The Sacred Science of Choosing Names

June 10, 2005

Our names not only possess unseen powers, they also behave like mantras - sound currents or words of power used to influence the mind, body, and spirit. A good name can bring a harmonious flow to our professional and personal life while simultaneously inviting the inflow and outflow of God's bounty. With a thorough understanding of the power of the spoken word we can choose names that will beneficially impact all areas of our lives.

Let the vibration of your name touch the heavens and bring the hand of God down into your life. Let it surround you with the beneficial influence of the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. Let your name help you cover the distance of life with flow and grace. For, adversity cannot stand before the power of a good name. From universal Kabbalah emanates all wisdom, all knowledge, and all guidance. It allows you to conquer the wisdom of the past, present and future. As a result, the knowledge of the divine, astral, and physical worlds and all totality come to those who learn this sacred science and vibrate the WORD. As human beings, the basic problem confronting us is our samskaras, or the patterns of behavior that have been learned and reinforced in previous lives then brought into our present incarnation. It is our samskaras that dictate where and when we are born, our parents, level of understanding, wealth, and attitude toward life. In other words, we are all born with a natal chart. After seven years, our natal chart becomes our conscious experience. After eleven, it becomes either fate or applied destiny. You want to be sure to live your applied destiny. This is the only way to experience happiness, regardless of your beauty, power, and/or wealth. In addition to your natal chart, your name is highly significant. In combination with your personal energetic cosmic plate, which is made up of the influences of your primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary and quinary planetary bodies, your name will determine how happy or miserable you're going to be. This is due to the fact that your name is a mantra that carries a certain vibration. When the vibration is beneficial, it touches the heavens and attract goodness down into your life. No matter how high a person is in rank, however great the wealth he possesses, and whatever position he occupies, these have nothing to do with his happiness and satisfaction of mind. It is your name, in combination with fate (made up of your primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary and quinary planetary bodies), which creates your level of happiness and satisfaction. This is why names should never be given by chance, for an influence is exerted on fate by name. Any name that is not Good, brings disease, sickness, sorrow, sadness, and bad luck. The right name will bring you peace even if it is not written on your forehead. It will bring you good luck when you have done nothing good to deserve it. In some cases, the right name can even turn poverty into richness. Your name can make you majestic here on earth.

One of the secrets of changing an unpleasant fate into a beautiful destiny lies in the art of choosing a good name. According to the law of attraction, a name attracts the same elements that constitute its vibration. When a name emits a vibration of goodness, it attracts goodness, strength, joy, health, and happiness. Such goodness then conquers that which is not good, such as insecurity, pain, weakness, and disease. Therefore, your name should exalt you. Always check your primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary, and quinary planets, along with your name. Find out what impact your name has on your life. The more a certain name is used, the greater its effect. When a name has good vibrations, the beneficial forces behind it can trigger all kinds of innate possibilities in our brains and hearts. It can even affect the organs and cells of our bodies. In addition, and as mentioned above, according to the law of attraction, a name attracts the same elements that constitute its vibration. This is how all names have influence on their bearer as well as those who come into contact with them. Names such as Trump, Madonna, Kennedy, Mohammed Ali, Martin Luther King create a particular effect on our psyche whether we have met the person or not. The simple act of hearing a certain name can produce a mental image, feeling, and/or physical reaction. When the forces within our subconscious hear a name, they respond accordingly, for names behave like mantras, sound currents or words of power used to influence the mind, body, and spirit. A profound knowledge of the impact of names comes from an understanding of the power of the spoken word.

Keep in mind that names possess unseen powers, and unfortunately we cannot master that of which we have no knowledge. Naming something, whether it is a project, business, or pet, allows you to control and master it. Think of it this way, when human beings name a disease; they do so in order to be able to recognize and control it. In other words, man names diseases so that he might overcome them. How does a name come to reveal so much? Every name is the representation of an archetype. The archetype that governs your name, for example, plays an important energetic role in your life, as its vowels and rhythm reveal the harmony and unseen planetary forces at work therein.

Universal Kabbalah teaches us how to determine the impact of a given name. Fortunately, as previously stated, we can make a beneficial change to any name with the potential to cause problems. The numerical value of a name represents a specific tarot symbol, which the name wishes to express. In other words, the symbol is to the name what the soul is to the body. As the body expresses the soul, the name expresses the symbol. The symbol is determined by a precise combination of the numerical value associated with some of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. (Tarot cards themselves are part of the complex symbology of the Wheel of the Torah, the esoteric Hebrew name for the law.) Deriving the numerical value and corresponding symbol of a given name grants insight into fate and character, for the symbol affects the blueprint of the individual's life and plays a vital role in the individual's career. When you know what you're dealing with regarding your name, you are better able to ease any complications that arise in your life and merge with the power of the universe. In turn, you invite the inflow and outflow of God's bounty.

If parents only understood the power contained in names, they would take care to use that power in a way that would support the development of their children's exceptional qualities and virtues. However, as the majority of parents are unaware of the power that lies in name choice, it is up to us to choose a name for ourselves that can promote happiness and success. If we have been given a disadvantageous name, we can choose one that is more beneficial. It is not only your personal names that you should be concerned with. You must also choose wisely when naming your projects or businesses in order to give them the best chance to flourish. Once we understand the importance of names, we must ensure that the names we give our children possess vibrations that are beneficial. If we wish to see strength in a child, we must give him/her a name whose vibration makes one strong.

A poor name choice, given to a person, project, or business, can act as an impediment, becoming a source of trouble, turmoil, and misfortune. Indeed, an inappropriate name can spoil a man's affairs in all spheres of life; family, daily affairs, business, profession, industry, all are affected by the vibration of the name. A good name, on the other hand, is both soothing and healing, as it invites the beneficial influence of luminous spirits into your life, thereby keeping negativity at bay. Regardless of one's station, a beneficial name will serve you well. It can create personal magnetism. In turn, personal magnetism assists in creating beautiful surroundings and attracting others. Moreover, the right name can cause you to receive the attention and service you need, and assist you in confronting life's demands with less difficulty.

Everything happens according to time and space. You cannot change time, but you can change space in order to remove bad luck from your life and move from fate to destiny. Learn the art of working with space, and you will be able to positively impact your life. The time/space principle applies to birth dates and names. You cannot change your birth date because it corresponds to time. But, you can change your name because it corresponds to space. While there are many reasons why we are given a certain name, maybe our parents simply liked it or maybe we were named after a beloved family member, famous person, or religious figure, we must always keep in mind that our names are mantras. In combination with our personal energetic cosmic plate, which is made up of the influences of our primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary and quinary planetary bodies, it determines how happy and miserable we will be. If you have been given a disadvantageous name, change it. You will change space and this can help improve the quality of your life.

Allow me to offer the following examples of the impact of a name: A few years ago, a businessman came to see me privately. He was intelligent, motivated, and industrious, but experienced repeated failures and a lack of success that left him frustrated. Try as he might, nothing worked. I consulted the Kabbalah and discovered that his leading planets were beneficial and promised a successful life. I then decided to look into his name and, its archetype caused delays and failures. In order to improve his life, I suggested that he change the vibration of his name by adding one vowel. He did so without hesitation, and within six weeks his life had taken a turn for the better.

Names can also affect the image and essence of a city. Paris has an even numerical value, which symbolizes Venus and represents the tarot card, the Lovers. Known as the city for lovers, Paris does indeed display the Venusian characteristic of beautiful, graceful, harmonious architecture. Moreover, the city is associated with high fashion, decorative arts, elaborate food, and romance, all of which are reflections of Venus. Finally, by looking at a map, you will see that there is a highway that encloses Paris in a circle. The circle is associated with the feminine principle and, in turn, Venus.

New York, on the other hand, has a tarot symbol that reduces to an odd numerical value. Symbols with an odd numerical value generally express the masculine principle. Indeed, New York, which is ruled by the Sun, is associated with the masculine qualities of accomplishment, achievement, action, ego, identity, directness, and power. In New York, where everyone is busy doing something, relationships tend to be lower on the list of priorities than work and doing your thing. As with Paris, the city's architecture is reflective of its symbol. It was designed on a straight gridline, and many of its buildings are tall, straight, and functional.

Now, let's take a look at Tibet. The name Tibet produces the archetype that stands for the Tower. In general the Tower represents far-reaching inner transformation and spiritual renewal. Destruction of the old makes way for the new, and one is warned of future fatalities. It further indicates ambition, courage, fighting, bad luck, and losses. Clearly, this symbol expresses the current state of affairs in Tibet. For a glimpse of Tibet's future, we can consider the vibration of the name of its spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama. The name Dalai Lama produces the archetype that is the vibration of the Sun. It reads, the Prince of Heaven. The Sun brings wisdom, spirituality, and creative energy. It represents joy, union, harmony, and peace, and promises good fortune, success, esteem, and honors. Once again, the symbol is clearly indicative of the Dalai Lama's life up to this point in time. But how will he impact the future of Tibet? To find out, we must compute both the archetype of Tibet and the Dalai Lama. When we do so, we arrive at the Star of the Magi, the archetype that stands for peace and love. By using the approach of peace and love, the Dalai Lama will be a catalyst in the liberation of Tibet from a challenging archetype to a destiny of redemption. You can learn this advanced application of the science through the Self-Study Course.

As you can see, the branch of Universal Kabbalah designated to the choosing and changing of names is the spiritual science of marshaling your name into a symbol that compels and organizes your experiences into a worthwhile design for living. Again, the archetype behind your symbol allows you to draw upon your latent talents and powers, so that you are not bent like a reed by unseen forces. Whether you are considering a person, project, business, or city of residence, the numerical value and symbol of its name is an essential vibration that will determine the destiny and path of the said interaction.

Akashic Record

An Interactive Journey Through the Hidden Vibrations and Influences in Your Life

After years of practical experience and planning, the sacred system that reveals the mysteries of Heaven and Earth is now available to all who seek to make living in accordance with Divine Law the highest priority in their lives. Regardless of whether or not we are aware of the universal cycles present in our lives, from the womb to the tomb we are governed by their influences. Akashic Record is an interactive journey through these hidden vibrations and influences, a link between you and the unseen. Created with a meticulous attention to detail, Akashic Record allows you to apply the priceless wisdom of this ancient and mystical system in the service of determining the vibration attendant with your relationships and name. In addition, Akashic Record reveals the gifts you were given at birth and gives you an essential understanding of your destiny and earthly purpose. Having gained such invaluable knowledge, you can put it to use. Indeed, by the Grace of God, Akashic Record can give you the keys you need to master your past, present, and future. This foresight will make you extremely effective as you move through the journey of life. Through a deeper understanding of the laws of nature, we witness their continuous cosmic dance in and around us. As a result our faith in the Almighty Great Architect of the Universe becomes unshakeable, and we are blessed with the realization of our true and heartfelt desires. Working with this ancient and sacred system calls upon the help and protection of the luminous beings that dwell in the higher world. May you sanctify your life and achieve your highest destiny through harmoniously working with the forces of nature while establishing a link with the Divine.

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