and focus amidst life's chaos.




Love & Relationships

Harmonize your heart with the rhythm of love.


Essential Daily Listening Schedule

Not sure which music to choose? Go for the OG Alpha and Theta State.
By integrating these two essential pieces into your daily routine, you're not just listening to music; you're aligning with the natural rhythms of your body and mind, optimizing your day from sunrise to sunset.






Morning Awakening

I Am Apha State

As the sun rises and you begin your day, immerse yourself in the "I Am: Alpha State" track. This piece is meticulously crafted to stimulate alertness, creativity, and focus, ensuring you start your day with clarity and purpose.

Explore Apha








Evening Unwind

I Am Theta State

As the evening sets in and the world slows down, transition into a state of deep relaxation and introspection with "I Am: Theta State". This track is designed to calm the mind, promote deep relaxation, and prepare you for a rejuvenating sleep.

Explore Theta



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Don't Just Listen, Experience

Embark on a transformative musical journey. Make every day, every beat count.

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