Decoding 2015: The Highway to Divine Love

January 01, 2015

The year 2015 holds within it a magical vibration, which will stir in mankind a great longing for Divine Love. This is a year where we are given a chance to bring clarity to our dreams and our hopes, so that we can truly make them a reality by holding in our consciousness the truth that all things are possible as long as they flow in accordance with the Will of God, which is our highest will.

When we take a closer look at the order and meaning of the numbers contained in 2015 we uncover a powerful message of guidance and vision for this New Year. According to Universal Kabbalah, the name of God has a numerical vibration of 26. Interestingly, we find this same vibration encoded in 2015, specifically the numbers 2 and 15 (1+5 = 6) which represents 26. The vibration of 26 is not embedded in the year 2015 by chance for it represents the rising Sun of righteousness awakening us from duality so that we are able to see things in their true light, and destroy the darkness (2) within, which causes us to be separated from unity, so that we may be able to rejuvenate and recreate the world through the 6 and reach 8, the number of evolution and Christ consciousness. The Universe will use those who have been so awakened to further awaken the Truth and the Light, according to the receptivity of Man, in order to animate the world with Spirit and Truth. In other words, this is the time where those who are capable of Light will unite for, and in, Spirit and Truth.


Everything begins with numbers. Divine Spiritual Wisdom is the mathematics of spirituality and a pure and sacred guide by which to navigate our lives. These sacred teachings are the scientific, philosophic, spiritual and social synthesis of the past, present and future. As Naam yogis and Kabbalists, who have been blessed with Divine Spiritual Wisdom, we uncover the secret of the spiritual and material Universe through the heavenly and authentic science of numbers. Through the sacred lens of Divine Spiritual Wisdom, which bestows on us understanding of the mysticism of numbers, the metaphysics of numbers, the philosophy of numbers and the wisdom of numbers, we are guided by the Hand of God to achieve consciousness. “Thou hast ordered all things in measure and number and weight.” Wisdom 11:20 (King James Bible) No one can be spiritually learned in the divine, astral and physical worlds without the science of numbers. Therefore, Divine Spiritual Wisdom is a master key for all yogis, Kabbalists, philosophers, theologians, doctors and sociologists. Within these sacred teachings we find the best solutions to all social, anthropological and philosophical problems. We need Divine Spiritual Wisdom to bring our knowledge to life, and to learn how to rejuvenate the human body and soul.


Let us take a deeper look at 2015. The slight difference between 26 and 2015 is the presence of 0, which actually serves to magnify the importance of the meaning of this vibration. When we add 2, 1 and 5 we arrive at 8, the number of Cosmic Awareness. In the same way, when we add 2 and 6 we again arrive at the number 8, which is also the vibration of the heart and the symbol of life, as well as Saturn, the Lord of Karma. It is infinity turned sideways, with one circle representing the female polarity and the other circle representing the male polarity. When the female and male polarities are joined together, they symbolize balanced life and energy. The numbers in the year 2015 reduce to 8, which is the pulse of creation and infinity, and also the universality of God’s presence, in Whose mind is all that exists. Looking at the numbers individually, 2 is the number of duality and 6 is the number of Divine Love. Duality, as represented by the number 2, is the origin of all human corruption, pain, disease and suffering, for in duality the chains of the physical body and base desires of our animal natures restrain our spiritual selves. Every disharmony comes from the number 2. As a consequence, we experience a restriction of the immortal Spirit. Distress, illness, poverty, prejudice and vice taunt us at every turn. Keep in mind that in order to conquer the vicissitudes of life (2), we must experience a complete opening of the heart (6). The number 2 may cause those who have not yet opened their heart to feel depressed, empty, lonely and/or restless in order to move them to embrace Divine Love, and develop the lost inner faculty that will allow them to perceive the hidden, eternal truths. In 2015, we add 1 and 5 to arrive at 6. The number 1 stands for Divinity, God or Higher Truth. One symbolizes the unity of God, Man and Nature. It represents unity and indivisibility. One is the highway our personality must take in order to reach the Divine so that we may say, “I and My Father are one” (John 10:30). The number 5 represents Grace, and is the number of the will. The number 5 is also found elsewhere: five senses, five fingers; this is the emblem of Man on Earth. The number 5 represents the prudent and wise man or woman who fulfills the Will of God so that he or she may not fall. Divine Providence shall watch over those who fulfill the Will of God. Conversely, those who move away from the Will of God, will see delays and continuous challenges in 2015. The number 6 is the Symbol of Divine Love. It is the number of the soul as an extension of God, which is Love. Six is the number of balance, harmony, remembrance, and sharing. The number 6 also represents the two interlaced triangles of the Star of David. These two interlaced triangles stand for the union of Man and God, Man and nature, the microcosm and the macrocosm. The union of Man with God in Spirit and Truth is the noblest, most sublime and purest purpose of all spiritual practices. Six, the hexagram, is the symbol of perfect manifestation on both the material and immaterial planes. Within the six and the Star of David, then, the visible and invisible are closely intertwined in order to bring unity: as above, so too below. The Star of David creates the platform for the ready heart to be opened so that it is capable of holding the light of the Age of the glory of Self.


Taken as a whole, the numbers in both 2015 and 26 reduce to 8, the number of the Lord. It is a number of Resurrection. It stands for infinity or eternity, strength, action, courage, power, and control of the life‐force. This number deals with stability, health and inner strength. It is also a number for good will and prosperity. At this moment in human history, humanity is being blessed with the opportunity to learn Divine Spiritual Wisdom and vibrate Naam so as to elevate our consciousness and fully live from the heart. In ages past, it took hundreds or even thousands of years of discipline, sadhana and meditation to reach enlightenment, but in our present Age of Kali Yug one can reach enlightenment within a single lifetime simply by learning Divine Spiritual Wisdom and vibrating Naam. The unprecedented accessibility of Divine Spiritual Wisdom and Naam in this Age of Kali is also the reason why so many highly evolved souls have chosen to be reborn, and are striving to be reborn, during our time. Indeed, if the world truly became aware of this incredibly rare opportunity to learn Divine Spiritual Wisdom and vibrate Naam, the vast majority of souls would become enlightened within a single lifetime, bypassing hundreds of years of meditation. Mankind must rise, moving out of duality (2) so that the pure light of the Christos (6) can rise and shine within the heart like the Sun on a new day. Do not let the opportunity to learn Divine Spiritual Wisdom pass you by. Humankind must begin to manifest the power of these sacred teachings and vibrate Naam to rule the lower kingdoms (2). Working with Divine Love (6) gives you the opportunity to move away from duality and confusion (2).   By learning Divine Spiritual Wisdom and vibrating Naam to open the heart and activate the divine glands, Man tames the beast (2). As we have learned, mental, emotional and physical degradation are the result of the presence of the number 2. Conversely, the number 6 acts as a counterpoint, awakening people to the realization of Divine Spiritual Wisdom. We must move from ignorance (2) to Light (6) thereby breaking the chains that bind us to misery, suffering and deprivation so that we are able to unite with the heart. The message of 2015 is that each of us must face our own personal karmic adjustment through the number 2 and overcome our own darkness so as to receive the light of righteousness and cause the Christ Force (6) to prevail. May the purifying flame of the breath of the Divine, through Saturn which is contained in the number 8, cleanse our souls and consume all that is unnecessary within our being so that we may be and remain pure. This is the year to tap into our full potential, while still keeping our goals within our reach. We must learn from our experiences and acquire the necessary skills to understand that if things are not falling into place we must shift gears and find new, creative ways to move forward toward achieving our goals and aspirations. Before putting our plans into motion, let us consider their effects first so that they may blossom in fruitful, constructive and productive ways for the benefit of all those involved. When faced with a challenging situation, bring out your courage, strength and self‐discipline, to develop a clear understanding of the right course of action and create a positive, harmonious outcome. Make the number 8 work for you by using this time to bring balance between your work, family, friends, and physical, mental and spiritual well‐being. May the ways we think, feel, act, speak and behave originate from, and be ruled by, the Great Principle of Divine Love. We should think, feel, act, speak, and behave with such a level of Godhood, that anyone in our presence should feel and recognize that we are the bearers of Light.


This year we are being given a Divine opportunity to leave the unnecessary winding paths of pain and suffering, and straighten out our lives in order to enter the higher realms of our potential. Before us lies a straight, new and narrow pathway. The number 15 represents Man standing midway between Man as angel and Man enslaved by one’s lower desires and animalistic tendencies, referred to by some as the devil (15). When you overcome the archetype 15 you arrive at the 6 (1+5) that corresponds to Divine Love. This Divine Love gives us access to the sweetness of life allowing us to overcome the bitterness of karma. Just as the hard shell of the walnut encases the sweet fruit within, in the same way we can find the sweetness of Divine Love in every challenge. Then, it becomes the life well‐lived. The number 5 can be symbolized by the pentagram or five‐pointed star. When the apex is pointing up it represents the righteous man or woman living according to Divine Will, however when the apex is pointing down, it stands for Man falling victim to his/her selfish, materialistic negative will, which only seeks to fulfill the lower desires. The number 1 stands for the Divine itself, the undivided and complete source of Life, that is the ultimate source of all Light and of all Love. The presence, then, of the number 15 symbolizes Man standing midway between the pure Light of the Divine and his/her own shadows. The brighter the light, the darker the shadows will be. We must therefore resist the tendencies to turn our back on the brightness of the Light (1) to face our shadows, which correspond to the old pains, fears and sufferings (15). Rather, you must employ your willpower (5) to turn and face the Light, the Divine (1) in order to embrace your light (6). This is the essential choice each of us must make this year. When we unite the 5 with the 1 (5+1) we come to the number 6, which stands for Divine Love. We must therefore call upon the supreme principle of Divine Love (6) to leave the shackles of our lower desires behind (15) and free ourselves to rise to new unknown heights. This process of purification and refinement will serve as a foundation for the golden times to come. Divine Love (6) can overcome all karma and obstacles; it brings new life and makes the impossible possible. It awakens the original, unlimited, creative potential that is slumbering in the depths of your heart so that you may create a new reality, and become a blessing for all that you encounter.


The year 2015, then, is bringing us to a spiritual crossroads. The number 8 (2+1+5) is also known as a symbol of infinity. The two conjoining circles correspond to the higher and lower faculties, with the heart center uniting both. From the yogic perspective the upper circle corresponds to the three higher chakras and the lower circle to the three lower chakras with the heart center merging the two. Between the upper realm, also known as the city of Light, where joy, endless bliss and unconditional Love prevail, and the lower world, the city of darkness, there is a narrow gate. The passage from the city of darkness to the city of Light is only possible by moving from the head (2) to the heart (6), replacing negative thought, feeling, action, speech and behavior with a positive and pure way of life. As you succeed in entering through this narrow gate into the higher realms, the next cycle of evolution has begun. The loop of action and reaction is broken and the lower circle of the 8 cracks open, giving birth to the next stage of your spiritual evolution. The 8 then becomes the 9, which represents completion.   The time has come to change and adjust. Use your will power (5) to merge with Divinity (1) and you will rise up, out of the loop of action and reaction (8) to new heights, passing through the narrow gate to the realm of unlimited, Divine Love (6). As a result, you are reborn to new life. The hidden message in the year 2015 can be decoded by understanding the true meaning of the number 8, which is the number of spiritual evolution. Now is the time to learn and live the principles of Divine Spiritual Wisdom to uplift and give us direction during this period of karmic evolution as we approach the Golden Age, which will reign after the year 2017. In 2015, the choices we make and how we navigate this path will take us either to the upper world or the lower world. In order to reach the higher world we must be able to pass through this narrow gate, symbolized by the center point in the number 8. Only by leaving behind the vestiges of our body of pain, our attachments, which represent our fears and limited perceptions, will we become nimble enough to reach the upper city of Light.   While this year may seem like every other year, 2015, 2016 and 2017 are in fact very important years. The cycle of ascending vibration that began on December 21st, 2012, and which is actually taking us into the Golden Age, is gaining momentum each year as the last few energetic remnants of the previous Age are sweeping up the past. Over these next two years leading up to 2017, until the ascending vibration of the New Age takes full effect, we will see ample evidence of the battle between the head and the heart. This is the reason why everything around us that is not based on Love, Wisdom and Truth is actively collapsing and disappearing.

Divine Spiritual Wisdom and Naam is the missing link between where we stand now and where we want to be, and beyond. This is your time to refine your inner reality as you transition into the Golden Age, which awaits us, and come together as a community of the heart to vibrate Naam so that we may be guided through the coming months as liberated souls, free from the pain of the past. This is a time of reflection, of looking within, and of looking back at how we experienced our life this past year so that we may learn, make peace and resolve to go forward with an open heart full of love, with a mind that is not reactive, but excited for all that the future will bring. This is the start of a New Year, of a bold, brave beginning that will bring us forward to the creation of a beautiful, spiritual and fulfilling life.   May Divine Love penetrate all hearts and kindle in them the celestial flame which never goes out, so that healing bliss may be made manifest in order to shower mankind with supreme goodness. Divine Love is the nourishment necessary for the growth of the Godly seed that has been planted in the garden of the heart. The time has come for us to become beautiful instruments of Divine Love, so that we may become a force for good and a blessing to the world. Let us open our heart, by learning Divine Spiritual Wisdom and vibrating Naam so that we may receive the heavenly waves of Divine Love that come from above.

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