The Divine Mind Formula
from Dr. Levry

February 12, 2020

The Divine Mind Formula <br>from Dr. Levry

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We are surrounded by a receptive infinite intelligence which receives the impressions of our thoughts and words, which are expressed thoughts, and acts  upon them. We must plant an idea in the divine mind of this receptive infinite intelligence; then it becomes a law which must go forth. 

No matter what you or another person may be going through, stop thinking about your problem, and think about God instead by focusing on the Divine Mind Formula God is love, God is wise, God is kind, God is good. This Divine Mind Formula works even if you think you cannot fully understand it. By working with the formula God is love, God is wise, God is kind, God is good, you can resolve many challenges. All you have to do is repeat it a few times when you have a chance or a need.  When you focus your consciousness on the divine formula God is love, God is wise, God is kind, God is good, you are focusing your consciousness on God, so you become as unlimited and as vast as God. As a result, you establish a divine state of consciousness that allows you to be open to absolute goodness. Nothing can prevent this divine statement from working. Nothing can stop words of truth. With the divine formula God is love, God is wise, God is kind, God is good, it is God who is working, and not you, and so the perceived weaknesses and limitations of your circumstances are of no account in the process.  

In Divine Spiritual Wisdom, when we speak of God, we are speaking of the One Universal and Infinite Mind, which is infinite love, infinite wisdom, infinite truth and infinite goodness. Simply think or say God is love, God is wise, God is kind, God is good. In so doing, you are creating a divine mind. The divine mind does not recognize any evil or negativity.

In such a spiritual state, a person rises above the law of karma because this formula opens the door for the qualities of God as love, wisdom, truth, kindness and goodness to prevail at that very moment. Know that at any time, you can manifest a perfect state of consciousness by focusing on this formula. The formula God is love, God is wise, God is kind, God is good, allows you to create a conscious communion with God. Therefore, cultivate a divine mind by realizing that God is Good, and His creation is Good. 


Those who work with the Divine Mind Formula have seen real life miracles happen right before their very eyes.

"My husband and I had just finished a hike and we were at the public restroom at the end of the hiking trail. We heard a loud noise as if something hit the floor. When we turned the corner, we saw a man lying on the floor unconscious.We checked his pulse and he wasn’t breathing. His face started turning from blue to purple. I thought, what can I do? I wanted to pray. I remembered that with the Divine Mind Formula I could affirm the presence of God in the situation. In a very calm low voice I began saying, God is love, God is wise, God is kind, God is good, over and over. I didn’t let this thought leave my mind. I just let it play over and over in my mind. After some time, the man began to move. He was breathing again. By the time the paramedics arrived he was fully conscious. I felt so much love and gratitude in my heart for this simple formula. It made me realize that all day long, no matter what we are going through, we can affirm the presence of God instead of the presence of our problem. I use this formula all the time now." -R.S

We must realize that conscious thought operates through a Power which is Infinite, so there can be no limit to the power to heal, other than the limit of our ability to conceive that Power as healing. In order for healing to occur, we must send down the right kind of thoughts into subjectivity. The fastest way to change any negative situation depends upon the condition in which we keep our consciousness. Our mental attitude is the key that brings events to pass. It is with our feelings that we bring circumstances to pass and not with our actions. Every time you feel, you are praying. The only real protection is the Practice of the Presence of God that manifests itself in grace, goodness, and freedom from limitation. By thinking this formula consciously and with deep feeling, we implant the right idea in the mind, and the mind reproduces this idea as an effect in the body or our reality. Most people have yet to realize that we are surrounded by a receptive infinite intelligence which receives the impressions of our thoughts and words, which are expressed thoughts, and acts upon them. We must plant an idea in the divine mind of this infinite receptive intelligence; then it becomes a law which must go forth. The most powerful thought is the one that carries the deepest feeling with it. By vibrating these sacred words, you are setting in motion a Universal law, which must not only accept what you say, but also the way in which you say it. 

God has given us the capacity to create a divine state of mind to manifest a perfect condition of consciousness. Transformation of a negative condition into a positive one, happens when our whole mind becomes Divine. Know that regardless of what you may be faced with, a challenge is a thought manifested. Everything that we see is an effect and every effect has followed a cause, generated in our mind by our choice of thoughts. Based upon the Principle of Causality, effects cannot make themselves, rather, they are held in our physical reality by the mind. When a negative situation comes into your life, think of God, and the negative situation will fade out. By vibrating Naam or thinking of God, it will melt away. We are working with a Universal Principle, or Law, which takes the impression of our thoughts and words and acts upon them. Know that this Universal Law is backed by the Divine Principle which is the   manifestation of omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience. With this practice of vibrating God is love, God is wise, God is kind, God is good, verbally and mentally, we move in thought from duality to divinity, from darkness to light, from negativity to positivity, and are able to get away from all recognition of any negative challenge or condition. 

"While travelling in Spain, my friend and I were eating at an outside venue along La Rambla, a beautiful tree-lined street in Barcelona. A man at a table near us started coughing and choking and fell to the ground. I was in a state of panic. I wanted to do something for him. At one point he just stopped moving. His body just lay there as if it was completely lifeless and his skin began turning grey. I remembered the story of how someone used the Divine Mind Formula to help another person who had passed out, so I just began saying over and over God is love, God is wise, God is kind, God is good. I said it out loud over and over, I didn’t care if anyone heard me, I just wanted to say it. It was the only thing I could do at that moment. I was so nervous, it was as if time was just frozen. I just kept saying the words and we saw the man begin to move a little, he began to throw up and then passed out again. I kept saying the affirmation over and over. I couldn’t tell how much time was passing, I just kept saying it. The man started moving again just as the paramedics arrived. To our surprise, he actually stood up and turned around and waved good bye to the crowd and walked away with the paramedics almost as if nothing had happened to him. I know for a fact in my heart, that this formula is very powerful and I will never stop using it." -D.D

Everything happens according to time and space. You cannot change time, but you can change space. Being stuck or challenged means that you are in a mental, spiritual, emotional, physical or energetic space that is causing you to experience a challenging reality. It means that you have to move from a limited space to an unlimited space by changing your mental, spiritual, emotional, physical or energetic space. Material power is limited power. Only divine power is unlimited. We are much greater than we or anyone else can imagine. Vibrating God is love, God is wise, God is kind, God is good, is a way in which to link yourself to the divine mind and consciousness, and through this link we turn to the unlimited divine power. Unlimited powers exist within us, but we use these powers in an unconscious way. This formula will release the power of your soul. As a result, your personality begins to reflect the goodness and beauty of God. Within our body is the immortal soul, that which sustains all. The soul is absolutely perfect, but when it identifies itself with limited conditions, its expression becomes overshadowed by human imperfection. As souls, we are reflections of God. Therefore, the soul, like God, has no karma. Continually realize that God is love, God is wise, God is kind, God is good, and God is Truth, and Truth is the knowledge or consciousness of God. This will allow you to establish the consciousness of love, wisdom, kindness, goodness and Truth and only good will be attracted to you. When we identify ourselves with the divine and healing pattern God is love, God is wise, God is kind, God is good, we cause ourselves to be in harmony with every person, everything and every situation.

If we can stabilize ourselves in the consciousness of this healing pattern, our external personality will develop and become attractive to all beings. Healing becomes automatic when our communion with God is perfect. By communing with God, all bonds that limit you are broken. Practice the Presence of God by invoking this formula and you will become free from karma because God is free from karma. Every time we meditate deeply upon God, beneficial changes take place in the patterning of the brain. There is an unlimited amount of energy hidden in our brain. You can overcome any challenge by tapping into the unlimited power of protection that lies in the strong thought of God is love, God is wise, God is kind, God is good. God can do anything and so can you, if you learn to identify yourself as a child of God. By choosing to work with this formula, we stop identifying with our mortal self, and merge with our immortal self. It is our capacity to consciously control and use this power, that allows us to accomplish so much more. It is important not to allow ourselves to become victims of the circumstances of the past. Begin now by applying and living by what you know about God, which is God is love, God is wise, God is kind, God is good.

The DIVINE MIND FORMULA, is recorded in the music tracks Divine Sodarchan and Divine Goodness which are featured on the album Divine Goodness as well as the Divine Mind Metaphysical Formulas for Abundance and Healing from Dr. Levry. Click here to listen.

"I was helping to organize a large week-long event with almost 250 people. It was a huge production with thousands of minute details. During the third day of the event, the main lecturer asked that I hand out a special booklet to everyone that had taken us months to plan and print. I started handing the booklets to my team members and I thought wow, it looks like half the booklets are missing, but I wasn’t sure. The team started coming back to me saying, we need more. Everyone who was missing a booklet started running up to me saying I need one, I need one! I was so mortified because I knew the lecturer only had the next hour to cover the material.  Somehow, during what felt like personal crisis, I was still also able to repeat God is love, God is wise, God is kind, God is good. I heard stories about how people had used it to help others, but I didn’t know if it would work for me. Everyone was running toward me trying to get a booklet and I just kept repeating those words. Then, I looked in the back of our lecture hall and I noticed a man sitting in a chair and I thought, that man can help me. I don’t know where the thought came from. I walked over to him and started talking to him and he said, “Do you know who I should give this bag to, I just found it.”  I looked in the bag and it was the rest of the booklets I needed. That day, I felt like the hand of God was at my side. So now, any time life gives me what seems like a stressful situation, I just say God is love, God is wise, God is kind, God is Good. I don’t let any other thought happen except that thought. I have come to realize that something good happens every time I use it." A.H

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