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HU is a beautiful blessing for today’s world: it helps to reduce stress and is good for alleviating depression, insomnia, anxiety and problems with the thyroid. This simple sound has the power to harmonize every atom in the body, causing one to be in perfect resonance with the entire universe. It is a very sacred and powerful prayer, a prayer of Divine Love. The ancient Egyptians used the sound HU to connect with Divine Spirit. Today you can use HU to create an atmosphere of peace around yourself and stay connected to your Higher Self through life’s ups and downs.

The mantra HU is a love song to God. It is one of the oldest and most sacred names of God. Indeed, by vibrating HU you invite the healing and Light of heaven into your life while dispelling negative energy. It will tune your central nervous system and bring you into a neutral state of mind. HU has a very soothing effect on the heart and brain, refining and improving the personality. It is a good remedy for addiction. A daily practice of HU is also beneficial for relieving high blood pressure and keeping the body young and emotionally peaceful. It also amplifies the auric field and makes one extremely magnetic, so that the things you need will be drawn to you. By working with this recording of HU on a daily basis your entire life will change.

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