The Spiritual Art of Giving and Thanksgiving

December 01, 2005

Service and gratitude deliver you to God's door. By the power of the Word, God then opens the door to the holy city so that you may enter. As Universal Kabbalists we celebrate Thanksgiving on a daily basis by serving others. Love is all the Universe understands. When you make service an expression of love, the Universe shall exalt you.

One law of nature holds that if someone comes to you in need of help, and you do all that you can for that person, you will be rewarded within seven days. Each and every person that comes to you in need, then, is an opportunity to enhance your personal happiness. Indeed, they are blessings in your life; for your happiness and pain in the present and/or future are directly related to how many come to you, and how many you serve or deny. The more people you serve, the more people God sends you. If you serve others, God will serve you, for if you can hold another who is falling apart in the flow of spirit, if you can bring them to the Divine Spiritual Wisdom, you have attained a state of consciousness that is the virtue of all virtues. If, however, you give up on somebody who could have been rescued, who could have been saved, who could have been delivered to the house of God, you have committed a sin. Give God the chance to make you happy by striving to make others happy. When you truly understand that those who come to you in need are representative of the opportunity for God to bless you, you will not turn away. Above all, just remember that all you need to do is touch one heart and you will create a ripple of love, peace, and light that extends beyond the radius of that initial interaction.

It doesn't matter how much you study, how much you read, how much you know, and how powerful you think you are, you shall never have the grace to penetrate the heart of God if you do not serve others and venerate the WORD that is God. Your word shall never have the power to make the universe serve you, because you have not served others and understood that the WORD is God. Service brings humility, and humility leads to the perfection of love. The mysteries of God are revealed to the humble. Humility is the throne of love; unless this throne is firmly established, love is ignored. Christ is a symbol of love and humility. And God is love. Serving allows you to love the God within an individual. The moment that happens, you become a universal soul. Love is the experience of sacrifice within oneself. Let an enemy come before you, and totally melt the coldness of his heart away with the flood of love, and service. Therefore, we invite you to learn the Divine Spiritual Wisdom contained in Universal Kabbalah, so you may grow spiritually, glow like the the bright Sun, and serve by being a lighthouse. Serve by being the answer and not the question. Serve by removing the obstacles present in the lives of others. When you serve in such a way, God removes the obstacles from your life. Learn our sacred teachings, work with the WORD, and try to know the unknown, and everybody in the human world, in the animal kingdom, in the mineral kingdom, and in the angelic world will know you.

When you begin to walk the path of our Divine Spiritual Wisdom, you join others on a path of divinity, service, and uplifting others, for we are walking within the framework of Godhood. The practice of our Divine Spiritual Wisdom bestows consciousness and intelligence. To serve others, you must have power. When the conscious and intelligent believe that everything comes from God and consistently serve others, they become trouble free. Therefore, forget your own concerns and go out of your way to serve all those who cross your path. As you do so, you will be rewarded; when you heal another's problems, your own will disappear. Problems only arise when we are not doing our part to take care of others.

Serve others, for through service, Eve, our fallen soul, becomes "Mary", our rising soul. When you are more concerned with taking than serving, you enslave your soul. As a result, you lose contact with the higher world. This Era corresponds to the coming of the Christos, and in this Age it is imperative that we face the regeneration of Eve through service to others. In this way we will be able to go to war with the Dragon and more easily face "Mary," the water of regeneration, so that we may purify the world. Our sacred science allows you to understand that serving others is the highest form of Kabbalah. It is the ultimate form of Yoga. It is the heavenly act of giving light. For where there is light, you cannot find darkness. And darkness cannot remain in the presence of light. As you give light to others, the universe gives you light in the form of a deep healing joy. Presently, the culture of our society is quite individualistic, most people are takers, not givers. Those who take and do not give in equal measure disrupt their internal balance. In other words, the balance of give and take is lost within those who take more than they give. They are then subject to illnesses that are reflective of this imbalance. For example, cancer is a disease in which the affected cells become selfish and will not share. In another example, you will notice that many wealthy people suffer from heart attacks, for they have not given in proportion to what they have received. In this case, bring the tips of the index fingers of both hands on the Venus mound, and join the tips of the middle and ring fingers to the tips of the thumbs so they are placed side by side. Keeping the little fingers remaining straight, meditate with the Heaven's Touch or Sounds of the Ether album, to cure or prevent heart attacks or heart problems. As your heart heals start serving and uplifting others. Human beings must learn to share with others. We must become like the Sun, that heavenly body that shines its light indiscriminately on all of the earth’s inhabitants. Sharing is what the Universe understands. Therefore, when we create lives of service and sharing, the Universe responds to us positively. What we all need to realize, however, is that serving others brings the healing joy of life. Whoever truly experiences such joy finds that it not only heals a person, but also, it fills his heart and soul to the brim. It matters not if the creature comforts or status of this world elude him, for the light of his kindness, the sympathy attendant with his growing love for humanity, the virtue that springs forth from his heart, these qualities enlighten and enliven his soul.

The end goal of Kabbalah, yoga, and all forms of mysticism and healing, is to be a better servant to humanity. All that we experience, from the beginning of the spiritual journey to the end, trains us to be better able to serve mankind. Understand that if this is not the intention of the person, he will find that in the end he has accomplished nothing. Again, it is only by treading along the path of service to others that our souls can rise up from the lowest depths to the highest heaven. The fare to gain entry into the higher, heavenly realm is knowledge of the Divine Spiritual Wisdom and service, and the higher one evolves, the more he/she desires to serve. The most liberating action is to serve others. Indeed, those who are of a higher evolution are ready and willing to console with their words, lend a sympathetic ear, and help through their deeds. Go out of your way to serve those who cross your path. In this way, you will become increasingly like a heavenly rose whose fragrance is both healing and uplifting.

Learn the laws of nature contained in Universal Kabbalah and serve others. The most important moment of any act is its beginning moment, because the beginning moment sets the stage for the future. Start a marriage, business or project at an inauspicious time, and it will always carry a negative vibration which will cause you to be miserable or experience health challenges. Start a marriage, business or project at the right time, and the beneficial forces of nature will strive to give you happiness and the very best. It is by knowing and working with the laws of nature that we are able to determine when to initiate something new in our lives. Remember, the manner in which something is begun determines whether or not it will bring happiness or sorrow. Therefore, it is vital that you learn the laws of nature contained in Universal Kabbalah. This knowledge will give you light, and the light will take care of you. Even if you do not believe in God, you cannot deny the fact that there is an order in nature. God does all according to law. He works in mysterious ways to perform His wonders. When man undertakes learning the Divine Spiritual Wisdom, he begins to recognize the perfection of the organization of the universe as God created it. If we wish to be connected with God, and be considered one of His servants, we must truly comprehend and respect the laws that God created for us to follow. Otherwise, we are but walking corpses. Our soul was designed by God to be liberated, and help us achieve a glorious existence, but our negligence of the divine love and our forgetfulness that He is in everything has resulted in a global existence that is devoid of deeper meaning and is fraught with turmoil.

The laws of nature guide our entire lives. We live and die and are born again by these laws. They are the basis of our world and our very being; from them all wisdom can be plucked like ripe fruit for the eating. The laws of nature are eternal signposts. They were there yesterday, they are here today, and they will be there tomorrow, guiding human beings to yield. Unfortunately, most do not heed their pronouncements and life becomes progressively miserable. As human beings we have two choices. We can either fight the laws of nature, or flow with them. When we flow with them, we bring ourselves into harmony with the whole universe and the universe serves us. In other words, when you flow in harmony with the laws of nature, the Infinite takes care of you, completely and totally, in each and every moment. The Alchemy of LoveThe Divine Doctor, and Lifting the Veil are three books that will be of great benefit as you journey through this life. Each assists with a different aspect of earthly existence. The first of the three reveals the laws of love. The second reveals the laws of health and the importance of self-healing. The third reveals the laws of life and will help you gain transcendence of perception as you move through time and space. Akashic Record, which was developed from some of the natural and universal laws outlined in the books above will guide you on your way. Working with our teachings will cause you to awaken powers that have been asleep within you for your entire life. The Divine Spiritual Wisdom from Universal Kabbalah contained in these books will take care of your mental, emotional and physical health. It teaches you the truth of the universe, and that truth is simple, pure, and clear. By giving you the key to all mysteries and a full knowledge of the inner workings of nature and creation, you develop the capacity to see and know those things that others cannot see and do not yet know. In comparison with the majority of people who pursue spiritual understanding, you will be one of the few who have gained access to true spiritual methodology. Even those who obediently pray, meditate and endeavor to live spiritual lives will never grasp the greater truths of the universe if they cannot comprehend the laws that govern every aspect of human life.

Never rush madly into something without first seeking God's blessing through an understanding of His laws. It is imperative that you know the laws of nature and ask for God's blessing before undertaking anything. For God's sake, be a good spiritual lawyer. Know the laws of nature before trying to break them. Always know where you are going, and you will not get lost along the way. There is a place for each of us in this world, but it is our job to discover it. We do not have to search the world over for our happiness or our life's purpose. All we need to do is work on ourselves using the Naam, and apply the laws of nature outlined in Universal Kabbalah. Universal Kabbalah is the purest and safest method of walking the spiritual path, for the path of Universal Kabbalah is the path of the Sun and service. Fear-based dogma, apparent in other spiritual and/or religious practices, is not found in Universal Kabbalah. You will find that those who work with the Divine Spiritual Wisdom have a luminous, magnetic, and beautiful aura. Universal Kabbalists are bright, warm, and radiant like the Sun, and are surrounded and protected by the Christic shield of Lumen de Lumine. At the very moment that you begin to learn our sacred science, practice with the word, and serve others, the destiny written on your forehead changes. This is called the law of meridian change. Universal Kabbalah will lift the veil that blankets your soul, and give you a clearer vision of your life's purpose, your reason for being here on earth. It will synchronize your mind and heart in praise of the Lord, and you will be touched by His vastness. As it cleanses your mind of negativity, opens your eyes, deeply touches your heart and awakens your soul, the opportunities that perfectly suit you will arise. Moreover, you will see the light of your soul, which will cast its beam far and wide, enabling you to see the indescribable wonder of God, nature and man.

Embarking on the Path of Light

If you want to acquire knowledge of the divine spiritual sciences, learn the Divine Spiritual Wisdom contained in the Rootlight books; they will not only heal you, but will also spiritualize, enhance and embellish your life, making it absolutely Divine. Those who follow the divine spiritual teachings can be assured of learning the purest, fastest and most direct path to the eternal truths. Learning the Divine Spiritual Wisdom is the key to understanding the language of heaven and earth. It is the language of the angelic, or celestial beings.

Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus, the Three Times Great, was the wisest Egyptian priest, and known as the father of the Divine Spiritual Wisdom. The ancient Egyptians regarded him as the embodiment of the Universal Mind. Hermes was a supreme philosopher with vast knowledge, a supreme priest in his holiness of life and practice of divine work, and a supreme administrator of the laws worthy of kingly dignity. All fundamental and basic teachings embedded in the esoteric teachings of every race can be traced back to this Master of all arts, sciences, and crafts, this Ruler of the Three Worlds, Scribe of the Gods, and Keeper of the Books of Life. With these sacred teachings, you will learn to know God, nature, and man. Our lineage descends from Adam to Noah, from Noah to Melchisedek, and on to Abraham, Moses, Saul, David, Solomon, Zerubbabel, and Christ. The one who pointed the way to Jesus the Christ, was Moses, son of Amram and Jochebed, from the tribe of Levi, and younger brother of Miriam and Aaron. Adopted by an Egyptian princess, Moses lived in Egypt for many years. At God's command, he parted the Red Sea, creating an escape route for the Israelites as they fled the Egyptian army. Moses received the Ten Commandments from God, written on two stone tablets, on Mount Sinai, and is credited with writing the first five books of the Bible. Christ is the Active, Intelligent Cause, the Great Chief and Guide to whom the order of the universe has been committed until such time as man, now in a state of separation, has been reconciled with the One and only Source. This universal order was originally entrusted to mankind before the fall; now, we are under Christ's aegis until we may regain our rightful place in the universe.

We follow the Christic path, believing in the immortality of the soul and in its final reintegration. We are friends of heaven, and an extension of God here on earth, chosen by the Father to follow his Son in the Light of the Holy Spirit in order to remember the truth of the holy scriptures. We pursue the knowledge contained within the Divine Spiritual Wisdom that transports the body and soul to the highest glory of the Creator. As Universal Kabbalists, we believe in God who has made the heaven and earth, and to whom we pledge unconditional loyalty; for our strength, power and grace comes from Him, and recognize Christ as the WORD made flesh, along with the holy scriptures. We serve and love others with neutrality, with no expectation that the love will be returned. We participate actively in sharing the Divine Spiritual Wisdom to help lighten the burdens of others, and awaken the love of the great Architect of the Universe in their hearts. For He is the One giving us will, strength and power to face the challenges of time and space gracefully. We use love, faith, hope, forgiveness and charity in our sacred work. Our path is the path of prayer - the Bread of the soul. We pray to learn how to pray better, not only for us, but above all, for other beings. We pray so that we may become a clear channel through which the light of God may enter the hearts of others so as to melt away darkness for good. We pray that the Creator can see it fit to grace our lives with His Omnipresence, Omniscience and Omnipower so we may work for his glory on this planet Earth. Our sacred teachings originate with the Creator himself, and have been perpetuated since the days of Adam. We belong to the Community of the Elect of Light, which grants us the nourishing fire that gives us the strength to act upon everything in nature. We possess the key that opens the gate of mystery. Our WORD, touch, presence and blessings bring the entire psyche and being of a person into balance, for we know that we are connected with the Higher Worlds, and that the union of the will with Divinity makes the marvels of nature subordinate to us. We invite you to join this Community of Light in which the Spirit of Wisdom itself will guide and teach all who approach with a genuine thirst for knowledge. Under Its tutelage, Divinity bends to mankind so that it may write the Truth in our souls, the Truth that is an eternal mystery. All one needs to be a servant of the universe is to be humble, simple like a little child, charitable, loving towards your neighbor, and forgiving of your enemies. Through studying Divine Spiritual Wisdom, you will learn how to create the purest line of contact with helpful angelic entities. It will give you the tools you need to be a true lighthouse, so that you may experience self-healing, and serve others.

It cannot be stressed enough that this sacred work is for those who seek the Truth with a good and honest heart. We must rediscover our Divine Nature so that we may celebrate Love, Light and Freedom within us all. The spiritual wisdom contained in the Rootlight books, the Akashic Record and the Naam Education platform, ignites the Mysterium Conjunctionis of the Alchemists within you, which is symbolized by the Star of David that unites the upper heavenly triangle with the lower earthly triangle. By working with this knowledge, you will experience the indescribable joy and ecstatic bliss that comes from the true spiritual marriage born from the merger of heaven and earth. It will cause the Holy Spirit to spiritualize matter so that you may see the light of the soul, which will bring the harmony of heaven in your life. This sacred work will turn your body into a perfect temple for the Holy Ghost, leading to health, wholeness and harmony. Learn to work with the wisdom of the Ages to affect positive Planetary Transformation. Learn the Divine Spiritual Wisdom contained in Universal Kabbalah, so that you may romance with God and the entire universe will serve you. Feel His tender kiss and become blissful, radiant and beautiful. Learn these sacred teachings and work with the WORD so that they may root your being firmly in the soil of the soul and allow you to partake of the fruit of ecstasy. Let their healing waves melt the darkness in your life away so that you are able to dance with the Angels. Learning the Divine Spiritual Wisdom is the key to understanding the language of heaven and earth. He who masters the elegance, logic and beauty of the Divine Spiritual Wisdom contained in Universal Kabbalah, is able to converse with God's messengers. Thus, when you work with these sacred teachings, you receive the blessings of the Holy Angels, Archangels, Virtues, Powers, Thrones, Dominations, Cherubim, and Seraphim.


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