The Light of the Higher World and Naam Yoga

May 01, 2006

By revealing the hidden, essential truths of our various religious traditions and mystery systems, Naam Yoga allows humankind to begin to understand and relate to their Source so that we may gain a greater understanding of ourselves. Indeed, the time has come for the Divine Spiritual Wisdom to be shared in the spirit and service of helping humankind. As Universal Kabbalists, we understand that we do not weaken our power by passing on the truth. To the contrary, we are strengthened, for the generous are blessed and sanctified through their acts. In this issue we have included a small sampling of the testimonials we received from Naam Yoga students. Thank you for sharing your sincere experience. To all of our beloved readers, we wish you love, peace and light.

Naam Yoga is a symbol of energy and energy is the symbol of the magnetic field. Naam yoga will turn you into a center of radiance and magnetic energy. It will give you a very cleansing and heart opening effect, and make you very beautiful. It will bestow upon you a luminous aura and give you the capacity to heal others with your presence, your touch and your words. Naam Yoga is the most powerful tool available for the removal of mental, physical and spiritual suffering. Naam Yoga leads to the development of a benevolent, magnetic personality and radiant spirit. By practicing Naam, you become revitalized with God’s light and radiance. You begin to live from your heart instead of your head. Indeed, the scriptures tell us that so-called incurable illnesses vanish on the chords of a dedicated, consistent practice of Naam Yoga. By working with Naam, the body becomes attuned to a state of perfect healing, thereby granting you the love, faith and hope to sustain it. Conversely, when we neglect to vibrate Naam, our difficulties multiply. Become a student of the Divine Spiritual Wisdom and vibrate Naam so that you are open to the light of all worlds and realms, and are able to develop intuitive awareness, spiritual intelligence and health. Allow this spiritual technology to open your inner eye to the unseen and your inner ear to the unheard. Naam is the truth that leads to the great Truth. Truth is what guides us to happiness. Working with Naam Yoga is the path to indescribable ecstasy and the manifestation of your highest destiny and bliss. Naam Yoga allows you to receive wisdom, truth and love, or the source of purest knowledge, the principle of morality and the essential pure motive of will. Love and wisdom complete the spirit of truth, the inner light that illuminates the transcendental subjects within us. As each individual is infused with the kingdom of God, the kingdom of truth, morality and welfare, the spirit of love, peace and light flourishes on a wide scale and leads to global healing. Naam Yoga accomplishes this by opening the organ that grants us a realization of higher truth. This organ is the intuitive sense faculty of the transcendental world. By practicing Naam, you eat the fruit of the Tree of Life, and it nourishes you with spiritual joy and healing.

Things are changing rapidly. We are at the advent of the Golden Age, which means that the planetary forces are at the cosmic steering wheel. We are engaged in a fierce battle between light and darkness as the zodiac signs use human beings as their vehicle for energetic war. The Earth is also engaged in combat. In order to survive and be free of misery, man must tap into the immortal, incorruptible principle within and develop it to the point that it devours the corruptible, mortal principle. The origin of man is God. The origin of the human race on earth is man’s descent into matter. In most cases, human life is the manifestation of privation and struggle. However, at one time man occupied a much different place in the divine plan. We were once endowed with many superior faculties that made us a potent being, higher than the angels. Through misuse of free will, we descended from this first estate. Now, our individual and collective task is to become reintegrated into the archetype so that primitive Adam may be restored. Until this occurs, we will continue to suffer the consequences of the physical world. It is the Yoga of Naam that can progressively restore our connection to the higher realms. The yoga of Naam will progressively restore that connection. By vibrating Naam and turning his spiritual eye upward in preparation for his return to his original home, man will revive his communication with, and rulership of, angelic beings. The only pathway back to God is through a human body that vibrates Naam. We have been given a golden opportunity to reunite with God through this sacred practice.

Naam Yoga is the highest and most accessible form of yoga. Everyone, regardless of race, religion, age or physical condition, can practice it. When you are confronted with emotional or physical difficulties, when all support and hope has vanished, when you are under the power of obsessive sexual desire, anger and worldly attachments, when you have committed great sins and other mistakes, find relief in the practice of Naam Yoga. It will transport you away from evil and into the bosom of the Divine, who is Eternal and Permanent and True. Naam will soothe your mind, body and soul. Vibrate the Naam, heal yourself, and help and uplift others.

Experiences of Naam

Allowing the Body to Heal

Naam Yoga is just simply amazing. I occasionally suffer from extended panic/anxiety attacks, sometimes they even wake me from sleep. When they happen, the feeling is one of certainty that I am dying.

The other night, several days after attending the first Naam yoga intensive at Universal Force Healing Center, I went to bed late after a very stressful day... I knew I was in for an attack. Usually I lie in bed for an hour feeling helpless, I get up, do some yoga (I have been studying various types of yoga for more than 5 years), breath meditations, frog pose, get very angry, throw things around, bang doors, and in general, do anything to take my mind off the fact that my body is screaming at me I am dying. My partner, unable to sleep with the noise and ruckus, sometimes tries to help me, but I am always so rude and angry that it creates problems later. These attacks can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

The other night, I felt it coming on for about 15 minutes, this feeling of dread growing inside me at what I knew was coming. I just stayed calm and decided to do the one minute breath, which during an attack should just be called the 8 second breath. This night though, I tried a mudra I learned during the Intensive (for stopping heart attacks) and simultaneously began chanting Naam in my head. I was amazed by what happened. My breath rate remained very slow, and I was able to stay calm, quiet and lying down the whole time. That was it! All I remember was the Naam cascading through my head. In short order I rolled over and went to sleep. The best part was that my partner slept through the whole thing. After 5 years of living with this, this is the most remarkable outcome I've ever had. I finally feel freed of this thing that has plagued me for so long.

Naam Yoga is Amazing - Simply amazing.

Richard L.


Purity of Mind

Every single time I have gone to a Naam yoga class, my life has been profoundly affected. I have never experienced anything, so consistently, in just an hour and a half, to open my eyes to the best in me. Judgment and fear falls away.

Two weeks ago, as I arrived to that night's Naam yoga class, I had been thinking about a friend whose actions have directly caused me pain, and subsequently led me to develop a grudge against them. I was struggling to forgive but couldn't seem to find peace within. I was angry and frustrated inside, not being able to come to a resolution and still suffering the pain of discord.

That night, I ran into my friend shortly after class and before I knew it, I was hugging them, sincerely! I was so surprised! My mind reached for all of the thoughts I’d been having of judgment and anger and hurt feelings, and they were gone; there was nothing for my mind to grasp on to—I was in complete surrender to the light and love and forgiveness that flooded my entire being—all from one Naam yoga class.

Not only was I able to look this person in the eye and experience love for them, I also realized that I had been trying to act as The Judge, and that it really is none of my business and that it is not for me to judge, that my only job is to love. I know we have the capacity to judge and evaluate for our safety and well-being, but I realized that night that that kind of judgment is not an excuse for not forgiving.

Thank you God. Thank you for Naam yoga.


A Deeper Wisdom

Where to begin? From getting out of financial difficulties to discovering the true purpose of life through service, the sacred science of Naam has profoundly affected my everyday life and my spiritual outlook. I have been a student of Dr. Levry's for several years now. At the same time, I have been studying western medicine and research. Medicine today only touches the surface of physical and mental health. Naam goes to the root. Doctors today are only beginning to realize this. I have shared the teachings that I have learned from Dr. Levry with many of my medical colleagues, and they have seen the effects themselves. Naam can bring people out of depression and anxiety. It allows people to re-program negative thought patterns and actions in their lives so that they attract the right energy and environment. At the same time, it is this positive energy that prevents and reverses physical illness. It is something I recommend to anyone who wants to unlock the mysteries of life and write their own destiny in leading healthy, uplifting, and purposeful lives.


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