A True Spiritual Master

October 01, 2007

Reading this work with an open heart will bring light to your mind, peace to your heart and strength to your spirit. Before I begin, I need to acknowledge the Rose Croix Kabbalah Initiates and Masters who guided me at an early age and imparted this once secret and vast Divine Spiritual Science to me; for from Divine Spiritual Wisdom emanates all wisdom, all knowledge and all guidance. I am extremely grateful to the late Master of White Tantric and Kundalini Yoga, Yogi Bhajan, the Siri Singh Sahib, who lovingly supported me throughout the many years, and encouraged me to merge the holy Kabbalah with Kundalini Yoga. For it is he who said, “It took me (Yogi Bhajan) 40 years to learn this science and it took you (Joseph Michael Levry) to write it down. I am also deeply grateful to Maharaj Ji for giving me the Naam while I was in India. Babaji is a holy person of biblical proportions whose powerful spirituality was first recognized when he was a child. It was Baba Siri Chand Ji, the great sixteenth-century yogi, mystic and elder son of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the first Sikh Guru, who appeared to him and instructed him. Not long thereafter, Baba Siri Chand Ji returned with his father Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Guru Nanak gave him the Naam. As a boy, Babaji began healing intractable diseases, bringing the dead back to life and transforming people's lives. Villagers soon recognized that great spiritual powers were developing within him. Maharaj Ji is a true symbol of holiness, humility and service.

One of the highest blessings that you can receive from God while living on earth is meeting a True Spiritual Master. It is like finding your second mother, for a Master is the One through whom you will be born into the higher world. A True Spiritual Master is the Word Made Flesh. Finding one is a precious treasure, for a Master is the incarnation of the Word, or Naam. A True Master will teach you the exact divine science, the exact spiritual technology, the exact celestial knowledge which will allow you to connect with and experience the highest, purest wisdom in this universe. He will transmit to you the nourishing fire that gives the strength to act upon everything in nature. He will give you the golden key that opens the gate of mystery. By working with a True Master, a person can experience direct connection with the Spirit of God, and the unseen realm, so that one may receive unimaginable celestial treasures and the spiritual knowledge of all natural things.

The True Master will show you how to work with the forces of nature, planetary powers and zodiacal stars to heal yourself and serve others. He will reveal to you the secret of the inner Kabbalah along with the highest form of yoga. By working with a True Master, a person can receive the graceful method of awakening Cosmic Consciousness, so that he/she experiences an unusual joy which no one can take away from him/her. Working under a True Master is the beginning of the manifestation of the human soul. He will cause your soul to rise and display its timeless beauty. A True Master will open your heart so that Divine warmth can flow into it, and you may experience Divine joy and gladness. He will help you see the light of your soul, which will cast its beam far and wide, enabling you to see the indescribable wonder of God, nature and Man. God gives the Master, and the Master gives you God through the science of Naam. In this life there are two great gifts: the first is prana, the breath of life, and the second is a spiritual teacher or Master. Both gifts are given by the Grace of God. A True Master, then, is the pure vehicle through which the soul can connect with God.

 A True Master will be known by his vast and magnetic aura that looks like the sun, and by his simple, direct and down-to-earth way. His words touch the heart because they emanate from one who serves thousands of lives as the conduit of the Divine energy. He is the Word Made Flesh, and the heavenly force is transmitted through his very presence. The aura and blessings of a True Spiritual Master can bring the entire psyche and being of those in his presence into balance. In the play of human existence, the True Spiritual Master is a different sort of being. His life is only sacrifice and, therefore, it contains more problems to resolve than that of the ordinary soul. His life is never his own, as he sacrifices his personal comforts in order to serve and transmute the karma of all with whom he comes into contact. The more the Master yields to his Divine function, however, the more powers become available. While he is the sacrificial embodiment of Divine Consciousness, the Master is still subject to some of the limitations of human existence. During his lifetime, he is transfigured and awakened to his Divine purpose. The life of a Master is one of constant service and communication of the Divine Spiritual Wisdom that is passed down through the ages.

A True Spiritual Master understands the pains of the world, as well as how to access the channels of cosmic energy in order to mitigate those pains. The majority of people are held captive by their destructive patterns caused by the seven negative karmic influences. It is only through Naam, and the help and guidance of a True Spiritual Master, that these persons can be assisted in overcoming their bad habits. A True Spiritual Master will teach you that nothing occurs by chance, and nothing is based on probability. Everything on your life's journey is directly related to your focus on self-improvement and your spiritual practice. Some of the hardships you experience are the obstacles you have created through the karma that you’ve accrued. Yet, karma can become a blessing. No matter how tumultuous of a time you have been through, or how much longer is required, you can't be attached to time. In general, eliminating all karma for a student is not permitted, and while a Master can help, every student must repay their karma. After the karmic arrangements are made prior to re-entering the realm of the earth, nothing other than Naam, along with the guidance of a True Spiritual Master, can change your karmic debt. To do otherwise would be to violate Heaven's Laws.

If you do Naam to merge with God, your illness will be healed. If you do Naam for the purpose of healing your illness, then the illness will not be healed. It is only by merging with God, which is Naam, that the goal will be achieved. Human bodies are meant to repay karma, and some karma manifests as illness. Therefore, practice Naam, receive Harmonyum Healing and give up your attachment to healing your illnesses. As a matter of fact, the Harmonyum Healing System will help you give up your attachments so that you may create the platform for self-healing. Interestingly, when you do Naam Yoga, you are spared collective karma, though you still have to deal with your individual karma. When a person is going through cycles of reincarnation in the human realm, he is reincarnating in the midst of hardship no matter how great his life is, and no matter how blessed. For Naam Yogis, everything you owed in the past will be repaid and settled through the bestowal of blessings upon you through Naam. Also, the tribulations that you experience while going through your spiritual practice are meant to pay for the karmic debts that you owe. Even though the increased hardship might render you unable to practice, you should still endeavor to keep up with your work.

When a Naam Yogi is about to run into trouble, the energy force of the Naam will dissolve the obstacles in his/her path. Naam can also give you signs and warnings of events to come. When you are dedicated to the sacred wisdom passed on to you by a Master who truly works with the unseen world, some angels may appear in your dreams or before your eyes to share things with you. If your level of spiritual evolution is not high enough, they will not let you see them, but they can let you know through signs. There are times when these luminous beings will let you see them in your sleep, often when you are in a dream state. Certain people can see luminous beings consistently in their dreams. If your ability to concentrate is very good, you may also see these helpful beings during meditation. However, if you desire to see them only for the pleasure of doing so, meaning that your desire to see them is motivated by your ego, you will not be allowed to see them. As long as you practice Divine Spiritual Wisdom for the purpose of merging with God, you will surely be able to see these luminous beings in the future.

Healing an average person takes his/her whole life and entails balancing his/her karmic relationships simultaneously in various dimensions. All those debts must be resolved benevolently in order for the ailments of this lifetime to be resolved. Some people accumulate a lot of karma. People leave this life with both the white light they have gained through doing service and good deeds, along with the black light of the negative karma they have collected. Normally, the elimination of karma cannot be done unconditionally, nor can it all be eliminated for you. It is said in the sacred teachings that you cannot succeed in seeing the unseen in one lifetime, and that only after a few reincarnations can you succeed in accomplishing this task. Basically, you are unable to eliminate that much karma all at once. Your capacity to see the unseen is proportional to how much karma you resolve.

A True Spiritual Master understands that each student must venture into the positive and negative side of things in order to wash out their karmic garbage and cleanse their psyches of that which has been holding them down for many lifetimes. It takes time, energy and patience on the part of a True Master to polish the rough edges of each student so that he/she is able to effectively communicate the teachings. You can pack a donkey with many holy books, but it will never be a priest. Therefore, it takes a tremendous amount of willingness on the part of the student; willingness to do the hard work necessary for authentic transformation. Initially, when the Master begins to polish the stone, the stone cries out, “Why does he chisel me?” But, after a time, as the stone becomes precious, it recognizes how necessary the chisel was, how vital it was to polish. As a result, you leave your old life and enter into the new one with a new understanding. When working with a True Master, he will both help you, and get on your case. This will make you strong enough to handle the pressure that comes with being out in the world on your own. It is a great privilege when the Master is harsh on you, because Gold is known by the fire it goes through. Remember, all Masters were once students who were also taken through the fire by their Masters. All must pass through the same door in order to become strong. It cannot be otherwise. The most difficult thing to do is win the heart of a True Master. When you do so, you are winning the heart of the Cosmic Mother. Thousands of people come before the True Spiritual Master. Through a screening process, he chooses to work with those who are truly devotional. And, among the devotional, he screens again to find the most devotional one. In essence, the student is the baby to the Master. As such, the student is secure when he/she is holding onto the mother with all his/her might. The relationship that develops between the Master and the student is a healing, Divine bond. Nobody can break it. Through this relationship, the Master helps the student reach his/her highest destiny and find the real Master within. Indeed, the real Master, the God of your heart, is always living in you, in your heart. This is the One Truth.

When a Master takes you under his wing, it is a privilege and a blessing. Those who serve a Master do so unconditionally and with love in their hearts. They are set on a path of mastery themselves, committed to serving all others. In fact, in serving the Master, you are also serving the thousands of beings that he serves, creating a chain of humility in the name of the Divine. Sacrifice will come naturally to you, as you will be returning a portion of the profound gifts you have received. Gratitude will fill your heart for the miracles of your life and wonder for the miracles in the lives of those around you. Even if you experience a tangle of complications that seem irresolvable, the light of the Divine will resolve them at the last minute – always in the very nick of time. Gratitude becomes a natural part of your life, especially to the one who has liberated you and shown you the Power of the Word and continues to direct your life in the path of that heavenly Light. Once you find a True Master and surrender to God, Naam, and your path, do not go back. Completely surrender to the Divine Spiritual Wisdom and dedicate your life to Naam. That is pure dedication. You will win and reach your highest, loftiest achievement. By treating a True Spiritual Master with reverence, we are awakened to our ultimate destiny and the God-realizing process of existence, and Heaven comes through in all realms of our lives.

The fastest way to grow spiritually and see the unseen, is to take the bull by the horns and open your heart to the Master. The Master doesn’t care whether you are good or bad. For him, everything is always good. The Master will always teach you to live in the positive, and die in the positive. That is the higher way of life. Walk one step toward the Master with a pure heart, and the Master will walk two steps toward you. The Master teaches how to serve so that you may awaken in you those forces through which the negative karmic ties of the past can be eradicated so that you may enter into a life of freedom. He will teach you that service is the way to heal all ills. When faced with mental, emotional and/or physical challenges, learn the Divine Spiritual Wisdom, vibrate Naam, serve others and serve God. This will cause your problems to vanish. Those who vibrate Naam and serve God have the favorable conditions they need to blossom and they are happy. They do not need to be concerned with what may occur because in the end, regardless of what happens, miracles will bless their lives. These people are protected by the elements of ether, air, fire, water and earth. They are able to receive the beneficial healing forces emitted by the cosmos. Serving others is a meditation in and of itself, and the highest form of yoga.

When the heavens arrange for you to meet the Master, it is your specific destiny, for you cannot override the heavens. Your entire life will be transformed, and your spiritual, emotional and mental growth will be exponential. You may even feel at times as if you are flying through waves of knowledge, sensing that all is changing around you. The light of the Master, who is one of the generations of the Universal Repairer, touches you, working through you to improve the lives of all around you, so you, too, become the conduit of the heavens. Your relationship with yourself will change as you become brighter, clearer, more focused and capable of others’ trust in you. You will become the living Word as its divinity comes to live in you. Then, your relationship with your family will change. As you work on yourself via the heavenly light, this light will benefit your family and smooth the paths of discord. This will extend to your relationships with all beings, creating a ripple effect – a wave of light that passes from one person to the next.

When you give to a Master, you automatically receive blessings. The Master is constantly sowing seeds of Goodness by turning thousands of people to the Light of God. He is opening thousands of hearts to God, with his words, his touch, his presence, his deeds and his works. He gives and serves thousands of people. The Master serves on a daily basis those who are in dire need and helps those overcome with sorrow, pain and sickness. God serves the True Spiritual Master because he serves others as an extension of God. By giving to a Master, you give, through him, to the thousands of people he serves. By giving to the True Spiritual Master you will receive blessings from the thousands of people you have served through him. In your time of need, the universe will automatically provide for you. Giving to a True Spiritual Master opens the channels to Divine Good within and without. It opens in our consciousness the way for spiritual growth and supply to come to us. It brings us in direct contact with spiritual life, substance and intelligence. It loosens the burdens of our personal lives, unifies us with the universe and opens within and without an inflow and outflow of God’s bounty. When you leave this world, all the material richness that you may have acquired in this life is left behind. However, every good deed that you have done will go with you. Those who have served in this life will attract material and spiritual richness in their next life. Abundance follows the Law of Service. When the student serves the Master unconditionally, he/she is automatically on the path of becoming a Master in this, or another, lifetime. Then the student is able to help many, many people as well. In so doing, the student receives untold happiness. Indeed, as others benefit from what the student is now able to give, his/her soul rises higher and higher, becoming increasingly powerful and bright like the Sun. Meeting a True Master, then, is a precious gift; a chance to move from fate to destiny.

When one decides to work under a True Spiritual Master, he blesses you with the Naam and helps you free yourself of the burden of fate, so that you may manifest your highest destiny. It is vital to "Know thyself, to learn to die before death." To know the method of dying before death we need a True Master who has experienced such a death. He will bless you with Naam, and teach the method of dying before death. A man must learn to die once, so that he may not want to die again. When dying, one loses the desire to eat. Then the desire to breathe is progressively cut off, causing you to breathe less air. As a result, one learns to eat with love and to breathe with love. God created man to eat with love, think with love, feel with love, speak with love and to act with love. This sacred fire must be the reason that stimulates man. It is not an easy thing for a person to learn without a Master, for he can teach you how to take care of your blood, in which the spiritual alchemy must take place. The Master instructs you on how to purify your blood so that the Holy Spirit may incarnate in you. You cannot purify your blood if you do not have pure thoughts, pure feelings pure speech and pure actions. When you study with a Master, you learn the Law of Purification so that even your blood may become purified. When you purify your blood you will get rid of thousands of diseases that derive from impurities in the bloodstream. A true Master teaches you how to eat pure and clean food, and shows you the right way to drink hot water so that you may remove thousands of diseases due to impure food and keep them at bay. Unclean and impure food brings filth into your stomach, which fouls the blood years later and inspires pessimism and poor health overall. A person with pure blood is always lively. If you lose your liveliness, your blood is impure. A Master can show you how the cultivation of pure thought, pure feelings and pure actions result in pure blood, lively spirits and abundant health and youth.

Working with a True Spiritual Master will cause you to go through a process of regeneration in which there will be a sublimation of vice into virtue. You will be reborn in the Spirit whereby the body and soul are penetrated by the heat of Divine Love and the light of Divine Intelligence that emanates from the Divine Fire held within self-consciousness and self-knowledge. The True Master will help you develop the Heavenly Rose, also known as the lost inner faculty, so that you may perceive the hidden, eternal truths. The opening of this spiritual faculty and blossoming of the Heavenly Rose is the mystery of regeneration – the vital union between God and Man. Human beings in the modern world are living in exile, deprived of our true essence and real powers. We are creatures of opposites, a battleground for good and evil that consists of the imperishable, metaphysical substance and the material, perishable substance that fight within us. The imperishable remains enclosed in the perishable; in other words, within our mortal shells exist a mighty spiritual body. We need a True Spiritual Master to learn the true method of regeneration, in order to loosen the corruptible matter that keeps our immortal being bound in chains, and the active power asleep. It is the inner spiritual organ that has an incorruptible, transcendental, metaphysical essence as its foundation. All our misery springs from our corruptible material of mortality. For Man to be freed from this misery, it is necessary for the immortal, incorruptible principle lying within our inner being to be developed so that it is able, as it were, to devour the corruptible and the mortal. We must experience a rebirth in which the spirit of wisdom and love rules and the animal nature obeys, establishing the conditions whereby we are able to enter into communication with the world of higher intelligence. To this end, we need a True Master, who will show us, while in the human form, how the Soul can realize God and retrace its footsteps to reach its first home. This Divine Spiritual Wisdom brings joy and expansion. The teachings of the Masters will lead you to self-realization and Cosmic Consciousness through an all-embracing love and selfless service of mankind. Those who are truly intrigued are automatically led to the right place by the Light of God within them. Those who have a strong desire for Divine Spiritual Wisdom can receive guidance from a True Master long before they come into the physical presence of the Master – the one who represents the Word Made Flesh.

In this life, it is important to find a true living Master who is able to impart to you, through Naam, the everlasting inner connection of the soul with God, and who will guide you until you reach the goal of oneness with God. The Master appears when the student is ready. Once found, your Spiritual Master will teach you the Divine Spiritual Wisdom and initiate you with the science of Naam. Upon initiation into the vast heavenly science, you are then charged with maintaining a connection with the three Circles of Light. The first Circle of Light corresponds to the physical plane, and is activated by your pure love for the Master. The second Circle of Light corresponds to the astral plane, and is activated by your love for the teachings. The third Circle of Light corresponds to the divine plane, and is activated by your love of God. It is very rare to encounter a living Master who works with the unseen. When a Master can perceive the unseen, he is possessed of a pure and massive desire to serve mankind and has only been given this knowledge in order to further his service. When you merge with such a Master, he gives you a taste of the unseen by teaching you the various laws of nature that govern life. Then all your inner faculties will begin to open, and you will understand things as you have never understood them before. Your heart will be purified, and you will communicate from an open, loving stance that is nourished and fortified by the Living Word that the True Master embodies. Time and space do not interfere with the work of a Master. The Power of the Master is all-pervading and not confined to any one place. The gifts of a Master are priceless. Only the currency of this Divine Spiritual Wisdom given to you by a Master allows you to navigate through this world and the higher dimensions. Understand that sex, money and power will never go past your last breath. It is the Divine Spiritual Wisdom you have learned and all the good that you have done while living on the earth that will remain with you and follow you into the hereafter. Divine Spiritual Wisdom is the only currency used in all the other dimensions beyond the earth. The fact is, no amount of money can buy you a car or a house in the higher world. It just doesn't work that way. Authentic spiritual wealth causes the universe to take care of you in this lifetime and beyond. Also, the words and advice of a True Master will always be effective and in the highest interest of the student, and will always produce results. When you read the work of a Master, no matter where you are, the power of his words subtly and distinctively penetrate to the core of your being and begin changing you. A real Master will not interfere with your fate or your free will, but will guide you gracefully. You alone will change to the measure to which you are ready, as the heavenly light always gives you free will. You will develop psychic spiritual powers, becoming one of the thousand hands of Heaven that love to serve and bring great joy to the world.

Humankind usually lives in a degraded state, however, the path of Naam will give you the highest spiritual strength and true grace. It is important to keep in mind that no yoga posture can open the heart; only Naam can do it. Work to serve the soul, and through humility and selfless service you will achieve true happiness. The crown of sacred wisdom, which is Naam, gracefully and sweetly arouses the dormant power and makes a person all-knowing, peaceful and full of light. When we vibrate the Naam, we expand the breath and contract through the heart, which causes us to digest heavenly light. By focusing on the third eye or seat of the soul, and vibrating Naam, one is lifted and carried up by the sound current from one plane to the other until he/she becomes All-knowing, All-pervading and All-powerful, embracing the totality of His being. Naam makes one as perfect as is the Father in Heaven. Besides physical health, it bestows mental and spiritual equilibrium, which is the health of spirit and on which the health of both the body and the mind depends. The spiritual journey starts by going within because this is the true pathway toward the kingdom of God. By rising above the physical body, one grows in awareness and consciousness of a higher order. Vibrating Naam lifts the soul beyond time and space. Naam is the heavenly food of the most perfect and God-like beings, a celestial diet that gives us radiant health and a path toward fulfilling our destiny. Naam enhances the development of the dormant faculty within us that allows us to perceive hidden, eternal truths. The opening of this spiritual faculty represents the mystery of regeneration – the vital union between God and man. Readiness is achieved by developing the willingness to serve your fellow man. Humility and service are the keys to open the door. The Master takes you in and guides you upward because the way of Naam lies inward and upward. By vibrating Naam we knock on the door of Heaven, so that it may be opened to us. It is especially important to repeat Naam without disturbing the steady and intently penetrating gaze emanating from the All-seeing eye; the third eye. With Naam you will be taken into the upper world where you will experience things neither seen nor heard, nor ever conceived of before. Ascending from one spiritual plane to another gives greater awakening and an awareness of a higher level. Naam allows us to ascend from the physical to the astral planes, and then to the divine plane.

To those of you on the path of light and service, who are being faced with gossip and criticism, just keep in mind that if all the criticism and resistance represented by the forces of darkness were eliminated from our lives, the power of goodness would be left unmanifest and by the lack of comparison would remain unqualified and perhaps unknown. If there were no such thing in the electric circuit as a small globe containing a wire of high resistance, the electric current flowing through the wires in our homes and offices would never produce any light to dispel the darkness. The resistance offered by the fine wire acting as a challenge to the flow of electric energy, attempting to stop it, curtail it, to checkmate its rhythmic surge, is what produces in the electric globe, a light. There are always challenges in spreading the Work of Light, but these obstacles inspire the greater light to be revealed. Nothing can destroy a servant of the universe from carrying out the Work of Light and serving others. They are protected by the higher worlds, the Lord of the invisible Community of Light. There is a Cosmic law which states that regardless of how seriously, how costly, and how sadly a servant of light is forced to labor as a result of the unpleasant, unkind, and incorrect activities of the representatives of the darker forces, and regardless of how greatly he/she personally suffers in time, effort, and mental concern, it will always be known to them that they are protected by the Light of Heaven, and must carry on without one degree of concession to the fictitious claims and attitudes of these unevolved beings and representatives of the forces of darkness. When people criticize and gossip about you they are doing you a big favor. It's the best PR you can find. Cook these obstacles with the fire of Naam and transform them into your breakfast. A Spiritual Master is not disturbed by opposites. He will teach you that everything in this world is perishable, and the only constant is change. He will show you that in order to find permanent peace in this unstable world, we must find Naam. Naam does not die. Therefore, by uniting ourselves with the Word, we are released from the cycle of re-birth and find our seat in the home of God where there is eternal peace. Understand that in order to find peace and happiness on this earth, we must unite our soul with God through Naam. This is the only union that will make us truly happy. A True Spiritual Master who is already united with God can impart the method of uniting with God through Naam, for a true living Master is one who has been commissioned by God to reconnect souls. The crown of a True Spiritual Master is only bestowed by the heavens.

The Wisdom and Teachings of a Master will confirm and bring into perspective all that you have previously discovered and practiced. It is then up to you to maintain the rigorous adherence to truth and selflessness required to reach the highest summits of the spirit. The Master neither reacts nor judges. He will only act in harmony with the heavens, and he will teach you that succumbing to reactions only creates additional karma. He will show you how to enter the eye of the storm so that you may escape the turbulent, destructive power of karma. He will lovingly teach you that all situations must be faced with compassion, love and prayer. We must keep in mind that there are always two sides to the truth in human matters. The universal truth is, that which we consider bad is God, and that which we consider good is God: this is the whole of God as He manifests in the world. The first refinement of higher consciousness is to accept the presence of God in darkness as well as in the light. All situations are opportunities for growth that prepare us for the future. With a telescopic, neutral mind we are able to see the opportunities hidden in the challenges we encounter. By finding our faith in each of life’s moments, we find love. A True Spiritual Master will teach that God enters on the wings of Love, Faith and Hope, and helps us see through to the heart of any matter. Only with Divine Love are we able to heal ourselves and effectively communicate with others to reach their hearts. As we walk through life imperfectly, we are given the chance to evolve. The healthiest change is brought about in evolution, and not in revolution. A true living Master will teach that we are all incarnations of God who must be approached with tolerance and grace. A Naam Yogi must lead by example. As you face your obstacles and complications with tolerance, compassion and spiritual transcendence, you give others permission to do the same. As you acknowledge how to utilize the ego in the service of fortifying right action and aligning with the Divine, you will become an earthly representative of Heaven. If you desire to open your heart and see the unseen, then find a Master who sees the unseen so that he may give you the correct method of working with Naam in order to help you lift the veil. Read the books the Code of the Masters along with the Alchemy of Love Relationships, vibrate Naam and recite the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light. The luminous beings in the entire cosmos are all indebted to us because of the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light. Let’s make this prayer the foundation of all our lives. There is greatness in store for those who practice Naam Yoga and recite this prayer on a daily basis with sincerity and the intention to spread these qualities throughout the universe. Again, finding and working with a True Spiritual Master who sees the unseen is the highest blessing that you can receive from God while living on earth.

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