Healing the Healer with Naam

September 01, 2010

Blessed, blessed and blessed is the one who listens to or vibrates this healing Naam. Open your soul as the flower does to the light of the Sun when you vibrate this healing combination of sacred mantras from Gurbani. Naam is the spiritual seed that grows in our heart and turns us into the Divine flower of Love, Wisdom, and Truth, so that we may be planted in God’s garden and once again become what we were before we fell from Paradise. In most people this seed remains dormant for millions of years, sprouting only when the individual vibrates Naam under the right conditions. Now is the time to see what the soul wants, hear what the soul says, and know what the soul knows. Those who vibrate or listen to these healing mantric combinations from Gurbani will receive all manner of blessings in their lives and affairs. The sacred words of the Spirit of God on the Healing the Healer with Naam recording allow you to make contact with the World of Oneness. These sacred words will give you a warm, embracing feeling of protection, security and healing that will keep you free from the chains of karma, by bringing you Love, Faith and Hope and offering you Light in the darkness of life. These sacred prayers have a health-giving effect upon those who work with them. Praying with this healing Naam is a beautiful Divine act.

When you vibrate these healing words in this Language of God, He will hear you and help you because He knows and understands your needs. This is how you will connect with the luminous beings. Doing this Naam is one of the best, safest and easiest methods of healing. It allows you to connect with God and reestablish the harmony within and around you. God is Love and to approach God you have to speak to Him in His language. This healing Naam allows you to absorb the vital flow of energy which comes down from the higher world, so that you may connect with and abide by the healing and beneficial Laws of God. This healing Naam will allow you to regulate and master the forces of your brain. In truth, all that God desires of us is our heart so that He may write His Healing Law upon it. This healing Naam opens widely the doors to our mind and our heart so that the Divine Light can enter it and bless us with the ability to hear God's Voice.

Healing the Healer with Naam is the light that warms the frozen heart, that frees the trapped and locked energies of our being and allows them to flow. Through this healing Naam, one comes into harmony with Nature. Those who work with this Naam are connected to the deep forces of creation that allow them to easily ally themselves with God’s healing power. By doing this healing Naam, our thoughts are concentrated on God. As a result, there is no power, known or unknown, that could then bring us harm. This Naam destroys everything that holds us back, so that we may enter into freedom. It awakens in us those forces through which the negative karmic ties from the past can be eradicated in order to enter into a life of freedom. It destroys all unhealthy energies, so that we may break away from our old karma. This sacred healing Naam will help you erase your own negative karma, cleanse your mind and your heart so that you may build those favorable conditions for the coming of the Spirit of God within you. It will open your heart widely for Divine warmth to flow into it, so that you may experience its healing joy.

The Naam Yoga hand movements performed throughout this healing Naam are designed to help you receive the Heavenly Force, the flow of energy which comes from the Sun and passes through the center of the Earth, while the other flow comes from the Earth and passes through the Sun. These healing hand movements work on our spiritual growth, and bring us into contact with the harmonious forces of the universe. Through these symbolic, healing hand movements, we communicate to the universe the desire of our Spirit, namely our desire to reach the higher world. Human hands send out healing forces which have the capacity to remove obstacles from the path of the soul so that it can begin to awaken.

The Naam Yoga clapping sequence performed toward the end of this healing Naam allows you to get rid of all accumulated impurities, as well as any disharmonious energies that may have become trapped within your nerves and muscles. Clapping removes energy blockages within our body so that we may heal physically, spiritually and mentally. It is the symbol of the joy of the soul, which has acquired Freedom. We clap a certain way to heal the heart and brain. We clap to bring happiness into our lives. Clapping not only strengthens our life force, but also, it expresses the victory of Freedom. These movements indicate that one has been liberated from all unhealthy confining situations. We clap to open all energy channels in the body, to strengthen our immune system, and our physical energy.

The first Naam Yoga hand movement coming out of Prayer Pose, where the hands move from the chest forward and then back to the chest again, indicates that first we must give. This movement represents a form of spiritual opening, because we must open ourselves so as to be able to enter into Nature. This is the male principle, the creative beginning, whereby everything we possess must be delivered on the altar of Divinity. Giving or serving is one of the great laws in Nature. God's blessing comes through our willingness to give and serve. In our material plane, God manifests Himself through giving. Therefore, it is healing for us to be generous like God, and give generously of ourselves until our love begins to return to us according to the Law of the Tenfold Return. This conscious sharing of love will bring us salvation. We should not be afraid of giving. One of the qualities of Great Love is giving. When you give, it shall be given unto you. That is the Law. This hand movement reminds us that we must develop the quality of giving, so as to activate the Divine within ourselves. It is a beautiful way to tap into the Law of Universal Abundance. This first movement of the hands from the chest forward and back again symbolically shows how we can make the proper exchange between our being and the universe, and between the inner and the outer worlds.

The second and third hand movements after Prayer Pose indicate that we receive what Nature is giving us. This is the female principle, which is receiving and building. This movement opens our soul to Divine Consciousness, because from this position we choose to accept God as the Object of our love, so that we may be able to achieve anything. It expresses that we are freely accepting God's Blessings in all their abundance.

In the remaining movements, the hands move upward to come together above the head, so that we may come into contact with the energy of the higher world which we then bring down to the physical world. In this process, we send and receive energy to build and strengthen our aura through our fingers, which are transmitters, as well as receiving antennas. (The space between our fingers indicates whether money remains with or how fast it moves away from us.) Through these Naam Yoga healing hand movements, we open ourselves to the principle of giving and receiving, for us to create the space for the beginning of the manifestation of our soul, so that it may rise and manifest its beauty and light in our life. The energy which flows through the one who gives and receives is Divine, uplifting, and healing. The power of this meditation is magnified when it is done in a Naam Yoga class along with other Naam Yogis. You can learn and practice the mantras and the healing movement sequence along with this video

The combination of sacred mantras found on the Healing the Healer with Naam recording originates from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, and has been especially chosen from one of the most powerful and healing sections. These prayers have been used throughout the ages to cure all types of illnesses, fevers and “incurable” diseases as well as for removing pain and suffering regardless of whether the source is physical, emotional, or mental. The powerful and perfect combination of Divine Sacred Naam (Logos) and musical composition of this recording invokes the highest and most benevolent form of Divine Grace by enflaming the heart with unwavering devotion and Divine Love, bringing about unshakable Faith. The continued repetition of this composition will automatically cause illnesses, diseases and suffering to be destroyed at their source, resulting in deep inner peace and complete healing. In places of recovery and in homes of those afflicted by health challenges, this recording can be played continuously in the background. Even those who are too sick to utter the words can receive healing by listening to it. Any verse of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib is capable of creating healing miracles. Just one line of Gurbani can do wonders.

If you desire to heal yourself, work with the Healing the Healer with Naam meditation music along with the Ra Ma Da Sa CD, track 4 of the Healing Spirit of Ra Ma Da Sa CD or track 3 of the Healing Beat of Naam CD. The melody on the Healing the Healer with Naam recording will slow your breathing and heart rate because of the way it was Kabbalistically produced. The science of Kabbalah is used to bring together the various components of melody, rhythm, a precise combination and permutation of sacred words, the healing use of voice and more, so that the music may not only have a heart-opening impact, but also, the most healing and uplifting effect on everyone and their surroundings. Should you find yourself anticipating a stressful situation, going to an interview, about to give a speech or teach class, listen to the Healing the Healer with Naam recording while preparing. Listening to the Healing the Healer with Naam music along with its sacred words prevents the body from reacting to stress in an unhealthy way. Furthermore, this particular melody has been scientifically shown to reduce elevated heart rate, blood pressure and cortisol levels in people preparing to go in for a job interview or give a speech. The combination of the melody, rhythm and the way the sacred words are combined and permuted on the Healing the Healer with Naam recording along with the particular Ra Ma Da Sa tracks mentioned above will help you focus, making concentrating for prolonged periods of time easier. These recordings are especially useful in helping you synthesize, summarize and organize an overwhelming variety of information and are very helpful when preparing for tests. They are beneficial for goal-setting, calming the mind and helping one to relax and prepare for a dream-filled sleep. They produce heightened alpha brain wave activity similar to that found during deep relaxation and meditation. They are the perfect background music when a person wants to study or partake in an intellectually demanding activity. They will easily increase your attention level, as well as improve retention and memory. They are designed to help you extend focused learning time, while expanding your thinking skills.

It is important to add here, that vibrating Naam Simran and working with Gurbani goes hand in hand. Doing Naam Simran allows you to collect the priceless treasures hidden within Gurbani. Wahe Guru is Naam and Naam is Wahe Guru. Wahe Guru is the amazing light which dispels all darkness. It is the master key to Gurbani. One cannot truly understand Gurbani without Naam Simran because Naam Simran complements Gurbani and Gurbani complements Naam Simran. There is a lotus flower inside of us that is facing down. As a result of doing a lot of Naam Simran the lotus flower inside of us faces up and blossoms, causing us to have an indescribable spiritual experience. In other words, with Divine Grace (Guru’s Kirpa) the mind, body and soul become enflamed with Naam, and the heart becomes filled with so much Prem (devotional state of Divine and pure Love), that the 10th gate becomes activated and Naam Rass is secreted. The sweetness of Naam Rass, or immortal nectar, is humanly indescribable. It will cause you to become one with God. With Naam Rass the veil of separation between the Divine and you is lifted. Work with the Healing the Healer recording and drink the sweet nectar of Naam, and let God shower you with countless blessings.

The Spirit of God works musically. The human body is a musical instrument and Naam Yogis work with the laws of sound and the harmony of music to align themselves with the universe. The harmony of music originates from the harmony of the soul and music is the bridge between the seen and unseen world. Vibrating Naam can cause the soul of a Naam Yogi to fly to higher realms, making one warm and sunny; bright and light. Each time a Naam Yogi vibrates Naam, the soul becomes beautifully alive with light and full of energy. As the soul glows from within, the Naam Yogi’s eyes reflect this glow. Eventually, the rest of the body also begins to glow like the Sun. Even being close to a Naam Yogi who is in the habit of "japing Naam" (Naam Japna) or doing Naam Simran will have an uplifting and beneficial influence on your life. Gurbani is musical, and Naam Yoga is musical the same way the spiritual world is a world of music. Interestingly, the Hebrew word NAIM means pleasant and delightful. NAIM comes from the root word NAAM. NAAM is the root word pleasant. In other words, in Hebrew the root word of anything that has to do with pleasantness is NAAM. Naam Yoga is what you would call in Hebrew, NAIM, which means it is a pleasant and delightful form of yoga. Working with our sacred music will not only bring you untold blessings, but also, it will connect you, and all areas of your life, with the healing powers of the universe so that you may realize your highest, most Divine destiny. Listen to the Healing the Healer with Naam music and warm your heart with it. Vibrate this healing Naam and feel the revitalizing presence of the Divine around you. Feel the healing Love of God when you vibrate these sacred words. Share this amazing music with anyone and you will both be blessed. Use these gifts to serve and uplift others.

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Healing My Life

Dear Rootlight Team, for many years I have had various types of skin problems, from irritation and itches to being very sensitive. I have tried so many things over the years and nothing would provide permanent relief. I am so happy to report that since I started meditating with the Healing the Healer with Naam music I have had no more problems or irritation with my skin. For the first time in a long time I am able to go out and enjoy the beach and the great summer weather.

On a deeper level, since I started the meditation, the emotional dependence and attachments in my personal and family life that I have been struggling with have simply vanished. Furthermore, even though I find myself at a crossroads in my life, not knowing what the future holds doesn’t bother me like it used to anymore. I am now happily living in the moment, without fear and filled with a newfound confidence and a deep sense of peace.

I am excited to share this incredible music with several organizations in Barcelona and other parts of Spain and have different projects under way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us such a beautiful gift. I love you all,
Imma B.

Wiping Away the Pain

I was diagnosed with melanoma last week and have developed a tumor on the side of my pelvis that has been creating much pain and discomfort. As a result I have had a very difficult time sleeping as the pain is exacerbated when I am lying down. A few days ago my daughter told me about your healing meditation music called Healing the Healer with Naam. At first I didn’t know what to make of it. I plainly just didn’t understand it. Skepticism aside, it was a loving gesture from my daughter and I agreed to let it play softly next to my bed. The music seemed to put me at ease. I felt peaceful, relaxed even. The next thing I remember is waking up the next morning. I couldn’t believe it – I had slept through the night pain free for the first time in weeks! I just wanted to write this letter of appreciation. While I don’t exactly understand it, I encourage you to please keep doing what you’re doing. Sincerely,
Jeff R.

Transcending Boundaries

I had a very powerful experience this summer when I began to share the 20 minute Healing the Healer with Naam meditation music with a small group of friends. I was assisting a training in Germany and sharing a room with three friends. The first morning it was just the four of us. The next day our neighbor from the room next to ours came by to borrow some coffee and ended up learning the meditation. The following day her two roommates came to see where all the angel voices were coming from. Then it was the men in the room downstairs who finally decided to get up a little earlier to see what was happening upstairs! We were beginning to run out of extra pillows in my room. By the end of the 11 days, anywhere from 11 to 15 people would gather each morning to practice this incredible meditation. I was truly amazed...full of joy, so grateful to share this very healing meditation with friends from New York, California, Romania, Japan, Hong Kong, Minneapolis, DC, London, Greece and Berlin.

I thought that maybe it would seem difficult to learn such a long mantra, especially for those who have never tried a Naam Yoga meditation before, but my experience was the complete opposite. I feel that within this holy prayer is something of everyone and everyone's language is contained within it. Naam is the language of the heart and this was the most beautiful to witness - every country, every age (including one baby!) and every background opened up to this vibration of love, peace and light. I am still receiving thank you emails for sharing the Naam and requests for more chanting at future trainings!
Elaine O.

A Brighter Day

I wanted to share with you an experience I had recently with the Healing the Healer with Naam music. Last week I found myself in a very challenged state, feeling overshadowed by doubt, lack of energy and old fears and grief plaguing my mind. I was angry and sad at the same time, because not only was this a recurring pattern for me, but I also did not have the willpower to pick myself up and do something about the hole I was in.

By some Divine Grace, I turned on the Healing the Healer with Naam music in my apartment and began chanting along to it. As I was chanting, I asked God to remove the pain I was feeling. I was lonely, angry, hurt and feeling like I hated my life. I was chanting through my tears and just asked God to please remove this pain. And it happened, very quickly actually. Just like that, I started feeling better. I kept playing the music on repeat throughout the day and EVERYTHING started to turn around - it felt like I was in a dream. As the day unfolded the experiences I was longing for simply manifested themselves in the most beautiful way. I decided to go outside and exercise, which is something I love doing. I was feeling so good that I spent the evening meeting new people and having a great time. I felt things were possible again. Even though I ended up getting locked out of my apartment, it turned out to be a blessing in many ways. It led me to stay at a dear friend's house where we ended up eating dinner together and sharing a healing talk. It was the nourishment of friendship I was looking for in my heart. I slept so well that I woke up the next day ready to face the tasks of the day with inspiration, motivation and vigor.

I am so grateful to know this kind of experience is possible because I know I can reach this healing place again. By the grace of God may I never forget it. I thank God for this music, for Gurunam as a teacher, and my friends, family and colleagues who showed me what is possible.
Kimberly G.

A Deeper Understanding of the Power of the Word

Meditating with the Healing the Healer with Naam creates such a healing fire within my solar plexus, the feeling is quite remarkable and extraordinary. The other night the heat that was generated in my solar plexus actually began to extend down towards the navel. I have never felt these spiritual centers connected in such an intense way. I could feel the heat expanding throughout my entire spine. This feeling of energy around my solar plexus was so strong that after 30 minutes of chanting it became overwhelming. I never knew that I would be able to feel something like this during prayer when I first started practicing Naam Yoga. I thought these types of healing energies were not available to all people, but only those God had chosen as His Elect.

I must say that by chanting this Healing Naam I was able to come to a new level of personal understanding of the Word itself, and moreover, allowed this understanding to further crystallize within my being. In my humble opinion, this healing Bani is a perfect healing composition for it glorifies the Word itself in the most beautiful fashion. Within its very words lies the heart of Naam Yoga: "Bani Guru, Guru hai Bani." For the Word is God and God is the Word. These words completely reiterate St. John's famous words in his Gospel, "In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

In my humble opinion, what distinguishes this sacred prayer from all others that I have worked with in the past is the actual meaning of the words themselves. If one takes the time to read the translation, they will see how clearly and beautifully the words explain the relationship of reconciliation between Man and God via the Logos. Simply meditating on the meaning of this combination of mantras from Gurbani is such a powerful meditation in itself. It has allowed for a much deeper transformation within and a greater understanding of the science of Naam Yoga. With Love, Peace and Light,
Victor H.

To learn more about the author, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, visit josephmichaellevry.com

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