Divine Spiritual Practice with its Healing and Protective Benefits

September 01, 2015

The ancient and wise mystics knew that the greatest secret for an auspicious life was hidden in working with the sunrise and sunset tides. As was the practice of the mystics, select a time in the morning and at night to work with your Divine spiritual practice. Establishing and maintaining the habit of practicing at a particular time and in a particular place every day initiates mental discipline that is of tremendous value. The location in which you practice should be both devotional in nature and comfortable. You should not experience muscular strain as you perform your spiritual work. When you experience tension, your awareness becomes fixed on the tension. Allow yourself to relax so that you can devote your entire attention toward God. Similarly, try to ensure that you will not be interrupted during your practice. When meditating, face East during the day, and North at night, to help align your will with the geomagnetic flow of the Earth sphere, thereby giving greater ease for a positive response. When you are comfortable and ready to begin, light a candle and place it before you as a symbol of the presence of God. If you meditate in the open air, it is not necessary to have a lit candle, but only to find a peaceful place suitable for meditation. Meditating in nature, amongst the trees, at the beach or near a body of water is recommended for a very soothing and beneficial experience. Relax for a few moments and inhale deeply three times, holding the breath in for a few seconds each time and holding the breath out for a few seconds each time. After you have done this and you feel centered, begin your practice. 

Note the sunrise and sunset principle: early to bed and early to rise. Follow the natural laws of the universe and remain perfectly healthy. Remember, the Ambrosial hour is the twilight zone between 4 AM and 7 AM, when the Sun hits the Earth at sixty degrees upward. The second time is from 4 PM to 7 PM, when the Sun hits the Earth at sixty degrees downward. These two times, locally, on longitude and latitude, are called twilight zones, and they are the optimal times to create and maintain the connection with the Divine. When our great Creator is worshiped in spirit and in truth, with a devotional heart during the sunrise tide, without asking of Him any unnecessary thing, it causes the inferior order of creatures to obey the wishes of Man, according to their state, order and calling. The sunrise tide is the best time to merge with the ALMIGHTY and most merciful God, so that our mind may be enlightened with His Divine Radiance of holy Divine Spiritual Wisdom. Our sunrise spiritual practice allows the Creator to open the spiritual eye of our soul, so that we may be released from the bonds of karma. This practice strengthens our souls and bodies against our spiritual enemies, and causes us to become faithful servants of the Universe, standing firm and protected from all attacks. This period causes our prayers to be graciously accepted by God, so that the benevolent active powers, which lie dormant, may be activated. We then gain power and strength of intellect to carry on our daily work, for the greater honor and glory of God on Earth, and to serve others, without design or expectation, hurt or detriment to anyone. Those who glorify God during the sunrise tide, are working under the favor of God, and will obtain all their desires through faith and wisdom. Learning and practicing Divine Spiritual Wisdom causes God to enlighten our mind, and take away all darkness from the body and soul. The sunset tide allow us to be under the Divine Mercy of God, by the light of whose favor we penetrate the mysteries of the divine and spiritual worlds. It causes us to be protected amidst the most severe storms of hatred, deceit, evil tongue, slander, betrayal, malice, pride, envy, hypocrisy, poverty, or any other outward challenging circumstances. In other words, it keeps adversity away. 

Our environment is an extension of our aura. We must also take care to make sure the energy of our body is in harmony with the weather and the changing seasons. During the Spring we must take care of our liver. During the Summer we must take care of our heart. During the Fall we must pay more attention to our lungs. And during the Winter, we must take good care of our kidneys. Having a practice of Naam and Shakti Naam will automatically adjust our energy to the changes of the weather before any challenges of health, or otherwise, occur. We can change the energy of our house and environment by vibrating Naam, which strengthens our body's magnetic field. If your body's magnetic field is stronger than that of your home or other aspects of your environment, nothing can affect your energy. It will even protect your loved ones. On the contrary, YOUR energy will affect everything and everyone around YOU. Your family will benefit from your energy as will your pets. Animals are very sensitive to energy. Even in your work life, various people will be attracted to you because they feel good around you. You will be magnetic. Your energy will be comforting to many. 

Vibrating Naam massages the brain. The brain generates electricity all its own. The brain functions as a type of receiving device for the messages which are transmitted from our Higher Self, and the human brain, in turn, can transmit the messages and experiences gained throughout the course of our lives to the Higher Self. All this is achieved through our “Silver Cord,” whose base is the ring of our rectum. The Silver Cord is a mass of high velocity molecules which vibrates and rotates at an extremely divergent range of frequencies connecting the human body with the Higher Self. This Silver Cord connects us to our Higher Self in much the same way as the umbilical cord connects a baby to his/her mother. The human brain is a world full of angels and archangels. Vibrating Naam allows us to regulate and master the forces of the human brain. It is the quickest way to connect with God and restore harmony within the human body. Consistent spiritual work can set you free from the bonds of karma, enabling you to understand what the human body is and its purpose. Anything worth having is worth working for. Having a Divine spiritual practice will cause you to understand why the human body was given to you and reveal the purpose of your life on Earth. Do your part, and God will do His. In the morning, upon rising, you should say, “Thank you, Lord, that I am alive so that I can serve You.” Remember that every day of your life is a new page in the book of your history. 

In our teachings we use very pure mantras and prayers of high vibration, such as “Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh Adonai Tz'vaot Melo Khol Ha'aretz Kevodo Leolam Vaed,” which translates as, “Holy, Holy, Holy, The Lord of Hosts, The entire world is filled with His Glory, Forever and Ever" (Isaiah 6:3). This prayer comes to us from the scripture of Revelations in the Bible and is considered the holiest of mantras, the song which the angels in Heaven sing all day long. When we sing this prayer we create a field of high vibratory energy which lesser forces cannot access. In combination with the mantra Elohim, we create a healing magnetic field that turns the space where it is vibrated into a sacred place. It is a prayer of utmost sacredness and protection. The mantra, “Om Namo Bhagavate,” translates as “Lord, may Your Will be done through me.” Every time we are faced with challenges or adversity it means we have gone against the Will of God. We feel happy and fulfilled when we follow God’s Will. “Om Namo Bhagavate” is a mantra of transformation that manifests pure consciousness within us and showers us with positive energy. Over time, by praying with it we are brought back into alignment with God’s Will and experience a pouring out of His Grace in our lives. We also have in our Divine spiritual practice the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light that reminds us the importance of giving. Kabbalists have always know the spiritual principle of giving before asking. When you recite this simple prayer you are giving Love, you are giving Peace and you are giving Light. You are giving through the Word. Our words are like little workers that when spoken into existence go to work for us by creating more Light or against us by bringing more darkness into our lives. Every Prayer of Love, Peace and Light you send out into the Universe shall follow you to eternity and manifest in this life and beyond. That is why when you want to ask for something, give first by reciting the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light. With it we are becoming Light workers with God because we are participating in the creation of a world of Love, Peace and Light. 

We all need to work with Divine Spiritual Wisdom in order to take care of our mind, body, and Spirit, during our journey on this Earth. The body here on Earth behaves like a car that our Higher Self operates by remote control, so that our Higher Self, which is yet to fully descend in matter to spiritualize it completely, can receive and store in its memory all we experience, including everything that we do, think or hear. This information in its entirety, goes upward to be stored in the memory of our Higher Self. The purpose of all spiritual work is to purify the lower self so that the Higher Self, which normally only overshadows us and is rarely in full incarnation, may come down into a purified and consecrated body. Everything we do is known to our Higher Self. By learning Divine Spiritual Wisdom and vibrating Naam, we improve our molecular vibration on Earth, and through our Silver Cord, we also increase the rate of vibration of our Higher Self. In reality, it is the Higher Self that projects part of itself into a human body in order that lessons may be learned and experiences gained during each incarnation. Every good thought, feeling, word, action, and behavior, increases our physical, astral, and divine rate of vibration. Every evil thought, feeling, word, action, and behavior, decreases our rate of spiritual vibration. Unless we break out of the cycle of life and death, this life prepare us for the next life. Our soul has incarnated for a purpose of clearing our karma, so that we may gain freedom from the cycle of life and death. Through our work we will be allowed to eat from the Tree of Life again in the Paradise of God. As a result, we will regain our immortality and closeness with the Almighty One, in Paradise, which has been lost since the Fall of Man.

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