The Spiritual Rose of Destiny

July 19, 2005

I have received numerous e-mails from forum members asking questions regarding the Kabbalah Oracle named Akashic Record, the newest addition to our website. For this reason, I think it will be useful to devote this entire communication to the topic. Many have testified to the accuracy of this sacred system. Specifically, people have been stunned by the reflection of themselves found in the information revealed by their name vibration, the effect of the planetary bodies in their lives, and their relationship vibrations. Understand that the answers you receive from Akashic Record are highly condensed and profound, and should be read and studied more than once. We created this program because we saw a great need for people to have quick and accurate access to some of the practical aspects of the divine spiritual wisdom. In time of crisis or transition, an understanding of these truths will strongly guide you toward making healthy decisions. We are living in a difficult and complex time. It is essential, then, that we equip ourselves with the protective power of the WORD in combination with a system that allows us to see the unseen. This sacred system gives you the capacity to see and know those things that others cannot see and do not yet know.

The Creator constructed human beings according to a definite plan, creating distinct types of people ruled by primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary, and quinary planets. Each of the five planetary bodies attributed to the individual reveal certain qualities, aptitudes, virtues, and faults, as well as peculiarities of health and character. While it may seem strange that such disparate types were created, the combination of qualities represented by the planetary bodies attributed to each of us is absolutely necessary for the harmonious operation of the universe. While many are under the impression that mankind controls what happens in the physical world, in truth it is another world, the hidden spiritual world, which dictates what occurs on our planet. The cautionary tale of the Fall of Man teaches us that beings of a different nature exist in this spiritual world. The beings who reside there are the Angels who were emanated from God in order to fulfill His plan. Some Angels fulfilled their mission in accordance with God's will, while others did not. This is how they came to be distinguished as good and bad. In other words, via their assertion of free will, the bad Angels withdrew from God. While the good Angels reintegrated when their mission had been completed, the bad Angels refused, putting the notion of the self above that of All in God. In essence, there is another world that is unseen. This invisible spiritual world is divided into two main sections, called the higher and lower planes. The good Angels reside in the higher spiritual plane and come to your assistance when you focus on the positive aspect of your ruling planets. The negative entities, or malefic Angels, reside in the lower spiritual plane and manifest in your life through the negative aspects of your ruling planets. These two groups of Angels are engaged in a continual battle.

Working with the positive aspect of your ruling planets not only allows you to receive help from the invisible world in the form of health and success, but also, it is the art of producing the spiritual rose of destiny. In other words, if you adopt the positive aspects and attitudes of your five planetary bodies, you will be able to meet life's circumstances with grace and receive the blessings and assistance you need to meet your particular set of life demands with less trouble. It is a simple truth of the universe that in order to attract good Angels, you must employ the positive aspects of your ruling planets and be willing to work on yourself. The good Angels will then meet you half way, creating a partnership where the human being's efforts are supported by the Divine. Keep in mind that the good Angels respect your free will and will help you only if you request their assistance. Malevolent entities, on the other hand, do not respect your free will. They come to invade your being whenever they choose and, most often, when you least expect it. Evil-intentioned spirits make it difficult to abandon such destructive habits as anger, gossip and negative criticism. When we engage in these habits of weakness, we give over our free will to these lower entities. Each individual must fight these fallen entities by first unmasking, then rejecting them from his domain. Good and bad entities enter your life through your habits; remember that like attracts like, and cultivating good habits will attract good Angels and close the door on the evil ones.

The job of the beneficial angels is to bring peace, harmony and prosperity. The trick is that in order for them to work on your behalf, you must consciously and graciously invite them to do so. You must have enough self-respect and self-confidence to accept that you are deserving of their assistance. If you can simply take one step toward them, they will rush forward to help and guide you, ushering in all manner of light and banishing the darkness of malefic forces. Keep in mind, however, that the battle between darkness and light is ongoing. The job of the malefic entities is to demean you, and they will rudely enter your consciousness whether your have invited them in or not. Understand that both beneficial and malefic entities operate on the level of the planets, waging a daily war for control of your being.

In the physical world, we use fences to protect our homes from intruders. Since we don't see the invisible world, we don't protect ourselves from the entities therein. In essence, your inability to perceive the unseen world causes you to leave the door open for any and everyone to enter and manipulate your thoughts and actions. However, you can protect your aura, known as your invisible house, by using the protective fences of the power of the WORD, the divine spiritual wisdom, and the positive aspects of your ruling planets. You must vigilantly choose, each and every day, to move away from those beings with malefic intent and towards those who seek only to bring light and be of assistance. This is true regardless of your station in life. It is important that you cover all bases by addressing all of your five planetary bodies, for whatever is to come to you will come through them. Simply put, if you are supposed to encounter hardship and/or disease, it will walk through the door of the negative aspects of one or more of your planetary bodies.

Let's say that Mars is one of your five planets. Should you engage with Mars' negative aspects, you run the risk of developing the diseases attendant with Mars, as well as causing circumstances to emerge in your life that reflect and reinforce Mars' negative aspects. In other words, focusing on the undesirable qualities of Mars will cause the malefic entities to continuously test you with anger. If you fall prey to their intentions, you will pollute your blood through anger and hatred and eventually suffer from cancer. Then you will have to undergo an operation in order to undo the damage; "note that the knife is ruled by Mars." If, however, you adopt Mars' positive aspects as a behavioral roadmap, you will begin to close the door on its diseases and cause circumstances to emerge in your life that reflect and reinforce the higher vibrations of this planet's influence. Making an effort to control your temper and react calmly in all situations will invite the beneficial angels to bring you health and harmony.

Moreover, if someone comes to you in a depleted condition, and you speak to him/her with the language of the positive aspects of his/her five planetary bodies, you help to instill them in his/her being, and this will bring them progressively out of sickness and despair. Keep in mind, then, that the choice to ally yourself with goodness lies with you. You can reclaim power over your own existence by developing the right planetary attitude that, in turn, bestows health, success, happiness and friendship. You can also help others by consistently speaking to the positive aspects of their five planetary bodies, thus supporting them in becoming the purest, healthiest and happiest person they can be.

In addition to contributing to increased self-knowledge, success, and constructive change, knowledge of our five planetary bodies can assist us in relationships. When we learn to understand ourselves through our five planetary bodies, along with the vibration we share with someone in a relationship, we are less likely to enter into a marriage or love partnership with someone whose temperament clashes with our own. The relationship vibration is straightforward and reliable in its precise diagnosis of one's relationship. The relationship vibration allows you to bring harmony in the law of polarity.  When the law of polarity is created in harmony it gives birth to union and this union is called tantra. There are truly numerous ways in which you can use this knowledge. The relationship vibration gives you a foolproof method of determining why things happen in the way they do. It can tell you whose temperament will suit you best in a life partner. It will also give you insight into your behavior in a particular relationship, including why you are compatible with one person and yet are completely at odds with someone else right from the start. You can tell in advance what to expect from your partner, what actions to take and not to take while getting to know someone new, or how to improve your current relationship. Without this precious knowledge, many of us offer romantic advice to friends without truly understanding what is needed to help them. Those who are educated about relationship vibrations, including the planetary bodies of the parties involved, can more easily recognize the potential strengths and weaknesses of each person and are in an excellent position to create a harmonious relationship. The purposeful use of such information will cause the divorce rate to decline, keeping homes intact. All that is required is that we correctly perceive the person with whom we are dealing. We can be assured of understanding potential outcomes of a relationship by studying the person's primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary and quinary planets. Knowledge of your partner's planetary bodies, as well as the co-mingled relationship vibration, can be extremely helpful in guiding you down the path of harmony and peace.

Knowledge of the planetary bodies enables us to become better parents as well. The time has come when we can no longer permit the lives of children to be hampered and/or ruined by their parent's selfish and relentless insistence that they adopt vocations in which they will never be successful. Through the conscientious application of the primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary, and quinary planetary bodies, all children and adults can be positively introduced into the sphere of life most conducive to their talents and temperaments. When we are able to selflessly and lovingly direct our children to the career they best have the ability to master, we encourage their spirits to soar to great heights, thus avoiding the valley of defeat that too often emerges in adulthood.

It is important for you to know that your attitude can be the golden key that opens the gates of health and success. Indeed, your attitude is the current of energy that shapes every situation, connecting with the hidden, powerful influence that underlies all of life's circumstances. As human beings we all maintain a set of attitudes and behaviors that directly relate to our five personal planetary bodies, which underlie our existence. In other words, within the aspects of our five planetary bodies lie the roots of both our positive and negative attitudes. These attitudes have a qualitative impact on all aspects of our lives. Our failures and unhappiness, our successes and happiness are primarily due to how we choose to respond to the influence of our planetary bodies. When you focus on the negative aspects of your five planetary bodies, you attract disagreeable experiences and repeated falls of lesser or greater magnitude. You come to believe that nothing can be accomplished in your world, and you become your own worst enemy. Conversely, when you focus the mind's attention on the positive aspects of your five planetary bodies, you attract that which is beneficial, positive and healing. Your will and spirit continually rise. You begin to see that all is possible, even if there are difficulties along the way. When you develop the proper attitude by focusing on the positive aspects of your planetary bodies your energy increases, removing negative attitudes, emotions and behavior that lead to devitalizing situations that dissipate your mental energy. Study your life honestly, and you will see that you attract or repulse situations and individuals according to how you allow your five personal planetary bodies to affect your speech and actions.

The secret of success is to develop the consciousness to correct your faults by bringing the appropriate aspects of your planets into your attitude. Then you can attain the goal that is the objective of every soul: to find your destiny and to act with angelic intention in order to uplift all. As previously mentioned, the aspects of the five planetary bodies that govern your existence create your attitudes. In turn, your attitudes create your habits. This is a crucial point, for you are the sum total of your habits, and it is your habits that will either destroy you or set you free.

The object of the Akashic Record is to be a resource of information and a divine source of inspiration and life accessible to the ordinary consciousness, which is your ego. Through conscious use of your higher self, you become open to a deeper level of awareness. In essence, the brain recalls the guidance of the soul. In other words, the human mind becomes aware of itself as an infinitely vaster and wiser source of spiritual understanding than it had ever experienced. You begin to connect with your own innate higher wisdom and to recognize that the divine works through humankind and all living things throughout the universe. Let Time serve you. It is only when you know truth that the truth can set you free. The truth has to live and move within you, becoming the authentic experience of your life. Then you know the true meaning of freedom of heart, mind and spirit. Akashic Record will reveal truths which will liberate you from that which you may have imposed upon yourself, your body, your relationship, and your reality. It will enable you to see the presence of the divine in all things, in all reality, from the cells of your physical structure to the nature of your weaknesses, from the shortcomings of your life to the perfection and potential of your existence. Working with the laws of nature aligns us to the will of the Divine; the will of the Divine that exists both internally and externally. When we do this, we no longer allow ourselves to be bound by the illusions of the past or the promised illusions of the future. We become at one with the truth of the moment and within each moment is an opportunity for regeneration, rebirth, re-growth; an opportunity to begin again.

To obtain an Akashic Record report regarding your Yearly Personal Forecast, your name vibration, your business name vibration, the vibration of your love relationship, the best time to get married, and more, visit our Akashic Record page. 

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