Divine Spiritual Wisdom and Your Child

January 01, 2005

God, who created all things, in order that they may be submitted unto the will of Man, has included mankind in his project to bring his works to perfection by making Man participate in His Divine and Terrestrial work. Since the Fall of Adam and Eve, Man has a gross and terrestrial body, while his soul is spiritual and celestial. God has, in fact, made the whole earth and its inhabitants subject to him, and has given him means by which he may work with many spirits, which preside over manifold realms through God's bidding. Some of these celestial creatures govern the archangelic world, and others the angelic world. Some regulate the motion of the stars, some directly help mankind, and others continually sing the praises of God. There are also Saturnian, Jupiterian, Martian, Solar, Venusian, Mercurian and Lunarian spirits (all of whom correspond to the planets); there are also spirits of the elementals as well as in the heavens, they exist in fire, air, water, and others on earth, and will happily serve those who learn how to respect their nature and for whom they have affinity. Mankind has been allowed to profit from the good fortune and happiness that these divine spirits may impart, as long as he understands how to work with the invisible realm. Through the power of the word, you can cause the angels to help you, provided that you do not abuse this privilege by asking for negative outcomes. For cursed is the one who will use the name of God in vain, and who will employ for evil purposes the knowledge and good wherewith He has enriched us.

God has destined a guiding, protective spirit to each human being. This spirit is called a genii. The genii are elemental beings, such as ourselves, who are better able to render their services when we become aware of their presence and the rules that govern their existence. In other words, God has assigned a spirit, called a genii, to each human being, which watches over him and preserves him. Before age seven, our awareness of and connection to our genii is quite strong. Unfortunately, after age seven this link begins to fade. With the knowledge of the Divine Spiritual Wisdom contained in Universal Kabbalah along with the following "I Am I Am" meditation you can help your child maintain his/her precious connection to their genii. With practice of such meditation, adults can progressively create the platform whereby their connection can be restored. Enabling children to keep this heavenly connection is beneficial in that it can help guide them safely through this complex world.

Time and space have changed. The world is changing. And we are changing. Clairvoyant children are being born in large numbers with the impetus to strive toward a new kind of group consciousness that can no longer be suppressed. Therefore, it is important that we recognize our children as the brave and fearless guardians of the future. Parents and teachers must work with and for children so that they are properly protected, nurtured, molded, and guided. One tool that parents, in particular, can give to their children is to help them maintain their connection to the guiding, protective spirit each of us receives at birth. In addition, we must remember that children are highly susceptible to adult influence. It is our responsibility to set them on the path toward positive and productive living so that they evolve into ideal citizens of the universe. This is best achieved when we lead by example. When we live in accordance with high ideals, while demonstrating the principles of good physical and mental health, we become the living models of that which we wish our children to be and become. To do anything less is to be a hypocrite.

Mental balance is the key to a child's success in both playtime and learning. Indeed, a child's level of social and academic accomplishment is directly related to his or her level of mental and emotional health. Eventually, of course, this translates into other forms of success later on in life. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to foster each child's innate, individual gifts without encumbering him or her with our particular desires. We must resist the urge to live vicariously through our children by making them into the image of ourselves. Rather, we must allow them to be who they are. A child with an aptitude for the arts should not be forced to be a doctor or scientist. Help your children to recognize their special talents and qualities. Watch and analyze their tendencies and inclinations, and encourage them to choose a path that fits their interests. Above all, allow your children to grow-up with their original purity, spontaneity, and creativity intact.

Through teaching our children meditations along with the "I Am I Am" mantra, we become the spiritual guardians who show them a higher and simpler way of life. This is an excellent meditation to do with your child in order to improve his or her physical and mental well-being. Indeed, doing this meditation for as little as three minutes can help give a child of any age the confidence and security that is so important and necessary in this life. You can meditate along with the child using the "I Am" track on the "Sounds of the Ether" CD. It is not only important for adults to be in touch with their heart, but also, our children will especially benefit if we encourage them with meditations such as the following, to connect with their protective guiding spirit. Please note that what is described in the following exercises is appropriate for people of all ages.

Connecting with Your Guiding Spirit

The following "I Am Meditation" is designed to help you draw from the infinite source of power and strength within. It will open the doors of your heart and let the power of the Spirit flow in and through you. By opening the heart, we gain access to our Holy Guardian Angel, characterized by a strong manifestation of intuition. This is the final resting place for the shaktic power after its ascent, and it is the ideal to which mystics aspire. Therefore, meditations such as this one, are designed to prepare our minds, bodies, and consciousness for the liberation of the Divine and Sweet Fire buried deep inside us. By chanting the sacred mantra, "I Am that I Am," you are vibrating the very name of The Lord, God of Abraham, God of Isaac, and God of Jacob, that He revealed to Moses. After the revelation, God then said, this is my Name forever, and thus I am to be remembered throughout all generations. Therefore, when you chant "I Am I Am", the name of God, God will start flowing through you. For the power of the name of God is such that whosoever pronounces it with the tongue will purify his or her entire being. As a result, the purified being becomes God, forever.

Chanting this mantra, then, connects you with Moses’ experience in the burning bush. It links you to The Divine Flame of Fire, which burst forth from the Holy ground on the Mountain of God. Moreover, chanting mantras such as "I Am that I Am" while maintaining a simultaneous mental connection with the Sun awakens powers heretofore unknown, and re-awakens those that are dormant by evoking the inner spiritual force, manifested as the Holy Flame of Divine Fire. We chant "I Am that I Am" to pierce to the core of truth and understand the nature of reality. "I Am that I Am" expresses the very origin of God. It will cause that immeasurable force of high spiritual vibration to infuse your being, while moving and shifting your life to the highest moral goal and self perfection.

I AM, I AM Meditation

Sit with a straight spine. Place your right hand on your knee in wisdom pose, (thumb and forefinger pressed together). Your left hand should be at the level of your heart, pointing towards the right with the palm flat and fingers straight. Your eyes should remain mostly closed, and should be focused on your left hand. As you begin, you want to keep your left hand six inches away from your chest. As you say the first I AM, however, you will want to move it about six inches closer. As you say the second I AM, the hand will then move back to the starting position. Keep repeating the sequence. Your chest is a great ocean of energy. When you chant I am, feel it in the depth of your soul. Do it slowly and put your self into it. The closer I AM means, I AM who I know myself to be, while the farther I AM means, I AM that which is greater than I know myself to be.

As you do the meditation, feel light energy enter your chest and heart, surrounding you with a field of bright light that takes your mind into an expansive peacefulness. With each I AM, feel the sun of healing, brilliant light rising in your heart and your entire body be filled with its illuminating radiance. Let all the worries of the day drop away as you circulate the sacred sound, I Am I Am. You are listening to the eternal ocean through it. Start with a few minutes each day, adding more as you progress and eventually working up to 11 minutes.

In addition to meditations, various mudras can be used to develop different aptitudes. Having a child touch the thumb to the middle finger develops discipline. Having the thumb touch the ring finger heightens nervous strength. Having the thumb touch the pinkie finger heightens communicative abilities. This meditation connects you with that imponderable Divine fire from within that directs the ever increasing urge of your inner self towards merging with the most sacred temple of all, for harmony and balance. Also, teaching your child the beautiful Prayer of Love, Peace, and Light can be extremely beneficial. It has an harmonizing effect upon the emotional state and counteracts harmful energies. In other words, it keeps unwanted influences away and attracts heavenly blessings. They can recite it in the morning upon arising and/or at night before they go to sleep. In addition, as soon as an adult or child recites Triple Mantra the heavens have to automatically take over for their protection. Triple Mantra moves the heavens and have the luminous beings flying all over the place to protect you. If you or your child feels endangered or stuck, recite or work with the Rootlight Triple Mantra CD. It works. These special tools can help children face this complex world safely and gracefully.


Two voices exist within each of us. They are the voice of the ego, which is closely aligned with the head, and the voice of the soul, which is closely aligned with the heart. Those who follow the head lose their way to the path of truth and clarity. Those who follow the heart, however, are granted the mental peace and calm that allows the path of truth to automatically stretch out before them. It is imperative, then, that we work to serve the soul rather than the ego. Direct all your passions to the service of God. This, and this alone, will make you happy and healthy.

The time for thinking someone else can heal you is over. Now, more than ever, each of us must take responsibility for our own physical wellness and spiritual evolution. In other words, we must take responsibility for our own healing and transformation. In this regard, the book "The Divine Doctor" is a major treatise on the art of self-healing and the secret of a permanent cure. By working with it you will create a platform for self healing. There is also the "Harmonyum Healing System" which activates the original seed, and awakens the threefold soul, born of the threefold spirit, from the threefold body into self consciousness and self knowledge. It is extremely beneficial for adults and children. Harmonyum brightens your energy, wipes out karma, and increases your sense of personal relatedness to the infinite identity. Above all seek and find your direct link with the Lord, and consciously maintain it regardless of what is going on around you. This link with the Divine is the source of all power and goodness that creates miracles. Indeed, miracles manifest when we attune ourselves to the power of “I Am I Am” within. For, in reality, we are nothing on our own. But with God, all things can be accomplished. Humility is an essential component to finding your link with the Divine, and the most humble on this earth are the most high in the house of God. The above meditation is a spiritual cure that enables both you and your child to get in touch with the voice of the soul. In so doing, it acts as a centering force, putting you in the right places and helping you prepare for the difficult times ahead.

The sacred wisdom contained in Universal Kabbalah demonstrates the effectiveness of the Word, while helping you to understand the application and implication of time proven truths. The average man will not understand the depth and effectiveness of working with the Word. He will not understand that working with the Word allows you to gracefully face the challenges of time and space. The Word, however, is the greatest power available to man. As you absorb this divine spiritual wisdom, your consciousness expands, and you are filled with so much light that you become unshakeable. You receive a whole host of benefits, as well as the guidance and help you need to experience a happy, successful, and fulfilling life.

Therefore, work with the divine spiritual wisdom so that you can gain the experience of your own strength, your own purity, and your own infinity. Allow our sacred wisdom to make your life one of indescribable joy. Understand that as you apply the sacred wisdom, your mind and heart are synchronized in praise of the Lord. You are touched by His vastness, and, in turn, your mind is cleansed of negativity. As a result, you can see the light of your own soul, and from the light of the soul you see that which is bountiful and beautiful. This is nothing less than an act of love. By lifting the veil that blankets your soul, our sacred teachings give you a clearer vision of your life’s purpose, your reason for being here.

The divine spiritual wisdom contained in Universal Kabbalah causes the channel of Beatitude to open itself in its sublimity. It creates within Man, the spiritual wedding or that which is known as Mysterium Conjunctionis of the Alchemists. As a result, man, who is lost in the ocean of Being without boundaries and place, is transported up to the confines of Omneity. Thus, you realize the greater presence and power that is God, and you are reminded of where you came from, of why you are here, of where you will return to, of your true destiny, including the infinite and loving omnipresence and might of our creator. Thus one becomes a pure channel of love, peace, and light to all. Then, grace and blessings keep flowing into the life of Man whose nature has been transformed in a sweet and incomprehensible merger with the Will and Mercy of the Lord. In other words, this beautiful and sacred wisdom, through the mystical marriage of the lamb causes spirit to spiritualize matter and turns a human into pure spiritual Gold.

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