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The whole cosmos is permeated by music and movement which form a unified whole. The Naam Yoga movements in the Dance of Light with Blessing Naam work with the Law that governs the relationship between sacred words and music. Doing Naam with these movements, along with the rhythm of the music, causes one to come into contact with the sacred, pure and powerful forces in nature that create and build the future. These movements infuse the body with the harmony, rhythm, music and geometrical figures contained within those forces.

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These movements are based on the deep knowledge of the forces governing the human organism and the whole of Creation. They make the body healthy, bright and beautiful. Ancient mystics knew that powerful forces could be awakened through the combination of sacred words, music and movement. They discovered the hidden potential powers in words and music and learned to tap into these forces through rhythmic movements that corresponded to specific geometrical figures, and combined them with vibrating sacred words. Naam Yoga works with motion, rhythm and music because there is harmony and rhythm in the whole of Creation. Words and music deeply influence our core essence and activate our physical and spiritual forces. The intelligent combination of sacred words, tones and movements can have a miraculous healing effect upon the human body, thoughts and emotions. These healing movements even awaken within us new creative forces. In the ancient esoteric schools, the mystical songs were also accompanied by movements. Keeping with this tradition, the Blessing Naam practice is the science of harmonious movements and their relationship with human thoughts and emotions. Vibrating Naam while performing these healing movements has an enormous effect on both the practitioner and those watching. It is this precise combination of sacred words with music and movements in the Naam Yoga Dance of Light that leads to healing.

When you vibrate the Blessing Naam mantra you acknowledge that you are a Divine child begging for his/her Father’s Divine Love, mercy and blessings. By wearing the virtues of tender-hearted mercy, humility, gentleness, love, patience and kindness we automatically receive them from God. This is an irrefutable formula. It is a prayer that, when uttered with devotion and complete humility, cannot fail. With devoted use, this prayer will eradicate karma and clear the way for a life of Divine Grace and blessings.

The Naam Yoga Dance of Light with Blessing Naam practice heals and strengthens our spinal column. All the powers we can use to penetrate into the superior dimensions of nature are found in the spinal column. The spinal column holds us up. It is the center of our sacred temple (the human body), and a conduit of both physical and spiritual energy. As you vibrate Naam while working through the various postures of the Naam Yoga Dance of Light, the body is reinforced with pranic energy, causing movement to become smooth and easy. Moving throughout the Naam Yoga postures is intended to release our Spirit, work on the mind, and involve the body, with the aim of fortifying and reinforcing it from within. We exist both through our physical and mental bodies. When we perform a posture or stretch a part of our body while vibrating Naam simultaneously, it heals and brings relaxation to all cells, muscles, organs and body parts involved. As a result, this relaxation of the whole body frees up stagnant or stuck energy, allowing the pranic force to move about the entire body. The entire body profits and is thus invigorated and rejuvenated.

Naam Yoga works on the nerves, muscles and bones. Combining Naam and movement brings flexibility, suppleness and agility, leading to a healing relaxation. Combining the various movements and postures with Naam lets the Naam Yogi affect the physcial plane via the spiritual plane. The yoga postures in the Naam Yoga Dance of Light flow gracefully, lending themselves to the practitioner with ease, regardless of their fitness level, yet their youth and health-giving benefits are extensive. It is important to move gracefully with the breath in order to ensure good circulation. Furthermore, vibrating Naam while moving the body supports and enhances one’s physical and mental wellbeing as well as our spiritual awareness and growth. Naam Yoga works on the totality of the human being, synchronizing him/her again with his/her true place within this vast Universe.


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