December 21st, 2012 Spiritual Practice for the Birth of a New Age

January 01, 2012

The Winter Solstice is one of the most powerful days of the year, and this December 21st is an extraordinary, historic day. It marks the end of a 26,000 year evolutionary cycle and the beginning of a completely new era for all humankind. We are in a very important moment in history for we are about to witness the birth of a new Age. Therefore, it is vital for us to come together as we are, at the Naam Yoga LA center and across the world via a live global webcast, to vibrate the holy Naam and use the miraculous power inside ourselves to tap into the beneficial Light being radiated by the Heavens toward the Earth, so that we may help to bring about the positive changes that are required to set in motion the transformations and transitions that will lead this Earth back to the Light. We invite you to join us in this unique time and space, for when thousands of people come together to vibrate the holy Naam, with the positive power of their minds and hearts, they gain the power to tip the scales within this Universe and transform the darkness into Light. 

Scientific studies from institutions and universities across the globe have shown that when the square root of 1% of that population aligns their consciousness in meditation toward peace and harmony, the result is observed in the remaining population. This means that as there are currently about 7 billion people in the world, the square root of 1% of the world population is 8,367 people. That’s it. That is the number of people needed to bring about an immediate, positive ripple effect that will uplift the whole world. By positively changing the thought patterns of the collective consciousness of humanity we open the door that leads to salvation and transformation, and spread the Light of true freedom far and wide. This World Peace Prayer and Meditation Marathon during the Winter Solstice Celebration is designed to work with the forces of the Cosmos so as to revitalize our entire Being. Accelerating and aligning the meridians and spiritual centers, it brings a new level of heightened awareness to all those involved. Let us work with the infinite power of prayer at this historic time in order to fill each cell of your being with the soothing and healing vibrations of this Winter Solstice, so that you may be attuned to the heavens, and attract as many blessings as you need, as you breathe in the new Light that is being showered upon the Earth during this pivotal time.

This is the dawn of a New Age, a time prophesied by the ancient traditions as the moment when the Great Laws of Love, Wisdom, and Truth will descend from the world of Eternal Light to illuminate the minds, regenerate the hearts, and renew the souls of all men and women. Global enlightenment and personal resurrection will follow. The world will reach the platform for its primordial state of spirituality, and the opening of the portal of the New Age will cause us to realize that we each are a spark of the Divine, born from the mind of God; that we each carry inside ourselves a piece of that same creative power that formed the very world and universe in which we live, and that created the very miracles that allow life to be. Therefore, we must stay positive in our mind and in our heart, and know that by coming together on this very powerful Winter Solstice and vibrating the holy Naam we will indeed contribute to the creation of a mighty pillar of Light that will create the foundation for a world of harmony, love and beauty.

On December 21st, 2012, the last Winter Solstice of this era, the veil will be lifted between Man and the Tree of Life, and the platform for unification, from which we are able to recognize the connection between the macrocosmic consciousness of the Source and the microcosmic consciousness of humankind, will be created. The portal of expansion and co-creation with the Divine will shower the Earth with an abundance of Light and allow us to acknowledge our power so that we may recognize our Divinity. The time has come for us to have a relationship with our Spirit, so that we may realize that we have the power to change the world, and no matter who we are, where we are or what we have, we can make a difference, we have the power to banish all darkness and turn this world into a beautiful place of Love, of Peace and of Light.

Spiritual Practice for Winter Solstice 2012
Specific Meditation Series for December 21st, 2012 and Beyond

These mantras will take care of you. They will help you transition gracefully to the vibration of this new Age. They will clear away astral debris and all unwanted influences from your life. Your tolerance and devotion will also be enhanced. We invite you to practice this complete set in a group or by yourself on December 21st, otherwise be sure to do at least the meditations marked with an (*). Thereafter, you may choose to incorporate the following meditations into your personal practice.

Part I - Tuning In: Gurur Brahma (*)
To prepare, put your hands in prayer pose at the heart center to create neutrality in the magnetic field. Close your eyes and begin breathing deeply. With each inhale welcome the breath, and with each exhale send all sickness out of the body. The longer and deeper you breathe, the more you will start to feel lighter, brighter and more beautiful. Slow and deep breathing automatically controls the mind and causes the motor system in the brain to readjust the function of the entire body so that it is under your physical control. Once things come under your physical control, your positive, hidden subconscious desires, such as being healthy, strong and prosperous, are given a chance to manifest. As your heartfelt prayers begin to project out of you, the body creates the environment needed to crystallize them. When you feel ready, tune in with one complete recitation of Gurur Brahma:

Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu,
Gurur Devo Maheshwara.
Guru Shakshat Para Brahma,
Tasmai Shri Guruve Namah.

The guru (teacher) is Brahma (the creator of the universe),
The guru 
(teacher) is Vishnu (the protector of the universe),
The guru 
(teacher) is Shiva (the destroyer of the universe),
The guru 
(teacher) is the supreme Divinity (the soul of the world).
To that guru (teacher) I bow.

To end, inhale very deeply and exhale. Inhale deeply, expand your shoulders as well as your chest and exhale. Inhale very deeply, expand your body, exhale and relax. Now you are ready to begin. Suggested Music: Primal Vibrations CD 1, Track 3

Comments: Gurur Brahma is a Sanskrit prayer that connects you to the Light of all the teachers on the astral and divine planes, up to the ultimate Teacher. It originates from the Guru Gita, which is a part of a larger Sanskrit text called the Skanda Purana, compiled between the 6th and 15th centuries.

Note: For Parts II through VI move swiftly from one meditation to the next to create a continuous Naam Chain of Light.

Part II: Triple Mantra for Protection (*)
Close your eyes and focus on the mid-brow point. For this meditation you will change mudras for each of the three parts of Triple Mantra as follows. For the 1st verse beginning with Ad Guray bring the hands together in Prayer Pose with the thumbs crossed, right over left. Place the mudra at the third eye point. For the 2nd verse stretch the arms straight and up overhead with the palms facing forward. The arms are slightly wider than shoulder width apart slightly leaning forward. On the third verse bend the arms with the palms facing forward at the level of the shoulders. Continue for 11-31 minutes. If you can, inhale in four segmented breaths before each vibrating each verse.
Suggested Music: Triple Mantra CD, Track 1

Part III: Eck Ong Kar Devotional for Merging with the Divine
Close your eyes and focus on the mid-brow point. Bring your hands into Gyan mudra, tips of the index fingers touch the tips of the thumbs on each hand. The hands are resting on the knees, palms up. Begin to vibrate the Naam rhythmically from the navel, with clear pronunciation and intensity of feeling. Continue for 11-30 minutes.
Suggested Music: Bhakti Naam CD, Track 1

Part IV: Gobinday Mukanday for Spiritual Strength
Bring the hands in Surbhi mudra. Touch the index fingertip of each hand to the middle finger of the other. The ring finger of each hand touches the pinkie of the other. All of the fingers are relatively straight and only the tips of the fingers touch. The thumb tips do not touch and are pointing straight up. Bring the hands in front of the heart center. (For more information about the Surbhi mudra, please refer to pg. 55).

Maintain a straight spine and relax the shoulders. Close your eyes and gaze inwardly at the mid-brow point. Inhale in eight segmented breaths and vibrate Gobinday Mukanday 3 times on the exhale. Continue for 7 minutes.
Suggested Music: Pure Naam CD, Track 1

Comments: This Guru Gayatri mantra was given by Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh Guru. It is especially important as it takes away fear and strengthens your faith in the Spirit so that you may overcome even the gravest of challenges. This mighty prayer will remove bad luck from your life and inspire the intellect to do the right thing no matter the circumstance. The power of this particular Naam is unmatched in its ability to provide a pathway out of any darkness for it is a custodian of the brightest Light. It is said that it is a mantra of immortality: whosoever shall chant it will be protected by the primal power of creation.

This Sarab Shakti mantra has the power of the four Vedas, six Puranas and 36 Simritis. It increases intellectual power and concentration, bestows wealth and leadership, helps those faced with health challenges and is an impenetrable defense against all animosity, known and unknown. All of those who vibrate it from their hearts are immediately protected by the Shield of Heaven. Working with Gobinday Mukanday will cause you to have a direct connection with the supreme Lord and be blessed as a result.

Part V: RAM to Synchronize Your Energy (*)
Bring the tip of the index and ring fingers to touch the tip of the thumb on each hand. The hands are resting on the knees, palms up. Inhale in 8 segmented breaths and begin to vibrate RAM up the scale. Continue for 11-31 minutes.
Suggested Music: House of Ram CD, Track 2

Comments: The Bij or seed mantra RAM is essential now, more than ever, for we must be careful not to fall into negative patterns of thought and/or behavior. These negative patterns that stem from the seven karmic influences and are inscribed in the deep recesses of our subconscious mind are repeated in our destructive habits. From December 21st, 2012 on, RAM must become your foundation, for it will remove the negativity you attract via the seven karmic influences, and guide you toward positivity and peace. RAM stands for our Soul, or our consciousness, and is symbolic of the inner fire that, when activated, burns away all physical, mental and spiritual impurities. By vibrating RAM, you are creating the proper conditions for the descent of the Spirit of God within you. It will open your Soul to Divine Power so that you have the strength to overcome any challenge.

RAM is the Bij mantra of RAMA, which represents the joy that comes from Divine Love. Present in all of us, the seed of RAM lies dormant for many lifetimes, only coming alive when we vibrate it, and allows the soul to introduce us to our Higher Self, creating enhanced self-awareness. RAM destroys the karmic walls that have long kept you separated from God, thereby becoming a guardian angel that brings rhythm, harmony and equilibrium to your body and mind, and serenity and joy to your life. RAM will help you build up a strong, magnetic quality, with its accompanying vital aura. It attracts the creativity and blessings of the magnetic field of the entire Universe, thereby protecting our magnetic field and bringing our original self out from the shadows.

RAM is as practical as it is powerful. RAM activates the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system causing the Vagus Nerve to vibrate harmoniously thereby taking care of our heart. It balances both sides of the brain, so that the restless mind can become still and peaceful. RAM recharges the body and cleans impurities, while enhancing your mastery of mind, senses and emotions. It induces sound sleep in the seeker by helping to alleviate insomnia. It integrates the personality so that your behavior is positive. In turn, you become sincere, honest and straightforward in word, thought and deed.

Part VI: Hari Om & Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Ram for Purity
Close your eyes and focus on the mid-brow point. Bring the hands in Gyan mudra, thumb touching the index finger of each hand. Bend the arms so that the arms rest comfortably at your sides and the hands hands are at shoulder level. The palms are facing in front of you. Begin reaching toward the sky with each hand, still in Gyan mudra, alternating raising the left hand and then the right in a smooth continuous motion with each repetition of Hari Om. When the mantra switches to Rama Ram bring both hands to the starting position, palms facing in front of you in Gyan mudra at the level of the shoulders. Continue for 7 minutes. To end, inhale deeply, suspend the breath and tighten the body. Exhale powerfully. Inhale again and expand your shoulders as well as your chest, hold the breath and exhale. Inhale very deeply as you raise your arms above your head and suspend the breath. Exhale and shake out your hands. 
Suggested Music: Primal Vibrations CD 1, Track 1

Comments: Hari Om is a powerful healing Mantra, which calls upon the healing aspect of Lord Krishna. Hari is a name for Vishnu, the preserving aspect of the Divine, which preserves the human body and the mind in the best state of health for self-healing and self-realization. The combination of these two Names of God, deals with the personal and impersonal aspects of the Divine. Hari is a personal aspect, whereas Om is the impersonal. The combination of these two Names of God, deals with the personal and impersonal aspects of the Divine. Hari is a personal aspect, whereas Om is the impersonal. Hari is a name for Vishnu, the preserving aspect of the Divine. In Sanskrit, Hari means "to take away." Vishnu takes away the consequences of offences, errors, and follies, when there is repentance. By working with this powerful prayer all impurities and negativity are “taken away.” These are the impurities that bring about grief and sickness. If they are removed, health and strength are restored and preserved. Hari Om creates a healing, powerful and uplifting vibration that awakens and redirects the energies of the body toward harmony. It removes all challenges and purifies even the deepest levels of our being.

With RAMA you are approaching RAM as a Deity. Lord Ram (Rama) is regarded as the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. As a Deity, Sri Rama is an incarnation of Divine Love. His name is so overflowing with the power of His Love for humankind that it can transform our animal passions into a sublime love for God and thus connect us with the Divine. The seven repetitions are also significant for Rama is the seventh incarnation of Vishnu. In Universal Kabbalah, the number seven is the ruling number of the manifested Universe. This is a mantra of victory and happiness. Just vibrate Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Ram and purify, strengthen and embellish your aura.

Part VII: The Prayer of Light to Bless Yourself and the World
Bring your hands in Prayer Pose and recite the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light to send these healing vibrations out into the universe. For complete words and translations, please click here.

These sacred mantric prayers will cause you to walk towards God. As you take one step towards the Divine, the Divine shall walk 1000 steps towards you.

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