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  • The I Am: Theta State album was created to gently shift your brain waves into theta. When we move from alpha to theta (brain wave activity is slow at 4–8 Hz) we create a link between our inner and outer worlds, allowing us to process things in a very new way. In theta we can disconnect from past traumatic experiences and release ourselves from replicating the same painful patterns in our lives. This album is a gateway to the deep recesses of your subconscious mind. The theta state is used in hypnosis and is very powerful for reprogramming subconscious patterns. Theta waves have been shown to reduce pain, promote euphoria and stimulate the release of endorphins. This album is further complemented with a combination alpha-theta-alpha track that allows you to safely and gently move into and come back out of theta.

    Introducing the Fourth Dimension Series from Dr. Levry
    You have a fourth-dimensional self. Your fourth dimensional self, which you cannot see, can take care of your three-dimensional self, which you can see. Simply put, your three-dimensional self is a replica of your fourth-dimensional self. While your three-dimensional self is subject to time and space, your fourth-dimensional self can go in the past, present or the future because there is no time in the fourth dimension. Your third-dimensional self is limited by time and space because everything happens according to time and space in the third dimension. On the contrary, nothing happens according to time and space in the fourth dimension. First and foremost, it is important to understand that for an event to take place in the third dimension it must first travel through the fourth dimension.

    Our fourth-dimensional self is not awake, however, therefore we have great difficulty making changes in the third dimension, the world of effects. What we must realize here and now is that the third dimension is a projection of the fourth dimension (the world of causes). All that we experience in our life and know to be true about ourselves is the effect of a generally unconscious fourth-dimensional cause. It can be changed. In the third dimension you must apply effort to make changes to your life. In the fourth dimension there is no effort. In fact, to work in the fourth dimension you have to be very relaxed. This is where the Fourth Dimension I Am series comes in as your trusted guide. These recordings have been specifically created to provide you with access to the higher aspect of the fourth-dimension so that you can readily create far-reaching positive changes in your life and your health.

    Music as Neurotherapy
    The constant electric activity of billions of brain cells results in brain waves that reflect our state of consciousness. Brain waves respond to specific frequencies when listened to and certain mantras when vocalized. Therefore, the Fourth Dimension series of recordings can be used as neurotherapy.

    Beta waves are fast (14 Hz and higher) and correspond to states of alertness, reactivity and focus on the external world. An increase in beta activity occurs when our sympathetic nervous system and heart rate are accelerated in situations of stress, strong emotions, and trauma. Prolonged beta activity can result in chronic disease, mental exhaustion, and suboptimal human performance. Theta waves are slow (4–7 Hz) and are caused by an increase in parasympathetic activity. Theta waves draw our focus to the internal world to access states of deep meditation, creativity, and healing. Alpha wave activity (7–14 Hz) connects the external and internal worlds and is a state of balance, and relaxation. Strong alpha power increases calmness, reorganization, resilience, and flexibility.

    These recordings from Dr. Levry activate alpha and theta power, which combined enhance our ability to detach from past traumas, and experience extraordinary feelings and insights. Practicing along or listening to these tracks reduces anxiety and depression related to beta activity. They are helpful in preventing panic attacks, sleep disturbances and chronic pain. By shifting your brain waves, these musical compositions can open the door to the fourth dimension so that you can change your life by working directly on the causal plane.

  • The Fourth Dimension and the Theta State
    By listening to the first three tracks (recorded at 6, 12 and 30 minutes) while repeating the mantra I AM, you will experience a gentle activation of the theta state. The mantra is first repeated audibly, then at a whisper and finally mentally. Furthermore, the musical composition is layered with frequencies to facilitate the shift to theta. The times of the track vary because the time it takes to enter theta are highly personal and will depend on the practitioner. Those that are advanced can do it in 6 minutes, while some may need the full 30 minutes. With each repetition of I AM you are going deeper and deeper into alpha. Furthermore, the musical composition is layered with frequencies to facilitate the shift from beta waves to theta waves. Theta is a deeply healing state. Track 4 is purely instrumental and is beneficial during deep healing work like Harmonyum.

    Track 5 was designed as a kind of code for the brain to follow. When we make the transition from Beta (awake) to Alpha (relaxed) to Theta (deeply relaxed) and then hold our brain in this relaxed pattern, we create a state of mind that mixes reality with the subconscious. This is especially beneficial when we have difficulty quieting the mind and/or are too fidgety/restless to go from Beta (awake) directly to Theta (deep relaxation). This recording provides you with an effective tool for quieting the mind and melting away the constant mental chatter that would otherwise prevent you from entering the highly desirable theta state. Furthermore, repeatedly moving from alpha to theta creates a link between our inner and outer worlds and allows us to process things in a very new way. Endorphins are secreted and pain is reduced as we move through these states.

    Track Listing
    1 I AM Theta State for Healing and Releasing Trauma 6:34
    2 I AM Theta State for Healing and Releasing Trauma 12:51
    3 I AM Theta State for Healing and Releasing Trauma 30:41
    4 Theta State Instrumental 15:00
    5 Alpha-Theta-Alpha Meditation 30:00

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