The Healing Power of the Three Kabbalistic Pillars of Naam Yoga

June 15, 2016

The Healing Power of the Three Kabbalistic Pillars of Naam Yoga

Vibrating Naam in Shakti Naam Yoga, transforms and expands human consciousness by acting as a bridge between the finite consciousness and the Infinite consciousness.

At the very entrance to King Solomon’s Kabbalistic Temple there stood two pillars. The right column was called Jachin, which means Strength, Wisdom, and “He shall establish”. The left column was called Boaz, which means Beauty, Love, and “In it is strength”. Therefore, when we look at the symbolism of the two pillars taken together, we can interpret them to mean, “In strength shall My House be established”. The scripture states Solomon put the pillar Jachin on the right and Boaz on the left. This is correct when one is facing the building during construction. However, as the temple represents our body and mind, and we are in essence standing inside it, Boaz would be on the right side and Jachin on the left.

These two pillars are representative of the two columns on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, which symbolize Mercy and Strength, respectively. Jachin has its foundation on Chokmah, the outpouring of the Wisdom of God. Boaz has its foundation in Binah, the understanding of God. The union of the two pillars generates a third, or middle, pillar that esoterically represents the altar of the heart. Stated symbolically in another way, the right pillar is the fire triangle. The left pillar is the water triangle. The middle pillar is the Star of David.

Taken together, the three pillars are symbolic of the work we do in Naam Yoga. The left column stands for Shakti Naam. The right column stands for Divine Spiritual Wisdom. Naam represents the middle pillar; the combined forces of both the left and right pillars. This middle pillar is the altar of the heart, and also the path to regain the lost Word. Naam Yogis believe wholeheartedly in the power of the Word which went forth at the creation of the world, but is presently “lost” to the masses. It is by practicing with the Word that Naam Yogis are able to meditate on the power of the Supreme Being so that we are able to hear the Word and receive the Lost Word, the Light of Lights. God spoke first, and the world came into being. Therefore, everything emanates from the Word and without words everything becomes nothing. The Word is the basic foundation of our spiritual body. Divine knowledge comes through the mastery of the Word By vibrating Naam, while practicing Shakti Naam Yoga, we can reach Divinity without interpretation or understanding, for when we repeat Naam, our hearts open and we touch God. We begin to understand the Divine tongue, and the secrets that have been veiled for so long are suddenly revealed. In our spiritual practice, then, we are bringing the left pillar, or Shakti Naam Yoga, and the right pillar, or Divine Spiritual Wisdom, into harmonious unity via the conciliating pillar of equilibrium, Naam. This middle pillar of Naam takes us beyond the other two pillars to reach the higher realm of enlightenment. Meditating on the Word of God is what opens the heart to Godhood, and fills it with the sweetness of Divine Love. Since the Fall of Man, the Word has become our only hope. Working with the Word is a simple and time proven truth that allows you to gracefully face the challenges of time and space. It moves our energy to the larynx, to make it the seat of our creative power. By developing the omnipotence of the larynx, we can command the forces of nature. This mighty power of Man is completely at your disposal through Naam Yoga.

The two pillars, Jachin and Boaz, also signify the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Jachin, the left hemisphere, is associated with logic and the intellect. This hemisphere deals with physicality and concreteness. The Pillar of Jachin not only represents our intellect, but also our concrete, physical and earthly natures. The physical practice of Shakti Naam Yoga takes complete care of our physical body through our energetic body. Boaz stands for the animating energy in creation and is symbolic of the right hemisphere. This hemisphere is associated with the intuitive, abstract and creative principle. In other words, it represents our higher, spiritual natures. Divine Spiritual Wisdom, takes care of our spiritual nature. As we absorb Divine Spiritual Wisdom, our consciousness expands and we are filled with so much Light that we become unshakeable. Working with Divine Spiritual Wisdom, will bestow a state of consciousness, self-confidence, self-equilibrium and self-balance upon you that leads to radiance.

Shakti Naam Yoga and Divine Spiritual Wisdom allow you to establish the proper balance, both physically and spiritually, so that Naam can then help you manifest Christ consciousness within. Again, they stand for the pillars at the entrance to the temple, and represent the entire mystery of Being and Consciousness. In other words, the two pillars represented by Shakti Naam Yoga and Divine Spiritual Wisdom are the gateways to the temple and, above all, the Holy Naam takes you to the Holy of Holies, where God dwelled. Shakti Naam Yoga is a practice that is built upon the mystery of the WORD, which is the link between our energy and the Divine energy.

Vibrating Naam in Shakti Naam Yoga, transforms and expands human consciousness by acting as a bridge between the finite consciousness and the Infinite consciousness.

As Jesus said, a man does not live by bread alone. It is only when Jachin, or the physical aspects of our dual nature, does not have the redeemer and guide, Boaz, the spiritual aspect, that the balance becomes compromised. Naam becomes the healing space that is created when the two pillars are esoterically and symbolically One. In other words, just as the subconscious and conscious natures of our mind are married and joined to form the bride of Christ who is one with God, resulting in Christ consciousness, so these two pillars as One through Naam as the conciliating pillar of equilibrium, symbolize the Summum Bonum of Man’s spiritual evolutionary journey in a physical body. The result of that journey is the healed, balanced and integrated personality. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil represents self-consciousness. The Tree of Life represents the spiritually awakened soul. The guardian of the Tree of Life has a fiery sword because fire symbolizes purification and refinement. To reach the Higher Knowledge and reunion with the Father, it is necessary to purify, or refine, the personality. Shakti Naam Yoga is the science of rebinding humankind with God so as to initiate and accomplish beneficial changes in our fundamental state of being. The goal is to manifest self-healing, self-realization and God-realization so that we are able live our lives with the sole purpose of serving the Divine in all fellow beings.

It took Solomon seven years to build the temple, (1 Kings 6:38), because there are seven energy centers that our consciousness must flow through in order to reach the consciousness level that corresponds to the Shekinah, the Glory of God. Just as it took Solomon seven years to build the temple, so too must consciousness ascend upward through the seven energy points of the holy temple of the body in order for us to realize Christ consciousness. As the individual gives birth to a spiritual consciousness that is introspective in nature through the practice of Shakti Naam Yoga, he/she is led to a state of Grace, greatness, fulfillment and achievement.

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