GLOBAL BROADCAST Special Lecture with Dr. Levry - Wisdom and Prayer for Peace and Healing

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Are you looking for solutions and inner peace in these times of global unrest? How do we cope with the unprecedented challenges confronting us? In this Global Livestream event, Dr. Levry will offer practical wisdom and the necessary tools to foster inner and outer peace followed by special Global Prayer and Naam Meditation.


We create a powerful gateway for change when we gather together online for this pivotal Global Prayer. Wherever you are in the world join us and make the positive difference that is so needed. Let’s come together to dedicate this precious time to prayer and Naam meditation, in order to send healing energy to Ukraine, Russia, the Middle East and other conflict-ridden areas in our world during this critical phase.

A 7-day replay is available. Replay includes special lecture, healing prayer and meditation with Dr. Levry 

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