June 10, 2015


The Naam Yoga healing movements done during Naam Simran, at the beginning of Shakti Naam Yoga classes, transmute and sublimate our creative Fire and carry them to the heart with the continuous Jaap of Naam. Done this way, Naam Simran has the power to transmute our creative energies into Light and Fire. In the Temple of the Heart, the creative energies are mixed with the Christic forces, and elevated to the superior worlds. This Naam, along with these movements, is a formula of priestly power that Naam Yogis use in order to perform internal Alchemy, so that they may arrive at the feet of the Divine Mother. In other words, this combination of Naam Simran, along with this science of Naam of harmonious movements and their interrelationship to our  thoughts and emotions, awaken the creative forces and gifts that lie dormant within us so that they may blossom into their fullness. They infuse our bodies with the harmony, rhythm, and the healing powers they are entrusted with, making our bodies healthy, strong, slender and beautiful.

The Divine Mother always listens to her true devotees, and she is always guided by the fire of the heart, in other words she is guided by the fire of Love. Therefore, it is essential to do the movements of Naam Simran with grace and love. They must be performed with an awakened consciousness. Participants must feel the energy implanted within each movement and the forces these movements spark. If our thoughts and emotions are not present, the movements become mechanical and their revitalizing impact on our body, mind, heart, soul and spirit is limited. Again, by doing these movements, along with Naam, we are praying to the Divine Mother, the Spirit of God, our Innermost, to come down from Heaven, in order to work on us, and awaken the healing and creative fires in us. The various healing movements, along With Naam Simran, destroy everything that holds us back by awakening those forces through which we can neutralize some of our negative karmic influences.

Shakti Naam Yoga classes often begin with Naam Simran, a graceful symphony of movement done to the rhythm of vibrating Naam. In Shakti Naam Yoga Simran, we are moving while doing Naam. Where there is no movement there is stagnation. Staganation leads to accumulation of waste products, and this causes degeneration and disease. These opening movements allow healing change to take place. Change brings renewal and rejuvenation. The combination of Naam Simran along with specific movements and stretches get rid of the stagnation that leads to degeneration and disease. They wash away karma while bringing in a new wave of healing, healthy change.

God has a beautiful plan for each of us, and each of us has a true place in life. When we attain this place, we are completely happy and secure. Conversely, until we find this place, we can never achieve full internal contentment, no matter what external things we may have. Doing Naam, specifically Simran, is a way to find your true place, because it brings your entire nature quickly into alignment with the Will of God. Indeed, Naam and Simran is the spiritual path to find what God intends for you. Once this occurs, obstacles melt away and doors begin to open. Fulfilling success that brings sufficient monetary reward is then yours.

It is by living in alignment with the Will of God that we find our peace. If you can focus on the Divine so as to purify yourself, you will obtain all that you desire. In turning your attention to the sacred act of vibrating Naam Simran, you become divine because you are converting yourself into an extension of the Creator. Naam is a compact formula for the development of the soul that envelops you in a brilliant burst of light and the most subtle, potent forces in nature, and heals you. Through Naam Simran, we are praying to the Spirit of God, our Inner being, to work on our creative forces within us. This, in turn, awakens our fires, which are the forces of the Shekinah, or Shakti.

Naam meets us wherever we are on our spiritual path, deeply influencing and regulating our core essence while activating the physical, mental, and spiritual forces within us. In turn, you develop a better understanding of yourself, other people and the world at large. Naam provides rapid spiritual development for those who are ready. All you need to do is vibrate Naam honestly, and from the heart.

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