A new level of consciousness for a new age - Issue 3

October 03, 2019

A new level of consciousness for a new age - Issue 3

Would you like to increase your life span?

Eck Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad is the sound vibration of the Creator. Always keep these sacred words in your heart and mind. Whenever you find yourself challenged in life just vibrate these sacred words and you will never be defeated, you will always be victorious.

Vibrating the words Eck Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad, even silently before an endeavor, creates a pathway for the love and grace of the Creator to lead the way and take care of all your affairs.

We are born with a predetermined number of breaths. Divine Spiritual Wisdom teaches us that breathing 4 breaths a minute will increase your life span to 90 years or more. The way the Eck Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad track on the Liberation album is produced, causes you to breathe less than 2 breaths a minute. This way of doing the breath will increase your ability to receive more of the sublime forces hidden within the air. The air is a transmitter of divine thought that penetrates first the respiratory system, and then enlivens the entire brain. Medical science shows that people who breathe less breaths per minute are on the whole healthier than those who breathe more rapidly. When the number of breaths per minute decreases, the length of our life increases. Our life span is shortened when the number of breaths per minute increases. When a person becomes sick their breath rate increases. Those who are suffering from any form of healing crisis, disease or distress will benefit greatly by reducing their breath rate to 2 breaths or even 1 breath a minute for a minimum of 30 minutes, twice a day. Reducing your breath rate in this way is one of the most effective methods to relieve mental, emotional or physical pain or suffering.

By mastering the mystery of the breath, we gain the power to increase our life span on Earth and this depends directly on how many breaths we take each minute. A person who can slow down their breathing rate is actually increasing their life span by being calm and composed while another person whose breath rate is accelerated, by default, can decrease their life span.

The great mystics of the past work with both sacred music and numbers to rise beyond the limitations of the material world. Numbers are the sensitive expression of the superior truths.

This mantra, Eck Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad, calls upon the grace of God, so that it may act in you, through you, and for you, to bring success to every area of your life. The darkness of the night is sometimes necessary to prepare for a more perfect dawn. By doing this mantra in this manner we remain in the presence of the light of the dawn, it does not pass away even through our challenges, so that the infinite grace which floods our entire being with divine delight, can manifest fully in our lives. When you work with this meditation using the breath pattern in this particular recording, your mind will become so positive and powerful that it will melt away all obstacles. All the diseases of the mind will leave. 

This sacred sound is repeated 7 times per breath in the recording on this album. Divine Spiritual Wisdom teaches that the number 7 is the ruling number of the manifested universe. “In the beginning was the Word.” In this Word, which was in the beginning, resides all the mystery of numbers. The great mystics of the past, work with both sacred music and numbers to rise beyond the limitations of the material world. Numbers are the sensitive expression of the superior truths. Seven is the number of victory. It is the constructive and also the creative number of the angels. Above all, 7 is the second power of the Creator. Seven lights are therein the most high, and therein dwells the ancient of ancients, the mystery of mysteries, the secret of secrets, Ain Soph. Let us thrive to see the divine in all sacred teachings, in everyone, and in ourselves, so that we may embrace the reality of divine love, and serve others in this new world which is presently birthing. 

Oh God, Almighty, Master of the universe, let thy countenance shine upon us and teach us to know thy divine justice and thy divine love. Let us behold thy glory, for thou, Lord, art our light, and thou wilt turn our darkness into day. Instruct us according to thy word Eck Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad. Let our humble prayers come before thee and rescue us according to thy word. Show us thy ways, Oh, Lord, that we may walk in thy divine light and thy truth, which sets one free.

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