April 08, 2020



Divine Spiritual Wisdom in Sync with the Medical World!

Click here to read the full expanded version Coronavirus: Protecting Yourself in a Perfect Storm

Chris Cuomo, television journalist, CNN anchor and brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, shared the medical advice he received in his own personal battle with COVID-19 yesterday and the importance of breathing exercises and staying hydrated. Click to watch CNN Report

Although a prescription of breath exercises and hot water may seem nonessential in the face of this global pandemic that has taken thousands of lives, the protective and restorative benefits of such seemingly simple actions are rooted in deep wisdom. From the very onset of this pandemic and throughout its progression, Dr. Levry has continuously shared in his public communications (March 7th, 13th, 17th, and 21st) that because the coronavirus specifically targets the respiratory system, we need to support our lungs through a regular breath practice. He also emphasized the importance of drinking hot water to take care of the liver, which plays a vital role in purifying the body during this time, as many people will experience excessive mental, emotional and physical stress. “You will prove me right,” Dr. Levry said in his global video broadcast on March 21st. Click to listen to broadcast

Today the medical community is urging us to take care of our respiratory system through breathing exercises. As more and more people become aware of the importance of breath work during this critical time, please also remember to drink hot water. As the medical and scientific community searches for a cure, by working with the breath and drinking hot water you and your loved ones will benefit from a self-protective therapy that may take the rest of the world years to catch on to. Please do not wait to apply this simple yet life saving wisdom. We want you to have the best of everything. Recommend that friends and family members have a daily breath practice and drink hot water even if they do not experience any symptoms. As Dr. Levry has said, these vital remedies are as essential in prevention as they are in recovery.

Special Global Broadcast Click here to watch video

In this special message broadcast globally on March 17th, Dr. Levry emphasizes the breath as key to fighting coronavirus and hot water as key to hydration, purification, and protecting the liver from mental, emotional and physical stressors caused by COVID-19.

Global Broadcast Audio Coronavirus Update Part II  Click here to listen

On March 21st, Spring Equinox, Dr. Levry shared more vital tools and guidance, including the powerful healing benefits of hot water and how to use breath practices to fight this invisible enemy by taking care of the mind, body and spirit, the lungs, the liver and the immune system.

Health Practices for Unique Times

Protecting Life at a Critical Phase of the Global Pandemic

This global pandemic is sweeping through the world in various waves and we are moving into a critical period where each one of us must play a leading role to stop the spread of this virus. It is important for us to do our part to minimize local and global transmission of COVID-19 by staying well-informed and taking precautionary measures, as we are sure many of you are already doing. It is very important for us to observe physical distancing while remaining socially and emotionally connected. We will highlight some of the most vital things that we can all do right now, both spiritually and physically, to safeguard our personal and collective health. Feel free to customize the suggested daily routines to your liking and remember to read our previous newsletters for additional tools and guidance, Vital Remedies for Virus Protection (Coronavirus: Protecting Yourself in a Perfect Storm).


1. Special Healing Meditation to Help Yourself and Your Loved Ones
2. Practical Formulas and Self-Care Techniques to Make Your Body Resilient and Healthy: 1-11
3. Suggested Morning and Evening Routine
4. Safety and Hygiene Measures for Daily Life: 1-5



A powerful yet simple practice is to pray for your loved ones or yourself using The Healing Formula album. Selections from this Rootlight recording were used in a Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center research study shown to reduce pain in children undergoing cancer treatment.

Let us emphasize here, if you have a loved one who is feeling sick, or if you yourself do not feel well, do not waste any time – see your doctor and get tested. Additionally, start working with the tracks on The Healing Formula right away.


1. Work with Triple Mantra daily for 11-31 minutes using Heart Mudra to protect your heart. This virus attacks the lungs and the heart. Heart Mudra is a multi-functional mudra or hand position that relieves the pressures of worry and stress placed on the heart, purifies the body, and strengthens the lungs at the same time. Learn more about Heart Mudra in Divine Doctor, Chapter 12; sixth edition.                                                                             

2. Practice The Naam 5 daily. In face of COVID-19, medical experts are now saying that we can better fight this disease if we build our cardiovascular health and improve our lung respiration prior to being infected. Click here ro read more from medical experts. This is why, while sheltering at home, it is important to move your body every day with The Naam 5, a specialized practice for lung and heart health. The Naam 5 Practice Video delivers a total body workout and will strengthen your immune system.                                                                                                                                               
3. Keep a steady daily Sukshma Vyayama practice when possible. It will give you indescribable health and an invincible spirit. When doing it Sukshma Vyayama daily, allow yourself to rest one day a week.                                                                                                                                                   
4. From the standpoint of a daily breath and meditation practice for this complex time, the 2020 Video and Music Meditation Companion has everything one needs to maintain a healthy and positive mindset, cultivate a good emotional life and successfully navigate this year.                                                                                                                                                         
5. Stick to a daily routine of drinking hot water. It is highly beneficial to drink six cups of hot water a day: two in the morning, two at noon, and two in the early evening. Drink the last two cups early enough so that they do not interrupt your sleeping pattern, which is vital to a strong immune system. Hot water is not only the best remedy for the liver, it is the basis of life and the primary means of how we flush toxins from our body. When it is sipped hot, hot water becomes even more effective. Our cells need water to function properly.  When well-hydrated, our bodies can eliminate waste and better break down substances that give us vital nutrients and minerals. The brain and heart are composed of about 73% water. The skin is about 64% water, the muscles and kidneys are about 79%, and even the bones are 31% water. Water forms our saliva and it is very important during this time not to let your mouth become dry.  Water is a shock absorber for the brain and spinal cord. It helps to regulate our internal body temperature and allows us to sweat out toxins. Work with water that is hot enough so you can only drink it by sipping it which purifies your body and makes it strong against disease. Read The Ultimate Secrets of Intimacy and Creation to learn more about the extensive benefits of hot water.

6. Gargle with warm salt-water morning and night and anytime you return from being out as described in Vital Remedies for Virus Protection (Coronavirus: Protecting Yourself in a Perfect Storm).

7. When possible, expose your body to the Sun in the morning, preferably before 10AM. To learn more about how to heal yourself through the light of the sun you can refer to Divine Doctor, Chapter 8; sixth edition.

8. Consider taking a multi-vitamin, zinc, and vitamins A and C.

9. Avoid overeating at night or when about to retire.

10. Get plenty of sleep to strengthen your immune system.

11. Work with the following highly effective and simple healing Clove Formula One and Clove Formula Two.

Clove Formula One

Add 2 cups of water to a pot and let it come to a boil.  At the very moment that the water starts boiling, remove the pot from the heat.  Add either 7 cloves, or a handful of cloves, to the water immediately. Let this combination of water and cloves sit unrefrigerated overnight. The next morning, you can separate the cloves from the water and throw them away. Now, before doing anything else, and before consuming any food or water, take five tablespoons of the clove water and work with it in the following way.  Swish a portion of the clove water around in your mouth for about 10-15 seconds, then gargle it for about 5-10 seconds and then swallow the water (Repeat for a total of 3-5 times). This recipe should give you enough clove water to use for four mornings in a row. Refrigerate your remaining water, but warm it up before each usage. While doing this clove routine in the morning will suffice, you may also choose to do the same procedure at night before going to bed if you desire, in which case this recipe will only last you two days. Among other benefits, this practice will cleanse your lungs. This is an excellent way to prevent or treat colds, flus, asthma, coughs and disorders of the throat.  This formula is a rare and special gift and we ask you not to use it more than twice a day. 

Clove Formula Two

Take 5 cloves and boil them in water for five minutes. You can then use this water to make a facial steam bath, purposefully inhaling the vapor into your nose. For those who are not sick, you can do this as a preventive measure morning and evening.  For those who are sick, this technique can be increased to three to five times per day.                                                


Morning Routine

(Please feel free to adjust as needed for your needs and schedule.)

  1. Warm salt-water gargling (after brushing teeth)
  2. First cup of hot water before meditating
  3. Clove Formula One
  4. Morning Sukshma or Shakti Naam, and meditation practice
  5. Second cup of hot water while finishing your meditation practice
  6. Breakfast

Evening Routine

(Please feel free to adjust as needed for your needs and schedule.)

  1. Drink hot water early enough in the evening so as not to disrupt your sleeping pattern.

Before retiring:

  1. Warm salt-water gargling (after brushing your teeth)
  2. Wait for 10-20 minutes and proceed with Clove Formula One

Note:  You may work with the Clove Formula Two at any time that it is needed.                                                                                                                      

  1. Creating a Protective Home Environment 
  • From time to time diffuse Thieves Oil in your home. Do not overdo it.
  • When you can, play Naam in your home on very low, almost inaudible volume to create a divine atmosphere. When you are in need of healing play The Healing Formula on very low volume.
  • Once in a while purify your home with the Precious Mystical Formula to keep negative energy at bay.
  • Do not let anyone in your home who does not have an essential reason to be there.
  • If someone does have to enter, have them leave their shoes and outerwear outside. Sanitize their hands and have them wear a mask and gloves which they can take with them.
  • Sanitize any surfaces they may have touched.
  • If possible, before entering your home, take off your shoes and outer layers, especially if you were in a high-contact area.
  • Play a leading role to stop the spread of COVID-19 by preparing yourself mentally and physically to remain at home when possible.  Self-quarantine has proved immensely helpful in the spread of past viruses.
  • After you have completed a trip outside disinfect your gloves.  Use disinfectant wipes on your cell phone, keys, credit cards, wallet, or anything you may have used during your trip before getting back in your car or entering your home. Remove your gloves by pulling them off, turning them inside out and discarding them. 
  • When entering your home, wash your hands right away with warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds. Click to see a short video on a safe and effective method for washing your hands.
  • Wash your hands regularly in your home, especially before and after meals.
  • Clean and disinfect your home regularly, especially communal touch areas such as doorknobs and handles etc.
  • A home-made disinfecting solution can be made from water and bleach using a 10:1 ratio. Keep it in a marked bottle, away from children and use it for up to 24 hours and discard it thereafter.
  • Wash clothes, bedding, and towels frequently.
  1. Supply Guidelines 
  • Make a list of products you use regularly, including any prescription medications, and order a two-month supply now for home delivery if possible.
  • Procure supplies that would be helpful if you become sick, such as fever reducers, cold medications, electrolyte replacements, etc.
  • Anticipate shortages and delays both in stores and via e-commerce.
  • Shop for two weeks-worth of groceries at a time to reduce the number of times you go to the store.
  • Use order-ahead and pick-up options when available.
  1. Going Out
  • If you must go out wear gloves, a mask, long sleeves and pants. Everyone, when going out should wear a face mask. This virus is spread through droplets and aerosols. Contact can be minimized through face masks. People can carry the virus and not know it, so everyone should wear a mask to protect themselves and each other.
  • Bring antiviral hand sanitizer and wipes with you. Wipe down the cart and wear gloves. Do not touch items at the store besides those you purchase. Ask the sales-clerk to sanitize their hands before double-bagging your items and exchanging payment.
  • Avoid cash transactions if possible. Use credit card or apps when possible to pay for everything.
  • Only leave your home when absolutely necessary or for exercise on private property in case accessible.
  • Avoid public transportation.
  • Practice good physical distancing of at least 6 feet or 1.5 meters.
  • Do not touch shared surfaces when possible.
  • When in public, sip on hot water every 10-15 minutes in a conscious way that does not cross contaminate surfaces of cups to mouth.
  1. Accepting Deliveries
  • Prevent the introduction of viruses into your protective environment as follows:
  • Have all deliveries of food, drugs, supplies and alike, dropped off outside your door, without any contact with the delivery person.
  • Do not bring any exterior packaging into your home.
  • Before you begin to open the exterior package outside your home, put on gloves and disinfect the package.
  • If the contents of the package are likely to have been touched by others, use disinfectant spray or wipes to disinfect the contents.
  • For fresh fruit and vegetables, wash them immediately in warm soapy water.
  • For prepared hot foods that are ready to be eaten, put them into the oven to increase the heat.
  • After processing your delivery, remove your gloves and dispose of them. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Use disinfectant spray or wipes on doorknobs, doorbells, and alike surfaces, after the delivery.
  • Avoid dry cleaning as much as possible as there is a risk of contamination.
  1. Serving Others
  • Support those who need help in a safe way. 
  • Be mindful of those struggling and let the proper authorities know if someone needs help.

May these tools serve you well as we all come together with a positive attitude and a strong spirit to face these unique times.  Feel free to customize these tools and guidelines to work with your schedule and needs. To learn more about remedies listed in this communication, such as the salt-water gargling, Thieves Oil and more, read Vital Remedies for Virus Protection (Coronavirus: Protecting Yourself in a Perfect Storm).  

We want you to know that we are here for you and will continue to support you with vital information and ancient, time-proven self-healing techniques to safeguard your wellbeing and that of your loved ones throughout the course of this global pandemic. This information and these techniques are not meant to replace medical advice.

Disclaimer: Please check with your physician before starting any of the suggested practices, remedies and techniques in this newsletter. None of the above should be construed as medical advice.

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