Holding the Light of the Coming Age

January 01, 2006

From now until the year 2012 the world will continue to experience what is mystically called the Flood or Descent of the Clouds. The new Age cannot emerge without sacrifice and transformation. As we move closer to 2012, learning the divine spiritual wisdom contained in Universal Kabbalah and vibrating the WORD will prove to be a vital necessity as humans strive to rise above these complex times. Let us pray so as to invoke the help and protection of heaven, for us to allow the Great Architect of the Universe to look favorably upon humankind in the coming years.

The union of man with God in Spirit and Truth is the noblest, most sublime and purest purpose of all spiritual practices. The year 2006 is a magical number whose vibration will stir in mankind a great longing for the light of the heart. This year is significant because it is the last year, in the history of the world, where humankind will be given a chance to easily move from duality to divinity. This ordering of the number 2 and 6 is found in the Kabbalah number of the name of God. The slight difference between the 2 and 6 in the name of God, and the 2 and 6 in the year 2006 is the presence of two zeros. The zeros serve to magnify the importance of the meaning. When we add 2 and 6 we arrive at 8, the number of Cosmic Awareness. Number 8 is also the vibration of the heart and the symbol of life, as well as Saturn, the Lord of Karma. It is infinity turned sideways, with one circle representing the female polarity and the other circle representing the male polarity. When the female and male polarities are joined together, they symbolize balanced life and energy. Taken individually, 2 is the number of duality and 6 is the number of divinity. Duality, as represented by the number 2, is the origin of all human corruption, pain, disease and suffering, for in duality the chains of the physical body and base desires of our animal natures restrain our spiritual selves. As a consequence, we experience a restriction of the immortal Spirit. Distress, illness, poverty, prejudice and vice taunt us at every turn. The number 2 will cause those who have not yet opened their heart, and developed the lost inner faculty that allows them to perceive the hidden, eternal truths, to feel depressed, empty, lonely and/or restless. Conversely, the number 6 represents the two interlaced triangles of the Star of David. These two interlaced triangles stand for the union of man and God, man and nature, the microcosm and the macrocosm. Six, the hexagram, is symbolic of perfect manifestation on both the material and immaterial planes. Within the six and the Star of David, then, the visible and invisible are closely intertwined in order to bring unity: "as above, so too below." The Star of David creates the platform for the ready heart to be opened so that it is capable of holding the light of the Age of the glory of Self. (A deeper understanding of numbers and the advanced use of symbols can be found in Levels 2-4 of the Self Study Course.) Keep in mind that in order to conquer the vicissitudes of life, we must experience a complete opening of the heart.

Working with divinity (6) gives you the opportunity to move away from duality and confusion (2). By learning the divine spiritual wisdom (6) and vibrating the WORD to open the heart and activate the divine glands, man tames the beast (2). As we have learned, mental, emotional and physical degradation are the result of the presence of the number 2. Conversely, the number 6 acts as a counterpoint, awakening people to the realization that the Divine Spiritual Wisdom, Harmonyum healing, and the power of the WORD can be used to fight life-threatening diseases. Indeed, a wide range of diseases symbolized by the number 2, such as those with genetic roots and those that affect the blood and immune system, can be treated with the Divine Spiritual Wisdom, Harmonyum healing and the WORD. The WORD flows like a stream, the vibrations of which are guided and directed by conscious intelligences; for all the powers of nature are the expressions of the WORD of God; all things are obeying the rhythmic law of the creative WORD. The practice of the WORD found in the Rootlight Sacred Music series, stimulates the meridian points connected to the hypothalamus and thalamus whose secretions, in turn, stimulate the pituitary. The secreting capacity of the pituitary balances the entire glandular system, positively affecting and properly nurturing all the organs. The Rootlight Sacred Music Series will set your spiritual centers in motion. Each track produces certain vibrations that release positive impulses in a human, that they can use to manifest love, peace, light and joy. The Rootlight Sacred Music Series was created in accordance with cosmic principles. These albums raise one's consciousness through melody and mantra. Each contains a secret Kabbalistic formula that is in perfect harmony with the divine and creative laws of the cosmos. Therefore, each acts as an invisible key, opening the door to opportunities that help the individual achieve his/her innermost dreams of living a successful, fulfilling life, while smoothing the way for spiritual growth. They transform the path of misfortune, illness and sorrow into one of abundance, health and happiness.

As you move toward 2012 and beyond remember that the powerful albums in the Rootlight series are your spiritual working tools. Use the Heaven's Touch album to synchronize your energy and bring grace into your life. Triple Mantra cuts through obstacles. Lumen de Lumine removes darkness, purifies your life and gives you light. Ra Ma Da Sa burns the seed of disease. Use Green House to attract opportunities and Sounds of the Ether to help you realize your dreams. Mystic Light will brighten and expand your aura. Blissful Spirit will change negative patterns. To lift depression and heal brain problems work with Soul Trance. Use OM House to stimulate the divine glands and Healing Fire for your spiritual growth. The Seal of Higher Destiny will open your third eye. In addition, use Lifting the Veil to uncover the blueprint of life, Alchemy of Love Relationships for the blueprint of love and the Divine Doctor for the blueprint of health. The Healing Fire of Heaven will teach you how to merge with the Sun. The Code of the Masters will bestow upon you the keys to penetrate the higher mysteries. Working with the Divine Spiritual Wisdom contained in Universal Kabbalah and vibrating the WORD are self-protective acts that shield you from all known and unknown animosity. The Divine Spiritual Wisdom represents the eternal truths at the core of the Pentagrammic Mysteries that describe the differences between fallen and regenerated man. These truths are understood fully only by the enlightened human being, whose heart is truly open. Working with the Divine Spiritual Wisdom allows us to bruise the serpent's head, the symbol of time, and reshape our fate into a divine destiny. The WORD is a simple, yet powerful science. In working with the WORD, we partake of the Heavenly Nourishment that gives radiant health and puts us on the path to fulfilling our destiny. The WORD is the heavenly food of the most perfect and God-like beings.

These extraordinary teachings are the sacred truths that bring peace to your heart, light to your mind and strength within your spirit. They are the wisdom of the living God in whom we dwell and who penetrates everything in the universe. Human beings are composed of the essences of all celestial planetary bodies; when we vibrate the WORD and work with the Divine Spiritual Wisdom, this practice opens the heart and attracts the beneficial influences of the seven Creative Forces, or planetary bodies. The Divine Spiritual Wisdom can cause man to rise above the seven Creative Forces of the Cosmos. These seven Forces govern all the kingdoms of the macrocosm and manifest in the 12 signs of the zodiac, which are represented by the human ribcage. Practicing with the WORD creates a stronger vibratory frequency within us, causing the lost inner organ to be activated. The inner spiritual faculty is then awakened and set aglow with the pure akashic fire. During this process, man becomes all knowing. The past and future, time and space disappear to become the present. Man becomes like a flower that has been blessed by the ray of the Sun.

Those who work with Universal Kabbalah and master the practice of Naam can direct the magnetic vibrations within the masses of the Ether through the power of their will because they can see the unseen movement of the current by means of their Spiritual body. Through the Spiritual body, one can influence a person's nervous system and work with the fluidic current to heal a subject. Applying the Divine Spiritual Wisdom and vibrating the Naam can move the Ether. A clear willpower can act on the Ether and, by means of additional willpower that it absorbs on the part of others, can determine the movement of great and irresistible current. The Ether condenses or rarifies itself when the current accumulates more or less in certain centers. It fixates itself naturally to all living centers, and can be projected through the eyes and the voice in vibrating the WORD, or through such avenues as the Rootlight Sacred Music Series. The Ether is terrestrial with its connection with the earth and exclusively human with its connection with humans, which means through the aura. The human body absorbs everything that surrounds it and radiates continuously by projecting its invisible molecules, creating a magnetic atmosphere. The signs and sounds that are suggested to it impregnate this atmosphere. When we vibrate the WORD while using mudras, we become a homing device to attract and magnify these powerful currents embedded in the Ether into our lives. It is important to know that a thought crystallizes itself by becoming the WORD through symbols and sound. That WORD is expressed in the Ether by means of signs, which, in turn, saturates the earth with images or reflections that our soul can evoke. The Ether functions as a kind of film that is imprinted by ever-changing images. These images are always present; they are only erased by stronger imprints or through the preoccupation of our thoughts, which render our imagination unaware that this Etheric film exists. When we sleep for example, this spectacle presents itself to us, resulting in dreams. If we cannot give them direction, these dreams become incoherent, simplistic and vague. The Divine Spiritual Wisdom contained in Universal Kabbalah reveals a powerful way to work on our dreams symbolized by the number 2, and cause them to show to us what the future may hold.

Do not let the opportunity to learn the Divine Spiritual Wisdom pass you by. Humankind must begin to manifest the power of these sacred teachings along with the Naam to rule the lower kingdoms (2.) At this moment in human history, humanity is being blessed with the opportunity to learn the Universal Kabbalah and vibrate the Naam so as to elevate our consciousness and fully live from the heart. Man must rise, moving out of duality (2) so that the pure light of the Christos (6) can rise and shine within the heart like the Sun on a new day. (Six also stands for love, and you can bring the reality of Love in your life by reading the new expanded version of The Alchemy of Love Relationships.) We must move from ignorance (2) to light (6) thereby breaking the chains that bind us to misery, suffering and deprivation so that we are able to unite with the heart. Each of us must face our own personal karmic adjustment through the 2 and overcome our own darkness so as to receive the light of righteousness and cause the Christ force (6) to prevail. As the rising Sun of righteousness awakens us from duality so that we are able to see things in their true light, as we destroy the devil (2) within, which causes us to be separated from unity, we will be able to rejuvenate and recreate the world through the 6 and reach 8, the number of evolution and Christ consciousness. The universe will use those who have been so awakened to further awaken the truth and the light, according to the receptivity of man, in order to animate the world with spirit and truth. In other words, this is the time where those who are capable of light will unite for, and in, spirit and truth. We are approaching the realm of light, the realm of wisdom and love, the realm of God who is the source of all light. As you absorb the Divine Spiritual Wisdom, your consciousness expands and you are filled with so much light that you become unshakeable. It is time for the Sun of Wisdom to rise and pass over the bright noon, where all shadow will vanish before her direct and sweet rays. Let the Divine Spiritual Wisdom be your torch, and let the Naam be your shield. Let these sacred sciences turn you into a bright healing star to everyone on your path. Let it shower the light of heaven upon you so that you may grow strong, strong enough to break the chains that prevent you from embracing the light of renewal. Again, learn this heavenly science contained in Universal Kabbalah and practice the yoga of the Naam, called Naam Yoga. Nothing can destroy you so long as you practice the divine spiritual wisdom contained in Universal Kabbalah, vibrate the Naam, serve others and live humbly.

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