The Naam Clap Walk for Life Energy, Clarity and Overall Health

February 01, 2019

Those who practice the Naam Clap Walk technique will come to know a greater development of the mind and a tremendous expansion of health. In the Naam Clap Walk, the powerfully healing techniques of cross-lateral movement, clapping and sound vibration join forces to create one unique exercise that gives new life to the brain, sharpens our cognitive skills and leads to greater heart health. While each of these techniques is powerful in its own right, combining them in one exercise creates a dynamic and healing flow of energy that truly represents a new frontier in yogic healing.

The Importance of Cross-lateral Movement in Day to Day Life for Maintaining a Youthful Mind and a Strong Mind-Body Connection

With the Naam Clap Walk, you are re-integrating your brain and nervous system and reorganizing the vital mind-body connections essential for optimal movement and brain functioning. This enlivening practice works to correct any impaired motor function or brain development one may have incurred as a child or an adult due to improper conditioning, inadequate development or traumatic experiences. It has significant social and emotional benefits. Through this simple exercise, we can heal some of the emotional experiences that have followed us from childhood into adulthood.

The purpose of the Naam Clap Walk is to improve communication between the right and left hemispheres of the brain to achieve a higher level of reasoning in our critical thinking, our problem-solving abilities, our auditory capacity, our organizational skills and other brain-related functions. We need to develop a healing highway of neural pathways between the left and right brain by using an intelligent application of cross-lateral movement such as the Naam Clap Walk.  During this exercise, both halves of the brain are forced to work together. The cross-lateral movement of crossing the mid-line of the body, then touching the opposite knee, is essential for physical coordination as well as healthy cerebral activities.

The cross-pattern movement of this exercise builds neural pathways that bring together the right and left hemispheres of the brain, allowing for electrical impulses and information to pass freely between the two. These patterns are stored in the brain and are responsible for governing our nervous system, spinal muscles and coordination, and they program our bodily systems to work together as a team.  The Naam Clap Walk is a healing practice that can heal a lack of coordination and balance, improve one’s ability to read, and help those with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia. It is recommended for clumsiness and stuttering.

One of our first attempts at cross-lateral movement, or cross-crawl movement, is learning to crawl where the left and right brain must coordinate to move one arm with the opposite leg, then the other arm with the other leg. As we grow, we develop this capacity further through walking, running, sports, games and other various activities. Any time we perform a new exercise pattern, such as the Naam Clap Walk, we are causing our nervous system to create new and complex patterns of connections. When we stop learning and moving, these nerve connections either progressively become inactive or do not work at all. Our nerve connections remain more active with use. Therefore, it is vital as we age, to remain engaged in movements that help us to maintain a sophisticated network of nerve messaging patterns.

With the Naam Clap Walk, we can reprogram our nervous system and strengthen the connection between the right and left sides of our brain.  It is a great way to promote over-all healing and whole brain functioning, and it reduces stress. It will increase your energy and improve your capacity to focus. By performing these types of cross-lateral patterns of movement, we are stimulating more complex brain and nervous system development and integration. The Naam Clap Walk also has the effect of stabilizing the pelvis while mobilizing the shoulders and reinforcing the walking-gait reflexes and walking-gait coordination.  It builds core strength, energizes your body, calms the mind, and releases tension and stress.

The ability to learn how to read, to learn a new language, and to develop good hand-to-eye coordination and communication depends on the totality of the bodily systems’ capacity for cross-crawl integration. The Naam Clap Walk is the best and most healing self-care exercise you can do for yourself.  It is also an excellent exercise for the digestive system. It balances your overall energy and makes it easier for you to concentrate on any project. We can correct some of the shocks that our body may have suffered, that may have caused our nerve impulses to become jumbled and disorganized. A lack of organization in our nerve impulses leads to a disturbance in both motor and sensory impulses, thereby disturbing our overall health. 

The ability to do cross-lateral movements lays the foundation for other cognitive abilities, such as readiness for fine-motor academic work.  Try the Naam Clap Walk before homework, before a test, or before an important meeting, or after any stressful situation or as a way to change your brain between different kinds of activities.  It will recharge you and give you clarity. On a daily, hourly basis, humans are bombarded and impacted by multiple stimuli and various tasks, and the practice of cross-crawl lateral movements throughout the day is one of the best self-care activities you can do for yourself.  This exercise will cause you to feel clearer, and to behave and perform better. It improves our eye teaming skills, or the ability of the eyes to work together in a precisely coordinated way. It is essential for focus, reading, and writing. It enhances our whole-brain thinking, by causing the left and right brain to act in harmony. It develops our awareness of the position and movement of the body, through spatial and kinesthetic awareness.

Strengthening the Life Force with Clapping

The Naam Clap Walk sets into healing motion one of the world’s least acknowledged yet most powerful of healing instruments:  the human hands.  For contained within the hands are tremendous wellsprings of untapped magical powers waiting to grant us protection, happiness, prosperity and abundant health. We must look to the hands, as pure agents and extensions of the heart, to awaken the burning flame of our divine power so we may be blessed by the hands and heart of God.  As mighty symbols, the right hand stands for wisdom and the left hand stands for love and when they come together, they give birth to truth, thereby granting us freedom from limitations that appear in the form of illness, unhappiness and imbalance.  Indeed, every time we clap our hands, we are giving birth to truth. Clapping is the symbol of the joy of the soul having received the freedom that comes from truth

Our hands are energy centers and extensions of our heart, and by clapping the hands, our heart center opens to give and receive more love. The hands are considered to be wells, springs and streams of curative forces. When we clap, we activate the Pericardium channel known in Traditional Chinese Medicine as the Lao Gong Pericardium 8 or “happy” channel.  Indeed, clapping is a universal symbol for happiness. Clapping gives self-esteem and improves performance. Children who clap excel in school. Clapping improves our physical health and increases our energy levels. It can cure many diseases by increasing circulation and dispersing blockages in the blood. It is important to clap every day for health and wellbeing.

Clapping generates a huge amount of healing sound that dispels negative energy.  This sound impacts our surroundings and creates dynamic change around the body. The power of clapping sound can break up stagnant energy. It gets rid of negative vibrations. We clap to open all energy channels in the body and to strengthen our immune system and our physical energy. The fingers are transmitters through which we transmit energy. The spaces between the fingers are receiving antennas.

By clapping, we dispel disharmonious energies that may have become trapped within our nerves and muscles. Those who clap regularly free the body of blockages and enjoy physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing. Energetic blockages can cause illness, lethargy, weight imbalance and moodiness. As with acupressure and acupuncture, clapping aims to increase our life force and restore our system to its ideal state of health. Clapping relieves stress and strengthens the nervous system.

As with acupressure and acupuncture, clapping aims to increase our life force and restore our system to its ideal state of health. According to Chinese medical theory, the hands contain pressure points that correspond to specific organs and systems throughout the body. Clapping moves your chi to clear any blockages in these areas.  Clapping can be used for a wide range of symptoms lurking behind depression. Working with the hands is a practical and easy form of self-healing. We clap a certain way to heal the heart, a certain way to heal the brain, and a certain way to heal the entire body. We clap to bring happiness into our lives. Clapping not only strengthens our life force, it also expresses the victory of Freedom. Clapping treats illness by working on the paths of the body from which that illness emanated. It is extremely beneficial in realigning the body and correcting imbalances.  By working on both hands for a few minutes daily, you completely re-energize your whole body and glandular system. Clapping can summon spirits, and also drive them away. Clapping brings new life.

Interestingly, each of the five fingers corresponds to one of the five elements of fire, earth, air, water and space (ether). The main key in health is to ensure that these five elements are in balance within the body. When they are not, undesirable traits and disorders occur.  An excess of any one element is thought to be a cause for illness in a person, as a naturally healthy body is a balanced one. The hands and feet can be seen as two of the body’s main control centers, through which one can clear blockages by sending energy along meridians to those parts of the body that need it.  Hands are the body's natural device for adjustment and repair. An entire assortment of ailments can be alleviated through strategic hand clapping. Again, the human body is made up of the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and space. These elements are regulated by positive and negative energies and constitute the bio-electrical system of the body. When functioning at optimal health, the electrical 'current' runs unobstructed through meridian lines in the body.

The five fingers on each hand are symbolic of the five books of the Torah. Our ten fingers altogether represent the ten laws written by the fingers of God on two stone tablets and given to Moses.  Deuteronomy 9:10 reads: The LORD gave me two stone tablets inscribed by the finger of God. On them were all the commandments the LORD proclaimed to you on the mountain out of the fire, on the day of the assembly.  Also, Deuteronomy 4:13 reads: He declared to you his covenant, the Ten Commandments, which he commanded you to follow and then wrote them on two stone tablets.

The five fingers represent the five upper Sephiroth of the Kabbalah Tree of Life: Justice, Mercy, Wisdom, Understanding and the Crown. The number five stands for Mercury, a planet that harmonizes the energies of all the other planets.  Therefore, we can harmonize our bodies through the five fingers of each hand.

With the Naam Clap Walk, you are awakening the healing power of the hands and stimulating the points of the meridians. These points then carry chi to the organs.  Therefore, through clapping, you are always supporting your organ function. After clapping, send the healing energy created within the hands to an organ or location of the body that may need energy.  By touching the organs with the conscious intention of healing, you are supplying them with healing energy. This will harmonize the organ or area with what is needed, either purifying or tonifying it.

You may do the Naam Clap Walk several times per week for as long as you like. Know that with this practice you are activating the mysterious healing power contained within your hands. The Naam Walk is an effective way to reboot your nervous system and re-integrate your mind and body. Use it regularly to both discharge and recharge your attention and energy. Perform the Naam Clap Walk to give your mind and body a break from over-focusing and to dispel stress so that you can operate from the totality of your entire brain for a greater enjoyment of life.

The Naam Clap Walk is part of The Naam 5 Healing Series Video sequence for vitality, youth and beauty. This practice engages our brain and body in the most sophisticated way, achieving maximum results in minimum amounts of time. Through a precise combination of breath and movement, and with the use of our muscles, this is a full body workout you can do anytime, anywhere!

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