Naam Yoga and the Human Brain

July 01, 2007

Naam Yoga is the method of organizing the new spiritual body, in which man will begin to live in this New Age of the glory of Self. Naam Yoga stimulates our brain cells to grow and connect with each other in complex ways. Indeed, Naam Yoga activates neural pathways and connections that are under-utilized, thereby improving their health and usefulness. Naam Yoga accomplishes this by extending the branches of dendrites, the intricate nerve fibers that act as antennas through which our neurons communicate with one another. Naam creates a totality of more than a hundred trillion connections. The Naam-improved neurons can perform more than 300 calculations per second, thereby making our minds more flexible, and upgrading both our ability to think and our memory.

Naam Yoga opens the heart and improves the upper part of the head, so as to develop the consciousness of the new man and woman. The practice of Naam Yoga progressively improves and beautifies the shape of the forehead, the nose and cheekbones, along with the chin, so as to purify our thoughts, feelings and will as we move toward 2012. The time has come for all of us to develop our bodies of light. The next phase which humankind will enter is the phase of the men and women of light. The years from 2012 and beyond require for our gross bodies to be composed of more refined matter, so as to be transformed into more spiritual ones. These new bodies are created through the use of Naam. The wave of the sixth Race is not only hitting us with its new rhythm but also will uplift the mineral, vegetable, animal and human kingdoms to a higher level.

Those who have taken Naam Yoga as a spiritual practice derive more physical and spiritual benefits than those who practice without the help of Naam. When you listen to Naam being vibrated by a group of Naam Yogis, you make contact with advanced Beings who manifest themselves through them and within the space where Naam is being vibrated. The vibrations of these Beings penetrate far into space through the voices of these Naam Yogis and are healing and uplifting to human souls. Naam remains in the space where it has been vibrated for a long time, healing and uplifting all those who come in contact with its Godly energy. Naam contains the tremendous Divine Power that lovingly and blissfully intoxicates all who hear and vibrate it. The more you practice Naam Yoga, the more your heart will expand until, eventually, it becomes as vast as the heavens themselves. Life will open up to the extent that every moment is an experience full of wonder and splendor. Those who have been practicing Naam Yoga for a number of years can attest to its healing power. They know that Naam has infused their lives with greater joy and exaltation than any earthly pleasure could possibly bring. Indeed, Naam reaches further into our being than any impression manifest in the external world. Naam Yoga touches the deepest part of us with its beauty, power and charm, raising the soul to a point beyond form.
Among the many physical benefits of Naam Yoga is its impact on the brain and endocrine system. Above all, Naam Yoga increases both serotonin and dopamine in the human brain, and affects other important systems in the human body, as well. Naam Yoga increases reduced serotonin levels from stress, lack of sleep and exercise, poor nutrition, and lack of sunlight which are connected with ADD, irritability, depression, aggression, anxiety, lack of concentration, chronic pain, restlessness or fatigue, nausea, obsessive-compulsive disorder, weight gain or loss, fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, heat intolerance and other syndromes. Naam Yoga also heals the fluctuating serotonin levels that are connected with bipolar disorder (manic depression) and hypomania.

When you are continually indoors, locked away from the sunlight, melatonin levels reduce in the brain. Decreases in melatonin from lack of sunlight may disturb the sleep cycle and cause seasonal depression. Stress reduces the serotonin level of the brain. Also, lack of sleep, exercise, and poor nutrition decreases serotonin and dopamine levels. Even being bored reduces dopamine and norepinephrine levels, which may manifest as ADD, impulsivity, lack of concentration, restlessness, and depression or loss of pleasure. Dopamine is the "feel good" chemical which illegal drugs mimic (such as cocaine, heroin, or marijuana) as well as cigarettes, coffee and alcohol. Naam Yoga works on harmonizing your brain chemicals. It creates the material needed for normal brain development. Naam Yoga is also beneficial for people born with inherently lower serotonin levels, which causes the neuroreceptors to become more sensitive. Naam Yoga vibrates the Naam into any part of your body, including the major organs of the body, such as the heart, liver, pancreas, kidneys, sex and adrenal glands and the brain through the base of the skull all the way down through the spine. Regardless of age, if you work with Naam Yoga, your brain function will be enhanced.
Negative thoughts and emotions are imprinted in the face and cause its light and youth to gradually fade away until it completely loses all human expression. Naam Yoga cleanses all negative thoughts and emotions. By working with Naam, we are made whole. We practice Naam Yoga in order to nourish ourselves with light. Man needs to feed on the light of Naam in order to nourish his/her brain. Naam Yoga awakens those faculties that enable man to penetrate the spiritual world. By working with Naam Yoga meditations every day, you will completely regenerate all the materials of your being. Practice Naam Yoga and you will be loved everywhere you go. When someone attempts to do something wrong, vibrate the Naam for that person, and they will give up their negative desires. Naam awakens the Divine in people, so that they may hear the voice of God. When you practice Naam Yoga, the Divine World opens up, and you receive Divine Life. No matter what happens to you, vibrate Naam.

The spiritual benefits of Naam yoga are numerous as well. Those who practice Naam are uplifted to experience an enfoldment and perfection of the soul, an opening of the intuitive faculties and heart, and an ability to recognize the beauty within and without. Naam Yoga will embellish the light of your aura, making it rich, intense and pure to the extent that you have the projection, presence and power to attract the beneficial currents of nature and higher beings of the universe. You will then be transformed into a beautiful lighthouse, who is harmonized with the divine world. With Naam Yoga, the very center of your being will be connected to the heart of the universe so that all the currents running through your body will be brought into harmony. No matter the circumstances, Naam Yoga will grant an internal sense of equilibrium and healing that cannot be disturbed, as well as a new found clear-sightedness and attentiveness to the flow of life.

Naam Yoga is the science of miracles. Through it, all good influences from the heavens are attracted. Naam Yoga represents the spiritual method of manifesting human desires, achieving lasting healing within the body, mind and emotions. It enables the student to reach out for the heavens, heal him/herself, and then inspires him/her to create a better world. Through Naam comes Divine Blessing and the strengthening of our spirit, which are the riches beyond measure that bless our lives. Therefore, in order to navigate the ever-changing conditions of life, man needs to possess the knowledge of Naam Yoga, which brings love, peace and light into one’s soul. If you are looking for the truth about the inner workings of life, you will find it in Naam Yoga. If you are looking for the keys to Kabbalah, and the science of alchemy and mysticism, you will find them in Naam Yoga. If you are looking for that which maintains the universe and fulfills its purpose, you will find it in Naam. If you allow yourself to fully awaken to life through Naam; if you allow yourself to respond to and perceive life, you will see that all tragedies and sorrows belong on the surface of the life of the world.

“In the beginning was the Word.” Naam created the world, for Naam is the first element God put into action. It is the harmony of the universe at work behind the scenes, and the source and origin of nature. Therefore, it is alive within our minds and bodies; alive within the nature that made us and in which we live. Naam is everywhere, beneath and around us. Our very being is in Naam. In other words, Naam is the rhythm and tone that keeps the mechanism of our world and our being intact. One needs to simply look at the perfect, unchanging movement of the stars and planets, and the law of vibration and rhythm to see that the cosmic system is working by the law of Naam and harmony. Whenever this harmony in the cosmic system is disturbed, the world is visited by disaster in equal measure to the disturbance. We are drawn to Naam because it is the driving force. This is also why it is essential for spiritual development. Naam Yoga allows you to see the picture of the whole universe, so that you are able to interpret the secrets and inner workings of the cosmos. Naam Yoga, the Yoga of the Sixth Race, can turn your heart toward the heavens so that the angels of love, peace and light go to work for you.

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