THE POWER OF NAAM MALA Meditation Guide ~ Part 2

March 30, 2016

THE POWER OF NAAM MALA Meditation Guide ~ Part 2

This is a continuation of the article The Power of Naam Mala Meditation for Health and Success - Part 1  For us to regain the lost word we have to develop the omnipotence of the larynx. The logos, the vocal cords and the larynx must resonate harmoniously in order to command the forces of nature and be creative like God. When we vibrate Naam and engage our Hara point, which corresponds to the lower abdomen, our pelvic and reproductive areas (where cosmic energy is concentrated) we begin to move our sexual power upward to the throat so that the larynx is restored as the seat of our creative power.

This newsletter will guide you about the proper way to meditate with the Naam Mala Meditation Album and how to receive the most benefit from your meditation practice. First, keep in mind that as you chant the mantras on the album, make sure to focus on striking the tongue against the upper palate, and firmly pulling in the navel point with each repetition. When chanting the mantra Gobinday Har Har Har Har, for example, pull the navel in on each Har. There are many mantras that can be chanted in this manner such as "Sat" from "Sat Nam", “Such”, “Om” as in “Om Kar”, “Ram” and many more.  This pulling action will activate the kundalini Shakti and move the energy up to your crown chakra. Vibrate these sacred words with the beat of the navel, or Hara pumping, to manifest positive changes in your life. Kabbalistically speaking, we can say that by working with your Hara, you are working with the energy of the sephirah Yesod on the Tree of Life. Yesod symbolizes the sexual force in men and women. When we work intelligently with our Hara, we cause this energy to rise to the brain, and activate the pituitary and pineal glands, the divine glands. The pituitary gland corresponds to the third eye and the pineal gland represents our connection with God. By activating these glands and saturating them with the energy from Yesod, it causes all of our spiritual centers to open. On the Kabbalah Tree of Life, the sephirah Yesod is ruled by Shaddai-El-Chai, the sacred name of God which, according to Moses, is how God manifested himself unto Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Shaddai-El-Chai means the Almighty Living God. The time has come for us to work with the Lord of life. Yesod is the door to the Garden of Eden. By vibrating Naam with our Hara, our Yesod, we bring the energy of the cosmos into ourselves. This automatically balances our nerves, muscles, hypothalamus and thalamus. In this way, our entire consciousness reaches a state of equilibrium.

It is important to mention the importance of the diaphragm because of its essential role in the Hara pumping. The diaphragm can be seen as the frontier between the spiritual and the physical worlds. The diaphragm muscle forms both a physical and energetic barrier between your heart and your lower torso. Below this barrier are the spiritual centers that relate to unconscious or reactive behaviors. Above this barrier are our three upper spiritual centers, the ones that relate to behaviors that are more conscious and aware in nature. The diaphragm behaves like a conductor of the pranic energy in the body. Therefore, it is very important to work with our diaphragm. When this borderline is displaced, it can create heart problems, palpitations, lung problems and problems with the nervous system. The solar plexus governs the human diaphragm.

Practically speaking, as you vibrate Naam pull the entire abdominal region, especially the area above your belly button, back toward your spine. Keep your chest lifted and do not allow it to collapse downward. Press the lower thoracic spine forward gently. This practice helps to strengthen your digestion by increasing the fire element, the element of transformation in your abdominal region. This helps your heart center to open and fill with energy. When your Heart Chakra is open, you have the ability to be compassionate and kind. When we pull the navel in with the sound "Sat", the diaphragm is compressed.  As you let go, the flow of air allows for the vibration of the remaining sound "Nam". This causes the nervous system, the circulatory system and all of the meridians to be completely energized with an abundance of prana or life force which then flows through each system freely. This practice also brings energy to the immune system and can help in fighting various forms of infection. By working with your diaphragm or solar plexus you are releasing negative karmic patterns and removing stress. You are stimulating your nadis, or energy channels, causing healing energy to flow in your body and at the same time you are strengthening your magnetic field, and embellishing your aura. Blockages in your solar plexus cause a division between your feelings and your thoughts. By opening your solar plexus, which is the door to the entire universe, you become integrated and harmoniously balanced in every area of your life. Our solar plexus is in contact with the entire cosmos and serves as the medium through which human beings communicate with the universe. Our pineal gland is our antenna, and the battery is our solar plexus. By opening our solar plexus and recharging the battery, the pineal gland becomes more active and its receptivity is enhanced, causing us to be helped and guided by the entire universe.

The solar plexus is a reservoir of energy upon which we can draw in order to accomplish our daily tasks. It is a network of nerves, called solar because they radiate. It is located in the dorsal or anterior part of the abdomen. It is also called the abdominal brain. It is the solar plexus with its solar radiations which supplies energy to all of the other spiritual centers of the human organism. We must open our solar plexus to its fullest while vibrating Naam because it supplies energy to the other spiritual centers, causing them to receive major electromagnetic charges that intensify their vibratory radioactivity. One of the functions of the solar plexus chakra is to store up a charge of this energy, the life energy battery of the body. From the solar plexus the life energy is distributed by way of the spinal nerves throughout the whole body. By practicing Naam Yoga meditations, we can establish contact with the pure energies of the universe and absorb their healing light. Naam Yoga allows us to gather and store up spiritual energies that we can access daily in our different activities. When the sound of the diaphragm connects with the body's tattvas, a human being automatically becomes blessed with intuitive intelligence.

Beginning Your Meditation Practice

Your spine must become parallel to the straight line that joins the center of the sun, to the center of the Earth. Sit in easy pose and tuck the chin in to form a straight line from the base of the spine to the top of your head. The eyes may be slightly open and looking down towards the tip of the nose. You may also choose to have the eyes closed, concentrating at the third eye point, shutting the external world out. Direct your attention within. Simply focus your gaze in the middle of the dark inner screen of the forehead. By continuously looking into this "dark veil", the darkness will fade to lighter and lighter shades, eventually opening into infinite space, what the mystics call, "entering the Til". The concentration is not inside the body, but horizontally straight out, about 10 inches in front of the forehead. No tension is put on the eyes or the forehead. Practice gazing lovingly and with gentleness.

When you chant a mantra such as "Har", “Sat” and “Such”, pull in your navel point, or Hara, so as to stimulate and direct the kundalini Shakti energy. In time, as your practice advances, each time you vibrate the mantra, you may also apply mul bhand by contracting and pulling up the rectum and the perineum, pulling in the navel or hara, and lifting up the sex organs. Vibrate Naam, and with each cycle, pull up the locks a little tighter. This will improve your health, and take care of the root chakra. Please note that women who are pregnant or menstruating should not pull the locks or the navel.

These meditations create a relationship between the tip of the tongue, the navel, and the palate. The head and upper palate relate to Heaven. The tip of the tongue relates to air. The navel relates to Earth. Water and fire are in between.

Visualization: Working with the Spiritual Sun

You can enhance the healing impact of your meditation by visualizing the Sun while you meditate.  See it in your mind’s eye as a great white light somewhere above your head. It does not matter where it actually is, or whether it is day or night. As you inhale, see the Sun shining bright above your head. As you exhale and vibrate the mantra, see its rays flow down and fill your entire being with divine effulgence. See the white rays of the Sun, entering your body through the top of your head, and also through your spine and in the region of the heart. See this occur while you are vibrating your chosen the mantra. As you inhale, see the Sun shine bright above your head. Then, as you chant see the sunlight entering your body. Continue this visualization.

At the end of your meditation sit with the spine straight and relax with the feet touching and your hands clasped in your lap. Visualize the Sun, a great white flaming orb of prodigious energy. Mentally lift your consciousness from your body and go in spirit into the Sun. Enter into its flaming aura and proceed to the heart of the Sun itself. Be fearless. You are a child of the Sun, and this is your rightful home. Let the Sun's tremendous energy flow through your entire being, invigorating and strengthening every cell, every atom of your being. After a few minutes return to your body and go on with your daily tasks. These exercises will give you tremendous pranic power, and light.

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