Activating the Pituitary Gland for Success

April 01, 2015

The Wahe Guru Power meditation is extremely potent. It washes away the sins and pains of countless incarnations, and brings the heavens into your being. With Wahe Guru Power, the Holy Name of God becomes your protective shield, because by vibrating Wahe Guru 40 times you are working with the Spirit of the Living God and invoking the blessings of the Divine Mother; the pure life-giving energy of love. By activating the Light of God in you, Wahe Guru will give you a magnetic personality, self-confidence and a strong will. Wahe Guru hypnotizes your pituitary center so that your intuitive intelligence is heightened, and develops the velocity of your neurons, thereby enhancing your brain’s capacities. The Wahe Guru Power sound current balances the nervous system and allows the brain to maintain its equilibrium under stress. Wahe Guru is a divine medicine that releases the feel-good hormones such as oxytocin and dopamine, while reducing levels of cortisol, the stress hormone running through your body. Oxytocin is a bonding hormone and dopamine is a pleasure hormone. Therefore, the release of these hormones while vibrating Wahe Guru brings us closer to God. Keep in mind that sound relates to brain cells through the temples and the ears. As a result, you can direct and redirect the energy within your body for the purpose of healing while simultaneously generating energy that strengthens the fabric of your energy field. As a result, your projected thoughts, feelings and words are surrounded by the fabric of a strong aura, which allows them to manifest.

Human power lies in the Word. The human mouth can be used to evolve spiritually, for the mouth corresponds to love and love eradicates all karma. Love is both the path to God and the path to receive something from God. The human mouth is a sacred heavenly vehicle for us to express the best in us, the good in us, and the healing in us. The masculine and the feminine principles are physically present in the mouth. The tongue is the masculine principle and the lips are the feminine principle, and together they have a child, which is speech. There is a great significance to vibrating Wahe Guru 40 times. Forty is the number of initiation. Aleph, Mem and Shin are the three Mother letters of the Hebrew alphabet. They respectively stand for air, water and fi re. Mem has the value of 40 and corresponds to Yesod, the foundation, on the Tree of Life associated with the sexual force, or pure life energy. The Divine Mother, or Shakti, rules Yesod. Therefore, when you do Wahe Guru 40 times, you are working with your foundation in such a way as to transmute your sexual energy and nourish the life energy that flows through your spine and brain. In addition, you are moving your sexual power to the larynx, to make it the seat of your creative power. By developing the omnipotence of the larynx, you can command the forces of nature.

The Wahe Guru Power meditation will bestow the power of the Word upon you. This is an incredible power, as the Word is the basic foundation of your spiritual body. Divine knowledge comes through the mastery of the Word. Remember, God spoke first and the world came into being. Therefore, everything emanates from the Word and without words, everything becomes nothing. Vibrating Wahe Guru creates a permutation and combination between the upper palate and the tongue to stimulate the pressure points and activate the hypothalamus so that the Moon Cavity in the brain can turn around so that the pituitary and pineal can talk to each other. Vibrating Wahe Guru will spiritualize your speech and bestow a projection for your words to never be forgotten. Vibrating Wahe Guru also activates the mental condition to love. The human lips are densely populated with sensory neurons and are connected to both the brain and sexual organ. Therefore, it is between the lips that we can activate the mental condition for self-love and love of others. In order to pronounce the word “Guru”, your lips move in the form of a kiss. By saying “Guru” you give a vibratory kiss of life and exercise a symbol of love, compassion and excitement. You also invoke a very powerful and divine device for healing and spiritual growth. With Wahe Guru, your words become divine and impactful, your mind is mastered, your soul body is strengthened and your brain function is enhanced.

Wahe Guru should be vibrated while focusing on the center point between the two eyebrows at the back of the eyes, called the Third Eye. Located above the six physical ganglions, this is the seat of the soul, or psyche, in the wakeful state and the gateway that leads to the higher planes. Understand, the easiest way to withdraw the spirit from the body to its own seat is by means of these kinds of meditations. Withdraw behind the eyes, and gaze into the dark expanse before you so that you are able to find and merge with the Godpower. When the time comes for you to leave your body, your life withdraws from your feet and rises to the back of the eyes. Darkness then appears. While you are alive, you must learn how to invoke the same process. In other words, we must learn to rise above the senses, and withdraw from the outside to the back of the eyes, or the seat of the soul, so that our Inner Eye can be opened. This process allows us to see the Light of God, known as Christpower, Gurupower or Masterpower. When you are able to see the expanse at your Third Eye, you will see the actual Godpower that pervades the entire Universe. Focus on the Tenth Gate because it is through this Gate that the stream of nectar flows. Vibrate Wahe Guru and take the spiritual bath of Light in this location. In so doing, you may attain the supreme state of liberation.

Naam is the Voice of God; the Creative impulse that brought all of Creation into being. Our soul, which is of the same essence as Naam, is attracted to the Heavenly Melodies, through which it can travel on through the higher spiritual planes. The voice is the blueprint of our soul. It has a healing aspect which goes back to feed us through the ears. Naam permeates our consciousness, causing the Temple of the Tenth Gate to be opened. Vibrate Naam with the tip of the tongue and everything will become internally synchronized. By vibrating Wahe Guru, you are taking care of the pituitary gland, also known as the Master Gland because it controls the entire glandular system, which includes the thyroid, parathyroids, adrenals, pancreas and reproductive glands. It is located underneath the hypothalamus in the center of the brain and is about the size of a bean. The pituitary is associated with the 6th chakra or the Third Eye. Moreover, when you meditate with the recording Wahe Guru Power and the 40 repetitions of this mantra, you are consciously working with the breath. This builds your lung capacity and brings you peace of mind. This practice takes care of your parasympathetic nervous system, so that it can take care of you. It lengthens your life on the material plane, gives you beauty and victory, and causes you to be very successful because you are living a life of true love.

The mantra Wahe Guru was produced by bringing together the sacred names of the following different deities from the Hindu tradition:

WA comes from Lord Vishnu of Satyug.

HE comes from Lord Hari Krishna of Dwaparyug.

GU comes from Lord Gurugobind Singh of Kalyug.

RU comes from Lord Ram of Tretayug.

Wahe Guru means: He who can bring light in anything and anywhere by removing darkness in a blink of an eye. There are four mantras in Wahe Guru. These four powerful mantras come together to create the potent and sacred Word, Wahe Guru, as a fifth mantra. By vibrating Wahe Guru, you are focusing on the positive. As a result, it will multiply in you. Naam Yoga is the most beautiful way of using the union of masculine and feminine principles. It allows you to have complete control of yourself so that you may make the larynx the seat of your creative power. Kiss God through Naam and feel His tender kiss in return. This is the kiss of the Divine through which you will become blissful, beautiful and radiant.


This meditation activates the pituitary gland and makes you very intuitive. It will make your projection one of absolute success. Like an energetic tidal wave, you will move everything that does not serve your highest destiny to the wayside as you clear the way for prosperity. This meditation also improves concentration, removes impurities from the body and balances the various glands. Kundalini Shakti Mudra awakens the creative forces within us, enlightening our mind through the union of the masculine and feminine energies. People fall mentally and physically ill because their creative fire is repressed. This meditation unleashes your own dormant energy, making you unstoppable.

Posture: Sit calmly and comfortably in easy pose, or in a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Keep the spine straight, and have a slight neck lock (Jalandhar Bandh).

Focus: The eyes are closed, looking upwards into the third eye point or slightly open looking at the tip of the nose.

Breath: Inhale in eight segmented breaths and vibrate the mantra forty times on the exhale.

Mantra: WAHE GURU (40x per breath)

WAHE GURU POWER is found on track 1 of the new Naam Infinitum CD

Mudra: Form fists with both your left and right hand. Extend your left index finger and move it inside the right fist from below. Place the pad of your right thumb on top of the left fingertip. Hold this hand position in front of your navel.

Time: Continue for 15 minutes minimum, working up to 31 minutes.

Precaution: Apply root lock when you vibrate the mantra on the exhale. (If you are menstruating do not perform root lock.)

End: Inhale, hold the breath for 5-10 seconds, exhale and shake the body vigorously. Relax.


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