The Mystical Radiance of Naam

September 01, 2006

Those who practice Naam Yoga shine beautifully and brightly like stars in the night sky. Naam Yoga magically makes your heart as pure as a crystal, your mind as radiant as the sun, your soul as vast as the universe, and your spirit both one with, and as mighty as, God. Working with the book "The Code of the Masters" will show you how to merge with Naam, which is the mightiest and most potent form of power for the spirit. Vibrating Naam will make you experience your vastness in this Age.

As you delve deeper into this ancient practice, you will connect with the light and radiance of your soul, and bathe in its purity and glow. Thus, the light of truth will grow and spread over the Earth. The impact of Naam Yoga is simple, straight and absolutely Divine. It will awaken your soul. The awakening and organization of the inner faculties are the secret to the kingdom of God; in order to see the unseen world, we need spiritual eyes, to hear the unseen world, we need spiritual ears. Just as the physical world relies upon the physical sense, the spiritual world requires spiritual organs to function harmoniously. We can have no realization of higher truth, no knowledge or access to the invisible, metaphysical and transcendental world until we cultivate our spiritual senses.

Without the opening or the activation of the inner spiritual organ, you cannot stop the cycle of time. You are forced to enter the loop of the time cycle, experiencing birth and death, poverty and wealth, health and illness, power and powerlessness in endless repetition in lifetime after lifetime. Your present incarnation on the earth is looped to your past and your future incarnations. When you are born, you enter a world in order to experience the life cycle of illusion, where wisdom and divine love languish in the bonds of egotism and insecurity. However, when you walk the path of light, you are reborn, re-entering a world in which spiritual man, emanating love, wisdom and truth, prevails and the animalistic faculties of man obey the laws of spirit. Those in whom the inner spiritual organ has not been activated do not have access to the heavenly light. As a result, you do not even know who you are. You do not recognize yourself and your divine nature. When your ego is not satisfied, you feel miserable. And you continue in your misery to acquire all manner of things to quell the insecurities of your ego and to stop your pain. Those who consider that good fortune lies in the achievement of worldly power, or wealth, are ignorant of the fact that this is the poorest form of fortune. One can possess all forms of material richness, yet their heart may still be in torment from morning to night. For he has become slave to his material belongings. They are enemies to his peace. It is only when we lack wealth or health that we say good fortune lies in them. Yet, when we attain them we find that we are still not satisfied. One's heart is restless until it becomes one with The One. Otherwise, you realize that you are not the end of your world, and you are not even the beginning. You do not even know when you are going to leave this world. God does not give the secrets of the universe to those who do not activate their spiritual organ. Those who do have knowledge of these secrets do not interfere in the Divine flow of the universe. In fact, they cease to manifest anywhere in their lives, completely accepting God's plan and presence in the world. This is the first sign of a saint: he smiles equally at happiness and misery, because he sees God everywhere and in everything. Those who live in knowledge of God's perfection also accept the presence of Mother Nature in all, the female principle that nurtures and protects each of us.

Nothing perturbs the saint because he recognizes that there is a reason for everything. He / She is serene because God, the creator of the cosmos, the all-prevalent Being is creating the possibility of everything positive and negative within the world. When we strive to understand transcendental life through opening our inner spiritual organ, we are also initiated into the law of natural order. It is a simple law. When a child cries in need, the mother immediately comes to offer everything to that child. She will not rest until the child is satisfied. So, too, as we cry out to the Mother principle within God, He will respond to us and fulfill what is truly important in our lives. This maternal nature functions with precision; those who give their free will to the Lord's Will experience total protection and care. When you have unshakeable faith that the Mother principle is protecting you, the God principle lives within you, and Nature manifests everything in a split second in perfect harmony with what is needed. Those who have given their free will to the Lord's Will, what they need, He provides. The Lord is there in you and He takes the responsibility. Nature manifests everything in seconds, in the split second. Regardless of what happens you are protected.

 As soon as you attribute your existence to free will, you extinguish the possibility of God within you. Your life is structured according to the ego, and accordingly, you accumulate never-ending karma. When you decide to submerge your free will in the Will of the Lord, the Creator, His love will far surpass any love you can imagine; He will love you a hundredfold. God cares for you; He lives in you. Recognize His presence, and you will understand that you are truly a manifestation of the Divine. If you break the laws of nature, you will have to pay for them. If you commit yourself to God, He will embrace and reclaim you as readily. Naam Yoga is the science of dissolving the Self into The Glory of the Creator. When you call to God from the heart, He shall answer. When we recite Naam with the sweet harmony of the mind, it doesn't even take long for God to respond to our pleas.

 We are now in the machine Age, where everything moves extraordinarily quickly and no one seems to have enough time. God moves even more quickly than our swiftest thought; therefore, take advantage of this time in history to hasten your connection with God. Practice Naam Yoga and create the heavenly vibrations within yourself by calling Him, and He shall answer. Rise to your glory as a Divine manifestation of the Almighty, recognize yourself for the glorious being you are meant to be, and sing of His glory.

Let this message penetrate your heart and uplift you even as it lodges itself deep in your being. Time is short; we can neither wait nor waste time.

Stop running and break yourself away from all these unhealthy patterns. Do not wait any longer, change your life by becoming one with the Divine. Concentrate on the Divine. Your mind truly will not rest until you resonate with the Divine in you, the super consciousness that waits to liberate you. No material comfort on the earth can give you the deep contentment of God's presence within your life. Possess everything if you must, be attached to everything if you must. But you will never experience true peace.

When you awaken the inner spiritual organ through the Naam, you also invite a beautiful sweetness into your life. Nothing can even describe the bliss you will feel; it is beyond words. God is the King of Kings, the strongest Father imaginable, the Maya that manufactures everything in existence in the split of a second. For Nature is a supreme reality manifested externally, a supreme reason and love. It has concealed its spiritual and Divine face from the lower consciousness. The latter sees only the shadow of things, their changeable visibility, and not their real content, the real life, nor those spiritual and reasonable creative powers, which manifest themselves and act behind that visibility. As you practice with Naam, the more humble you are, the greater the dividend you will receive from the Divine Father. The secret of life is through our rebirth and innermost union with God, through our reawakened spiritual faculty; the path to that light is through Naam, which manifests our destiny and enlightens us to Spirit and Truth.

Be one with Him, and you are the Lord in manifestation. Lord of all planets. O Sun of all Suns, O Moon of all moons, O King of all kings, O Lord of multitudes, O Seed of all creation. O Light of all lights. Merging with Him, is the only, and the ultimate, status you will ever achieve. That is the only name by which I can call you; I see the Divine everywhere and in everyone.

The practice of Naam Yoga will give you the grace and glory of the spiritual sight that sees the unseen. And that spiritual sight will take you beyond time and beyond karma. This is the key and the power which has liberated the saints and yogis and can liberate you now. Exert yourself as you remember that everybody, for the sake of glory, has to carry his or her own karmic burden before he or she will reach his or her bliss. If you consciously feel Naam within your soul, then the Divine in its own projectivity will cover you a million times. That is a fact of life. There is no proof required because it is the truth. The way of the Naam is simple and because of its simplicity it is powerful and magical. It is a miracle, not because of any magic present, not because of you, but because God is the Word, and when you give yourself to God through the Naam, you will see that protection and grace become yours, and the magic of the entire universe is you.

The whole world is in pain. The only ones who are out of pain are those who have digested the Naam. There is no power beyond Naam. It is a matter of either causing time to serve you or you serving time. Human life is a fight against karma. When karma wins it takes you through the cycle. If your spiritual practice wins, you will take many through the cycle of liberation. Those who work with Naam ignite the flames of light, the flames of love in their heart so that their eyes may be opened and their shields may be strengthened, so that they may stand eternally in the light of the Lord, guided and guarded by the heavens. Become a true channel of God. If the humblest of the humble, whom none knows, vibrates the Naam, all the four corners of the world will arise to recognize that man or woman.

Read the book "The Code of the Masters" several times. The wisdom of the three worlds has been condensed into "The Code of the Masters" in the hope that this seed may take root in your soul, and be nurtured so that it may grow into its full potential. This book will bestow upon you the possibility of becoming a benefactor of mankind. This book teaches you how to work with Naam, so that you can project your constructive vibration and healing light into the farthest reaches of space in order to help, comfort, enlighten and heal others. Those who undertake this work knowingly and deliberately gradually penetrate into the mysterious Arcana of Divine Creation. Working with this book will introduce the balance and harmony of Cosmic Life into your life.

The heavenly wisdom contained in "The Code of the Masters" will protect and purify you. It will sanctify your life and eliminate all obstacles and darkness in your destiny. "The Code of the Masters" is a condensed form of the whole of the Divine Spiritual Wisdom, the teachings of all Initiates. By constantly reading and practicing the techniques in this book, you will find that they bring order and balance to your life. Everything within you will become structured, organized and harmonious. Vibrate the Naam and your ten trillion cells will be imbued with the Love of the Lord. The Rootlight books and CDs are pure light. When you give light to others they will be blessed, and you will be blessed ten times over. Learn this sacred science, vibrate the Naam and serve others, and the radiant mark of purity will be written on your forehead.

Your Beautiful Letters

The Pure Love of an Open Heart

The new book and the Flow of Naam CD makes my heart sing... I am hearing it in my head even when it's not playing.. Please tell Dr. Levry how much I love the information and I am so sure the Triple Mantra saved my life a few months ago.. A really BIG deer ran right into my new Range Rover on the Drivers side.. and had I been 5 seconds slower he would have gone right through my windshield... There wasn't even but a small dent in the door... My first thought was of the Triple Mantra that I play every day for my precious husband (Wade) and I ... He takes his Harley to work most days.. so I worry a little bit.. he also survived a serious ruptured disk (in C7) a few years ago... and Ra Ma Da Sa was played in our house during his convalesces. He's 110% back now and the surgery at Duke was a success... I love him so we've been married almost 8 years now.. I am so sure Ra Ma Da Sa and Lumen De Lumine helped him.. He loves them too.. even though he doesn't quite "get" what it all means.. as he hasn't read all the books like I have.. he just says "Honey you know things... so I'll do whatever you ask me too"... I am soooo blessed..

Thank you and.. I love you all for the work you are doing...Raising the Vibration of the Planet.. It's why I'm here too... in my own little way... I know I make a difference....

Michelle, NC

Naam Yoga - Gateway to Higher Consciousness

I've been doing yoga for almost 20 years and have been seriously meditating for about 7 years. I've sampled quite a few techniques. So when I first went to consult Dr. Levry, I was skeptical: did he really know what he's talking about? I thought I had seen the best.

Now my meditation is so delicious, beyond anything I had known. Now I understand what the yogis mean when they say "God satisfies all your needs." It's like opening a door and entering an entirely different world, so beautiful, and so full of magic.

More importantly, now I can move between this world and the other levels of existence with ease. I don't have to strain myself to get there, and don't feel addicted to my meditation.

Naam yoga is extraordinary because it connects you with God. Gracias!!!

With gratitude,
Ranbir Kaur

The Path of Miracles

I have been a student of Dr. Levry for over a year now and my life has expanded in so many directions since I met him. From the first moment I stepped into his packed and exciting Naam Yoga class I felt a quickening in my heart and time seemed to stand still - only my heart and pure love remained. I have been chanting and listening to his healing music for some time now, but it was not till his Naam literally helped save my life that I realized the true alchemy at play!

I was driving home after being at a meditation group with friends. It was after midnight and I was tired so I called my Fiancée before embarking on my 20 minute car journey home. I got off the phone from my Fiancée who had asked me to drive carefully as it was late and the roads were wet from the rain. As he put down the phone he said that he got a terrible feeling in his stomach and a thought crossed his mind...'What if she dies tonight in a car accident'. He then proceeded to chant Guru Ram Das - from the Heaven's Touch CD for 20 minutes non-stop. My Fiancée loves Dr. Levry's music and chants it all the time, however he never remembers the exact meaning of each of the mantras. He said to me he had no idea why he felt inspired to sing Guru Ram Das and had not even heard it for a while - but some greater power moved him to sing loud and clear continuously. We worked out that as he was singing I had my car accident. It was a side collision and by the grace of Naam neither myself or the other lady were seriously injured although both our cars got wrecked and the air bags were set off. I know in my heart that the Rootlight music by Dr. Levry divinely stepped in to protect me and I feel blessed to have his soul technology in my life.

 As a yoga studio owner in Bethel, CT, time and time again my students come rushing to me - who is this singing they ask, as I play his music all the time! They are drawn to his magical vocal alchemy just as I was. I have had people cry just from chanting to his Ra Ma Da Sa and felt the healing. I also had a student who had to speak at her nephew's funeral and was so nervous she said she thought that her heart had literally jumped out of her body! She said that her mind was a blaze as she desperately tried to speak but no words came out. She tried all the mantras she could remember having been taught them by various teachers in the past and then she remembered Ra Ma Da Sa and heard Dr. Levry's voice in her heart. Her heart started to swell and relax and then the words flowed out like an effortless river. I myself have had this sensation as I go to teach sometimes. I wonder where will the inspiration come from and then I play one of Dr. Levry's CDs and I seem to plug into a source of light that carries me to a whole other realm of consciousness. But it doesn't stop there, my niece was born 6 weeks premature as my sister had some blood pressure complications. She was extremely worried and this only served to increase her blood pressure levels - so I sent her Ra Ma Da Sa and she said that it was the only thing that helped her through some grueling nights in the hospital under observation. She then found herself counseling other pregnant ladies reassuring them that all would go well, once again the flow of Naam divinely moved through vessels and poured out into its surrounding environment. My niece looks forward to Ra Ma Da Sa which my sister plays to her almost every day now...she is most definitely a Naam Baby!

I am grateful for Dr. Levry, his teachings and the light he brings to this world. Start vibrating Naam and just wait, the MIRACLES will come - see for yourself.....

Thank You from my heart to you, you are a Divine Teacher.
Gaby Ellert - Naam Yoga Teacher Bethel, CT

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