The Healing Power of Speech

September 01, 2008

Everyday speech is so powerful that you can determine a person’s level of spiritual evolution by evaluating his/her speech. Esoterically speaking, the eyes of man represent the mind, the tongue corresponds to the heart and the hands and legs of man represent the human will. When the eyes, the tongue, the hands and legs of man are free, it shows that he/she has a mind, good heart and willpower to work with, as well as his/her healing words to uplift and serve others in order to fulfill God’s Will.

Words are active and alive. They contain tremendous power. An individual’s speech will also tell you whether he/she follows the way of darkness or the way of light. Control of our speech is one of the prerequisites of living a spiritual life. We must become wise enough to recognize that God sits at the tip of the tongue, and resides in the heart of every man and woman. We must understand that harmful, hurtful words break the shrine of God located in the heart. As light workers, our positive speech must become deliberate; instigated and controlled by the God within so that an inner alchemy develops whereby destructive passion is transmuted into compassion, lust into love, and antipathy into sympathy. Nothing is more potent and stimulating than healing words. When we positively direct our words and actions, we rebalance our karmic account by canceling out our previous debts. Moreover, when we use our words to relieve the mental burdens of another, we direct that individual on a path of self-examination and light. This is a spiritual law that underscores the fact that God exists in each and every human being. Conversely, nothing is more damaging than gossip, criticism and negative speech. Indeed, if you disregard the spiritual law of positive speech by gossiping and slandering others, you will never experience your rightful happiness and joy.

The Word is God and God is the Word. If you are blessed at birth - or suddenly or slowly thereafter, then nature expects that you will at least recompense life by using the blessings you have received to serve and uplift others with your words. If you fail to carry out this mission, nature will deny you the joy you could have received from that light. In other words, if you do not use your words to uplift and heal, you cut the link with Heaven. In so doing, you are no longer in harmony with the universe, and blessings of health, wealth and happiness will elude you. When you speak under the spell of negativity, you create an outlet for additional dark entities with your spiritual immaturity. When we gossip, criticize, or slander others, we absorb their bad karma or black light. Moreover, the bit of spiritual attainment we may have gained is dissipated when we bring other people down.

Unknown to most people, the following are interesting indications on the hand of a man or woman, regarding the impact of gossip and slander:
  • Having an island under the ring finger or on the line of life is an unfortunate sign, particularly for those who engage in slander.
  • Having a star at the base of the middle finger is highly unfavorable. Slander will be devastating to those who have this sign whether they are successful or not. Indeed, such people will become the play thing of fate and be a party to tragedy. They will pay for their karmic sins in a terrible way.
  • The same holds true for those who have a cross under the ring and/or middle fingers. It foretells misfortune and adversity activated in the life of a person that brings other people down.
  • Also, if a cross appears on your mount of Venus, stay away from slander, gossip, and negativity, because they will be a fatal influence on your love life.

Always keep in mind that positive speech is a weapon against disease and bad luck. It is a way to conquer death. Do not injure another person’s reputation. Do not speak ill of the absent, and above all do not speak ill of the departed. The foundation of yoga is self control. And self control is the link with the happiness of self. Good company and good words are the signs of virtue. Good and healing words bring light to the heart.

Words that seek to bring other people down keep us away from our own light. By indulging in harmful or negative speech, we fritter away our soul forces. We should regard human intelligence so highly that nothing unworthy should be presented to it. We should approach our listeners as holy people are approached, by offering them an intellectual gift through our words. We should strive to add to the light and virtue of those with whom we speak. We should make our conversation center around spiritual truths, and should distribute our words with moderation and respect. Above all we should remember that speech, or the Word, is the Light of Infinity, which should constantly increase. Choose then, to speak carefully, consciously and intelligently, for this is the speech that is significant to Infinity. Just look around yourself. You will see many people destroying their love relationships, careers and even their life's works by carelessly using the wrong words. Everything comes from the Word because the Word is God. That is why in the holy scriptures it is written, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God." Always remember that your tongue is sacred, and you are what you speak. Create words that are uplifting and healing like luminous beings so that you are able to help others while simultaneously propelling yourself toward your accomplishments.

Human beings were created to serve as conductors of Divine Kindness. Be good to all, and do good unto all. Do good to all and the Divine in you will be awakened, and God will begin to speak to you. Your soul will open and you will rejoice. Your ears will be opened to His Word, and your mind will be able to accept it. Good is manifested in three ways: one can be good to oneself; to one's neighbor; and to God. Many have learned the art of being good to themselves. Now is the time when we must learn the art of being good to our neighbors and to God. This is of the utmost importance, yet seemingly the most difficult for human beings to do.

The earth is a karmic land. Your challenges are not accidental. Rather, they are the result of karma. Those who no longer have karma do not need to be on the earth. We must consider how we can work positively with karma during this incarnation so as to improve our lives, improve further incarnations, and by extension, improve the world through our enlightenment. Through deliberate acts and words that are intentionally constructive, unencumbered by selfish or personal motives, we can set forces in motion that will powerfully act in the name of good for all mankind. Do not be fooled that the good words and actions of one person are insignificant; they can and do contribute to changing the world.

We must be able to see God in all and use our words to create and support light. It is sacrilegious to use the tongue, which belongs to the Spirit of Light, to destroy others. When people follow this desire, they become part of the black lodge. Such people attract the dark entities of the astral world, which then invade and weaken their bodies, minds, hearts and intellects in order to gain nourishment. It is weakness of mind, body and/or spirit that causes the spiritually un-evolved among us to gossip, criticize, and speak ill of those who are absent. Such weakness creates hideous spirits that become monsters who work against the speaker, eventually ruining his life by sucking up the fluid that should be used to nourish the higher self. The only way to rid ourselves of these beings is to dedicate the words that come from our mouths to Heaven by using them to uplift others through healing speech.

Furthermore, negative speech, such as gossip and criticism, is a form of black magic that is highly detrimental, as it leaves us open to the malevolent entities of the lower astral plane. Indeed, negative speech is a form of psychic attack, and its impact is threefold. First, it impacts those who are spoken about. Secondly, it impacts those who listen. Those who listen to gossip and criticism are passive participants. Lastly, it impacts those who listen and actively participate. This last impact is particularly devastating. Those who join in as another gossips and criticizes begin to move the energy of their soul out of line with the clockwise tides of evolution and in line with the counter clockwise tides of involution.

Those who are practicing black magic by injecting the venom of negative speech into the minds and hearts of others demonstrate a distinct lack of Divine Light. They are members of the black lodge who are unable to release themselves from their evil impulses. The spiritual man or woman who is able to see himself/herself in everyone he/she encounters, sees his/her soul reflected in the souls of those around him/her, whether they are of a higher or lower nature. This ability to see yourself in all, regardless of their nature, and regardless of whether or not you like them, is the highest ideal of spiritual attainment and it helps us to refrain from negative speech. How can we speak badly of those who are reflections of ourselves? Keep in mind that the pattern of your lifestyle is created by what is communicated to you, and what you communicate to others, for your words are a reflection and a result of what sits in the subconscious mind. At the end of the day, we are what our subconscious process reveals us to be.

When our thoughts are negative, and when we participate in negative speech, the beneficial forces of the universe are dispersed and we are left open to mental, emotional and physical disease. The weak minded and impressionable among us may suffer from the negative repercussions of gossip and criticism for months, and even years, after the initial comment passes their ears. Keep in mind that there are profound reasons underlying every situation and every personality. It is essential that you refrain from condemning others with gossip or criticism. When we refuse to participate in speaking ill of others, we destroy the harmful psychic germs that attack minds, hearts, bodies and spirits. When our thoughts, emotions and words are positive, we attract beneficial forces. Indeed, there is a well-known spiritual law which states that everything moves in a circle. What we send out returns to us at some point unless it is absorbed elsewhere. Effective psychic defense, as it relates to negative speech, is found in our refusal to absorb what has been directed our way. In short, when we do not react to the negative commentary said about us, or the negative commentary we hear about someone else, we turn its energy back on the sender.

If you find yourself under psychic attack, its impact will be heightened if you are not healthy, or if you do not belong to a powerful Egregore. In addition, an empty stomach and/or constipation will enhance the negative impact. To help yourself, purify your blood and get a lot of exposure to the sun. Stay in the city, or a densely populated area, so that the energy of the attack is dissipated; being in nature concentrates the energy. Above all, learn to love your soul by refusing to listen to negative talk. This one act will go a long way toward keeping you healthy in mind, heart and body. The more you refrain from listening to, and participating in, slander, gossip and criticism, the more you strengthen your internal forces, and the more rapidly you develop.

As Naam Yogis and Universal Kabbalists, we do not practice gossip, negative criticism, hatred or bringing other people down. Love and understanding is our way of life. As a matter of fact, one of the precepts of the Naam Yoga Teacher Training Code essentially states: “Judge not that ye may be judged". There is no place for judgment and/or condemnation in the life of a true yogi or Kabbalist. A deathly dose of hypocrisy and conceit is required to judge another’s actions, thoughts or words. We would each do better to take a long, hard look at ourselves. Is it not true that there is plenty, within our own behavior, deserving of reproach? One of the great laws of spirituality is that one must be the most severe judge of oneself and the most understanding friend to others. Often, when we judge too easily, we are unaware of the person’s true story and hidden sorrows. No one is perfect. We all possess imperfections. Before focusing in on someone’s faults, why not try to discover their positive qualities. Think of how much more fruitful this approach can be.

Spiritually evolved people focus on themselves, and consciously try to correct their own faults. In so doing, their actions teach others and everyone gains. Such individuals acquire the moral serenity that opens the heart to intuition and understanding others. When we become aware of the areas in our lives that require change and/or growth; when we strive to address our faults, we are better able to be compassionate. First, you must know what you need, and become the master of your tongue. Allow your healing words to exert a natural, positive power on the human soul. Indeed, there is nothing in life that appeals to the human soul more than words of love, peace, light and kindness. Those who understand the positive use of speech become the healers of man; they sympathize with the troubles of their fellow human beings; they seek out ways in which they can be of service. They know that whatever they do to others, they do to themselves. They attract sympathy and love, because their speech has been directed at bringing people up. It cannot be stressed enough: There is no excuse for criticism or envy. Individuals who are unable to renounce criticism and envy cannot participate in true spiritual work of Light.

Through our words we can either unite ourselves with the ineffable source of truth, or unite ourselves with the abyss of darkness and lies. You will find that in some yogic and spiritual circles, some people are using negativity and fear tactics, as a means of getting more students, and manipulating those whose minds are weaker than theirs. As a spiritual person regardless of your chosen vocation in life, no matter how many kriyas or meditations you do, if you still continue to gossip, slander and put other people down, it means your spiritual practice is truly not working for you; it is not touching the Light of your soul and bringing the best out of you. You may appear externally healthy but you are internally sick. This very behavior shows a lack of Light, and defeats the purpose of true spirituality.

Those who use these negative tactics are full of fear and anger, mentally twisted and spiritually immature. In regard to those who gossip, criticize and slander others, we sympathize with them for the difficult positions they occupy in life, for the unhappy and unfortunate work they are called upon to do, and for the natural disdain that is directed toward them by those who are torchbearers of the Light. Those who challenge the spread of Light and present resistance, render no service and are of little value. They do not succeed even in destroying or in completely and permanently preventing the greater Light from shining or the stronger beam from manifesting. Whatever delay in the progress of Light is brought about by their activities, ultimately results in greater Light and in greater activity.

In Naam Yoga and Universal Kabbalah, you never impose on someone your beliefs, views and convictions, let them be free to plant the garden of their life on their own, in the way they understand it. You can give a person the seeds of Divine Spiritual Wisdom and Naam, but he/she has to plant and cultivate them alone. A person can make some mistakes because no one is perfect. Evil is not located in the mistakes that a person makes but in the failure to correct them. It is important that a man or woman have freedom to develop the right way of thinking, feeling and acting; at the same time, he/she should give a free hand to others so that they also may develop the proper way of life.

The more spiritually evolved a person is, the more he or she learns that what he or she knows best is that he or she knows nothing. The more we realize how wise it is to neither judge nor criticize what we do not understand, the more humble we become. It is important to keep in mind that there are always two sides to the truth. As long as you have one side of the truth, and you do not have the other side, you do not have the whole truth. Always remember “Sat Kar Tar,” God does everything. It is all God. You must develop the higher consciousness that allows you to see God in darkness, as well as God in light. It is by bringing the positive and negative poles together that light is produced. The whole truth is 360 degrees and not 180 degrees. God is the beginning and the end. The end of everything is truth that is God. But truth which is the end of everything must merge with love which is the beginning of everything, and complete a full circle, like the snake biting its tail. God is love, the seat of love is in your heart and that is where you will find the truth. That will only happen when your heart is open. When you heart is open, you rise above gossip, criticism, negative speech, hatred, and non tolerance. You become, loving, forgiving, patient, compassionate, tolerant and kind.

 All that God desires of a man or a woman, is a pure and clean heart upon which Divinity can write His Law. If you cannot love the Life that God has given you, if you cannot value your soul by awakening it, and if your closed heart is causing purity as its essence to be beyond you, how can you teach others? If you cannot open your heart to experience self healing for yourself, how can you help others open theirs? Gossip and criticism stem from a closed, cold heart. Those with closed hearts become burdens for others and extinguish the light in their own surroundings. Not knowing what the way of light looks like, such people blame, manipulate and take advantage of those who are mentally and emotionally vulnerable. They do not realize that spirituality is about self-analysis and love, and that the tongue is a precious tool, responsible for both the unhappy and happy events of our lives. Always remember that it takes a long time to build something and it takes one moment to destroy it. A slip of the tongue can destroy your whole life. You must realize that the tongue was not given to man to be used to weaken or destroy others. It was given to man to heal and uplift others. Its primary function is to help the one who has fallen, to enlighten and encourage the one who is searching for the Divine Spiritual Wisdom, to guide the one who is lost, and to uplift humankind. Therefore, employ your tongue wisely. Use it to bless, heal, give thanks, and enliven others. Again, God sits at the tip of your tongue. Use it to bring the harmony of the heavens into your life and the lives of those around you.

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