Naam Mala Meditation for Health and Success ~ Part 1
from Dr. Levry

April 01, 2016

Naam Mala Meditation for Health and Success ~ Part 1 <br>from Dr. Levry

The spiritual technology embedded in Naam Mala Meditation allows us to automatically align ourselves with the cosmic cycles governing our universe. Working with the mystical vibration of 108 allows us to clock our energy with the rhythm of time and space, so that we may be in harmony with the spiritual powers of nature. The Naam Mala Meditation album is a spiritual tool unlike any other. When you meditate along with this extraordinary recording it will move time and space for you so that your problems may vanish from your life and your karmic debts may be balanced with grace. Among this album’s many secrets is that the mantric prayers it contains are vibrated for 108 consecutive cycles. Let us explore some of the hidden mysteries behind the number 108 and its application in our spiritual practice.  

The distance between the Earth and the Sun is approximately 108 times the Sun's diameter. The diameter of the Sun is about 108 times the Earth's diameter. Furthermore, the distance between the Earth and the Moon is 108 times the Moon's diameter. There are 108 energy meridians converging to form the heart chakra. One of them, sushumna, leads to the crown chakra and is said to be the path to self-realization. 

In astrology, there are 12 houses and 9 planets. When we times 12 by 9 it gives us 108. 108 is the mystical number of the universe. The entire universe is represented by this number. By vibrating Naam 108 times we are showing ultimate or complete respect to the Creator. There are 108 steps between our ordinary human consciousness and the divine light located at the center of our being. Each time we vibrate Naam, we are taking another step toward our own internal Sun so that it may illuminate our entire life. 

This sacred vibration contains both the number 10 and the number 8. Pythagoras called 10 the greatest of all numbers. Number 10 is held by Rose-Croix Kabbalists to represent the first power of the Creator, the action of the active principle on nothingness (0), the first complete creation, the image and model of all the rest. The circle with the dot at the center is the symbol of number 10.  The 0 is the circle and the 1 is the dot in the center. When 1 and 0 are united they represent plenitude and fulfillment. Without the masculine principle or spirit, matter represented by 0 is not organized. The number 10 is held by Rose-Croix Kabbalists to represent the first power of the Creator. The worst thing that can ever happen to a human being is to be separated from the 1, to lose touch with the spirit and be no more than a zero. When this happens human beings are lost in a desert without guidance.

The number 8 stands for the Cosmic Christ, representing the realm of the master whose work as an individual is performed on Earth, but his influence is active on a much higher plane of being. The number 8, which is formulated by two superimposed spheres (Heaven and Earth), is the symbol of the all-pervading mind of God. The number 8 is the number of regeneration, stability and harmony for both the material and immaterial planes.

When Naam Jaap, or continuous repetition of a mantra, is vibrated for 108 cycles it has the power of transmuting our creative energies into light and fire. This sacred practice transmutes and sublimates our creative energies, carrying them to the heart with the continuous Jaap (repetition) of Naam (the sacred word). The human body is a sacred temple and within that temple there is another temple, the temple of the heart. In the temple of the heart, the creative energies are mixed with the Christic forces, and elevated to the superior worlds. The Inner Christ lives in the temple of the heart. This Naam is a formula of priestly power that humankind can use in order to perform the internal alchemy, so that they may arrive at the feet of the Divine Mother. Unknown to most, the Divine Mother is guided by the fires of the heart. We need to develop unconditional love in our heart, because the Divine Mother is unconditional love. For those that have been exposed to the advanced teachings during the Divine Spiritual Alchemy retreat know that the father as the divine father is wisdom, and the mother as the divine mother is unconditional love. That is why the divine mother adores a person who develops unconditional love in his/her heart.

The supercharged mantric prayers on the Naam Mala Meditation album become our link to the Word Made Flesh, and to all the holy beings who have ever vibrated this same Naam, to all the advanced spiritual masters, in the seen and unseen worlds, in the chain of light, and to the source of light itself. It you can focus on the Divine, so as to purify yourself, you can obtain everything you may ever want. With this powerful Naam recording we retain that brilliant cosmic light which envelops all the servants of the universe. Each track is a password to the higher worlds. 

The mantras Gobinday Har Har Har and Ad Such, for example, are recorded in a way that guides the practitioner to vibrate them 5 times per breath. This is not a coincidence as 5 invokes protection and brings good luck and prosperity. We have 5 fingers on each hand representing the 5 books of the Torah. The 5 fingers represent the 5 upper sephiroth of the Kabbalah Tree of Life: Justice, Mercy, Wisdom, Understanding and the Crown. Furthermore, the number 5 is linked to the sefirah Geburah on the Tree of Life and can be used for self-defense, prosperity and good luck. The number 5 stands for Mercury. In astrology, Mercury harmonizes the energies of all the other planets. By the grace of 5 repetitions of Naam, one can improve his/her karma and gain the power of speech, writing and communication in all its forms. When we apply the number 5 to the aforementioned Naam we gain prosperity, good fortune and many good and helpful friends. The number 5 also represents the pentagram or five-pointed star. It is written that all sorrow and hardship are banished under the protective light of the great star.

The mantras Eck Ong Kar and RaMa Ram, on the other hand, employ a different formula and are vibrated 7 times per breath. The Pythagoreans called the number 7 the vehiculum of human being’s life. It is written in the Zohar, “Seven Lights are there in the most high, and therein dwells the Ancient of ancients, the Mystery of mysteries, the secret of secrets, Ain Soph.” There are seven days in the week. The number 7 is the ruling number of the manifested universe. The number 7 is called a number of freedom. Vibrating these sacred words according to the formula revealed on this album brings blessings and protection, including attunement with the divine sound current which lifts the soul beyond all limitation.



This sacred prayer allows us to absorb the flow of energy which comes from the higher world of light, so that we may connect with God and pray for harmony in the world. The sacred word AUM, the word of the spirit, opens the pineal gland and connects us with God who knows our needs, so that He may hear us and help us. After the eighth year of life, the pineal gland does not secrete fully. AUM activates the pineal gland. The pineal gland is a master gland and the seat of the soul. Once it begins to secrete, it will give you the power to reach self-realization in relationship to the total universal awareness. Our responsibility, is to try to open this gland to secrete again. This, in turn, will cause the pituitary gland to secrete along the golden cord. As a result, God’s guidance will tell us everything we need to know. We pray so the spirit of love, wisdom, and truth can enter our being and and erase our karma.  

The light of the human body is the spiritual eye known as the pineal gland, also called the eye of the soul, the Sun of our life. We must always keep it open, bright and pure so that we can be warmed by His heat and light, because it is the eye that God has put in our soul. There is a close bond between the spiritual eye and the human heart. Opening our spiritual eye will fill our body with light, so that we may understand the essence of life and be in contact with the past, present and future as well as have a ceaseless bond with divine love. By developing this eye of light we stop making mistakes in life. Opening this eye allows us to solve all problems in the right way because of the abundance of light that fills our being. Our life is connected with the past and the future. Working on the pineal gland causes us to receive divine thought, love and goodness continuously.


Vibrating Eck Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahey Guru, is the sacred act that places the master of the Universe at the head your life. As a result, all the good entities, luminous beings, angels and archangels, will center around you, creating a platform for a beneficial transformation in your life. We vibrate this Naam in order to invite the master of the universe to come and dwell within us, bringing along with Him all that is good, bright and luminous. We should not let a day go by without learning Divine Spiritual Wisdom and vibrating Naam to unite with Heaven. Nothing is more important than this work. Our spiritual work is the only true wealth that is ours. Everything else can be taken away from us, but this kind of spiritual work stays with us forever. Our salvation comes from our capacity to concentrate on the divine world, through the practice of Naam.  

This Naam will help you find your true place, because it brings your entire nature quickly into alignment with the will of God. Indeed it is a Naam that will place you on the path to find what God intends for you. Once this occurs, obstacles melt away and doors begin to open. It is by living in alignment with the will of God that we find lasting peace. If you desire to purify yourself, you can meditate along with this mantra for a minimum of one to three or more full cycles of the entire track. The recording of this mantra found on the Naam Mala Meditation album is a compact formula for the development of the soul.


This Naam is from Jaap Sahib, which is that part of Sikh scripture that destroys karma. It is a superior form of the Gayatri Mantra, considerably magnifying its benefits. This Guru Gayatri Mantra has the power of the four Vedas, six Puranas and 36 Simritis. Based on the original structure given in Jaap Sahib and meditated upon throughout the centuries by millions on a daily basis, it is a Naam that bestows the power of the word. That is why when you vibrate this mantra do not speak ill of anyone and stay away from engaging in gossip or negativity. This mantra imprints our mind with divine attributes, replacing negative thoughts and self-sabotaging patterns. It is a great remedy for those that are shy or lacking confidence as working with it will make one fearless in life. It bestows faith in the self and establishes a direct connection with the master of the universe. It is a mantra of divine awakening that liberates the mind and soul.   

When you work with this track, you are automatically protected by the Primal Power of creation. It fills you with Shakti, the positive power of God. By vibrating it you are digesting prana, making your body, mind and Spirit strong. It is the most powerful and effective formula against all negativity, known and unknown in this Kali Yug, the Age of the Machine. It is a Naam that takes care of the tenth gate, which is the gateway to the higher world. Gobinday Mukanday Udaray Aparay Hariang Kariang Nirnamay Akamay translates as: Sustainer, Liberator, Enlightener, The One Who Carries Across, Destroyer and Creator of All, Nameless One, You Who Are Free From Desire. It is a mantra of liberation that allows one to merge with the different aspects of God, which fills life with all kinds of blessings.


Aap Sahaee Hoa is taken from Dukh Bhanjani, that part of the Hindu scripture that brings healing and miracles. This Naam helps in all material matters. It takes care of all physical challenges and Earthly ills and obstacles. It completely eradicates all negativity, enemies and negative vibrations. It is a mighty force that resolves all quarrels, along with any disturbances in the home and work environments. By doing this Naam in accordance with the formula revealed on the Naam Mala Mediation album one can even get rid of legal hassles, protect from losses in business, reverse a lack of success in life, give you emotional support and help you overcome terminal diseases. It will help you gain public respect and reconcile lost relationships, erasing pain and sorrow of all kinds from your life. It simply eradicates pain and suffering, both internally and externally. It is chanted to acknowledge the relationship of our soul to the Divine. It is this connection that guides us, protects us and brings out our awareness, compassion, humility, kindness, and Love for the Creator and creation. 

By losing our link with the Creator, we attract worries, challenges suffering and ailments. Vibrating this Naam breaks this karmic cycle, and allow us to ground ourselves in a safe, protective space, in order to face and let go of destructive patterns and self-sabotaging mechanisms.


We now stand at that foretold transitional period before the dawn of the golden age. Now, more than ever, Ram must become your foundation, for it will remove the negativity you attract via the seven karmic influences, and guide you toward positivity and peace. We must be careful not to fall into negative patterns of thought and/or behavior.

These negative patterns that stem from the seven karmic influences and are inscribed in the deep recesses of our subconscious mind are repeated in our destructive habits. Ram is the Bij mantra of RaMa, which represents the joy that comes from divine love. Ram is the king of all the Bij mantras. Ram Das means the house of Ram. All the mantras that have Ram in them are universal, in the same way all the scriptures, such as the Bible, the Torah, the Koran and the Siri Guru Granth Sahib belong to everybody. All the holy books belong to all of humankind for they are like the sky and the sky is for everyone. Prophets and holy beings write for the entirety of humankind and never for a select group because they are animated by the unconditional love of God. Any prayer, any line of scripture and holy word can be recited by anyone because they are for everyone. Love does not separate. Love unites all. 

Present in all of us, the seed of Ram lies dormant for many lifetimes, only coming alive when we vibrate it, and allows the soul to introduce us to our higher self, creating enhanced self-awareness. Ram destroys the karmic walls that have long kept you separated from God, thereby becoming a guardian angel that brings rhythm, harmony and equilibrium to your body and mind, and serenity and joy to your life. Ram will help you build up a strong, magnetic quality, with its accompanying vital aura. It attracts the creativity and blessings of the magnetic field of the entire universe, thereby protecting our magnetic field and bringing our original self out from the shadows. This Naam is one of the best things you can do for protection. It will make your aura impenetrable. 

Ram is as practical as it is powerful. Ram activates the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system causing the vagus nerve to vibrate harmoniously thereby taking care of our heart. It balances both sides of the brain, so that the restless mind can become still and peaceful. Ram recharges the body and cleans impurities, while enhancing your mastery of mind, senses and emotions. It induces sound sleep in the seeker by helping to alleviate insomnia. It integrates the personality so that your behavior is positive. In turn, you become sincere, honest and straightforward in word, thought and deed. This recording of RaMa Ram will make you extremely magnetic. It is very potent. All the energy centers will begin spinning and open, creating a very bright and magnetic auric field. Vibrating this Naam will close any cavities in your energy field. 


Ad Such removes all blockages so that we may receive all the beneficial influences that surround us, so that we may receive the blessings from the Divine Presence that is everywhere. Vibrating this mantra attracts superior beings who will guide you and help you. This mantra removes blocks to success, prosperity and inner peace by surrounding you with positive cosmic energies. You cannot be stuck in life for long when you vibrate this mantra, especially in accordance with the way it is recorded on this album. Ad Such also helps develop the intuition you need to guide you through complex situations. 

The mantra Ad Such has a deeper Kabbalistic meaning, as well. In the mantra Ad Such you have “S”, a sound that controls consciousness and bestows power. It is the power of Shakti. The “S” sound connects us with the Divine Spirit, which flows through everything and has its presence within Divine Providence. With “S” you can have control over consciousness of self. It will give you magical abilities as well as control over your surroundings. The use of “S” leads to the mastery of fire in all of the kingdoms of God. That is why you use the mantra Ad Such to break through blocks. The letter “U” is used to remove bad energy. Masters use the sound “U” to get rid of their karma. It allows you to transfer energy. It connects you to the supreme power that allows you to manifest your desires. The sound “S” itself vibrates like the sound of a snake, combining both “S” and SH”. Therefore, when you vibrate Ad Such, you want to bring out the power of the “Shhh” sound.  

The letters “S” and “H”, or “SH” represent the Hebrew letter Shin. “SH” is a very important combination that bestows will power and omnipotence, because Shin, in Kabbalah, is the equivalent of Ruach Elohim, the Spirit of God. Therefore, when you think of “SH” think of Ruach Elohim. It is the principle of activity that corresponds to the magnetic field. “SH” brings light into the intellect and is known as the helping fire that makes both the intellect and consciousness receptive to the Divine. It will allow you to manifest things in life. With “SH” you can influence everything in the divine world.

By working with “SH”, you are praying to Ruach Elohim, our internal God, to come down from the higher world in order to work on our creative fires so that we may awaken the Kundalini Shakti or the electric force. The Kundalini Shakti represents the forces of Shekinah. “S” is the fire of the electric force that we call Kundalini Shakti. By working with the “S” sound, we are starting to create. You have to use your will power. We tap into this power when we focus on the top of the head, which we work on in Shakti Naam Yoga to stimulate the power of the mind and the might of the will.

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