The Seal of Higher Destiny

February 05, 2005

My dear one, working with The Seal of Higher Destiny will bring the radiance of the Sun into your heart and the vastness of the universe into your soul. The yoga of Naam is the highest method of contact with God, which causes the soul to engage in a beautiful union with spirit as it attains indescribable bliss. It projects the mind beyond the realm of everyday, earthly consciousness into the infinity of the cosmos, thereby increasing your sense of personal relatedness to the infinite identity. The after effect of vibrating Naam brings the utmost peace, bliss and joy. By mastering this Naam you gain vision of the higher world, and perceive the endless manifestation of the light of God. The universe has been created by the Divine will. When you attune yourself to it through this Naam, there will come a point where the things that you need will simply come to you by willing. This Naam grants understanding of the greatness of He who spoke and brought the Universe into being, while eradicating your individual karma. Communing with God in this manner will clean your mind, comfort your heart, heal your body, and enliven your spirit. The easiest way to overcome disease, disappointments, and disasters is to be in constant attunement with God, for the supreme help comes from attuning with the spirit. ECK ONG KAR SAT NAM SIRI WAHEY GURU is a Naam that causes you to tread the road of wisdom safely. It causes you to enter cosmic consciousness and commune with God.

If you desire to stop the cycle of time and be liberated from the loop of life and death, this is the Naam for you. ECK ONG KAR SAT NAM SIRI WAHEY GURU means: There is One God whose name is truth, highest wondrous One who brings light. It will bring you closer to freedom from karma and the cycle of reincarnation. Baba Siri Chand, a renowned mystic and figure of tremendous spiritual power, used the above Naam. Born in 1494, Baba Siri Chand was the eldest son of Guru Nanak, the first Sikh Guru. As a child, he displayed a contemplative nature, which inspired Guru Nanak to prescribe a life of an Udasi for him. Baba Siri Chand persistently sat in samadhi with the Name of God. Because of his disciplined and dedicated meditation, the great bounty of God's gifts flowed through him. Indeed, an ocean of God's blessings poured forth from his merciful gaze. Indians of all religions flocked to see him, becoming followers who not only loved him, but also prayed to him. By practicing and imbibing his father's teachings, Baba Siri Chand became a respected leader in his own right. A survey conducted during the reign of the Emperor Jehangir found that Baba Siri Chand was the most influential saint in India. When the Emperor asked Mian Mir, his own darvesh (a powerful, truthful, God-intoxicated holy person) who the greatest darvesh was, Mian Mir replied, "at this time the elder son of Guru Nanak is king of the darveshes." In truth, Baba Siri Chand was not only revered by the average people of all sects and religions, but also, he was highly respected by yogis, saints, kings, and the Sikh Gurus. The first six Sikh Gurus sought and revered his guidance, many of whom offered their sons to him in service. However, even though his life was a continuous miracle, Baba Siri Chand never called attention to himself. Rather, he and his followers, known as Udasis, spread the message of his father in a nonsectarian and universalist manner, that emphasized meditation on God's Holy Name, hard work, and service to those in need. At the great age of 149, after finishing a lecture, Baba Siri Chand stood up and said, "I am leaving now." The year was 1643, and he left the visible world with his body intact. He simply walked away dressed as he was and wearing sandals. Stepping onto a rock in a rushing river, Baba Siri Chand was carried safely across. He was beyond the cycle of life and death, for he is one with the eternal light of God, one with that eternal Power of which all the scriptures have spoken. Even though he lived in the world, he remained beyond the world. He has existed for thousands of years now, and even though we cannot see him with our external eyes, he is still with us.

Rootlight's twelfth CD, The Seal of Higher Destiny, which contains the Naam ECK ONG KAR SAT NAM SIRI WAHEY GURU, was inspired by a spiritual and mysterious encounter I had in India. Before I describe this unusual meeting, I need to say that as I have traveled along my spiritual path, I have experienced many spiritual encounters in various continents. Also, since childhood, I have had and continue to have encounters in the invisible world with the various luminous beings that dwell therein, where they instruct me and inspire my actions. I am grateful for these encounters to the depth of my soul, for they have provided constant guidance and protection in the achievement of The Great Work.

Humans stand at the dawn of 2012, and feel inside their heart the grip of change, the twists and turns of destiny that lie within their grasp that beckons and tempts them to follow. And now, more than ever, humankind needs all the help it can get in order to evolve into men and women of light. Therefore, human beings are adjusting and attuning to the evolution of the planet, which is allowing them to acclimatize to the radiance of the light of the new Age. As of late, there have been many active, visible and invisible agents of light trying to help save the earth from self-destruction. Some are helping from the unseen world, while others are acting in the visible realm. Of these, some are silently completing the work backstage, while others are front and center. It makes no difference, for the masters all come from the same source of light. Most of their work is largely done in silence, in order to contribute to the existence and order of the universe, assisting the Divine in fulfillment of its plan for evolution and expansion. They not only appear on all continents, but also, they are working together in synchronicity. The teachings I present derive from the One Source, the One Truth, the One Sun. They are the teachings of the wise who have gone before, who have walked the earth many times, in many forms, during many ages, and wearing many faces. Through the cycle of incarnation, they have transcended the need to continue their evolution in the limited reality in which we find ourselves. They now reside in the invisible realm of light. It is via these sacred teachings that they seek to guide humankind to the next level of being. It is up to you to do your part in transforming the earth by raising your own vibration and expanding your level of consciousness. Men and women need to awaken to the cosmic truths.

In regard to my latest spiritual encounter, I had begun my trip last December in Israel, but felt myself being pulled to India, a country I had visited six months earlier. Consequently, at the end of my stay in Israel, I flew to India. When I arrived, I had the most incredible experience. A tall and beautiful holy man with a long and snowy white beard, Maharaj Ji, appeared to me in a dream state. He not only confirmed of the veracity of the power of the WORD as a pure way of binding with God, but he also gave me additional means through which I could employ an infinitude of healing applications for the betterment of humankind. Exactly three days later, shortly after 11 p.m. on the 25th of December - a day devoted to the worship of Christ Consciousness - I met Maharaj Ji in person. He appeared as he had appeared in my dream state, with a pure, radiant, vast aura. Speaking with enormous love, goodness, and affection, he said that he had come to me in my dreams. He was surrounded by people who were graceful, kind, and very serviceful. What occurred during my encounter with this holy man is beyond words. You may be able to grasp more of the great significance of this encounter when I tell you that Baba Siri Chand, king of the darveshes, and known to have tremendous spiritual power, has been instructing Maharaj Ji since childhood. To this day, these two amazing beings are in celestial communication. I received many, many blessings during this divinely orchestrated encounter, and between the time of our meeting and my subsequent departure, incredible things happened. I need to add here that it was during this meeting that the Maharaj Ji had bestowed upon me a version of ECK ONG KAR SAT NAM SIRI WAHEY GURU with fueled power.

The raw form of The Seal of Higher Destiny was introduced during my last New Year's class. It attuned a room full of one hundred men and women from all walks of life to the heavens, raising their consciousness to such a degree that all experienced an indescribable spiritual high. The rate of vibration created was powerfully healing. Time flew by, and those in attendance left wanting more. When mantra is practiced in a group under the direction of someone with extensive practice and reverence for the power of the WORD, the psychic and inner unfolding of everyone in the group is greatly enhanced. This is due to the fact that an atmosphere of higher etheric vibration is created in the environment; when 100 people chant a perfect permutation and combination of sacred words such as those on the Rootlight CDs, and they are heard by the same 100 people, the power of the vibration is squared, causing a vibrational healing impact of 10,000 in strength on the psyche of each person present. The concentrated and highly charged vibrations of such a harmonious group attract heavenly vibrations of great potency, resulting in an increased stimulation of all spiritual faculties. The New York Wednesday night class at Universal Force Healing Center gives similar benefits.

It is important to recognize that as you learn the divine spiritual wisdom and practice the sacred words revealed on the Rootlight Sacred Music CD series, you will generate a healing energy that extends for a 25-mile radius. (The radius extends even further for those who possess high levels of consciousness, such as masters. This explains why the work of one highly evolved being can benefit an entire city, or sometimes a country.) If you desire to bind your soul to the higher world, meditate along with the mantra on The Seal of Higher Destiny. Not only will you be liberated, but no evil shall befall you, because God's name will be with you constantly. As with the other Rootlight CDs, the principles of Universal Kabbalah have been perfectly woven into its production. (This is especially true of the second track.) While the form of the Naam recorded on the first track is well known among those who practice Kundalini yoga, the second track was directly inspired from my divine encounter in India. This mantra will help you find God in your heart. You will begin to hunger for the sweet wine of this beautiful divine spiritual wisdom, for reconnecting with our higher self is the ultimate catalyst for all development, harmony, and spiritual growth.

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