Creating Your Reality and the Impact of Naam

May 01, 2013

Thoughts and words are powerful living sparks of energy, created by the mind, heart and Spirit of the individual. While we are all influenced to a greater or lesser degree by our environment, it is our thoughts, words and conduct that have the greatest impact upon us. 

Indeed, our character is continually being shaped by the thoughts, feelings and actions of each day. When we really understand what this means, we understand that we have the power to create successful, happy lives by directing our thoughts in a positive and constructive manner. We must always remember that thought energy is infinite and boundless, sustained by the power it contains until the power is used and the thought is diminished. When supported by good intention, our thoughts and words can be directed to manifest our highest desires. Thoughts have the power to bring material things into creation, because they are the blueprint of creation. Words are manifested thoughts that vibrate through the air and can be heard and felt. They carry thoughts directly into the physical plane because their energy is closer to our reality. Keep in mind that God created all that we know and see as our reality with a thought. As sparks of the Divine we carry that same creative potential and power.

Our thoughts are further empowered and aligned by Naam. By working with Naam consistently and directing our thoughts constructively, our thoughts are strengthened and their manifestation is sped up. Therefore, it is extremely important that those who practice Naam do not focus their thoughts on negativity and negative outcomes. Negative thoughts are destructive in their effect, and if we dwell upon them we are constructing blocks that impede the achievement of our full potential. Work with Naam and direct your thoughts constructively, so as to begin creating the future you want.

Our well-being and personal progress in life are determined largely by our application of certain physical and mental laws. When we do not actively decide our own future, and exercise proper control in directing the affairs of our lives, then we permit other people to determine what our future should hold for us. We live in a sea of physical and mental forces that affect our moods, actions and decisions. These forces are subtle and in a constant state of flux. We can shape our destiny through the intelligent application of our mental and physical faculties to these forces. When we think positive thoughts, speak healing words, and take right actions, we can expect to receive good in return. The opposite is true as well. If we think negative thoughts, speak destructive words, and take detrimental actions, we can expect bad in return.

The law of compensation dictates that we have to pay for our actions. The law of reincarnation ensures that whatever is not paid for in this life, will be paid for in another. Therefore, as you embark on using thought and Naam to change your reality, do not forget the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” By mastering our understanding of the consequences of our thoughts, words and actions, we begin the process of merging our outer self with our inner self, and are on our way to mastering our lives. We must work with Naam and stay positive in our mind and in our heart, and know that by doing so we contribute to the positive creation of a world of light that will become for ourselves a future of joy and beauty.
Thought control is the Key of Destiny. Understanding in advance what your thoughts and actions will yield is a great incentive to doing the right thing. When you feel that your thoughts have become negative, vibrate Naam to transform them into Light. Naam will neutralize your negative thoughts before they can become the negative template that exists in the thought dimension. In other words, Naam replaces negative thoughts because Naam is Divine thought; a positive, high frequency medicine for the mind. When negative thoughts come to you, as they do to all of us, the idea is to vibrate Naam, either mentally or audibly, until the thought fades away. The same technique can be used with words you have released through speech.

Our future is not yet written, except as it is a result of our present state, which we can change. Naam will help you maintain physical and mental balance, and enjoy the fullness of life regardless of the planetary stars under which you were born. Never forget that every one of us has the power to change and transform our lives and futures through Divine Spiritual Wisdom.

Harnessing the Power of Thought
How to Create Your Reality Through Visualization

Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus, the Three Times Great, the wisest Egyptian priest, known as the father of the Divine Spiritual Wisdom from whom Hermetic philosophy and our sacred teachings originate, stated over 2,000 years ago that images held in the mind affect the physical universe. All experiences and realities begin with an image in the mind. Visualization is the cause that brings about a particular effect. Alchemy, which is the descendent of Hermetic philosophy, incorporated this insight into a spiritual process called Transmutation. The ancient Egyptians regarded Hermes as the embodiment of the Universal Mind. He was a supreme philosopher with vast knowledge, a supreme priest in his holiness of life and practice of Divine work, and a supreme administrator of the laws worthy of kingly dignity. All fundamental and basic teachings embedded in the esoteric teachings of every race can be traced back to this Master of all arts, sciences, and crafts, this Ruler of the Three Worlds, Scribe of the Gods, and Keeper of the Books of Life.

Without the continuous use of creative visualization we, and our world, would fade away. Speech is the language of the physical plane. Naam, symbols and visualization are the language of Heaven. The purpose of Prayer and Naam is to make it possible for an inner visualization to take place so that attunement may be established with our inner Self. To visualize is to "see inwardly". Ancient alchemists learned to create and control mental images so as to experience the effect produced by said images. Experiencing the effects was transforming to the self and the world around the self. Most of us cut ourselves off from the fertile and renewing source of our intuition. We cut ourselves off from our inner self and become trapped in a growing circle of old thoughts and ideas. We must work with Naam in the service of visualization to control our thoughts and master our minds. The adventurous use of visualization will allow our world to come alive and lead to success and fulfillment.

Visualization is defined as the creation of a dynamic mental image. We are casting a clear and detailed picture on the eye of our mind, so as to give it a chance to manifest. This picture should be as clear as possible, with as much as you can add. A clear, accurate and detailed picture maintained in the mind's eye for a minute or two has a very powerful tendency to project itself into a physical manifestation. With visualization, the reality we create in our minds becomes so vibrantly infused with our life force that we transmute it into an actuality for the corresponding manifestation in our physical life. The mental image becomes attuned with the circumstances and people necessary to its manifestation. We become intuitively aware of this attunement, and are led to the elements that will help us achieve our goal.

The process of visualization begins as the outer, objective mind determines the goal of the visualization. In other words, you must first formulate a definite, manageable idea of what you would like to visualize and manifest. We must simplify our visualization as much as possible. Next, we must ask our inner selves how worthy our goal is. A goal is deemed worthy if it brings happiness not only to ourselves, but to others. Once our inner self has confirmed that our goal is in alignment with cosmic laws, we must become calm and receptive. This is very important, as it is by becoming relaxed, and more conscious of our inner image than our physical tension, that we are able to powerfully use our creative power. After becoming relaxed, we can begin building our internal mental image. See your mental image as something that already is, or has happened. Gradually add details of the five senses – sound, smell, color, etc – until the image becomes vivid and clear. Persistence is necessary. We will need to hold our attention long enough, and with enough clarity, that it works on our subconscious. Finally, inhale and say with absolute conviction, “into the Cosmic, I release this image. It is done.” Then, dismiss the whole thing from your mind.

Continuing to think about what we have just visualized is like trying to mail a letter that we’re still holding on to. To receive a reply we have to send the letter out. By letting go of our visualization after we have done our work, we are able to effectively send the letter out into the Universe. In other words, we must forget the entire operation and move on to something else so as to give a chance to our subconscious to go to work on it. As soon as we release our image, our subconscious mind accepts our idea, and immediately begins using all available resources to try to manifest it. It uses every bit of knowledge that we have ever collected, to bring about its purpose. It mobilizes the many mental powers that we possess and most of which we never consciously use. It draws on the unlimited energy of the collective mind of the entire human race. It lines up all the laws of nature as they operate both inside and outside of us, to get its way. Sometimes it succeeds in its purpose immediately. Sometimes it takes a little time. Again, persistence is key. As we continue to practice visualization, we will sharpen our personal method of producing what we want.

Regardless of our personal method of visualization, all earthly manifestations require us to work with the Sun and the Moon. The Sun represents the thought we want to manifest. The Moon represents the feeling that we bring to it. The Earth represents the plane of manifestation. This is the Law of the Triangle, which states that everything that can be conceptually or physically identified is the result of the union of these two other apparently separate and clearly identifiable properties. In other words, according to the mystic Law of the Triangle, every manifestation is the result of two simultaneous causes. In the case of visualization, the first point of the triangle is the thought, the second is the feeling we apply to the thought, and the third is the manifestation of the thought. In the Law of the Triangle, the first two points must be actively combined before the third can be achieved.

Ideally, visualization is practiced twice a day, once in the morning and then again at night before retiring, and in concert with a Naam meditation practice. After completing your Naam meditation, continue to breathe deeply for a minute or so before beginning your visualization. If, for example, you are visualizing a new house, see yourself walking around it, touching things in it and perhaps rearranging the furniture. Note how many rooms it has and where the windows are; look into one of its mirrors and see yourself as healthy and happy there. In another example, visualize yourself or a friend in a better position, having been alleviated from a difficult situation. See a life free from worry, anxiety and trouble. But, perhaps the most rewarding example, and one that is the closest to our highest ideals, would include the visualization of someone recovering from illness and being relieved of pain and suffering.

Regardless of your visualization, always keep the following in mind: make sure that you know precisely which conditions you want to produce. Be aware of the creative impulse you are sending out. Do not strain to keep your mental picture focused. Rather, gently reassert it each time it disappears. Eventually the amount of time taken to do this will diminish. To the best of your ability, do not let extraneous thoughts interfere with what you are visualizing. Perform your visualization in a positive and cheerful frame of mind. Have the utmost love, faith and hope that it will accomplish its work. Apply the law of silence. Keep your visualization to yourself. Don’t tell anyone what you are doing; this weakens its effects. Be sure that your work is in harmony with cosmic and natural law.  For your creative visualization to succeed, you must firmly believe in success so that you may remove any possibility of failure. Having a positive mental attitude along with confidence sets up a vibration which will inevitably result in your success.

Remember that affirmations and visualization techniques are simply tools that direct your thought power in a certain direction and cause changes to occur in the universal consciousness that surrounds you. Don’t stop if they don’t appear to be working; be persistent and you will be guaranteed of results in line with your wishes. Be aware, however, that success may come about differently than you had anticipated. Also, it is important to know that your visualization will manifest faster if you boost your subconscious by forgiving yourself and others for past misdeeds. In forgiving, you release any healing energy that is trapped. In so doing, it becomes available to you when you most need to manifest or need help in another form of healing. Naam is instrumental in helping us forgive ourselves and others. By working with Naam, you are using the God power that can completely and radically transform your life, for Naam heals the troubled mind and soothes the broken heart. Naam frees you from past entanglements and fills your life with new opportunities. By working with Naam, you are inspired and your work becomes truly creative.

In addition to Naam, affirmations are incredibly powerful and helpful. Affirmations can be repeated mentally and written down. The meaning of your affirmation is meant to impress itself upon the subconscious mind more than to make perfect sense to your objective awareness. The idea is to set up new neuro-networks, and activate the manifestation triangle of the brain, mind and body. Repetition and regular practice is crucial in forcing its intent and purpose on your subconscious mind, as is absolute conviction. Repeat your affirmation 11 times each morning and evening before retiring. You can follow this by also writing it down at least 11 times. Affirmations can be used throughout the day whenever you feel yourself slipping into negativity. Form the Golden Triangle, and mentally vibrate your affirmation. Always make your affirmation short and to the point; this will keep your mind focused entirely on its intention and have a greater impact on your subconscious mind.

Keep in mind that your affirmation must be preceded by the Sacred Word “Wah” or “Har Har” and phrased in the present tense to be more effective. For example, you want to say, “Wah I am the Great Spirit,” "Wah I have always been fortunate," “Har Har I am getting better and better,” rather than “Har Har I am going to get better.” This will ensure that the impression received by the subconscious will come to pass. It is also important to avoid using negative elements in the wording of your affirmation. For example, don’t say, “I am no longer sick,” but rather, “Wah everyday in every way I am getting better and better.”

“The Kingdom of God is within you. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all the rest shall be added unto you.” In Naam it is God who works, and not you, and so your particular limitations or weaknesses are of no circumstance in the process. When you do Naam, you become the channel through which the Divine action takes place, and the result will really be just the getting of yourself out of the way. Naam is the primal power of being and the birthright of all men and women. Indeed, it is your right and privilege to make contact with the power of Naam so that it may allow you to release the Godly power hidden within your own consciousness. This source of energy is your inner Light, and it is unlimited and potent. All you need is your determination to make use of it. By creating your cause, you create your own life. If you do not like the effect, change the cause. Climb until your dreams come true. Never be discouraged by failure and never be satisfied with success. Always bring the best out of you so that you may reach for the Sun and the Moon. Do not let failure get to your heart. Do not let success get to your head. And keep in mind that God works better through an open heart. Those who practice Divine Spiritual Wisdom work for God. When you work for God, God works for you.

Man is what he/she thinks about all day long. Practice Naam Yoga and make yourself bright because first impression is last impression. Karma is action reaction. Do not react impulsively. Act consciously. If you feel stuck, the best way to get unstuck is to raise your frequency. To help manifest your wish sooner, it will be very helpful and healing to adopt a deliberate inner attitude of gratitude for life; being grateful for everything that happens to you, be it good, bad, pleasant or unpleasant. Every experience you go through has been specifically designed, for you to learn the right lessons. Always have an attitude of serenity, and never ever hold a grudge against anyone for what they have done. Always practice forgiveness without ever being asked to do so.

Whatever you do or say, let it be at least in part for the benefit of others and not just you alone. This will work in your favor sooner or later. No one is living alone on an island. We all live in a society where our wellbeing is based upon cooperation and interaction with others. Joyfully share some of every blessing you receive, without expectation of reward, and the Universe will send you many more blessings. Allow your deeper self to show you precise, practical ways of putting those principles into action every moment, for the remainder of your days.

Above all keep in mind that we follow the Christic path, believing in the immortality of the soul and in its final reintegration. Christ is the Active, Intelligent Cause, the Great Chief and Guide to whom the order of the universe has been committed until such time as man, now in a state of separation, has been reconciled with the One and only Source. This universal order was originally entrusted to mankind before the Fall; now, we are under Christ's aegis until we may regain our rightful place in the Universe. We are friends of Heaven, and an extension of God here on Earth, chosen by the Father to follow his Son in the Light of the Holy Spirit in order to remember the truth of the holy scriptures. We pursue the knowledge contained within the Divine Spiritual Wisdom that transports the body and soul to the highest glory of the Creator. As Universal Kabbalists who live by the Naam, we believe in God who has made Heaven and Earth, and to whom we pledge unconditional loyalty; for our strength, power and grace comes from Him, and recognize Christ as the WORD made flesh, along with the Holy Scriptures. We serve and love others with neutrality, with no expectation that the love will be returned. We participate actively in sharing the Divine Spiritual Wisdom to help lighten the burdens of others, and awaken the love of the great Architect of the Universe in their hearts. For He is the One giving us will, strength and power to face the challenges of time and space gracefully. We use love, faith, hope, forgiveness and charity in our sacred work. Our path is the path of prayer - the Bread of the soul. We pray to learn how to pray better, not only for us, but above all, for other beings. We pray so that we may become a clear channel through which the light of God may enter the hearts of others so as to melt away darkness for good. We pray that the Creator can see it fit to grace our lives with His Omnipresence, Omniscience and Omnipower so we may work for His glory on this planet Earth.

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