Invoking the Gifts of Colors and the Blessings of Light through the Power of Prayer

June 01, 2013

The Prayer of Love, Peace and Light is based on the highly secret and mystical wisdom of the Kabbalah. Reciting it will empower your aura so that it may proceed, on the principle of universal sympathy, to attract a flow of similar energies from the Universe. Each morning and each evening, as well as during trying moments, close your eyes and mentally focus on the vibrations of Love, Peace and Light as the source of all blessings. Doing so will leave you feeling cleansed, inspired and refreshed, and fill your life with Grace. 

Simply close your eyes and with your hands in Prayer Pose reach out with your heart, your mind, and your Spirit to the unseen worlds that interpenetrate your own. Reach out with the feelings of your heart and soul so that you may become aware of the beneficial presence of the invisible kingdoms. Connect with all the good spirits that guide you, that protect you, and that love you. Take three deep breaths so that your heart and mind may become Light, and read the words of the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light, softly and sweetly, reciting this prayer to the Universe. Send it to the unseen planes to heal Mother Earth and uplift all humankind. 

This prayer is perhaps the most profound blessing you can use for yourself and others, for Love is the highest healing vibration, Peace is what the world so desperately needs, and Light grants everything one could possibly need for fulfillment. Light is the Spirit that comes from the Sun. Love is the mother of Light. Peace is her sister. Therefore, where there is Light, Love and Peace are found. Moreover, when you pray with the trinity of love, peace and light, you are tapping into the principle of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This will fill your life with blessings. To attain a life of Grace, you need only to enflame yourself with the potent Prayer of Love, Peace and Light, and bless humanity. In the face of adversity and misfortune, fears and insecurities, choose the path of Love, Peace and Light.

Love is so much higher than what we think. Love is the only power with the ability to create. Indeed, Love is the only power that has ever created, and will ever create. A life that has been purified by the fire of Love is forever changed. Those who have been exalted by the fire of Love become like magnets, attracting both the wise and the unwise. Even animals feel the power of their influence. Once an individual has been purified, burned in the fire of Love, every soul and being, whether visible or invisible, is drawn to them.

You can't improve anyone without Love. The Divine Source that many call God is a perfect example of unconditional Love. By reciting the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light, the Divine allows you to also become a source of unconditional Love, and a vessel from which pours forth the elixir that sets us free. Unfortunately, because many have never experienced unconditional Love, it remains beyond their understanding. Mankind has great difficulty feeling or explaining that which they have not experienced firsthand. Therefore, most of the love that exists in our world is conditional, dependent upon the reaction it produces, whether or not it is reciprocated, the joy and laughter it creates, and the consideration and concern it generates. Unconditional Love, on the other hand, is connected to the higher part of our heart center. It has the power to bring about miracles and transformations; the power to recreate things and make whole what has been torn apart. It enables the past to be forgiven and the future to be created. Indeed, it is the force that washes each and every man and woman clean, absolving them of who and what they may have been and raising them in the eyes of the Divine Source as perfect and loved. Unconditional Love, then, is the ultimate power of redemption. When we call upon love to deliver it into our beings, it is the light that heals all darkness. Those who receive unconditional Love blossom and bloom in its light, for it enables the recipient to become that which he or she was meant to be. Unconditional Love is essential as the eternal, infinite, sustaining force in this universe, beyond mental understanding in its immensity, magnitude, and great force.

By working with the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light, you allow Love to grow in your heart. A person cannot live without his/her heart, and the heart cannot exist without Love. This is because God is Love, and He dwells within the human heart. Man will understand this when he/she has come to know the real beauty of God. In turn, this knowledge will allow us to worship God in Man. For when you abide by the philosophy that God is Love and He dwells within the human heart, you are always aware that with every thought and action, in every moment, you may be injuring or hurting the feelings of God. In other words, you understand that when you gossip, criticize, hate, or hurt your fellow man, you are in danger of breaking the shrine of God.

Conversely, when your heart is enlivened by Love, and you honor the living God, the Love that exists within the shrine of another's heart, you are able to release them from their dark ways. Indeed, however loveless and cold a person seems to be, however wicked and cruel, they still possess Love, though it remains hidden within the deep recesses of their heart. Wherever there is Love, there is God. And the real cause of pain and suffering is the lack of life. Life is Love. And Love is God. And when we look at life today with all its material progress, something is lacking. And it is God. For God is the key to that unlimited store of Love which is in the heart of Man. Where God is lacking there is no Love. What everyone needs, what the world needs, is God. All we need to get, all we need to gain, to bless our lives by harmony, by goodness, is God. God is the principal structure of all good. Therefore, we must keep in mind that in our heart lies the power to heal. Remember that the shrine of God is the heart of Man. God is Love, and He is found in the heart of Man.

With the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light, you and the Divine become one. With this union you are boundless and limitless. In it you come to recognize that the Divine extends Its arms to you freely, asking for nothing in return for all that It gives. All the Love, beauty, wisdom, grace, and light of the Divine are free for each and every child of the Divine living here on Earth. This recognition fills your heart with warmth and makes your mind crystal clear so that you understand that we are all interconnected. Let this beautiful prayer make you into a Light unto the Divine that shines its rays down upon the Earth so that your vibrations of Love, Peace and Light embrace each and every member of the human race. Allow it to make you a beacon that cares not for the crimes, nor saintly behavior of others, as the Light of their souls, their Divinity, causes all else to fade away.

Invoking the Gifts of Colors for Even More Blessings
You can multiply the power of the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light by working with colors. Colors bring us a whole host of blessings, guidance and help, for colors represent the Abundance of God, the gate through which all bounties of the Invisible World come. Moreover, Nature heals through colors. With a strong imagination and a good sense of color, we can rejuvenate ourselves through them. We can work with colors mentally and physically, through the clothes we wear. To mentally work with color, just imagine a color in its purest form, and concentrate on it. Immerse yourself in its vibrancy. See it washing over you and suffusing your being.

Different colors have different meanings. Blue is associated with the Water Center. It signifies serenity, peace and tranquility, while concealing enormous strength and virility. Blue encourages clarity in communication, greater harmony in relationships and the mending of a broken heart. For example, when you are feeling disturbed and without hope, gaze upon the sky and allow its blueness to envelop you. Sky blue is the most favorable shade of blue, whose allies are inner calm, quietude and intuition. Sky blue and white are universal colors used in almost all types of healing. Blue is the color of the sky and true Spirit, and reconnects our inner nature with Heaven. Bright blue uplifts the soul and awakens our most elevated emotions. This hue charges the spirit, and deepens our faith.

Red signifies life and vitality, and is the color of active people. Red helps you achieve. White represents the principle of harmony and the potential for fullness. Together, red and white make pink. Pink is the color of joy, compassion and love. It bestows self-worth, Divine Love and acceptance. When you recite and feel the Prayer of Love, while surrounding yourself or someone else with the color pink, you are sending vibrations of compassion and unconditional, nurturing Love. Indeed, pink represents the gentile and caring energy of unconditional Love. It is a positive color inspiring warmth and comfort. It instills in us the sense that everything will be fine. Pink calms resentment, insecurity, anger and aggression. The color pink puts people in touch with the nurturing side of themselves, through either the need to receive or the need to give.

White is the color of purity, spirit and divinity. It is attributed to the Spirit or Coronal center. White light combines the qualities of all the other colors into one. White light raises your vibration, cleanses your body's electro magnetic field, and clears your mind of negativity. White light will not only bring you closer to God, but will also help you heal physically. White activates your intuitive, creative potential, and brings spiritual growth. It heals, and helps you change, resolve and remove anything that is holding you back. Anytime you feel confused, white light will help you. Focusing on white light purifies your physical, emotional and mental disturbances, and alleviates feelings of anxiety, abandonment and/or neglect.

Receiving the Blessings of Light in Specific Applications
The Prayer of Love, Peace and Light can be used in all circumstances, from creating harmony when meeting a new person, to blessing a new home, to healing illness, to protecting yourself and your loved ones against negativity. As you recite this prayer, try to feel the vibration of the words and see the colors: pink for Love, sky blue for Peace and white for Light.

For a Positive Outcome
Before you embark on anything of significance, invoke the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light, and surround yourself with its grace, healing and power. As you recite the prayer, picture in your mind’s eye the love, peace and light that, bathe the whole Universe, infusing your whole being and overflowing into your surroundings.

To Help a Friend or Loved One
You can also invoke this prayer to help others who are experiencing challenges. With your hands in the Tree of Life Mudra (palms facing each other, in front of the solar plexus, about 6 inches apart), surround the person in need with the vibrations of Love, Peace and Light. Imagine that they are being penetrated through and through by the pink rays of Love, the blue rays of Peace, and the white rays of the Light of the Sun.

For Harmony
The best heavenly gifts you can send anyone are gifts of Divine Love, Divine Peace and Divine Light. If you desire to be in harmony with someone, first, surround yourself with the prayer of Love, Peace, and Light by reciting the full ten lines. Then, with your hands in the Tree of Life Mudra, surround them with the healing vibration of Love, Peace, and Light by reciting the first 7 lines, replacing "me" with the name of a person or place. As soon as a soul receives these beneficial waves, there will be harmony between both of you. You can also do this before any important meeting or phone call. In all circumstances, it is important that you first surround yourself with the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light, before surrounding someone or something else. By first surrounding yourself, you are neutralizing any unwanted darkness within you.

For Healing
In the case of sickness and/or pain, vibrate Naam to heal yourself and surround yourself with the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light. With your hands in the Tree of Life Mudra, see actual rays of white light flowing out of your hands, and especially your fingers, and targeting the area of pain or illness. You can visualize your whole body or the area in need of healing in between your palms as you recite the prayer.

For Protection
Evil spirits, whether seen or unseen, are terrified of the Light. The Prayer of Love, Peace and Light, in combination with Triple Mantra, can also be used as a shield of protection against anyone who is disturbing your peace. We vibrate Triple Mantra because Sound is the mother of Light. With Triple Mantra, we are calling on the Light to walk with, and protect, us. Indeed, Triple Mantra is most powerful when you feel vulnerable to attack. First, do Triple Mantra for a minimum of 11 times, or 11 minutes. Then, surround yourself with the vibrations of Love, Peace and Light by reciting the prayer. Next, surround anyone disturbing your peace with the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light. By doing so, you will neutralize them and they will be unable to carry out their evil designs.

For a Rejuvenating Sleep and a Brighter Tomorrow
Use the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light each evening to purify yourself of any negative physical or verbal actions, or thoughts that you may have generated through the day. This will leave you feeling clear and joyful as you move into sleep.

The Prayer of Love, Peace and Light can heal all things. As you recite it, in your mind’s eye simply have the feeling that what you need and want will really manifest. Know that there really is a powerful vibration of Love, Peace and Light filling you and clearing all unwanted energies. Again, with your hands in the Tree of Life Mudra, surround yourself with white light every morning and night (and during the day if you're feeling tense), and your days WILL be easier, things will come to you easier, and you'll find more joy in the things that you do.  


The Prayer of Love, Peace and Light

Love before me
Love behind me
Love at my left
Love at my right
Love above me
Love below me
Love unto me
Love in my
Love to all
Love to the Universe

Peace before me
Peace behind me
Peace at my left
Peace at my right
Peace above me
Peace below me
Peace unto me
Peace in my
Peace to all
Peace to the Universe

Light before me
Light behind me
Light at my left
Light at my right
Light above me
Light below me
Light unto me
Light in my
Light to all
Light to the Universe


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