A Universal Healing Prayer for the World at a Critical Time

April 04, 2020

A Universal Healing Prayer for the World at a Critical Time

A Universal Healing Prayer for All from Dr. Joseph Michael Levry


This beautiful prayer was shared by Dr. Levry at a global gathering of spiritual leaders who came together from around the world to pray for the Earth, at the Unify Global Unity Meditation on April 4th, 2020. Share this gift with your loved ones, friends and communities and integrate it into your daily practice in order to spread love and light to all.


My prayer is,
Almighty God,
Master of the Universe,

Bless us,
Bless us,
Bless us.

Bless us with Divine Love,
the Love that gives Life.
Bless us with Divine Wisdom,
the Wisdom that gives Light.
Bless us with Divine Truth,
the Truth that gives Freedom.
I pray that Love, Faith and Hope
unite in our heart.
May God.
the Bright One,
the most compassionate,
be glorified in our soul
so that we may embrace
the reality of Love,
Each of us
must become a candle
of Love and Light
as a reminder
that Love and Light
will overcome darkness.
Love created the world.
There is nothing beyond Love.
There is nothing above Love.
I pray that we become
an extension of Love
and that we spread love around
and that we become the Light
that lights the way for others.
Om Shanti.

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