Gaining Mental, Emotional & Physical Healing through Divine Sound Vibration

May 01, 2019

At their source, mental diseases can be traced to an insufficiency of light. The human intellect must be at the service of the Divine world in order to receive light. Divine Love is the mother of light. Vibrating Naam manifests Divine Love, bestowing upon us the grace of God which is the love of God. The concept of God here meaning the One Universal and Infinite Mind, which is infinite love, infinite wisdom, infinite truth and infinite goodness.

The whole world is in pain. But, by identifying with God and embracing the path of Divine Love, you can remove yourself from this pain and change your destiny. The time has come for us to vibrate Naam in order to become instruments of Divine Love.

Many people at this moment in time are approaching a point of emotional despair and fear in their lives. More than ever before, individuals are suffering from depression, fatigue, fear of the future and from the pain of reliving emotional traumas. It is important to strengthen ourselves during this time when we are being bombarded by stress and information overload. Many are experiencing a tremendous amount of mental, emotional and physical stress that, in turn, is impacting relationships with loved ones, friends, and the self. Vibrating Naam prevents us from becoming consumed by the daily dramas of our limited reality and the distractions of our material lives.

Where there is Divine Love you cannot find fear. The Creator of the universe is a source of divine or unconditional love. The human heart is the only part of the body that has a direct connection with the Creator. By vibrating Naam we can connect with the Creator on a daily basis through our heart. As we do this, we can pull an abundance of love into our heart and spread it as a healing force through our body, our aura and then extend it to manifest in our lives in various forms of blessings. The original spirit is in the heart.  

The root cause of all physical and mental diseases is the burden on the soul of the negative karmic influences we brought with us from previous lives. This is what affects our mental and physical health, and creates havoc in our lives. The truth is, in order to heal anyone permanently, we need to heal the soul. This can be achieved by the power of the Supreme Soul, manifested as Naam. Healing the human soul through the Supreme Soul via Naam, is one of the highest forms of permanent healing.

Naam manifests Divine Love and love is the key and the power, which has liberated the saints and yogis and can liberate you now. Love is the great key and secret to holding fast to the path of light. The path back to God is love. Love is all the Universe understands. Love eradicates all karma and ends the cycle of birth and reincarnation. All the power of Heaven and Earth are contained in love. All the forces in Heaven and Earth obey love, for the entire world was created by love. There is no power beyond love. True love is a powerful force, stronger even than death. We are a crystallization of love, because we are, each of us, drops in the ocean of All-Love. We are born to love and be loved. A person without love is like a land without water. Nothing can grow there. Vibrating Naam moves you from your head to your heart in order to fill your life with love.

Love in itself is a powerful force. The understanding and application of love can bring about the greatest blessings because love allows us to receive wisdom and eventually truth. Vibrate Naam and you will feel Divine Love overflowing in you, and flooding you with healing and blessings. It is written in the scripture "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God." You can drink and live on the nectar that flows through Naam. Drink in the sweet and healing nectar of Naam, and let the Divine shower you with numerous blessings. This is an absolutely positive and healing experience which will give you sacredness, and sacredness will give you love, wisdom and truth. All the nectar is in Naam. Even the saints declare that Naam surpasses even nectar in its deliciousness.

God is love and nothing is dearer to God than vibrating Naam, which is his name. Love is the greatest science of the new world that is coming. It is the most essential principle of spirituality. The beat of the heart, the circulation of the blood and the pulse of the human body are all connected to love. Anger is nothing other than the manifestation of the negative aspect of love. When love comes toward you, it gives birth to divine light in your thoughts, causing you to be ready to serve others. God gives us Naam and Naam gives us God. Naam is God, and God is Naam. Naam and God can never be separated. Naam takes us straight to God, the ultimate destination. Naam makes attainment of God a simple matter. Our life belongs to God, and Naam owns God. Naam is Divine Power manifesting in the sound current. Naam is the life-current which has originally emanated from the Creator. Even a simple mechanical repetition of Naam has a positive effect. It purifies and protects the human mind. There is no greater thing in life than vibrating Naam.

Naam is divine sound vibration and divine sound vibration creates light. Light has a tremendously healing impact on the human mind. Mental disturbances can lead to diseases that can affect our lungs and muscular system. When negative thoughts come into your mind, take refuge in Naam. Our negative or destructive thoughts or feelings are initially located in our mental and astral bodies, both of which are invisible to us. The mental body is the body of our thoughts and intellect and the astral body is the body of our feelings and emotions. If we do not purify these bodies with Naam, their vibrations descend into the physical body through the etheric body, which is the double of the physical body. This is how some of our organs and body parts are affected, based upon the law of vibrational correspondence. The physical body is linked to the etheric body by what is known as the silver cord, and it is thanks to the etheric body that the physical body possesses both life and sensitivity. Vibrating Naam purifies the mind and prevents these unhealthy vibrations from manifesting in the physical body through the etheric body.

As soon as we merge with Naam, Naam will remain with us forever. Naam is the highest truth. Truth brings freedom. Unknown to most, people get sick because they have broken the law of truth. One who wants to straighten out his or her life and restore his or her health has to embrace a love of truth, because all diseases of the soul originate from the insufficiency of truth. One who lives in Naam succeeds in eliminating negative karma.

Through the creative use of sound vibration, we can produce healing and uplifting patterns of vibratory frequency that correspond to the soul expression of certain very high individuations of Divinity. As a result, our spiritual centers, to which certain endocrine glands are related, respond positively, producing a salutary effect on several levels. This causes our human consciousness to be expanded, enabling the individual to become aware of subconscious impressions. As a result, all of our mental faculties are sharpened and the body is perfectly toned. The great power of Naam is the spiritual magnet that pulls our soul up, so that we may experience the saving grace of Divinity.

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