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Music for Pure Energy

This album is a higher medicine for the mind. This 2-CD set features 9 ALL NEW tracks! Every mantra is done in a continuous cycle repeated for a total of 108 times (except #9 which is chanted for 11 times). 108 is the mystical number of the Universe. It is the vibration of the Sun. When we take the 9 creative planetary bodies times the 12 signs of the Zodiac we arrive at 108. By vibrating a mantra for 108 times you receive the blessing of the Universe. Please note, this album was created especially to become a part of your meditation practice and not for easy listening. 

Each track reduces your breath rate to 3 or less breaths per minute. To put this practice into perspective, a normal person breathes at a rate of 10-14 breaths/minute; the vagus nerve, which is responsible for replenishing our energetic and immune resources after a stressful event, is activated when breath is reduced to 7-5 breaths/minute. By meditating along with these tracks you are significantly reducing your breath rate which, according to numerous scientific and medical research, will not only help induce the relaxation response responsible for significant changes in heart, brain and gene expression but cause profound, unique changes to brain connectivity and performance through the activation of the vagus nerve, with long lasting impact on endocrine and innate immunity. To learn more about a recent study and the subsequent research on breath rate reduction in meditation published in the Journal of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology, click here.

These tracks are the purest, most potent essence of the sacred words of power they contain. As such, they will work for you even when all else fails. By consistently meditating along with this recording it will spiritualize and elevate your life BEYOND MEASURE. These sound vibrations will infuse your aura with high grade energy. They will clear blocks, remove self-imposed limitations and invite Grace into your life.

Track Listing
1 Seven Waves of AUM
2 Eck Ong Kar
3 Gobinday Har Har Har
4 Aap Sahaee Hoa
5 RaMa Ram
6 Ad Such
7 Cosmic Instrumental
8 Bonus Track: Blessing Naam Warm Up Version
9 Bonus Track: Ad Such Golden Key

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