Overcoming Health Problems and Life's Challenges with Naam

April 01, 2006

By listening to the right kind of sacred music, you can open your spiritual centers, causing your vibration to touch the higher world so that you may be purified and receive help from the luminous beings. The medical community is now coming to the understanding that sacred music can be used to effectively manage pain, moods, depression, blood pressure, and anxiety, as well as the nausea associated with chemotherapy and the immobility associated with Parkinson's disease. Indeed, exciting research suggests that the brain responds to music almost as if it were medicine. The anecdotal evidence of music therapists bolsters the credibility of such research by demonstrating that the healing properties of music can lessen a patient's post-surgery recovery time while helping them handle future complications. Many in the field recommend that music be used in conjunction with traditional healing modalities. To this end, the Rootlight Sacred Music series can do much in the way of helping patients, as it creates a positive, uplifting atmosphere in which they are better able to cope with the health challenges they face. Our sacred music warms the heart, soothes the soul, and stimulates concentration and creativity.

Sound is not only beneficial in times of physical distress and challenged health, but also, music affects development in the womb and in early childhood. Researchers observe an increase in fetal heart rate when in the presence of music. Moreover, when a mother listens to sacred music during her pregnancy, she creates a healing, soothing, and uplifting environment for the child to enter into. Of course, a child continues to develop after birth, when environment and experience combine to create mental circuits and patterns between neurons, those electrically charged nerve cells that transfer information through the brain. When the neurons are not exercised, they cease to properly form the necessary pathways. The brain then trims the fat, so to speak, by pruning the unused neurons. Understand that a critical window of opportunity for the development of both verbal and musical abilities opens at birth and closes around the age of eleven. Music can assist in the cognitive development of very young children; for musical training generates the neural connections used during abstract reasoning and the assimilation of mathematical concepts. Meanwhile, the spoken language heard by an infant creates a complex set of interconnections that have an important impact on overall brain development. To be sure, there is an overlap in the neurons used to process music, language, and mathematical and abstract concepts. The more parents sing and/or play sacred music in the presence of their baby or young child, the more the brain generates neural circuits and patterns. It is essential then, that parents cultivate, encourage, and support their children's appreciation for music. Again, sacred music is recommended for its ability to create a high vibration and beneficial atmosphere that helps to calm children while heightening their level of intelligence and intuitive thinking. Children should be encouraged to chant along with sacred music; for this is a magical experience that forms patterns and creates energy fields of resonance and movement in the surrounding space. The energy absorbed positively alters the child's breathing, pulse, blood pressure, muscle tension, and skin temperature. Due to the high level of unfiltered noise and environmental chaos, the beneficial impact of sacred music is greater when the volume is kept low.

Spiritual music differs from mainstream music in both origin and effect. Ancient Kabbalists believed that the utterance of certain words could be used to attract luck, health and divine protection. The Rootlight Sacred Music CD series was created in accordance with this principle. These CDs raise one's consciousness through melody and mantra. Each contains a secret Kabbalistic formula that is in perfect harmony with the divine and creative laws of the cosmos. Therefore, each acts as an invisible key, opening the door to opportunities that help the individual achieve his/her innermost dreams of living a successful, fulfilling life, while smoothing the way for spiritual growth. They transform the path of misfortune, illness, and sorrow into one of abundance, health, and happiness, for these melodies and mantras have been inspired by angelic forces whose only intention is to heal mankind and inspire greatness.

 A true spiritual CD charges your human battery, because a potent combination of angelic and planetary influences endows a specific type of Kabbalistic energy during its production. The exact nature of this energy will depend upon which spiritual benefit the experienced Kabbalist creating the CD wishes to bestow upon those who are listening to it or chanting along with it. Once the sacred CD has been empowered with Kabbalistic energy, it acts in conjunction with the principle of universal sympathy to attract a flow of similar energy in the universe. This means that our CDs simultaneously fulfill the purpose of the cause to which they are dedicated while eradicating darkness from the life of its owner. For example, if your health is impaired, our CDs designed to assist in health related matters will act as a magnet, attracting healing energy from the universe. When you chant along with the CDs in the Rootlight Sacred Music series while using the breath in a specific manner, you connect with the universe and your deepest intuitive faculties. Your body heals, your mind settles, and your heart experiences the tranquility of truth.

The Rootlight CDs are unparalleled in their ability to connect you, and all areas of your life, with the healing powers of the universe. They are the ultimate spiritual weapons of protection. Not only will they keep you young and healthy, they will also cut through everything that is impeding your progress on your spiritual path. These twelve sacred CDs are necessary, transformational spiritual tools for all who want to move with grace through the turbulence that has been predicted for the years leading up to 2012, and beyond. Within each track, the spiritual sciences of Kabbalah and Naam yoga are woven to produce an extremely effective vehicle for the transmission of the power of the WORD as it was originally intended to enlighten mankind. Moreover, these CDs were created when the Moon was in a favorable position, and the heavens granted clearance for the utmost benefit for human beings. You can rely on these sacred tools to heal any aspect of your life. In difficult times, they will be your best friends. They will not let you down.

The Rootlight Sacred Music CD Series was designed for the subconscious mind to act upon, not for intellectual understanding. All deeds are recorded in the subconscious mind. It is the subconscious mind that holds us back from becoming who we truly are, for it is the subconscious mind that has the power to block the positive and healing flow of energy from the spiritual body. Therefore, it is from the subconscious mind that we must free ourselves. Indeed, the only freedom we can consciously have is freedom from the subconscious mind and its influences. States such as depression, fear, and insecurity manifest in consciousness first. We are able to reach the highest consciousness in living when we habitually control our subconscious, refrain from relating to our seven negative karmic influences, and choose to relate to the blessing, infinite nature.

The mantras contained on Rootlight's Sacred Music CD series work because their powerful vibration bypasses our conscious mind (our intellect) and goes directly to our subconscious mind. There, it lodges and allows for powerful, positive, Divine suggestions to be continuously pumped into our subconscious mind. In turn, this releases the negative influences that bind us. The beauty of sacred words is that their effects linger in the subconscious mind and continue to work long after we have stopped chanting. In other words, mantra is hard at work, flushing out guilt complexes and irrational hang-ups whether we are driving, working out, at work, meditating, deeply relaxed, or asleep. They serve us for as long as it takes to clear out whatever negative thoughts, emotions, patterns, or habits are dragging us down and making us reluctant to face our Higher Self. The moment we relate to our soul, our mind becomes our servant. When the mind becomes our servant, the whole of nature automatically serves us.

As you work with these CDs, you will begin to notice signs of change. While for some change is immediate, for most it is subtle at first. As weeks pass, the signs of change will become more noticeable. You, along with family and friends, will recognize that something has shifted and that your daily life has improved. You have gained more internal light, and it is giving your aura a glowing radiance. You have become friendlier, more lovable, and nicer to be around. You have begun to accept and love those around you, even those who used to upset you. Everyday problems appear less daunting because you are more relaxed, more at ease with the world around you, and more confident about what the future holds. This is not to say that external circumstances will suddenly become perfect. You may still encounter some trying days and situations. However, the manner in which you now approach and deal with these difficulties has been altered. With the Rootlight Sacred Music CD Series, you have learned to manage problems that arise with grace. Our sacred music works for all, regardless of religion, race, creed or gender.

Working with the Rootlight Sacred Music Series is an ongoing process during which you will gradually feel positive, desirable changes occur. These changes bring you ever closer to your inner wisdom. As your inner wisdom is strengthened and followed, the various parts of your mind come to function harmoniously so that you become a contented individual, able to move through life with the greater confidence and understanding that grants the ability to accomplish goals. Over time, you will become the person you've always wanted to be, for with the release of your negative karmic influences, internal darkness moves aside so the light can shine through. It is this light that allows your heart to open fully and God to come through, directing you so that His will can be made manifest.

It takes an extraordinary combination of time, dedication, knowledge, and skill to create sacred music that will impact the soul. We believe it is the birthright of each and every person on the planet to experience the blessings invoked by these highly secret words of power once available only to the spiritual elite. Therefore, if you desire a spiritual CD that possesses maximum effectiveness, we invite you to experience the Rootlight Sacred Music CD Series. The extraordinary quality of our music and the creative power of our CDs speak for themselves. Those who have experienced other spiritual CDs and are now trying the Rootlight CDs can attest to the difference. When you add the twelve Rootlight CDs to your library, it is akin to possessing the twelve keys of mastery that cause the door of opportunity, once closed, to fly open. Once you embark on this spiritual journey of words and music, you will feel free to gravitate toward that which makes your soul sing.

Kabbalah and Naam Yoga are our sacred birthright as human beings. When you work with the divine spiritual wisdom, the day shall come when you will cause your immortal, incorruptible principle, lying in your spiritual body, to consume all other principles that are not allied with the eternal Truth of Life. The envelope of animal man's faculty will be stripped away so that you can appear in your original purity and splendor. Then, you will become the embodiment of the light that breathes in you. No mortal tongue can describe how bright this light is or how beautiful. Yet and still, you will perpetually live in this light, seeing it all around you and showering its brilliance onto all you encounter. Understand that the path of light is the only way to overcome the cycle of karma. Once you have mastered it, nothing can disturb you. You will live beyond the power of the cycle of time, in a healthy state of existence.

Your Magical Letters

You are being sent this communication in blessings and in love. We are writing to you to express how grateful we are to all of you who have read our books, listened to our CDs and continue to read our newsletters. Thank you for your continued support and beautiful feedback. Without you we will not be able to fulfill our Divine purpose of spreading this heavenly wisdom. Indeed, we have been blessed with an amazing spiritual technology. Let these sacred teachings ease your mind, comfort your consciousness and find a home in your heart. Tens of thousands of people from all over the world are experiencing the powerful healing impact of the Rootlight Sacred Music CDs. As we continue to receive more and more of their magical letters, we feel it would be wonderful to share some of them with you.  We wish you love, peace and light.

Sound as Medicine

     A school teacher friend who comes to my meditation class bought the "Sounds of the Ether" CD & plays it to her class of Special Needs children. Here is what she has to say. Lots of love, Carolyn

Dear Carolyn, I wanted to send you a note to tell you about the wonderful and positive experiences that I have had playing the "Sounds of the Ether" CD at school:

As you know I work at a school for the Visually Impaired and some of my students have severe learning and physical disabilities. As our RE (reading) topic before Christmas was "meditation in religions of the world" I decided it would be an opportunity to start the sessions with a meditation. The students enjoyed the CD so much that now I play it when we have a few minutes to spare and also at the start of each day.

Since I have been playing the CD to my students, a post-16 group between the ages of 16 and 18, I have noticed that the group is a lot more calmer and more settled despite the disruption over the last few months of moving classrooms due to building works. One student enjoys joining in the mantras eg: 'I am, I am....' and another becomes very excited and will go up to the CD player and place his ear close to the speaker. It is wonderful to see his reaction and his utter joy and pleasure listening to the songs and occasionally he will utter 'I am I am'. My students all have a visual impairment and most of them do not speak. One of my students with autism who generally is very hyper, repeats certain words over and over, claps his hands, stands up and jumps, will now sit down quietly and be still for longer periods of time listening to the music.

I must add that this has been an eye-opener for me to see how this CD has had such a positive effect and impact on these young adults. I am now using the CD when I take a group of 14 to 19 year olds for a Yoga workshop on a weekly basis and have seen how they too benefit from listening to this CD. One of the girls (15 years old) becomes calm in most sessions. Generally, she is very unsettled throughout the day, jumping, self-harming and screaming and staff find it difficult to settle her down and calm her. On 3 occasions during the Yoga workshop she has stayed calm and lied down for the whole session - 45min! She has even smiled and laughed and has been very happy and settled throughout and afterwards too.

Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful and positive CD and I hope that many more people have the opportunity to enjoy it! I now use this CD every morning as my students come into class and for them this is very settling, familiar and comforting.

Best wishes,


Recovery from Drug Addiction

I am a long time student of Divine Spiritual Wisdom and have studied under Dr. Levry for many years. My sister in Kansas has been addicted to drugs since the early teenage years. She is now in her mid twenties. All of the doctors and psychiatrists diagnosed her with the most severe form of addiction that was very difficult to overcome. The entire situation came to a head last year when she called us to say that she was homeless. My entire family was in agony because we knew that by inviting her to live with any one of us, she would simply use the home for her drug use. We, as a family came to the painful realization that we could not offer her a place to live.

For anyone who has ever dealt with a drug or alcohol addiction, they know how difficult it is for the family to watch helplessly as the drug user destroys their life. Dr. Levry told us in a class one time that you must deal with this spiritual imbalance through spiritual means. His entire lecture that day focused on healing concepts in addiction and this was what gave me the original desire to have a phone consultation. I turned to Dr. Levry for advice because I knew that he would be able to offer insight unavailable from any other source. My sister showed no sign of wanting to become clean or remorse for her past.

Dr. Levry looked into the situation and agreed that this was a tough one, however he never gave up hope. He instructed me to do a very special mantra for a certain time. Although, the mantra and my life during that time was not easy and required incredible faith to keep praying for my sister. I am eternally grateful to say that my sister is not only clean now but she is amazingly spiritual and emotionally healthy. Although dealing with her past is still painful for her, I am grateful to see that she has the commitment to work through all of the patterns that contributed to the addiction. This, according to all of our family and friends was a true miracle.

Thank you Dr. Levry and Rootlight for your support!!!

Wisdom Beyond Age

     I had recently begun chanting the 2nd track of the Seal of Higher Destiny CD for 11 minutes at 6 o’clock each morning before beginning my daily routine. I just wanted to tell you how it has completely revolutionized my way of thinking and my perspective on life. People don’t realize the impact a smile has on another person. Chanting has given me the ability to constantly smile even when I’m not feeling my best or in favorable surroundings because I know that smiling at others is very uplifting. I have developed a high confidence in myself and realized that I could really do anything I put my mind to. I have had so many opportunities come my way such as job offers in the fields I love the most since I started chanting this mantra consistently.

I have developed an inner strength that allows me to take situations that life throws my way and make a favorable outcome. I have also developed an intuitive sense and an ability to predict certain situations, even have visions of future events. As a teenager, I’m always in contact with others that want to gossip and put others down. Teenagers are really mean to each other. Chanting has given me the ability to overcome certain hardships and not give in to Peer pressure. People often don’t realize how hard it really is to be a teenager and how incredibly stressed out we are. Chanting has changed me as a person inside and out. The effects of chanting for a mere eleven minutes a day are astonishing. There is no better way to spend eleven minutes.

Thank you for helping me understand life better,

Healing for Animals

My Arab Mare Sassy Marie foundered this summer and she is doing so much better. Ever since I started playing for her, and all the horses in the barn, the Lumen De Lumine and Ra Ma Da Sa CDs they have all become so laid back and happy. My mare is 21 and also has Cushings Disease (like people diabetes.) I play the CDs for them 24/7 and every time I go down there to the barn it's like there is light and love everywhere. My boarders don't really "get" it, but it's ok and they love it here nonetheless.

Thank you for the work you all are doing for the planet,



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