Healing the Soul with the Elixir of Life

January 01, 2007

Naam is the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega, the instigating reason “Why?”, the answer and the solution. It is the power that we must use to conclude the cycle that we have journeyed through in order that we may raise ourselves to higher, more graceful states of being and re-form on earth the paradise once known and lost, that we may become the gods that we once were: that is our inheritance, our potential, our divine right.

As one of the final years before 2012, this time has been given to you to understand the important part that Naam plays in nature and life so that you can decide to work with it in order to transform your inner life. Naam is the priceless vital fluid of the universe, the indispensable element which nourishes and brings life to all. If you want to penetrate the secrets of nature you must try to understand the importance of Naam. You must meditate on its meaning, on its power, on all that is concealed within it. You should feel reverence for Naam as a manifestation of the divine principle, of the Great Architect of the Universe who enfolds us in His purity and light. A person will never produce a permanent healing change in his or her inner life unless and until they learn to use Naam so as to communicate with the heavens, and form a strong connection with the angels.

To befriend the good angels, you have to approach Naam with respect. You must realize that Naam is the lighthouse of many pure and beautiful luminous beings who will look kindly on you if you work with it. Vibrating Naam, which you can find in the Rootlight Sacred Music Series, is enough to establish a link between yourself and the higher world. Naam will fill you with its healing freshness and purity so that you may vibrate in harmony with the whole of nature; you will feel that you are lighter and purer, that even your brain functions more efficiently. Naam is the mother of life, and we owe it respect, gratitude and love. Every morning, before you do anything else, practice Naam Yoga so as to begin your day in peace and harmony and unite yourself to the Creator by dedicating the new day to Him through Naam. It is in the beginning of the day that new forces are set in motion and are given direction. Start each day by lighting the lamp of your heart so that you may see where you are going and what you are doing. Apply the same principle to every area in life: in order to know what to do and how to do it, you have to switch on the light of Naam. Without the light of Naam, you will wander in all directions and knock on many different doors, and you will never achieve anything worthwhile.

There is nothing more beautiful or important in the world than Naam. Naam is the ultimate power, a force unseen and yet tangible and known by all, a force answerable only to the power of change and transformation that is the eternal and infinite constant that rules all things. We come from Naam and as sparks of God carry that eternal creative power inside our hearts, inside the very structure of our being - the quintessential core that is who and what we are. Naam is the original power used by the Creator to create this earth, this galaxy, this universe, and all life and all life forms found within it and within the dimensions that interpenetrate it, found within all realities, in all times.

Everything in the universe that works by itself has its origination and lifespan by the law of the rhythm of Naam. All things and beings in the universe are connected with each other visibly or invisibly through Naam. The fate of every human being depends on the rhythm of the whole mechanism of the universe, as does his daily living. Naam keeps cycles of rhythm, with major and minor cycles interpenetrating, upholding the whole creation in their swing. The whole universe is a single mechanism working by the law of rhythm; the rise and fall of the waves, the ebb and flow of the tide, the waxing and waning of the moon, the sunrise and the sunset, the change of the seasons, the moving of the earth and of the planets, the whole cosmic system and the constitution of the entire universe work ceaselessly under the law of rhythm of Naam.

Naam Yoga is the art of dancing with the Naam, so that the entire universe may serve us. Naam Yoga is the heart center of all yogas. No other Yoga can inspire and sweeten the personality like Naam Yoga; the lover of Naam Yoga attains sooner or later the most sublime field of thought. To vibrate Naam is to exercise that part of ourselves that is divine, to bare our heart and soul and speak our feelings of great joy. No wound of mind, of heart, of spirit or of form, no wound created in the past or present exists that cannot be cured by Naam. Human beings need to clean the thought patterns daily, because in the mind we give birth to negative thoughts which are nourished by themselves and perpetuated. They become living beings; in the human mental plane, there are many positive and negative small beings, called elementals. They are entities born of humans’ own thoughts, and as the germs live in the physical body, so the elementals dwell in our mental sphere. These small beings are actually more alive than any physical germs. They have their own birth, childhood, youth, age and death. They work to man's advantage or disadvantage according to their nature. Naam yoga causes the Naam to cleanse the bad elementals so that they do not bring us pain, disease and suffering and to create good ones. As the germs constitute man's physical being and the elementals his mental life, so do the angels constitute his spiritual existence. Naam allows you to create the "Elixir of Life" of alchemy, and it is the "Reconstruction of the Temple of Jerusalem" referred to in the New Testament.

Naam initiates a specific psycho-physiological transformational process believed to lead one to the final evolutionary state, bringing about a progressive psychological transformation in the individual. Naam generates healing physiological changes that take place in the organs of the brain, notably the divine glands. The effect of these changes is to release certain psychoactive chemicals into the bloodstream that permit periodic access to the various states of superconsciousness. The psychological effect of increasingly experiencing the essential unity of all life is to progressively liberate the individual from the inhibitory influences of the psychological concept of repression. Naam Yoga causes the positive, mental elementals to become our army of light so that they may carry out our heartfelt desires. Naam has the power to heal all, and make miracles from the rarest form.

The mystery of Naam Yoga is mysticism; the harmony of life is Divine Spiritual Wisdom. The knowledge of vibrations is metaphysics, and the analysis of atoms, science; and their harmonious coupling is art. The rhythm of form is poetry, and the rhythm of Naam is sacred music. Naam Yoga is the art of arts and the science of all sciences; and it contains the fountain of all knowledge within itself.

Naam Yoga increases both serotonin and dopamine in the human brain, and affects other important systems in the human body, as well. Naam Yoga increases reduced serotonin levels from stress, lack of sleep and exercise, poor nutrition, and lack of sunlight which are connected with ADD, irritability, depression, aggression, anxiety, lack of concentration, chronic pain, restlessness or fatigue, nausea, obsessive-compulsive disorder, weight gain or loss, fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, heat intolerance and other syndromes. Naam Yoga also heals the fluctuating serotonin levels that are connected with bipolar disorder (manic depression) and hypomania.

When you are continually indoors, locked away from the sunlight, melatonin levels reduce in the brain. Decreases in melatonin from lack of sunlight may disturb the sleep cycle and cause seasonal depression. Stress reduces the serotonin level of the brain. Also, lack of sleep, exercise, and poor nutrition decreases serotonin and dopamine levels. Even being bored reduces dopamine and norepinephrine levels, which may manifest as ADD, impulsivity, lack of concentration, restlessness, and depression or loss of pleasure. Dopamine is the "feel good" chemical which illegal drugs mimic (such as cocaine, heroin, or marijuana) as well as cigarettes, coffee and alcohol. Naam Yoga works on harmonizing your brain chemicals. It creates the material needed for normal brain development. Naam Yoga is also beneficial for people born with inherently lower serotonin levels, which causes the neuroreceptors to become more sensitive. Naam Yoga vibrates the Naam into any part of your body, including the major organs of the body, such as the heart, liver, pancreas, kidneys, sex and adrenal glands and the brain through the base of the skull all the way down through the spine.

Naam is the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega, the instigating reason “Why?”, the answer and the solution. It is the power that we must use to conclude the cycle that we have journeyed through in order that we may raise ourselves to higher, more graceful states of being and re-form on earth the paradise once known and lost, that we may become the gods that we once were: that is our inheritance, our potential, our divine right. Through Naam, a human being can establish communication between himself and all the planes of existence. Naam Yoga brings divine harmony in man's vibratory activity so that he may experience all of life's joy, while at the same time not be enslaved by it. Naam Yoga is the celestial art, which generates a healing ecstasy that comes from a beautiful union with the divine Beloved, the highest ideal, who is beyond the limitation of name and form, virtue or merit. Naam Yoga is food for the soul, which gives a healing joy that is unexplainable. It clears a path into the world unseen, and washes away the sins of ages. All revelation follows the ecstasy; all knowledge that a book can never contain, that a language can never express, nor a teacher teach, that comes to the seeker from life and the Great Architect of Life Himself. Naam Yoga fans the fire of the heart, and the flame arising from it illuminates the soul. Naam Yoga is not only universal, but it is also an art. Naam Yoga stands before the soul, sweetly preparing it to realize the Infinite.

 When you practice Naam Yoga, listen to the beauty of the Naam within you. The inner voice is heard aloud and guides you to eternal happiness through the direct connection of the finite with infinity. There, you shall know no defeat and you will live in virtue. Naam Yoga awakens and magnifies the intuition by enhancing molecular frequency and positively affecting the pattern of the brain. A human being without intuition is persistently vulnerable to all kinds of trouble. Man without intuition is still a crawling thing, suffering in automatic living with no real purpose. We have to awaken our intuition and make it sensitive enough so as to live gracefully. Naam creates the sound which projects and creates the universe and resounds back to the universe. Everything is Naam and everything we receive from God is contained in Naam. Meditating on Naam for even a fraction of a second will bring tremendous benefits. Naam Yoga eradicates diseases that are created by the breaking of the healing rhythm of life by resetting the circulation of the blood, the pulsations and the whole mechanism of the body within its natural rhythm. Naam sets the whole body in order, and soothes the heart. Rhythm plays a most important part in the health of the mind, body, and spirit of human bring. Changes from joy to sorrow, clarity to confusion, hope to despair all can be accounted for by the lack of rhythm in mind.

Naam works with the breath to restore the healing rhythm that is innate in mankind and maintains his health. Rhythm produces an ecstasy which is inexplicable and incomparable with any other source of intoxication. Naam Yoga causes the swinging of the pendulum of the breath to bolster our strength and energy. For every person's affairs in life depend upon rhythm; his successes, his failures, all his actions, right or wrong, all are accounted for in some way or other by a change of rhythm. Balance, which is the only upholding power in life, is kept by rhythm. Naam Yoga harmonizes our breathing, which keeps our mind and body connected and links the mind and soul. Naam Yoga brings a divine rhythm in one's life. Naam Yoga causes the entire mechanism of the body to work in a healing rhythm, so that the beat of the pulse, the heart, the head, the circulation of the blood, and intimations of hunger and thirst, all experience a harmonious rhythm.

Our days follow the direction that we give to our first thoughts in the morning. When we are mindful, we can clear the way ahead; when we are not, we litter the path with all kinds of useless and even dangerous debris. When you practice Naam Yoga, even the negative thoughts or feelings that attempt to infiltrate you will be deflected and put at the service of the divine world. Even they will be forced to follow the direction you have chosen. In this way, by giving thanks to the Naam that lives and breathes in your head and your heart first thing in the morning, your whole day will be recorded in the Book of Life and blessed. Since everything we do is recorded in the Akashic records, once you have lived one day with Naam, one taste of glorious, eternal life, that magnetic day will yearn to influence all other days, encouraging you to stay in the beautiful flow of self mastery and bliss. When you practice Naam Yoga, you will begin to live your life differently and with a higher, more penetrating consciousness. Naam will take over and influence all your days for the better, leading you naturally to a well-balanced, orderly and harmonious existence through its positive influence. Naam is a condensation of solar light, and if you work with Naam daily, you will communicate with the luminous beings who will help smooth the course of your path and bring you joy.

Practice Naam Yoga so that you may come into contact with the warm, luminous, and vivifying power of Naam. By working with Naam, we receive the powerful, rich, living rays of heaven and store them up in the cells of our brain and, particularly, in our solar plexus. This solar plexus is a reservoir of energy upon which we can draw in order to accomplish our daily tasks. By practicing Naam Yoga, we can establish contact with the pure energies of the universe and absorb their healing light. Naam Yoga allows us to gather and store up spiritual energies that we can access daily in our different activities.

Harmony is the result of the union between the intellect and the heart, between the soul and the spirit. When your soul unites with the cosmic Spirit through Naam Yoga, you taste true ecstasy: it is a spark that ignites at the very moment the human soul unites with the divine Spirit. In this intense, blazing fire, all karmic impurities are completed consumed. At last, you feel lighter, free to fly into space and merge into the universal harmony. Vibrate Naam to remember the divine harmony within you; breathe it and become impregnated by its presence. When Naam has penetrated all parts of your being and tuned you like an exquisite instrument, it is the divine spirit itself that will come to play within your life.

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