The Sacred AUM Miracle Water from Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

July 12, 2012

The Sacred AUM Miracle Water from Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

Here is a sacred and powerful healing practice from Divine Spiritual Wisdom that you can use to dissolve all that is impure and negative, enhance your health and bring a higher degree of spiritual growth. This restorative practice can be a great aid in maintaining your mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health. AUM is the universal seed sound from where, it is said, all things began. All true healing comes from God. AUM is the word of the Spirit. Without the healing of the Spirit, the cure of the body is worth nothing. All is in the hands of God, and without Him there can be no health in us. The link with the Divine is the source of all power. And it is this power, which creates miracles. Miracles manifest when we attune ourselves to this power of God. For of ourselves we are nothing, but with God we can all accomplish all things, and we shall behold miracle upon miracle come about in our lives.

 During the New Moon, Full Moon, or 10th and 11th day of the lunar cycle, or when you feel you really need healing, vibrate the sacred sound AUM along with the Rootlight Sacred AUM track while gazing at a small bowl or glass of water. Then, for a few more seconds after the end of the track, and now very softly, continue chanting for one more cycle of the Sacred AUM using the celestial and heart-opening melody recorded on the track. This will magnify and seal this powerful energy. Try as much as you can to not break eye contact with the water in the bowl as you magnetize the water with the healing vibrations of AUM. Then, take a deep breath, hold for a a couple of seconds and exhale, still gazing into the water. Now, drink the water.

 This powerful practice can take away the impurities that bring about challenges and sickness. As a result, health and strength are conserved for spiritual work. This practice can be used to help preserve the human body and mind in an optimal state of health and wellbeing. Remarkable cures can happen from drinking this particular AUM magnetized water. This Sacred AUM magnetized water has a restorative, healing effect upon the kidneys, the bladder and even the bowels. It strengthens these tissues while acting as an excellent cleansing medium, purifying the whole body from the inside out. It also has a subtle energizing effect upon the blood and acts as a general tonic to the entire system.

 Furthermore, drinking the Sacred AUM magnetized water just before retiring at night can help produce sound sleep and a very peaceful sensation during relaxation. It will bring a high degree of spiritual attunement. Drinking a glass of the Sacred AUM magnetized water at any time produces a feeling of rest and renewed energy within 10-15 minutes, and is especially beneficial for alleviating headaches and general fatigue. The Sacred AUM magnetized water can also be used when our physical and mental capacities are tired or depleted, or when the entire physical system needs a boost.

 Generally, one should not perform this healing practice more than once or twice a month, unless you are completely depleted. When there is a tendency toward any disease developing in the body, however, drinking a glass of the Sacred AUM magnetized water will have an excellent protective effect, causing the blood and the energizing powers of the body to help restore sound health. There can be no harm in the use of the Sacred AUM magnetized water to the body when used in this regard, even with frequent administration. Feel free to share this newsletter with your friends and loved ones so that they too may experience the healing and blessings that come from this practice.

Music: Rootlight CD Sacred AUM

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